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Chapter 111 - Mysterious Matters One After Another

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As Xu Qi lay on her shoulder, enjoying the momentary peace and the smell of her body fragrance, he suddenly had the illusion of wanting to continue like this forever.

Just like that, the white-clothed lady, in bloodied clothing, speedily carried her Young Master to the Cai Clan gates.

At this moment, many guards were stationed at the Cai Clan’s gates. As the bloodied white-clothed lady landed in front of the gates, she found herself surrounded by the vigilant guards.

One of them, who seemed to be the leader, immediately changed his expression once he saw Xu Qi on her back. He quickly ran into the Cai Clan mansion.

In just a short while, Cai Wubo, Cai Xiaoxiao, and Mo Ling came out frantically.

All three of them stood there stupefied when they saw the unfamiliar white-clothed lady carrying Xu Qi on her back.

Cai Wubo was the first to react to the situation when he saw Xu Qi on her back. He anxiously said, “Hurry in.”

To his side, Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao both extended their arms, wanting to take over Xu Qi from this unfamiliar woman.

However, the bloody woman shook her head, continuing into the Cai Clan carrying Xu Qi.

Soon, they arrived at Xu Qi’s room. Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao were looking at this bloodied white-clothed lady with unfriendly gazes.

As for Cai Wubo, once he confirmed that Xu Qi’s life wasn’t in danger, he tactfully left the room. He wanted to bring Cai Xiaoxiao out as well, but she wouldn’t give in no matter what he did.

“You two go out first; I have to heal his injuries,” the bloodied lady said without turning back.

“Who exactly are you; why would Little Brother become like this?” Mo Ling asked, her expression still unfriendly.

“Get out quickly. Wait for him to wake up and have him answer whatever you want to know. If you keep delaying, are you going to take responsibility if he dies!?” the unfamiliar white-clothed lady screamed at Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao.

Cai Xiaoxiao pulled lightly at Mo Ling. She knew that now wasn’t the time to be asking questions. The two then quietly exited the room, but neither of them left after closing the doors. Both stood outside, waiting patiently, seemingly unassured of this woman of unknown origins.

“Qian Yun, you cheeky girl, don’t scare them. I won’t die so easily. Help me up,” Xu Qi opened his eyes and said weakly.

Qian Yun? That’s right. The bloodied, white-clothed pretty lady was naturally one of the orphans Xu Qi adopted ten years ago; the younger of the twins, Qian Yun!

Originally, before Xu Qi came to the capital, he got Qian Yin to recall her back to Rivulet City. However, for unknown reasons, this girl had come back.

As for why Xu Qi was sure of her having returned to Rivulet City, it was because during the battle earlier, the daggers she used were the ones Xu Qi intended to gift Qian Yun through her sister. Obviously this girl returned to Rivulet City, got the weapons he gifted her, and made a return trip.

And on that day, when Xu Qi was secretly meeting the boss of Qi Kai Restaurant, Xu Chen, at a secluded institution, the white silhouette Xu Chen was waiting for afterwards was also her.

“Young Master, why are you acting fierce to me again?” Qian Yun pouted, revealing a cute, charming look. None of the murderous atmosphere from before could be found.

She walked to the bedside and carefully helped Xu Qi up as he signalled to her with his gaze.

Qian Yun immediately understood his intent. She turned around and released rainbow energy, enveloping the area around the bed, forming a energy barrier, preventing anyone from overhearing their conversation.

“Ai, I spent all these years gathering good stuff for you and the others, neglecting my own cultivation. You and your sister have both advanced into the Void realm, while I, your Young Master am still stuck on the same spot. Look, now I’m bullied by an old geezer to this extent,” Xu Qi said softly, sitting in meditation stance. 

“Hmph, Young Master obviously wasn’t spending all your time on us, but flirting with Mo Dingtian’s daughter, causing you to neglect your cultivation. Otherwise, you would have advanced into the Reprisal realm at the least!” Qian Yun shot back, displeased.

Hearing this, Xu Qi felt his face heating up. He shut his eyes and said helplessly, “You’re dreaming. Do you think one can easily advance into the Reprisal realm? Oh you, you don’t understand this Young Master’s pains. The weapon you’re using, and the Five Elements thingy with your sister, all these were obtained after many troubles, and you’re not being considerate for my sufferings.”

“Wait a moment, Young Master. What did you say about my sister? Five Elements what?” Qian Yun said as her eyes turned, staring at Xu Qi.

“Nothing; nothing. Slip of the tongue,” Xu Qi hurriedly explained.

“Young Master, your ears turn red everytime you lie. Did you sneakily gift some treasure to my sister? You’re playing favorites!” Qian Yun complained, stamping her feet.

At this moment, Xu Qi very much wished to raise his hand and slap himself. This mouth of his; why did he have to say that out loud?

Qian Yun extended her hands to Xu Qi, her eyes glaring and said, gritting her teeth, “Hand it over!”

Xu Qi smiled helplessly and said, “Say, girl, I’m injured now. You can’t force your Young Master like that, right?”

“Hmph, I don’t care. I know you’re fine. Whatever; on what basis are you giving it to my sister and not me? Isn’t it because she’s gentler and more attentive? I don’t care, I want it as well,” Qian Yun demanded, pouting her lips. As she spoke, a layer of mist gradually formed in her eyes.

Xu Qi immediately surrendered at the sight of this. With a flip of his palm, a palm-sized rainbow feather appeared in his hand.

Seeing this, Qian Yun immediately snatched it over, playing with it.

