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Chapter 118 - To Die With a Remaining Grievance

Edited by RED

Yu Jizi and Cai Daotu pressed their gushing necks, as they slowly turned around. Both of them pointed their fingers at Yi Mie, wanting to say something, but blood kept pouring from their mouths, making the sounds they made unintelligible. They slowly collapsed.

Their bodies kept twitching after falling to the ground, their eyes opened wide. They seemed to have many thoughts to convey to Yi Mie, who had suddenly sneak attacked them.

While the remaining four were still dumbfounded, Yi Mie’s silhouette drifted over to the Undying School’s disciple, Bu Jinlei’s back. His two daggers stabbed into his back at the same time and were quickly pulled out, then supplemented with a slice to the neck. Bu Jinlei, dead.

The remaining three finally came to themselves and they quickly put some distance between themselves and Yi Mie, watching him vigilantly.

“Yi Mie! What are you thinking of doing! You want to get the sword and keys for yourself?! Aren’t you afraid of the other schools taking revenge against you?!” the Monarchy Pavilion’s disciple, Wang Li, demanded furiously.

Hearing this, Yi Mie didn’t say anything and closed in on Wang Li.

With a flip of his palm, two wooden mallets appeared in Wang Li’s hands as he engaged Yi Mie in battle.

However, Yi Mie’s techniques were too mysterious. After a few moves, several cuts were inflicted on Wang Li’s body.

To the side, Yue Chaoran of the House of Soaring Moon exchanged glances with Misty Tower’s Nangong Yun. Both of them slowly moved backwards, guarding against one another.

Xu Qi looked at these four and smiled, then slowly stood back up. He no longer cared about them and continued his way up the mountain.

Seeing as Xu Qi was leaving, Yue Chaoran looked at Nangong Yun. He didn’t think much and directly flew toward Xu Qi.

Just as Yue Chaoran’s palm was about to connect on Xu Qi’s back, a black figure suddenly appeared before him.

“Hehe, Yue Chaoran, you want to get the keys and sword for yourself? No freaking way!” the black figure said and quickly forced Yue Chaoran back, then engaged him in melee.

“Yi Mie! Hmm? Where’s Wang Li?!” Yue Chaoran yelled as he was forced to back off. He suddenly remembered that Yi Mie was just fighting with the Monarchy Pavilion’s Wang Li. How could he get here? Thus, he hurriedly turned to look around.

Wang Li had fallen to the ground in a pool of blood. He was obviously dead already.

“Yi Mie, what exactly are you doing?! Are you really thinking of keeping the keys and sword for yourself? Your Shadow Wind Sect cannot possibly withstand the revenge of the six other schools!” Yue Chaoran shouted.

“Whether we can withstand it isn’t decided by you. Furthermore, do you think I will let you return alive?!” Yi Mie smiled coldly and said.

Yue Chaoran looked at Nangong Yun, who had been standing by the side, and said loudly, “Nangong Yun, if we don’t join hands to fight against him, you’ll be sure to be next if I die!”

Hearing this, Nangong Yun’s face changed. She hesitated for a moment then agreed, “Ally!”

Seeing as Nangong Yun agreed to join hands with him, Yue Chaoran revealed a look of joy. He said to Yi Mie, “I don’t believe you can defeat us one on two! Why don’t you give up? We’ll first get our hands on the items in Xu Qi’s hands and discuss afterwards. I can pretend I haven’t seen anything today.”

“Haha. Yue Chaoran, do you take me as a three year-old? I only believe that dead men tell no tales,” Yi Mie said with a laugh. However, his laughter caused Yue Chaoran to feel a chill.

“You saw it, Nangong Yun. We can only kill him, or we’ll both die,” Yue Chaoran said.

Nangong Yun nodded and came to Yue Chaoran’s side, raising her sword against Yi Mie.

Yue Chaoran smiled and said to Yi Mie, “Now we’re fighting two against one. What chance at victory is there for you!?”

Yi Mie smiled, without saying a word. He slowly raised his daggers.

