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Chapter 113 - A Sinister Nation Ruler

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“What do you mean, Young Master Xu?” Qin Mu asked as his face changed, and he looked to Cai Wubo.

“Since you’ve already guessed it, let me tell you,” Cai Xiaoxiao, sitting next to Xu Qi, suddenly spoke up.

“Xiaoxiao, shut up!” Cai Wubo roared.

“Father, I too, don’t think that Lian Chengwei will leave our Cai Clan alone after accomplishing that matter!” Cai Xiaoxiao stood up and argued.

At this moment, Cai Wubo’s face had already turned extremely ugly. After he heard what Cai Xiaoxiao said, he walked over quickly to her and raised his hand to slap her, but Xu Qi raised his hand as well to catch the blow.

“Patriarch Cai, the reason I risked death to say this in front of Patriarch Qin was because I take you both as friends. If you really are to insist on your stubborn ways, the Cai Clan will go to ruin under your hands. Also, you shouldn’t vent your frustrations on Miss Cai!” Xu Qi said.

“Wubo, we’ve been brothers for so many years; what exactly have you done behind my back?!” Qin Mu asked furiously.

Cai Wubo looked at Qin Mu and sighed. He slowly brought his hand down and said, “Forget it, Xiaoxiao doesn’t have to say it; I’ll tell it myself. Though, Young Master Xu, I’m very curious. How did you discover this secret?”

Xu Qi didn’t answer him, only shifting his gaze to Qin Mu, then back to Cai Wubo.

Cai Wubo immediately understood. He waved his hand and said, “Brother isn’t an outsider; just speak whatever is on your mind.”

Xu Qi smiled and said, “Miss Cai handed the key to me the first time I met you. At that time, I thought you were afraid of the threat Bu Wangli poses, and passed the trouble onto me. However, once I came here, I felt something was wrong when I discovered that your Cai Clan has two experts guarding your clan.”

“Oh? What has it got to do with the two elders of my Cai Clan?” Cai Wubo asked, puzzled.

“Due to my unique physique, when I came into this main hall that day, I sensed the presence of two experts hiding underneath this hall, but their auras were very unstable. My guess is that they were injured. Am I right, Patriarch Cai?” Xu Qi asked.

Cai Wubo nodded and answered, “That’s right.”

“With two experts who wield such strength guarding over your Cai Clan, why would Patriarch Cai be afraid of Bu Wangli? Although Bu Wangli was the Second Elder of the Undying School and he massacred the Qian Clan of the four prominent clans of the time ten years ago by himself, I believe that he isn’t powerful to the extent of overwhelming the two Elders of your clan and injuring them. Also, within the Undying School, it’s impossible for them to be supportive of such acts by Bu Wangli. Thus, you can take it as he’s acting alone, and you shouldn’t be afraid of him,” Xu Qi continued.

“However, you still handed the key over to me. This shows that you’re afraid of the key ending up in others’ hands. Then, I thought back to a few days ago when Lian Chengwei came to me and asked me for help to change some gemstones for the seal or whatever nonsense after entering Mt Fengwen. I already felt something was amiss then. I slowly realized that the matter of the key being in my hands was only known to us three, so you should be the one that informed him of that. Thus, he wanted to make use of me to help him open the way to the Saint realm expert’s burial grounds.”

“That’s right. It was I who informed him. I only didn’t tell him that it was Xiaoxiao who gave it to you.” Saying this, Cai Wubo’s aged face turned red.

“I had always suspected that Lian Chengwei’s objective for finding me wasn’t so simple. After thinking things through, the only item I have that garners his attention is the key. Furthermore, the Fengwen Examination was suddenly held at this time. He must be aiming for the Saint realm expert’s burial grounds,” Xu Qi explained.

“Young Master Xu, you can’t possibly know about me and Lian Chengwei’s plans with just that guess, right?” Cai Wubo asked.

“The most important thing was Miss Cai’s gaze when looking at Lian Chengwei’s son, Lian Tianwei. I couldn’t understand the reason she showed that hateful gaze at the time, but after thinking for some time afterwards, it was very possible that Lian Chengwei had offended you, causing such hate within Miss Cai. Isn’t that right, Miss Cai?” Xu Qi smiled.

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao nodded.

