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Chapter 115 - Abrupt Change in Situation

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“Patriarch Cai, Patriarch Qin, these two objects are gifts to you,” the Fan Clan Young Master, Fan Yilun, said, laughing as he took the other head from his father’s hand and threw them at Cai Wubo and Qin Mu.

Both of them showed an alarmed gaze at the sight of the heads by their feets.

These two heads belonged to the Devil Feather Pavilion and Mt Forsaken Sword Elders they had sent to ambush the Fan Clan.

Xu Qi didn’t bother to look at the heads thrown his way. Instead, he glanced at those people standing on the Cai Clan’s roofs, his heart immediately chilled to the core.

“Patriarch Cai, you promised me that time, saying that you would eliminate the Huang Clan. Why aren’t you making your move now?” Lian Chengwei said with a smile, standing atop the wall.

Cai Wubo’s face paled even whiter when Lian Chengwei said that in front of so many people.

Huang Sihu and his clansmen too, were stupefied at hearing this.

“Since Patriarch Cai is unwilling to cooperate with me, I wonder if Patriarch Huang is willing to work with me to get rid of the Cai Clan?” Lian Chengwei asked Huang Sihu.

Xu Qi immediately confirmed to himself that Lian Chengwei was truly a sinister man, instigating conflict on both sides, reaping benefits from the sidelines in the end.

“Sire, if you agree to one of my requests, then my Huang Clan will cooperate with you to get rid of the Cai Clan,” Huang Sihu said.

“Please speak of it, Patriarch Huang,” Lian Chengwei replied.

“I only wish for Sire to help me kill Xu Qi and the white-clothed girl behind him!” Huang Sihu said furiously, pointing his finger at Xu Qi.

“Sure,” Lian Chengwei agreed with a smile on hearing this.

“Patriarch Huang, do you think you can kill me with just this few people? Are you sure that even if you help you destroy the Cai Clan, your Huang Clan would get to live?” Xu Qi said to Huang Sihu.

“I don’t care, I only want you and her to die!” Huang Sihu said with a savage look.

“Patriarch, if we fight on like this, our Huang Clan is really done for. Look at our men; there are only so few remaining. This young man is right, we can’t act out of spite,” one of the Huang Clan Elder standing behind Huang Sihu whispered. The other two Elders nodded in agreement as well.

Huang Sihu seemed to calm down a little at hearing this. He looked around and saw that there was only a few of his men remaining. He thought for a while, then said to Lian Chengwei, “Sire, I’m currently injured. I would like to return for today to reorganize ourselves. We’ll find another day to help you get rid of the Cai Clan.”

Lian Chengwei wasn’t angry at hearing this. He maintained his smile and nodded, saying, “Take care, Patriarch Huang.”

Huang Sihu stared at Xu Qi and Mo Ling for a moment, then waved his hand and slowly left the Cai Clan with his remaining men.

Lian Chengwei watched as the Huang Clan men left, showing a smile. Next to him, his son Lian Tianwei whispered something in his ear, but Lian Chengwei shook his head. Lian Chengwei turned to Xu Qi and said, “Young Master Xu, you’re a smart man. Are you willing to hand over the key in your possession?”

Xu Qi shook his head and replied, “Sire, are you sure these men you brought along can keep me here?”

“Oh? I know that there’s a powerful white-clothed lady under you, but she doesn’t seem to be around now,” Lian Chengwei said.

Xu Qi grabbed his bronze sword tightly and whispered to Qin Fengshu, “Fengshu, protect Little Sister. Don’t care about anything else.”

Qin Fengshu nodded slightly at hearing this.

Lian Chengwei glanced at Xu Qi, then said to Cai Wubo, “Patriarch Cai, I’ll give you another chance. If you can kill Xu Qi, I’ll promise not to lay a finger on your Cai Clan.”

“Lian Chengwei, as the ruler of Mirrorlink, you’re actually playing such stupid games. Aren’t you being too cheap!?” Xu Qi yelled and charged at Lian Chengwei with his bronze sword in hand.