Just as Yue Chaoran was fully focused on defending against Yi Mie, he suddenly felt a cold sensation in his chest.

He looked down in shock and discovered that a longsword was pierced through his heart.

“Y-you, you…” Yue Chaoran said with his eyes wide, pointing at Nangong Yun, who was still grabbing her sword.

“Yue Chaoran, it’s not that you and I will fight against him, but me and him against you! Die!” Nangong Yun’s face suddenly turned savage as rainbow energy appeared on her longsword, instantly shattering Yue Chaoran’s heart.

Yue Chaoran looked in astonishment at that familiar rainbow energy. His finger that was pointing at Nangong Yun slowly fell. He seemed to have understood something right before his death, but he could no longer speak of it.

Yi Mie immediately revealed a smile on his confused face after seeing the rainbow energy on Nangong Yun’s sword. This time, his smile was no longer the usual cold smile he showed, but a smile from his bottom of his heart.

Nangong Yun pulled out her sword from Yue Chaoran’s corpse and smiled at Yi Mie, saying, “Wang.”

Hearing this, Yi Mie showed a wider smile and replied, “Dian.”

Then, the two started laughing, and flew in the direction Xu Qi had taken.

After the two left, only five corpses who died with grievances were left behind.

They didn’t move far away before seeing Xu Qi sitting in meditation under a tree, seemingly waiting for them.

Nangong Yun and Yi Mie quickly came in front of Xu Qi and half knelt, greeting respectfully, “Young Master.”

If anyone were to witness this strange scene, their jaws would definitely fall to the ground. The elite disciples of the Shadow Wind Sect and Misty Tower, Yi Mie and Nangong Yun, actually knelt to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi raised his hand, gesturing for the two to get up. He smiled and looked at Nangong Yun, saying, “You’re Wang, right? I thought only Dian was here. I didn’t think Misty Tower would send you here as well. Having not seen you for so many years, you have grown prettier, so much so that I can no longer recognize you.”

Nangong Yun blushed at the sound of this and nodded slightly.

Xu Qi smiled, then flipped his palm. The two keys to the Saint realm expert’s burial grounds appeared in his hands, each of them holding onto one, offering them to Nangong Yun and Yi Mie.

“You both take a key each. Otherwise, your schools will suspect you. As for matching your testimonies, I believe you both know what to do,” Xu Qi said.

“This can’t do, Young Master. This key is the key to opening the Saint realm expert’s burial grounds. How could you give this to us?” Yi Mie asked.

“Oh, Laoyao¹, I’m very satisfied at seeing the current you. However, this key isn’t useful to me. Also, by giving them to the Shadow Wind Sect and Misty Tower, no one will be able to open the way to the Saint realm expert’s burial grounds. You handing it to your schools will be beneficial to your future as well,” Xu Qi explained.

Xu Qi addressed Yi Mie as Laoyao? That’s right. The Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Mie was that Laoyao that “accidentally” ate the mysterious fruits on Mt Burning Cloud and was brought back to the Shadow Wind Sect.

As for Nangong Yun, naturally she was the little girl brought back by the Misty Tower from that time. Now she was an elite among the younger generation of the Misty Tower’s disciples.

Hearing Xu Qi’s words, Nangong Yun and Yi Mie exchanged glances and accepted the keys.

Xu Qi smiled and flipped his palm once more. An ancient longsword and two daggers appeared in his hands. He said to them, “I’m very satisfied with your performance. These weapons are much better than the bronze sword in this Young Master’s hand. You take them to defend yourselves. However, you must pay attention not to reveal them before others. Otherwise, you will invite disaster upon yourselves.”

Yi Mie and Nangong Yun knew about their Young Master owning many godly weapons and had been pining for this day. Now that Xu Qi had given them the weapons, they happily accepted them.

“What are you being so happy for? There are still more things. It’s about time for you to consume the last Green Mystique Fruits. Take it,” Xu Qi said and handed a Green Mystique Fruit to each of them.

