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Chapter 103 - Tense Situation

Edited by RED

Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Xu Qi’s astonished expression and smiled, “Brother Qi, to have Earthdream’s Imperial Void Valley chasing you all the way here, how big of a feud do you have against them? Could it be that you abducted their School Master’s daughter?”

Upon learning that the group of black-clothed men who attacked them were very possibly from the Imperial Void Valley, Xu Qi grew doubtful in his heart. He felt as if he was about to grasp onto some clue, but he just couldn’t think of it.

“I don’t know whether the school master of Imperial Void Valley has a daughter, but if he does, I’ll definitely abduct her to exact revenge for today,” Xu Qi replied jokingly.

Puchi, Cai Xiaoxiao couldn’t hold it in and laughed out, then asked, “Is your shoulder really fine?”

“Why don’t you try getting shot with multiple arrows in the shoulder and see if you’ll be fine?” Xu Qi quipped.

“Hehe, I don’t want to. Brother Qi, what’s your real name?” Cai Xiaoxiao smile and asked casually.

“You only need to know that I’m your ‘Brother Qi.” It’s not time to tell you my name yet. It won’t do you any good to know it early,” Xu Qi said vaguely.

Seeing as Xu Qi didn’t wish to tell her, Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t probe any further. She was someone smart after all.

“Does your father agree to us staying in your Cai Clan? Is he not afraid of us bringing trouble to you?” Xu Qi asked.

“Hmm. Father has said, since we’re treating you as a friend, we’ll have to show sincerity befitting of one. It’s fine even if there’s trouble,” Cai Xiaoxiao replied.

“Oh? It doesn’t matter even if we bring you trouble?” Xu Qi was a little shocked when he heard that Cai Wubo was such a loyal man.

“Brother Qi, what’s the level of your strength? And what about the main profession you train in? If we say you’re a Swordsman, your body technique is even stranger than a Nightlord’s, but if it’s a Nightlord, it doesn’t seem like it,” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, bewildered.

“Oh, me? I train in various professions. As for my strength, I’m slightly above you,” Xu Qi smiled.

Cai Xiaoxiao pursed her lips and smiled. If he didn’t wish to reveal, she wouldn’t bother asking any further. She bade her farewells and left, leaving Xu Qi alone in the pavilion.

Xu Qi looked at the broken jade pendant in his hand. He still couldn’t figure out why Imperial Void Valley would come to him, and it seemed like they wanted him dead, or they would never let him go. If they were truly coming at him, why was that so? And why did they know he was in the Capital City?

In the end, he gave up pondering over it and shook his head, then returned to Mo Ling’s room to take care of her.


In the Capital City, a red-robed elder sat in the main hall of Huang Clan mansion, occupying the main seat. The usually arrogant Huang Xiao stood behind this elder quietly, while the patriarch of Huang Clan, Huang Sihu, sat by the side.

To be able to have Patriarch Huang and Huang Xiao treat him with such formality, this person could only be Huang Xiao’s master, the Second Elder of Undying School, Bu Wangli.

“Second Elder, have you heard about the battle on the streets today?” Huang Sihu asked.

“Hmm. I heard of it. Earlier, I took some time and went to the site to take a look and saw some interesting people there,” Bu Wangli smiled.

Huang Sihu knew what he should or shouldn’t say before Bu Wangli and smiled, continuing, “I do think that white-clothed youngster is rather interesting.”

“Hmm. I too am interested in him. If that mysterious white-clothed youngster’s age is truly as young as what people claim to be, then we shouldn’t underestimate him in the slightest. Has Patriarch Huang discovered anything yet?” Bu Wangli nodded and asked.

“Speaking of this, I’m ashamed. I sent men to investigate for some time, but it was as if this white-clothed youngster descended from the heavens. Even the owner of Menxing Tavern said today was the first time he’d seen that white-clothed youngster. However, the girl with him had already stayed there for a few days,” Huang Sihu reported.

“Menxing Tavern? This old man here too stayed there for a few days, and I actually didn’t notice him. Is there any news of those two’s current whereabouts?” Bu Wangli asked doubtfully.