At the sight of this, Lian Chengwei didn’t panic in the least, maintaining his smile.

Just as Xu Qi was about to reach Lian Chengwei, four silhouettes emitting blue light suddenly flashed at him from the side.

A slight curve showed on the corner of Xu Qi’s lips. Rainbow energy suddenly gathered at his sword and a gigantic rainbow sword quickly formed, slashing at Lian Chengwei.

“Not good!” Lian Tianwei yelled at the sight of this. He quickly pulled away Lian Chengwei, who was in a daze, dodging the gigantic rainbow sword as it crashed down.

Boom! A loud explosion rang out. The four silhouettes emitting faint blue light quickly fell from the skies, dropping into the courtyard, no longer getting up. Before Lian Tianwei could regain his balance after dodging aside, a silhouette enveloped in rainbow energy came attacking him.

Lian Tianwei gave a cold humph as a longsword suddenly appeared in his hands. He lightly pushed Lian Chengwei away and turned around, taking on the attack.

Kacha, just as Lian Tianwei met the rainbow silhouette’s attack, his longsword was broken in two. Before he could react to it, his chest was hit with a palm-strike and he spat out a mouthful of blood, his body falling down.

Xu Qi didn’t stop his attacks. Wielding his bronze sword, he pursued the falling Lian Tianwei and attacked him.

“Brat, you dare!?” a loud roar suddenly rang out, followed by a raging figure emitting faint red energy sneaking up on Xu Qi from behind.

Shit, Xu Qi cursed inwardly as he felt that powerful aura. He hurriedly used his movement technique to dodge aside. As he dodged, he glanced at the horrified Lian Chengwei. Xu Qi smiled coldly and quickly turned in his direction, speeding toward Lian Chengwei.

That faint red silhouette changed his direction in midair and went after Xu Qi once more with extreme speed.

Seeing as his plans were seen through, Xu Qi slashed behind him and quickly dropped to the ground.

After landing, Xu Qi quickly looked behind him before catching his balance. He was instantly dumbfounded when he saw the gigantic rainbow sword he formed was shattered in a single palm-strike by that faint red silhouette.

Lian Tianwei, who was falling from the air, had collected himself. He landed stably at the sides and quickly rushed to Lian Chengwei’s side, wiping off the blood at the corner of his lips. That faint red silhouette too, landed by Lian Chengwei’s side.

On the other hand, the crowd had yet to recover from the shock at Xu Qi overwhelming four Spirit realm cultivators in just one move. Cai Xiaoxiao was a little better compared to them. She had witnessed Xu Qi’s ferocity on the streets that day, but Cai Wubo and Qin Mu had only heard tales of it. After witnessing for themselves, the two were stupefied. Both of them were sure that they would not be able to take on that mysterious gigantic rainbow sword technique Xu Qi executed earlier.

The faint red energy on that silhouette gradually faded away, revealing a white-haired Elder dressed in similar fashion as Lian Chengwei.

“You’re here, Second Uncle,” Lian Chengwei greeted respectfully.

“Lian Qijin!” Cai Wubo and Qin Mu cried out in shock simultaneously.

“I didn’t think you two would still remember me,” the elder dressed in golden clothes remarked.

This powerful elder was none other than Lian Chengwei’s Second Uncle, Lian Qijin.

“Wasn’t he dead?!” Cai Wubo said to Qin Mu.

Qin Mu didn’t answer him, only quietly looking at Lian Qijin.

Lian Qijin smiled and said to Xu Qi, “At such a young age, you actually overwhelmed Wei’er, whose cultivation is at the fifth stage of Spirit realm in just a single move, with your cultivation at only the fourth stage of Spirit realm. What capabilities! Though, that strange green sword in your hands seems to be a sword treasure seen once in ten thousand years!”

Xu Qi calmed himself from his shock. Earlier, he sensed that Lian Qijin’s cultivation pressured him even more than Qian Yun, who was at the second stage of Void realm. He couldn’t afford to underestimate Lian Qijin.

