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Chapter 116 - Escaping with Heavy Injuries

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When Mo Ling stepped forward to defend Xu Qi, Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t stop herself. Instead, she hastened her steps.

Xu Qi immediately came to himself when he saw Mo Ling blocking him. He looked at Cai Xiaoxiao as her sword was reaching Mo Ling’s chest.

Xu Qi quickly grabbed Mo Ling and spun around, his back facing Cai Xiaoxiao’s stab, raised his bronze sword with the momentum and slashed behind him. Then, he sent out a palm-strike without looking back.

After all this was done, Xu Qi pulled Mo Ling aside, away from the crowd. Before his silhouette flashed, he heard a scream. Xu Qi turned back around once he and Mo Ling went aside, looking back where he had been standing.

On the ground where he last stood, a severed arm wielding a sword dropped to the ground. Xu Qi shifted his gaze to the Cai Clan’s men, and saw that Cai Wubo was embracing an unconscious, bloodied Cai Xiaoxiao in his arms, healing her.

For unknown reasons, Xu Qi felt his heart ache at seeing this. Cai Xiaoxiao had helped him twice during his initial days in the capital disguised as a beggar, and after numerous interactions, he felt that Cai Xiaoxiao was a very kind person. He treated her as a friend, but unexpectedly, she was actually the first to strike him for the sake of preserving her life.

If it wasn’t for Mo Ling suddenly flashing in front of him earlier, letting him react to it, he would probably be dead by Cai Xiaoxiao’s hands.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Ling, feeling a little consolation in his heart. At the very least, she would step forward for him in the most dangerous of times.

The ones most shocked by this, however, was the Qin Clan’s father-son duo, especially Qin Fengshu. He grew up with Cai Xiaoxiao since they were young and understood her well. She definitely wasn’t a coward. Why would she attack Brother Qi, who had treated her well? It was unthinkable.

“Haha, I didn’t think Miss Cai would be the smartest person here. Alas, her strength wasn’t enough. Cai Wubo, your daughter lost an arm to Xu Qi and was struck by his palm. Shouldn’t you exact revenge for your daughter!?” Lian Chengwei smiled.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo looked angrily at Xu Qi without a word, continuing to use his energy, concentrating on healing Cai Xiaoxiao.

At this moment, the disciple of Imperial Void Valley, Yu Jizi suddenly came attacking Xu Qi with his sword in hand. As he moved, the disciples of the other schools also took action against Xu Qi.

However, the Shadow Wind Sect’s disciple, Yi Mie, didn’t make a move and looked at them with a smile instead. He whispered to the person behind him, “Let them fight. I’ll go when they’re tired. It’s better if a few more of them die.”

Xu Qi blanked for a moment, then pushed Mo Ling aside. He raised his bronze sword and engaged Yu Jizi. He didn’t know whether it was because Cai Xiaoxiao attacked him, or because he inflicted heavy injuries on her, but he was frustrated to the extreme. He needed to vent his frustrations, and his target would be Yu Jizi.

“Almighty Slash!” Xu Qi yelled and slashed a gigantic rainbow sword at Yu Jizi. At the same time, the All-Tempering Flame appeared on his body.

“Eh, this brat can actually conjure flames? He’s not simple,” exclaimed Lian Qijin, who was standing next to Lian Chengwei. Having lived for so many years, he had never seen anyone capable of conjuring flames in battle. Of course he would be shocked.

Yu Jizi gave a cold humph at seeing the rainbow energy sword coming at him. He quickly formed three energy barriers before him as the gigantic rainbow sword reached him.

The rainbow energy sword instantly shattered the first layer of Yu Jizi’s energy barrier. However, it disappeared as it destroyed the second layer of barrier.

Just as Yu Jizi was feeling satisfied with his strength, he suddenly felt a wave of heat. He quickly looked to the direction and saw that a figure enveloped in golden flame had reached him. Yu Jizi hurriedly raised his sword in defense.

In the end, the white sword Yu Jizi took pride in was destroyed by Xu Qi in a single hit, and he was sent flying with a palm-strike enveloped in golden flame.

After unleashing a series of attacks on Yu Jizi, Xu Qi felt a sense of weakness from his body. However, the disciples from the other schools had already neared him. He had to frantically raise his sword to block.

As for Yu Jizi, after being sent flying by Xu Qi, he managed to regain his balance, landing on the ground safely. A section of his clothes were burned off by Xu Qi, however, and he looked to be in a sorry state.

Yu Jizi wiped off the blood at the corner of his lips, then looked at his broken sword. He charged at Xu Qi once more, attacking him with a fiery gaze.

“Move aside! Revolving Sword Light, appear!” Yu Jizi suddenly yelled as he engaged Xu Qi in battle, causing the other disciples from the seven schools who were attacking Xu Qi to dodge aside.

As Xu Qi was feeling weak earlier, he wasn’t able to bring out much strength as he fought against the elite disciples from the seven schools, and suffered several sword wounds as a result.

Hearing Yu Jizi’s yell, Xu Qi hurriedly looked over. What he saw was Yu Jizi, his body emitting blue light, waving his broken sword as he closed in on Xu Qi. Countless energy longswords instantly formed around Yu Jizi’s body, revolving around him.

Seeing this, the disciples from the seven schools immediately leapt onto the roof, observing Yu Jizi with serious expressions.

“Father, Yu Jizi is using the Imperial Void Valley’s advanced sword art, Revolving Sword Light. The energy swords dancing around him contains huge amounts of energy, causing damage at the slightest touch. No one will be able to fight him in a melee for a short duration,” Lian Tianwei explained to Lian Chengwei as he watched Yu Jizi.