“Do you know what this is? Do you know how much time I spent to forge this? I only made two of these. Hey, be gentler, don’t destroy it,” Xu Qi said as he watched Qian Yun fiddle with it forcefully.

“How do you use this thing?” Qian Yun asked.

“Dripping your blood on it will do,” Xu Qi explained in an irritated tone.

Qian Yun let out a “oh,” and bit on her finger, squeezing out a drop of blood onto the rainbow feather.

Her mouth slowly widened as she watched the rainbow feather gradually meld into her palm.

“Young Master, what is this? Why did it go to my back?” Qian Yun asked, surprised.

“Try activating it yourself and you’ll know. However, no screaming no matter what happens,” Xu Qi said.

Qian Yun nodded, then manipulated her energy to her back.

Then, a pair of rainbow wings suddenly expanded on her back, flapping unceasingly.

Qian Yun was stunned by the sight of the rainbow wings on her back. She covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes opened wide in disbelief.

“Alright, keep it hidden. Looking at this thing pains me,” Xu Qi said.

Then, Qian Yun retracted the Five Elements Wings unwillingly and lowered her head, not daring to look at Xu Qi.

“Alright, I can heal my own injuries. You go first; don’t wander around, hurry back to Rivulet City and tell your sister to keep our forces hidden in the upcoming days. No matter what huge matters happen in Xu Clan, don’t expose the strength of the Godsward Villa. Also, notify the brothers out on missions to be careful!” Xu Qi ordered, driving her out.

“Young Master, how can I return in peace when you’re like that?” Qian Yun said, concerned.

“Don’t. With you, this crazy little girl here, I will be even more troubled,” Xu Qi said, rolling his eyes back.

“Fine. Heal yourself first, Young Master. I have something to tell you when you’re done,” Qian Yun said.

Hearing this, Xu Qi slowly closed his eyes and began circulating his cultivation. With this girl here, there were no worries of him being snuck up on.

The palm-strike Xu Qi took in Qian Yun’s stead earlier was actually much more complicated than it showed on the surface. A cold Yin energy existed in Bu Wangli’s aura for some reason. If it were anyone else, they would probably have been tormented to death by that Yin energy long ago.

Luckily, Xu Qi had Goddess Nuwa’s rainbow energy for protection, as well as the All-Tempering Flame in his body. Ordinary Yin-based forces wouldn’t affect him.

Although that Yin energy was dispelled by the All-Tempering Flame in just a short while, the large amount of energy contained in that palm-strike caused some blood clots to form in Xu Qi’s body.

He carefully circulated the blood clots toward his throat, but he would feel a cold sensation from wherever the blood clots travelled in his body. The Yin properties contained in the blood clots weren’t little.

After some time, sitting on the bed, Xu Qi suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouth of black blood on the floor.

Upon spitting the black blood out onto the floor, it instantly froze into ice.

“I didn’t think this Bu Wangli would practice an extreme cold and Yin type cultivation art. If it wasn’t for my physique being special, and the strike landed on you instead, I’m afraid this would prove to be a real troublesome matter,” Xu Qi said to Qian Yun.

“Earlier that old geezer used that Six Directional Icy Aqua Mantra on me in the end, freezing me up, causing my energy to circulate much more slowly. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be standing there on the spot, allowing him to hit me with a palm-strike. That damn geezer! I should have cut him up a few more times,” Qian Yun said resentfully.

“Alright, you didn’t go easy on chopping him up anyway. However, seriously speaking, you really can’t remain in the capital. It would be troublesome if the Undying School finds out that you killed their Second Elder. Hurry up and return to Rivulet City and pass on my message to your sister,” Xu Qi said gravely.

“You really don’t want me around, huh? Afraid that I’ll get in the way of you flirting with your girls?” Qian Yun said, displeased.

“Don’t speak nonsense. Go, quickly. Oh, right, didn’t you have something to tell me? Say it,” Xu Qi said, suddenly looking at Qian Yun as he recalled about her wanting to tell him something.

“Young Master, you’re fine already?” Qian Yun asked.

Xu Qi nodded lightly. After purging out the Yin substance in his body and spitting out the blood, his body was no longer in any danger.

“Young Master, Dian has also come to the capital,” Qian Yun moved close to Xu Qi’s ear and whispered.

“Dian is here?” Xu Qi asked in disbelief.

“Hmm. Young Master, if there’s any action on your side, pay more attention. Don’t injure him by mistake. You know how to get in contact with him anyway,” Qian Yun whispered.

Hearing this, Xu Qi nodded silently.

“I’ll get going then, Young Master?” Qian Yun said hesitatingly.

Xu Qi nodded and said, “Go on, don’t forget; you mustn’t use the Five Elements Wings unless you’re in a desperate situation, you hear me?”

“Alright, I get it. I’m really going then, Young Master?” Qian Yun said again.

“Wait a minute, Qian Yun. Come closer,” Xu Qi said as he suddenly thought of something and turned to her, a hint of oddness in his eyes.

Hearing this, Qian Yun’s cheeks blushed red as she slowly got closer to Xu Qi.

He suddenly extended his hands and pulled her in. Xu Qi brought his head closer to her and sniffed at her.

This act of his made Qian Yun, who was always extremely daring, to suddenly be at a loss for what to do, her cheeks turning red hot.

Xu Qi slowly moved his head to Qian Yun’s ear and opened his eyes, saying gently, “Qian Yun, that night when I was drugged by Mo Ling and got drunk, was the person who came into this room you?”

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