“It’s only an ordinary sword,” Xu Qi replied plainly, looking at him.

“An ordinary sword, huh. Kid, from just your bravery for speaking with me, if you were to swear allegiance to the Sire, your future would be limitless!” Lian Qijin offered.

“I’m sorry, I don’t aspire to guard someone else’s yard,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Lian Chengwei’s face turned a little ugly at hearing this.

“Then you can only die!” Lian Qijin said.

Xu Qi smiled, not saying a word, only observing Lian Qijin quietly.

Faint red energy slowly rose from Lian Qijin’s body once more. Xu Qi grabbed his bronze sword tightly as he prepared himself for battle, cold sweat pouring out his palms.

At this moment, over a dozen figures suddenly appeared on the roofs of Cai Clan. Even Xu Qi, who usually kept his calm, turned serious at the sight of them.

Among these people, seven of them were the elite disciples sent by the seven top schools to enter the Fengwen Examination, and a figure stood behind each of them. They were probably experts sent by their respective schools to protect these seven elite disciples. After all, these seven were the cream of the crop of their schools; they couldn’t afford to have anything happen to them.

“Everyone, you’re really quick to arrive. There is a one-in-ten-thousand-years sword treasure in that kid’s hands. All weapons that came into contact with that sword were destroyed. I wonder if you are interested?” Lian Chengwei said.

“Hehe, Sire Lian, I’m not here to act as your fighter. I only wanted to ask when can we enter Mt Fengwen.” The one who said this was Yi Mie, a disciple of Shadow Wind Sect, who had a short encounter with Xu Qi previously.

“But the keys are in this Xu Qi’s hands. If we don’t get the keys, I don’t have a way to get in there,” Lian Chengwei smiled.

Hearing this, everyone from the seven top schools shifted their gazes to Xu Qi.

“Since you’re not interested in that green sword in his hands, it’ll be mine. Xu Qi, hand over the sword and the keys quickly. If I’m happy, perhaps I’ll leave you with a complete corpse.” This time, it was a young scholarly-looking man dressed in white who spoke up.

Xu Qi looked at this person. He was none other than the young man who entered the Fengwen Examination with the highest cultivation, Yu Jizi of the Imperial Void Valley.

“You’re Yu Jizi, right. It’s windy there, your waist will get hurt easily,” Xu Qi said with a smile. His gaze was as if he was looking at an idiot.

A white longsword appeared in Yu Jizi’s hand when he heard this, returning Xu Qi’s look with disdain.

“Why don’t we do it like this, everyone; if you can help me get rid of the Cai Clan and Xu Qi, I’ll add one more term to what we agreed on before?” Lian Chengwei suggested.

Hearing this, the elite disciples from the seven top schools all turned around and discussed softly with the people behind them.

A short while later, the seven elite disciples all nodded at Lian Chengwei.

Seeing this, Cai Wubo’s complexion turned ghostly white.

“Haha, Patriarch Cai, you heard it. Why don’t I give you another chance? If you personally kill Xu Qi and hand over his sword to me, I’ll let your Cai Clan go. Also, this applies to everyone here. I’ll let whoever kills Xu Qi off, how about it?” Lian Chengwei smiled.

Cai Wubo looked at Xu Qi with a complicated gaze. Next to him, Cai Xiaoxiao was nervously rubbing her hands.

Xu QI looked around at those staring at him and smiled coldly. At this junction, their own lives were what was most important.

At this moment, Xu Qi suddenly felt a sense of danger from behind. He hurriedly turned around and saw Cai Xiaoxiao enveloped in yellow energy stabbing at him with a sword expressionlessly.

Xu Qi could never have thought that the first to strike out at him would actually be Cai Xiaoxiao. Could it be that she would even kill me for her own safety? Why? Why is that?

Just as Xu Qi was stunned, Mo Ling, who was behind him, suddenly jumped in front of him and blocked Cai Xiaoxiao’s sword with her own body.

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