Lian Chengwei nodded slightly, but his gaze was on Xu Qi all along.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Yu Jizi to actually master the Revolving Sword Light. Now this is interesting,” muttered Yi Mie of the Shadow Wind Sect, who had yet to join the battle.

At this moment, Xu Qi had no way to fight Yu Jizi in close quarters. He could only keep dodging, but in the process, he was hit with the energy swords around Yu Jizi, causing further injuries to him.

As Xu Qi dodged continuously, the energy around Yu Jizi gradually dimmed, and those energy sword slowly disappeared as well.

Seeing this, Xu Qi smiled coldly. Looks like this move has a time limit, and consumes a huge amount of energy. Xu Qi raised his bronze sword and began his offense once more.

However, right at this moment, the person who stood behind Yu Jizi previously suddenly came forward and blocked Yu Jizi behind him, then sent out three palm-strikes at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi was shocked at seeing the three faint red palms coming his way. He quickly dodged. Alas, there wasn’t much energy left in him. He dodged the first palm-strike, but was hit by the two successive strikes, immediately falling onto the ground and vomiting mouthfuls of fresh blood.

Xu Qi thought of summoning his Giantwood Python, but he came to the realization that even if he did so, under the combined attacks of the seven schools, he would only drag it down with him. Moreover, there was still Lian Chengwei watching him by the side like a tiger watching its prey. In the end, he gave up his thoughts of summoning it.

“Xu Qi, hand over the keys and the sword. Stop resisting stubbornly; there is no choice left for you today,” Lian Chengwei shouted from the side.

Hearing this, Xu Qi started laughing hysterically and slowly stood up. At this moment, thoughts of bringing one down with him sprang up in his mind as he prepared to attack Lian Chengwei.

However, he no longer dared to when he saw the white-clothed Mo Ling beside him. If he died, Mo Ling would definitely end up in their hands, and she wouldn’t meet with a good ending, either.

Xu Qi forcefully endured the excruciating pain and walked to Mo Ling’s side. He grabbed her hand and asked, “Little Sister, are you afraid?”

Her face covered with a veil, Mo Ling shook her head, looking at the bloodied Xu Qi. Her body was slightly trembling.

Xu Qi turned sideways and looked at the Cai Clan’s side. Cai Wubo was still healing Cai Xiaoxiao. A pool of blood had formed at the place she was laying.

The most confusing matter to Xu Qi was that, he had severed one of Cai Xiaoxiao’s arms and heavily injured her, yet Cai Wubo didn’t take any action against him.

Xu Qi shook his head helplessly. He didn’t wish to think through these troubling matters anymore. He looked to Qin Mu and Qin Fengshu, who were always staring at him. He nodded slightly with a smile, then slowly raised his head and looked to the skies.

Xu Qi suddenly thought of something and started laughing. He held his bronze sword in hand and pointed at Lian Chengwei, saying savagely, “Lian Chengwei, I, Xu Qi will remember this grudge today. But I’ll tell you this: someone who can kill me has yet to be born into this world!”

Those standing on the roof thought that Xu Qi was speaking nonsense out of desperation. They didn’t think much of it. However, what followed after let them witness a never-seen-before phenomenon.

A pair of rainbow wings suddenly emerged from the bloodied Xu Qi’s back. He picked up Mo Ling and flew into the sky.

Everyone present in the Cai Clan courtyard were stunned in place, all looking up as Xu Qi flew off. A human able to grow a pair of wings! Not to mention seeing it, they had never even heard of it.

After Xu Qi took off to the skies, he stopped for a moment and said to the crowd below him, “I, Xu Qi will remember this bloody feud today. In the future, I will exact revenge on every single one of you! We shall meet again!”

Then, Xu Qi’s figure turned into a rainbow afterimage and flew off to the north.

“W-why would a pair of wings emerge from his back?” Lian Chengwei muttered, looking at the sky in astonishment.

“Sire, he is in a very weak condition right now. Even with that pair of wings, I think he won’t be able to get far. Let’s give chase quickly. We can’t allow such a person to escape. Otherwise, we’ll never have peace in the future!” Lian Qijin advised anxiously.

Then, Lian Qijin gathered a few men dressed in golden clothes and chased after Xu Qi to the north.

“Interesting! Don’t come with me; I’ll go watch the spectacle by myself,” Yi Mie of the Shadow Wind Sect said to the person behind him, then dashed off in the direction Lian Qijin had headed.

The elite disciples of the remaining schools all gave chase to the north as well.

As these people left, Lian Chengwei slowly retracted his gaze toward the sky. He sighed and said to Lian Tianwei, “Wei’er, you go, too. If Xu Qi isn’t eliminated, I’m afraid we’re all done for. If this kind of person were to mature, we won’t be able to retaliate.”

Hearing this, Lian Tianwei immediately sped off as well, heading north.

Lian Chengwei looked at the remaining people in the Cai Clan courtyard; Cai Wubo, Qin Mu and their men, and said, “We’ll forget about today’s matter. I hope your clans will not add to my troubles.” After saying his piece, Lian Chengwei left with his men. However, the direction he went was toward the center of the city.

Cai Wubo didn’t pay any attention to the others. He slowly picked up the bloodied, one-armed Cai Xiaoxiao and walked towards his home. As he walked, tears fell from his face while he was muttering something.

Qin Mu and Qin Fengshu exchanged a look and flew off simultaneously, heading north.

The Cai Clan courtyard that was just bustling with people was now left with a bunch of corpses, belonging to the Cai and Huang Clan’s guardsmen. The most eye-catching thing, however, was that severed arm holding a longsword.

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