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Chapter 112 - Dao Induced Flame

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Hearing this, Qian Yun was stunned for a moment. She stuffed something into Xu Qi’s hand and quickly jumped away, before saying with a smile, “Who wants to come into your room; this is my first time in here.”

Xu Qi didn’t say anything, only staring at Qian Yun.

Qian Yun shivered at the sight of Xu Qi’s gaze. She turned around and wanted to leave, then suddenly turned back and said seriously, “Young Master, it’s not that I want to reprimand you, but please don’t get mesmerized by that Cai Clan’s Young Miss. She’s no kind samaritan; you have to be on guard against her.”

Then, Qian Yun went to the door with lightning speed and opened it. To her surprise, the moment the door was opened, Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao stumbled into the room.

Qian Yun looked at this two women who seemed to be very close with her Young Master. She didn’t say anything and sped off, leaving Cai Clan. As for where she was going, no one knew.

Mo Ling didn’t pay attention to Qian Yun and directly came to the bedside. She looked at Xu Qi, whose complexion seemed to be much better now, and asked, “Who exactly was that woman? How did you get injured?”

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao too, came up to Xu Qi, staring at him.

Xu Qi looked at these two imposing woman interrogating him and shook his head helplessly.

“Earlier, I lured the Undying School’s Bu Wangli away, but didn’t manage to get far before he caught up to me. Then, he struck out at me. Luckily, that lady helped me out in the nick of time and killed Bu Wangli. Without her, you wouldn’t be seeing me right now,” Xu Qi said deliberately.

“She killed the Second Elder of the Undying School, Bu Wangli?!” Cai Xiaoxiao said in astonishment.

Xu Qi nodded at her.

“Little Brother, you really don’t know her?” Mo Ling asked in doubt.

Xu Qi shook his head innocently, pressing his hand on his chest, faking a look of serious injuries.

“Brother Qi, she actually killed Bu Wangli while helping you. If the Undying School finds out, they will definitely come to you for revenge,” Cai Xiaoxiao said anxiously.

Xu Qi didn’t continue the conversation. Instead, he asked Cai Xiaoxiao, “Where’s your dad? What exactly happened at Mt Fengwen; have you found anything yet?”

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao slapped her head and said, “Uncle Qin’s guess was right. Someone forcefully broke the seal on Mt Fengwen and seems to have entered it. Now, all those people in the capital with some strength to speak of have all swarmed into Mt Fengwen, using the opportunity to seek for treasure.”

“What about the Sire?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“I don’t know. He disappeared after his appearance in the plaza,” Cai Xiaoxiao replied.

The doubt in Xu Qi’s mind grew heavier upon hearing this. What exactly is Lian Chengwei trying to do? The Mt Fengwen he was guarding turned into such a chaotic situation and he actually disappeared?

“I’m afraid Lian Chengwei has also entered Mt Fengwen. But what about the Fengwen Examination?” Xu Qi asked.

“The situation is already like that; who would still bother with the Fengwen Examination or whatever,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, pursing her lips.

Xu Qi didn’t say anything. He kept thinking about Lian Chengwei; the more he think about it, the more he felt that something was amiss.

“You two go out first. I would like to have some peace to myself,” Xu Qi said.

Cai Xiaoxiao thought of saying something, but didn’t after looking at Mo Ling, and turned to leave. Mo Ling also left the room, following behind Cai Xiaoxiao.

Xu Qi sighed lightly after watching them leave. He slowly loosened his clenched fists, a black-colored gemstone ring appeared in his hand.

This black ring was given to him by Qian Yun right before she left.

Xu Qi thought for a moment and wanted to send his will into this ring, but was instantly blocked off by a cold, Yin energy.

“It’s Bu Wangli’s?” Xu Qi immediately realized the origin of this ring once he felt this familiar Yin energy. Looks like that girl Qian Yun took it off Bu Wangli’s corpse; she was surprisingly attentive!

The All-Tempering Flame burned in the hand that was holding the ring. Xu Qi carefully manipulated the flames, afraid that he would accidentally melt the ring.

A short while later, smoke rose from this black-colored ring. Xu Qi carefully sent his will into it once more. As expected, he successfully accessed the contents of the ring this time around.

The space in the ring was bigger than the bronze ring he used, but there weren’t many items in it, only two shelves.

One of the shelves had some books on it, while the other had some miscellaneous items. When he noticed an exquisite tiny wooden box on the shelf that held the miscellaneous objects, Xu Qi frowned for a moment, and took it out with a flip of his palm.

Looking at this tiny and exquisite wooden box, Xu Qi slowly opened it. A tiny wooden sword was contained in it, and Xu Qi was immediately pleasantly surprised. This tiny wooden sword was very similar to the one Cai Xiaoxiao gave him, but the carvings on it were a little different. A winged monster was carved on this one, while the monster carved on the tiny wooden sword Cai Xiaoxiao gave him was without wings.

Xu Qi was secretly delighted; both the keys to the Saint realm expert’s burial ground on Mt Fengwen were now in his hands.

He placed this tiny wooden sword back into the box and stored it into his own bronze ring, then went back to check on the other contents of Bu Wangli’s ring.

However, after looking around for some time, there wasn’t much other than some longswords embedded with gemstones on the shelf. Then, he proceeded to check out the books on the other shelf.

“Hmm? Dao Induced Flame?” Xu Qi muttered to himself at seeing this book. He took it out and checked its content.