“According to investigations, Cai Wubo’s daughter was at the scene during the battle and helped those two youngsters. After that, she brought them both to Cai Clan and they have not left the mansion again,” Huang Sihu said, looking straight into Bu Wangli’s eyes.

“Oh, they went to Cai Clan?” Bu Wangli said doubtfully, narrowing his eyes.

When Huang Sihu mentioned the words “Cai Clan” earlier, he noticed a cold glint in Bu Wangli’s eyes. That was exactly the reaction he hoped to see in Bu Wangli, and he couldn’t help but rejoice inwardly.

Then, Huang Sihu signalled to Huang Xiao with his gaze. The latter immediately understood what his father meant and bent down to whisper something into Bu Wangli’s ear.

Bu Wangli’s eyes immediately opened wide and round when he heard Huang Xiao’s soft whisperings and asked in disbelief, “Xiao’er, are you certain?”

Huang Xiao immediately replied respectfully, “Master, how could Xiao’er deceive you? That was absolutely the truth.”

Bu Wangli nodded blankly, and his eyes slowly narrowed, no longer speaking.

The father-son duo, Huang Sihu and Huang Xiao exchanged glances and smiled to one another, giving off a look as if their schemes had succeeded.


The next day, multiple incidents happened in the capital one after another, each of the incidents huge enough to cause others to become flabbergasted. First, it was Fan Clan’s Young Master, Fan Yilun getting assaulted by a bunch of mysterious people the moment he stepped out of his mansion, and was rescued by his clan members. It was said that he sustained injuries.

After that, an even more shocking incident happened. An assassination attempt was made on Qin Clan’s Young Master, Qin Fengshu, by several black-clothed men while he was on his way to the Cai Clan. His subordinates with him were all killed, and Qin Fengshu himself suffered several sword wounds. Cai Clan members came rushing out to save him, but his current status was unknown.

People also witnessed the tightly shut Cai Clan gates suddenly swing open. Cai Clan’s patriarch, Cai Wubo led men out and threw about a dozen corpses onto the street, all dressed in black.

Also, the enraged Cai Wubo stood at his gates and yelled aggressively, causing those who came to watch the spectacle to stick out their thumbs in approval.

“Just this amount of men aren’t enough for me to kill! Bring more if you can! Our Cai Clan welcomes you!”

The Capital City was suddenly shrouded in a cloud of mystery. Everyone was guessing whether these incidents were caused by Huang Clan, because all four of the top clans in Capital City were ambushed, except for the Huang Clan. Also, only the Huang Clan had the strength to simultaneously find trouble with the other three clans. As such, all fingers were pointed at the Huang Clan.

Alas, no one knew that Patriarch Huang was already jumping in anger when he heard of the incident. Eighty-four guards of his were killed recently, but he didn’t clarify it, because he wanted to save face! Who would dare to announce such an embarrassing matter to the public?


Currently, three people sat in the main hall of the Cai Clan. A worried Cai Wubo, a daydreaming Cai Xiaoxiao, and Xu Qi, who was without a care.

Just a bit earlier, about a dozen black-clothed men suddenly appeared in Cai Clan’s courtyard, all of them Qi realm Nightlords. They killed anyone they saw and quickly pushed their way toward Cai Wubo’s room.

Of course, the experts in Cai Clan weren’t only for show. They quickly took action and steadily decreased the number of men on the black-clothed men’s side. However, who would’ve thought that this bunch of people were all acting as if they were on a suicide mission. The moves they used were all those that disregarded their personal safety, causing great harm to themselves while killing their opponents. It resulted in this bunch of suicide warriors causing the Cai Clan to lose quite a few of their side as well.

In the end, two white-haired elders whose bodies were enveloped in blue light popped out of nowhere, easily getting rid of the remaining black-clothed assassins.

When Cai Wubo rushed to the scene, he was immediately enraged at the sight of the corpses sprawled around. He ordered his men to throw these assassins’ corpses into the street.

This action made Xu Qi, who was observing by the side, stick out his thumb for Cai Wubo. Deliberately showing off his strength to warn the enemies; what a wise man!