Previously, the two had already consumed two back in Rivulet City. They were very familiar with this mysterious fruit and quickly took them from Xu Qi’s hands.

“Alright, go quickly now. Otherwise, more people will arrive here. Don’t expose your identities,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Young Master, what if someone comes after we left? You’re injured now, this…” Yi Mie said worriedly.

“It’s not like you haven’t witnessed this Young Master’s might before. I’ll fly away from this mountain later; where will they find me? Oh, right, work harder, you two, and I’ll have wings grow on you as well. Go quickly,” Xu Qi said with a smile.

Yi Mie and Nangong Yun was surprised when they heard their Young Master would actually have those rainbow wings grow on them as well.

“Alright, go now. Otherwise people will really arrive here. Also, pay more attention to that Lian Tianwei in the future. I feel that this man is even more fearsome than his father, Lian Chengwei,” Xu Qi urged them.

Hearing this, the two nodded. In the end, the two looked back at Xu Qi as they left reluctantly, worrying for him.

Xu Qi watched as they left with a smile, then continued up toward the mountain summit. He had recovered a little of his energy, enough to support himself and use the Five Elements Wings to get out of the Capital City’s vicinity.

His trip here to the Capital City was truly fraught with troubles. If it wasn’t for him possessing heaven-defying treasure, like the Five Elements Wings, he would probably have died in the city.

As he walked, Xu Qi suddenly felt someone behind him. His face instantly changed as he turned to look.

The person approaching wasn’t travelling at great speed, and his body was enveloped in blue light.

After noticing Xu Qi, that person hastened a little, while Xu Qi raised his bronze sword to prepare for battle.

That person came in front of Xu Qi, but didn’t attack him. He slowly retracted the blue energy on him, and Xu Qi took a clearer look. Xu Qi smiled when he saw the person’s face; it was someone he knew.

“Boss Mo, I didn’t think it would actually be you,” Xu Qi smiled. That person was Mo Dingtian.

“Are you all right, Young Master Xu? I heard what happened in the city and understood that you escaped with Ling’er, thus rushing here. I didn’t think I would actually catch up to you. Hmm? Where’s Ling’er?” Mo Dingtian asked.

Xu Qi smiled and pointed at the top of the mountain.

Mo Dingtian immediately understood and the two hurried up the mountain.

When they arrived at the summit, Mo Ling was sitting on top of a rock, looking at them. She didn’t say a word when she saw that her father was actually beside Xu Qi.

Xu Qi walked up and looked down the cliff. There was actually a wide river below, and the scenery was incredibly beautiful.

“Boss Mo, you can rest assured now. Little Sister is right here. She’s fine. Leave quickly; we’ll be leaving in a moment as well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape if they catch up,” Xu Qi turned and said to Mo Dingtian.

“Thinking of running away? Xu Qi, none of you are going to escape today!” a voice suddenly called out, followed by about a dozen figures appearing before them.

These people were all wearing golden-colored clothes, and the one leading them was Lian Tianwei.

“Lian Tianwei, you think you can stop me with just you?” Xu Qi pointed at Lian Tianwei with his sword, shielding Mo Ling behind him.

“Haha. Xu Qi, I don’t even need to kill you myself!” Lian Tianwei laughed, without any intent of making a move.

Xu Qi began doubting inwardly, Could it be that Lian Tianwei is waiting for backup? We better leave here quick.

Just as Xu Qi wanted to muster his remaining energy to activate the Five Elements Wings, he felt pain coming from his chest. He slowly shifted his gaze down and saw that a sword tip was protruding from his chest, right where his heart was.

Xu Qi looked at this sword which penetrated his heart, and slowly turned around in disbelief. There was only one person standing behind him.

That was his childhood sweetheart, who grew up alongside him, the one who always called him “Little Brother”; Mo Ling.

TL Note:

1: Laoyao, the youngest of the orphans Xu Qi adopted. Though, I thought he was named Xu Feng. Some inconsistencies here, but I’ll just go with what the author writes.

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