“Also, today, a situation suddenly occurred at Mt Fengwen right as the third round of examination was about to begin. If my guess is right, it was probably also caused by Lian Chengwei. That was because, according to my information, the seal on Mt Fengwen can only be lifted by the one who bears the bloodline of the Mirrorlink’s ruler. I don’t believe an expert or whatnot would appear and forcefully break the seal open on Mt Fengwen, unless that person is stronger than the fallen Saint realm expert. Although Lian Chengwei was on the scene, he probably did something beforehand to cause the situation to break out as the third round of the Fengwen Examination is about to begin, interrupting it,” Xu Qi added.

“This, I’m not sure too. I don’t know why the seal on Mt Fengwen would be forcefully broken,” Cai Wubo said, puzzled.

“It’s normal to be unaware, because Lian Chengwei only thought of you as a pawn, for him to get rid of the other clans. There was no reason for him to tell you all his secrets,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“The most important point was that I saw Lian Chengwei nodding obscurely at Bu Wangli in the plaza, who then came to us demanding for the key. It was probably a last-minute change of plans,” Xu Qi said.

“Ah? Such a thing happened? I didn’t know. Then why does he want to terminate the Fengwen Examination?” Cai Wubo asked.

“I feel that it was probably related to the seven top schools. As for what the details are, I have no idea,” Xu Qi said thoughtfully.

“At the end of the day, Young Master Xu, you were only suspecting there was something between me and Lian Chengwei, and purposely tricking me, right?” Cai Wubo said.

Xu Qi glanced at Cai Xiaoxiao, who was tearing up, then sat down without a word.

“Forget it; I’ll just say everything. On a night one month ago, the Sire Lian Chengwei suddenly brought two men to my place, asking for me to cooperate with them to get rid of the other three great clans. If we refused, our Cai Clan would lose our purpose for existing,” Cai Wubo recalled.

“What?! Get rid of us!?” Qin Mu immediately stood up roaring at hearing this, slamming his palm onto his chair, which instantly exploded.

“Patriarch Qin, don’t be so anxious. Let Patriarch Cai finish his piece,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Of course I wouldn’t agree when Lian Chengwei proposed that to me. Our Cai Clan had established itself in the capital for so many years. Since when did we ever have to be threatened like this? However, the two standing behind him at that time, whose appearances I couldn’t see clearly, left me with no choice but to agree to it,” Cai Wubo said.

“Those two people are Lian Chengwei’s men, right? And the two Elders from your Cai Clan were injured because of them?” Xu Qi asked plainly.

“Ah! How did you know our clan’s two elders were injured because of them?!” Cai Wubo asked in shock, looking at Xu Qi.

“I think that they aren’t Lian Chengwei’s men. I feel like it’s more probable that they were men from the seven top schools,” Xu Qi said doubtfully.

“This, I’m not sure,” Cai Wubo said.

“If they are indeed men from the seven top schools, then it would mean that there are some unknown secrets between Lian Chengwei and the seven top schools. Right, you two, do you still remember that the men from the seven top schools disappeared after entering the capital? I think the only place that would not be discovered will probably be at Lian Chengwei’s place,” Xu Qi said.

“Hmm. Young Master Xu is right. No matter how high their cultivation levels are, we would probably be able to find out where they were as long as they were living in the capital. However, this time, we couldn’t find out anything. The only possibility would be at Lian Chengwei’s place. We would never have thought of that,” Qin Mu interjected.

“Please continue, Patriarch Cai,” Xu Qi said plainly.

Cai Wubo nodded and continued, “One of the men behind him came forth when I disagreed to his plans and struck me with a palm-strike without a word. After that, the two elders from my clan showed themselves. However, the other man behind Lian Chengwei came up as well once our elders appeared. The two of them worked together and in just a few moves, they injured our elders. Left without a choice, I could only agree to cooperate with him.”

“What did you agree to?” Qin Mu asked.

Cai Wubo looked at Qin Mu and said, “First, for me to hand over the key in my hands, and second, to cooperate with him to get rid of the other three clans. When that is done, he wouldn’t lay a finger on my Cai Clan, and would even allow Xiaoxiao to enter Mt Fengwen.”