“Patriarch Cai, just these few pawns caused you to worry like such? Isn’t that a little too much?” Xu Qi suddenly spoke up and asked Cai Wubo.

Cai Wubo looked at the sloppy Xu Qi and was about to say something, but Cai Xiaoxiao was a bit faster.

“Brother Qi, why didn’t you fight earlier? If you did, our Cai Clan wouldn’t have lost so many men,” Cai Xiaoxiao said while pursing her lips.

“That’s wrong, Miss Cai. Have you forgot that I’m an injured man? My wounds aren’t healed yet, and you would ask me to take action?” Xu Qi rebutted, raising his arms.

“Also, your Cai Clan has so many experts hidden. It wouldn’t have ended like this if they made their moves earlier, as well. How could you blame this on me, an outsider? It’s not like I’m married into your Cai Clan,” Xu Qi quipped shamelessly.

“You!” Cai Xiaoxiao’s face flushed red. With her skin as thin as paper, there was no way she could out-talk the silver-tongued Xu Qi, whose skin was as thick as the city walls.

“Xiaoxiao, how could you blame this matter on Mister? Don’t be ridiculous!” Cai Wubo called out softly.

Seeing as her father had already spoken, Cai Xiaoxiao didn’t say anything else and just sat there, staring at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi felt depressed at seeing this. I didn’t even provoke her, why will this Cai Xiaoxiao not let me go?

“Mister, what are your thoughts about these incidents in the capital today?” Cai Wubo asked, smiling.

“Thoughts? None, but I wish to remind Patriarch Cai about something,” Xu Qi said.

“Please speak, Mister,” Cai Wubo’s attention was immediately caught and hurriedly said.

Xu Qi saw the look of anticipation on Cai Wubo and smiled, “From all the incidents that happened in the Capital City today, all of these were too sudden, and everyone seemed to have forgot about something. That is, when the Fengwen Examination is just around the corner, first the Young Master of Fan Clan was injured, then Young Master Qin’s status was unknown, followed by Cai Clan being ambushed. Don’t you think all these are related to the Fengwen Examination?”

“Fengwen Examination? That’s right! The brat from Fan Clan was injured, and Nephew Qin1 too. They are both talents from the younger generation. It seems like somebody doesn’t want them to join the Fengwen Examination, obtaining the right to enter Mt Fengwen. And who would these incidents benefit?” Cai Wubo suddenly came to a realization.

“I don’t think it would be the unharmed Huang Clan in any case,” Xu Qi smiled.

“That’s right. It would be too obvious if it was Huang Clan who was behind it. We, the three clans who suffered from these attacks, would easily suspect the Huang Clan,” Cai Wubo said slowly.

“Oh? But is it possible for Huang Sihu to deliberately do it, then?” Cai Wubo asked doubtfully.

“At the very least, I don’t think Huang Sihu is as stupid as a pig, to attack the three clans at the same time like a madman, while his side is left unharmed. He should have put on a show at least, to have his side suffer a little. Only that would make sense,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo nodded, seemingly in thought.

“Also with your Cai Clan’s deep foundations, I believe Huang Sihu wouldn’t come and offend you without making thorough preparations. Isn’t that right, Patriarch Cai?” Xu Qi said.

“Haha, you’re joking, Mister. What deep foundations could our Cai Clan have? We’re only a small household,” Cai Wubo blanked for a moment, then grinned.

“A small household wouldn’t have so many Spirit realm experts overseeing them,” Xu Qi smiled back.

Cai Wubo smiled awkwardly at hearing those words.

“The most important thing isn’t the Spirit realm experts, but the two under your feet. That is the main reason why Huang Sihu doesn’t dare lay his hands on your Cai Clan, right, Patriarch Cai?” Xu Qi continued smiling.

Cai Wubo was immediately stupefied, his mouth twitching. He was astonished in his heart, Who exactly is this mysterious Mister!?

TL Note:

1: Not blood-related. Cai Wubo used the term 世侄, literally world nephew, which is usually used for someone from the younger generation who you have a better relation with.

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