Dao Induced Flame: With the sword as the base, give rise to flames. The flying sword attacks its target from a distance, causing damage. In addition, it burns its target continuously. The target struck will be unable to gather its energy for retaliation.

“Such a great art, and Bu Wangli actually didn’t practice it?” Xu Qi mumbled after looking through the book’s introduction, then casually dumped it into his own ring.

In the end, after scanning through it, Xu Qi didn’t find anything else that he wanted, nor information regarding the cold, Yin-based cultivation art Bu Wangli practiced. He sighed, then burned Bu Wangli’s ring to ashes with the All-Tempering Flame.

Xu Qi stood up and stretched himself. He felt that there was still some slight pain coming from his body. He shook his head helplessly, lamenting to himself that Bu Wangli’s palm-strike was vicious indeed.

Dong dong dong, “Brother Qi, my father asks you to hurry over, saying that there is something he needs to tell you. Uncle Qin is here, too,” Knocking sounds came from the door, followed by Cai Xiaoxiao’s anxious calls.

Xu Qi tidied up his attire, then slowly walked to the door while pressing his chest. He opened the door, said “Let’s go,” to Cai Xiaoxiao, and started walking “with difficulty.”

On the way, Cai Xiaoxiao followed behind Xu Qi. She watched as he kept coughing and pressing on his chest, his complexion looked terrible.

Xu Qi arrived at the main hall, where both Cai Wubo and Qin Mu were present. Qin Fengshu was standing next to Qin Mu as well. He greeted Xu Qi with his gaze at his arrival, not saying a word.

“Patriarch Cai, Patriarch Qin. What’s the matter for you to call me over with such urgency? Cough cough,” Xu Qi asked as he pressed on his chest, coughing.

Patriarch Cai looked at Xu Qi’s complexion, then said with a grave expression, “Young Master Xu, huge troubles have occurred at Mt Fengwen!”

“Oh? What huge matters?” Xu Qi asked in doubt, then found a chair to sit on. Cai Xiaoxiao was sat down next to him.

“News came from Mt Fengwen, saying that after the seal was broken, the first batch of people who went in were all found dead at the entrance! No one else dared to enter after that, all observing the situation by the entrance,” Cai Wubo said.

“All dead? Were there any disciples from the seven top cultivation schools?” Xu Qi asked.

“None. This was also what I wanted to tell you. After the seal on Mt Fengwen was broken, none of the seven top schools sent their disciples in. Their people, like before, all disappeared,” Cai Wubo said anxiously.

Hearing this, Xu Qi immediately felt something wrong. The seven top schools sending their elite disciples here, wasn’t it to enter Mt Fengwen? Why would they not go now that the seal was broken? Wait a minute, the first batch of people who went in were all dead at the entrance. Could it be that it’s related to this matter?

“Young Master Xu, did Bu Wangli of the Undying School die under the hands of a white-clothed lady?” Qin Mu interjected.

“Hmm. That’s right,” Xu Qi answered.

“Hmm. I heard that this matter was related to you?” Qin Mu continued asking.

“Yes. After I lured Bu Wangli away earlier, he struck out at me. Luckily that white-clothed lady stopped Bu Wangli in the nick of time and saved me. From what I see, the white-clothed lady seemed to be an enemy of Bu Wangli,” Xu Qi explained.

“Oh? So you don’t know that white-clothed lady?” Qin Mu asked doubtfully.

“I don’t,” Xu Qi denied.

“Hmm. Young Master Xu, you saved Fengshu previously. Me coming here to find you was to remind you that although Bu Wangli wasn’t killed by you, I’m afraid the Undying School will look for trouble with you once they find out about this. You have to be careful,” Qin Mu warned gravely.

“It’s fine. Many thanks for Patriarch Qin’s concerns. I will leave the Cai Clan in just a short while; I won’t burden the Cai Clan,” Xu Qi said, smiling.

“Young Master Xu, this one surnamed Cai absolutely doesn’t intend for you to leave the Cai Clan,” Cai Wubo hurriedly said.

Xu Qi smiled at Cai Wubo, not saying a word. Instead, he turned to Qin Mu and asked, “Patriarch Qin, are there any movements from the Fan Clan?”

Hearing this, Qin Mu’s face instantly turned ugly and said, “To tell you the truth, Young Master Xu, the Fan Clan’s men all disappeared as well; no one saw where they went.”

Xu Qi nodded lightly at hearing this, seemingly understood something. He smiled and said, “Patriarch Qin, Patriarch Cai, I’ll have to remind you that although the treasures on Mt Fengwen are very tempting, I hope for you two to not try your luck there. I’m afraid this is a huge conspiracy designed by someone.”

“A huge conspiracy?” Qin Mu asked doubtfully.

Xu Qi smiled, then turned to Cai Wubo and said, “Patriarch Cai, now that it’s come to this, are you intending to keep it from us still?”

Hearing this, Cai Wubo was stunned and smiled, “Young Master Xu, I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Now that it’s come to this, are you sure you still want to hide it? I’m heavily injured anyway, and you still have the two Void realm experts in your Cai Clan, I can’t possibly escape,” Xu Qi continued.

Qin Mu’s face sank at hearing this and looked at Cai Wubo.

“Young Master Xu, this one surnamed Cai really don’t know what did you mean by that?” Cai Wubo continued denying.

“Patriarch Cai, do you think Lian Chengwei will really keep you safe even if you continue acting like this? I’m afraid what has happened to the Fan Clan would be the ending your Cai Clan finds itself in!” Xu Qi stated.

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