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Chapter 114 - The Start of Chaos

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“Patriarchs, no need to be shocked. I know that the Mt Forsaken Sword and Devil Feather Pavilion are supporting you from behind, respectively. Regarding Fengshu being ambushed, it’s even easier to explain. Lian Chengwei wishes for the situation to get messy; the more chaotic it is, the better it is for him. Laying his hands on the next generation of Patriarchs would definitely cause you to go crazy. And once you do, the four clans wouldn’t be far from ruin,” Xu Qi smiled.

Qin Mu nodded at hearing this, and said, “Young Master Xu, then why would you think that it was Devil Feather Pavilion and Mt Forsaken Sword who captured the Fan Clan?”

“Very simple, because it was done by you two,” Xu Qi smiled.

Qin Mu exchanged a look with Cai Wubo, then smiled helplessly and said, “Young Master Xu, I’m suspecting whether you’re the devil; how did you manage to guess that we two were behind it.”

“Patriarch Qin, I’m afraid you were suspecting that it was the Fan Clan who injured Fengshu all along. With you and Patriarch Cai’s ties, joining forces to eliminate the Fan Clan during the chaos; isn’t that exactly what you wanted? Even if the Abyssal Beast School comes to you afterward, you can easily say that the situation in the capital was so chaotic, who would know who eliminated them?” Xu Qi explained.

Qin Mu smiled and kept silent.

“However, don’t be happy too soon, you two. I think that the Fan Clan will probably have deep connections with Lian Chengwei, as well. I’m afraid your plans will be for naught,” Xu Qi said.

“The Fan Clan has ties with Lian Chengwei?” Cai Wubo asked.

“Previously, that kid from Fan Clan and Fengshu both met with ambush at the same time. Fengshu almost lost his life, while the other kid was fine. He was obviously putting up a show with the murderer. Since that group of people were sent by Lian Chengwei, only a ghost would believe that there isn’t any connection between them,” Xu Qi explained.

“Brother Qi, after you have said so much, what exactly does Lian Chengwei want?” Qin Fengshu, who had been quiet all this time, suddenly spoke up.

“What he wants? Ai, Fengshu, can’t you tell? He wants to get back the pride that should be present in a ruler,” Xu Qi sighed as he spoke.

At this moment, sounds of a fight rang out in the Cai Clan courtyard.

Someone suddenly barged in from the door and said frantically to Cai Wubo, “Patriarch, Huang Sihu brought his Huang Clan men and is coming this way!”

“What!?” Cai Wubo roared.

Xu Qi smiled at hearing this and went toward the exit without saying a word.

Cai Wubo and the others in the main hall quickly followed behind.

At the Cai Clan gates, their Spirit realm experts had already shown themselves, fighting against those from the Huang Clan. Right now, the Huang Clan’s patriarch Huang Sihu was mad with killing intent.

“Stop it! Huang Sihu, my Cai Clan has no grievances with you, why are you attacking my Cai Clan!?” Cai Wubo roared.

The ones fighting immediately paused and retreated behind their respective patriarchs’ backs.

Huang Sihu pointed at Xu Qi with his sword, his eyes blood red and said, “Cai Wubo, you despicable scum, you actually got him to send people to kill my Xiao’er. There’s no way this feud is reconcilable! Today, I, Huang Sihu will bring your Cai Clan down even if I get pulverized!”

“What!? Huang Xiao is dead?” Cai Wubo and Qin Mu said simultaneously.

“Yes! My Xiao’er is dead! You’re happy now, aren’t you!?” Huang Sihu gave a heart wrenching yell.

“Patriarch Huang, on what basis are you claiming that I sent people to kill Huang Xiao, what proof do you have?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled. He didn’t even know a thing about it; why would Huang Sihu claim that Xu Qi sent people to kill Huang Xiao?

“Proof? I saw it myself, the white-clothed girl with you killed my Xiao’er. What other proof do I need!” Huang Sihu roared.

Hearing this, Xu Qi was stunned in place. Why would Qian Yun kill Huang Xiao? That was unthinkable.

“Patriarch Huang, I don’t know that white-clothed lady. Also, how did she kill Huang Xiao?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“Don’t think of making excuses! That white-clothed girl ambushed my Xiao’er and even laced poison on her sword. What a vicious heart of hers!” Huang Sihu yelled as two trails of tears fell from his cheek.

Cai Wubo and Qin Mu shifted their gaze onto Xu Qi, hoping for him to give an explanation.

“I’m sorry, Patriarch Huang. I really didn’t send anyone to kill Huang Xiao. I think you’re mistaken,” Xu Qi said plainly, but he was bewildered inwardly.

However, Huang Sihu was already mad from his loss. There was no way he would listen to it. He no longer said anything and raised his longsword, rushing toward Xu Qi.

“No one makes any move!” Xu Qi shouted and took on Huang Sihu’s attack.

His bronze sword appeared in his hand and clashed with Huang Sihu, whose body was radiating blue light, cleaving his longsword into two.

Xu Qi turned around and said, “Patriarch Huang, you saw my strength for yourself. It’s as easy as lifting a finger for me to kill Huang Xiao. There was no need for me to send anyone. I hope you will calm down.”

Xu Qi wasn’t afraid of Huang Sihu in the least, but he didn’t believe that it was Qian Yun who killed Huang Xiao. That girl might be mischievous, but she was a very smart girl. She knew what she was and wasn’t supposed to do. Furthermore, if she wanted to kill Huang Xiao, whose cultivation level was at the Qi realm, there was no need for her to lace poison on her sword.

“I don’t care, I must have you pay with your life!” Huang Sihu howled. He threw his broken sword away and attacked Xu Qi again.