“After that, you coincidentally met me and handed the key over to me, and lied to Lian Chengwei, saying that I used some method to steal it?” Xu Qi asked.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo’s aged face flushed red in embarrassment and nodded.

“If it’s like that, then the two experts he brought with him are definitely men he borrowed from the seven top schools. Otherwise, with those two’s strength, they could just flatten your Cai Clan. There was no need to go through all the trouble. Also, Lian Chengwei didn’t have to lie to me for the key, telling me to stabilize the seal or whatever. The only possibility is that the two experts are only helping him to intimidate you, or others. They wouldn’t help him after that,” Xu Qi concluded thoughtfully.

“That’s right. Those two will probably not move to help Lian Chengwei deal with us from the four clans, only helping him to intimidate us. There’s no other explanation other than this,” Qin Mu agreed.

“Patriarch Qin is right. If it’s like this, I’m afraid Lian Chengwei has truly came to an agreement with the seven top schools. And the only thing he can use to make a deal with the seven schools is Mt Fengwen,” Xu Qi said deliberately.

“Right, why didn’t I think of that? I was too preoccupied by the strength of the two and didn’t consider that,” Cai Wubo said as he came to a sudden realization.

“My guess is that Lian Chengwei agreed to open the seal on Mt Fengwen for the seven top schools and allow for them to send one of their elite disciples into it. I’m afraid the cultivation level test on the second round was to pave the way for the seven schools’ disciples. That way, they would be able to eliminate a large number of scholars, saving them trouble. Otherwise, the young disciples sent by them wouldn’t be so strong,” Xu Qi said.

“Young Master Xu’s words have all linked and made sense of the situation. However, today the seal on Mt Fengwen was suddenly broke through by brute force, causing the Fengwen Examination to be terminated. Won’t Lian Chengwei be afraid of not being able to answer to them?” Cai Wubo asked.

“Isn’t it rumored all around outside now? That someone forcefully broke through the seal. There’s no such coincidence to speak of; the Fengwen Examination was about to conclude, and the seal happened to get broken through. I’m afraid this, too, was caused by Lian Chengwei. He casually made up lies of an unknown expert and fooled the seven top schools. I’m sure they were at a loss as well,” Xu QI continued.

“Then what about the matter of many people dying at the entrance of Mt Fengwen? What’s going on?” Qin Mu asked, puzzled.

“This, I don’t know too. But I have understood one thing. That is, Lian Chengwei wasn’t only plotting against the four great clans. I’m afraid he’s plotting against the seven top schools as well. He’s truly ambitious,” Xu Qi said.

“If the seven top schools were to find out of this, even if he’s the ruler of Mirrorlink, I’m afraid he would die without a complete corpse. Why is he doing this?” Cai Wubo asked.

“As the ruler of Mirrorlink, he couldn’t even be compared to the four clans. As time passed, who would be willing to live it down? In the end, he must have thought to stir something up. But I just can’t understand why he would even dare to plot against the seven top schools,” Xu Qi said, bewildered.

“Wubo, did Lian Chengwei tell you what to do next?” Qin Mu asked, looking at Cai Wubo.

“Brother, he asked me to first help him kill Huang Sihu,” Cai Wubo hesitated for a moment before saying.

“You agreed?” Qin Mu continued asking.

“Hmm,” Cai Wubo nodded.

“Father, were you originally planning on using Brother Qi to have him kill the Huang Clan for you?” Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo didn’t say anything, only sighing lightly.

“Wubo! You’re so muddle-headed! I’m afraid the Huang Clan is just like you, being under the orders of Lian Chengwei and wants to eliminate your Cai Clan!” Qin Mu yelled.

Cai Wubo was stunned. He immediately understood. Since Lian Chengwei could find him to cooperate, he would also be able to get Huang Sihu to cooperate with him. The two clans would then fight each other to the deaths, eliminating one another. How vicious!

Qin Mu ignored Cai Wubo and said to Xu Qi, “Young Master Xu, the Fan Clan’s ending you spoke of earlier; what happened?”

“My guess is that right now, the Fan Clan was captured by the cultivation schools behind you two. Also, I suspect that Fengshu and the Fan Clan’s Young Master being ambushed previously was orchestrated by Lian Chengwei, as well,” Xu Qi said, smiling.

Qin Mu and Cai Wubo were immediately stupefied on hearing this.

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