Left without a choice, Xu Qi took on his attacks once more. Huang Sihu was a Swordsman at the third stage of Spirit realm, thus Xu Qi had an easy time taking him on. Moreover, Huang Sihu was in a berserk state right now and his attacks were very disorganized.

“Patriarch Huang, if you continue like this, then don’t blame me for retaliating!” Xu Qi warned and struck Huang Sihu with a palm-strike.

“My three Elders, follow my lead and kill this damn brat. We’ll avenge Xiao’er!” Huang Sihu said to the three elders standing behind him.

However, the Elder standing in the middle of the three said to Huang Sihu, “Patriarch, I think you should calm down. We were watching your fight with him earlier. You would have fallen to his sword already if this young man wanted you dead. It seems that there are complications behind this matter. Why not keep calm for now?”

Hearing this Elder’s advice, Huang Sihu gradually calmed down. He was about to ask Xu Qi something when he suddenly saw a white-clothed girl walk up to Xu Qi. His face instantly turned red from anger and yelled, “You’re still claiming it’s not you; the white-clothed girl who killed Xiao’er is right behind you! Kill them!”

Xu Qi hurriedly turned back and saw Mo Ling, dressed in white and her face covered, had unknowingly appeared behind him.

“Little Sister, it was you who killed Huang Xiao?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

“The people from Huang Clan injured you; he deserved to die!” Mo Ling said.

At Mo Ling’s admittance, Xu Qi felt his brain get overwhelmed. In this short duration of their conversation, Huang Sihu and the three white-haired Elders have already came up to them. Since it was Mo Ling who killed Huang Xiao, there was no difference to it being done by Xu Qi. They would attack him regardless.

Xu Qi quickly shielded Mo Ling behind him, his body enveloped in rainbow energy as he took on four Spirit realm cultivators by himself.

After withstanding an attack from the four Spirit realm cultivators, Xu Qi suddenly felt some pain coming from his body. He was reminded that his injuries weren’t fully healed.

“Young Master Xu, we’ll help you,” Cai Wubo and Qin Mu appeared by his side as their voices trailed off.

Xu Qi looked at the two patriarchs with a thankful gaze.

“Brother Qi, I’ll help you too,” Qin Fengshu said as he came flying to join the fight.

“Fengshu, look after her. You don’t have to care about anything else,” Xu Qi said to Qin Fengshu.

As they spoke, Huang Sihu’s group of four rushed at Xu Qi once more. Xu Qi took on Huang Sihu and one of the Elders, while Cai Wubo and Qin Mu each took on one of the remaining two Elders.

To the side, Cai Xiaoxiao watched as Xu Qi took on two Spirit realm experts alone with a complicated gaze, under the protection of several Cai Clan guards.

“Almighty Slash!” Xu Qi yelled as a gigantic sword formed from rainbow energy instantly slashed down at Huang Sihu and the Elder.

Due to their close proximity, Huang Sihu and the Huang Clan Elder couldn’t react in time and could only defend against the technique head on.

Boom! Huang Sihu and the Huang Clan Elder who were both airborne were instantly smashed to the ground by the gigantic rainbow sword.

On the other side, where the fourth stage Spirit Healer Cai Wubo was fighting, although his offensive powers were lacking, his insanely strong defensive strengths left the Huang Clan Elder with no solution. Their battle was unable to be decisively concluded.

As for Qin Mu, he didn’t use any weapon. He relied on his skills with his palms, holding that Huang Clan Elder using a sword in place. Not only that, Qin Mu was undeniably the one holding the advantage in that battle.

Xu Qi glanced over, then lifted his bronze sword and attacked the two Huang Clan Elders fighting against Cai Wubo and Qin Mu.

He simply swung his sword twice at the two Huang Clan Elders and easily destroyed their longswords.

“Hold it! Patriarch Huang, I’m sure there must be some misunderstanding in this! If we continue on, your Huang Clan will be done for!” Xu Qi said to Huang Sihu, who was lying on the ground.

Huang Sihu slowly crawled up off the ground at hearing Xu Qi’s words, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. He looked at Xu Qi with a resentful gaze.

“Everyone stop!” Huang Sihu raised his hand and yelled.

Upon hearing their patriarch’s command, the Huang Clan’s men immediately retreated to Huang Sihu’s side.

The three Elders held onto their broken swords, each of them looking at Xu Qi with a terrified gaze.

“Patriarch Huang, there’s someone in the capital who wants to eliminate all the four prominent clans. If you continue acting like this, there’s no merit in it for you,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“You’re Xu Qi, right? Seeing this sword in your hand reminded me of something. Some days ago, our Huang Clan was suddenly sneaked upon at night, and eighty-four of our elite guards were killed, each of them a single cut to the neck. I wonder if it was you who did it?” Huang Sihu asked with a cold smile.

Xu Qi was stunned at hearing this. He forgot about this matter while he fought with Huang Sihu earlier.

Cai Wubo and Qin Mu were shocked as well and looked at Xu Qi. Seeing as he kept silent, they immediately understood that it was really connected to him.

“Patriarch Huang, now that the capital is so chaotic, I hope you can put personal grievances aside for now. Otherwise, no one here will end up in a good position, and your Huang Clan will be destroyed in the blink of an eye!” Xu Qi said.

“Haha, Young Master Xu is a smart man indeed. You actually thought of this,” a laughter rang out suddenly.

Everyone quickly looked to where the voice came from, and realized that human figures were popping up on all four sides of the Cai Clan roofs. Lian Chengwei, dressed in golden clothes, was looking at Xu Qi with a smile.

To his side, the Fan Clan patriarch and Fan Yilun were looking at Cai Wubo and Qin Mu with furious gazes, each of them carrying a human head in their hands.

Qin Mu and Cai Wubo immediately turned pale at the sight of the heads in the Fan Clan’s hands.

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