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Chapter 104 - Purging Poison

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On the side, Cai Xiaoxiao was also shocked beyond words when she heard what Xu Qi said. That was because the two Xu Qi just mentioned were the absolute top secret of Cai Clan. Within the entire clan, only Cai Wubo and Cai Xiaoxiao knew of them; how did he find out?

“Don’t think too much, Patriarch Cai. My constitution is a little special, and was able to detect the presence of some experts. I only found out when I entered this main hall earlier, and was surprised at the deep strength the Cai Clan has. I don’t mean anything else. Don’t worry, I will keep my mouth shut regarding this matter,” Xu Qi assured them.

Cai Wubo slowly gathered himself after hearing this, and nodded. His gaze toward Xu Qi was now even more complicated. He didn’t know whether he should trust the words of this mysterious young man.

“Father, I believe in Brother Qi,” Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly declared to Cai Wubo.

The latter blanked for a moment, then sighed.

“Brother Qi, can you make a trip with me to the Qin Clan?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked gently.

Xu Qi was speechless at her tone. Just earlier, she was staring angrily at me, and now she’s gentle as water. What is she playing at? However, he still replied politely, “I know what you’re thinking of doing, but I have to remind you: it’s best for you not to leave the mansion. I’ll make this trip on behalf on you to check on Young Master Qin’s injuries.”

Cai Xiaoxiao looked at Cai Wubo, pleading with her gaze, but the answer she got wasn’t as she hoped.

“I grew up playing alongside Brother Fengshu, and he has always been very nice to me. Now that he has met with trouble, I hope Brother Qi can provide him help,” Cai Xiaoxiao said gently.

Xu Qi nodded. His impression toward Qin Fengshu, who had previously shot him with an arrow by accident, was still pretty good. If he was able to help him, he would be glad to.

Xu Qi left the main hall and returned to Mo Ling’s room, where she was still recuperating, paying her a short visit. Mo Ling was already in a much better state now. She didn’t have much of an opinion when she heard Xu Qi was going to Qin Clan, only reminding him to be more careful.


That night, Xu Qi left the Cai Clan, speeding toward the Qin Clan.

When he arrived, Xu Qi didn’t enter their mansion without permission. Instead, he went to their gates and passed an object from Cai Wubo to someone from Qin Clan, as well as notifying them of his intent for visiting, patiently waiting for a reply.

A short while later, a person who seemed to be Qin Clan’s steward invited Xu Qi politely into their mansion.

However, this steward didn’t lead Xu Qi to where Qin Fengshu was. He only brought Xu Qi to the reception hall.

“Young Master, please wait for a moment,” the steward said softly, and left.

Xu Qi smiled and stood by the entrance, looking at the night sky, quietly enjoying this fleeting moment of tranquility.

Cough cough! A coughing sound interrupted Xu Qi’s thoughts.

Xu Qi slowly turned around to look.

What entered his vision was a middle-aged man with stubble on his face. His skin was a darker tone, probably from the years spent outside for work. His tall and sturdy body and his aura were like one, but his gaze was a little dark, seemingly met with some difficulties. This person was the patriarch of Qin Clan, and the father of Qin Fengshu, Qin Mu.

“Young Master, please take a seat. I am Qin Mu,” the middle-aged man said simply.

“Greetings to Patriarch Qin. Long story short, I wish to meet with Qin Fengshu. Perhaps I can save him,” Xu Qi said directly.

Hearing this, Qin Mu looked at this handsome youth before him and exited the hall, seemingly having thought of something.

“Come with me.”

Xu Qi smiled and followed along.

On the way, the leading Qin Mu said casually, “You must be the youngster who was killing those black-clothed men on the streets yesterday, right?”

Xu Qi smiled plainly and didn’t give an answer. He only continued walking behind Qin Mu, who also didn’t press on any further.

Soon, Qin Mu brought Xu Qi to a heavily guarded area.

With Patriarch Qin leading the way, Xu Qi was naturally allowed passage into the room without any difficulties. However, he couldn’t help but feel shocked when he entered the room and saw Qin Fengshu.

Qin Fengshu was lying on the bed, his complexion dark and his aura weak.

“He was poisoned?” Xu Qi asked.

“Correct. The wound is on his back. Shu’er didn’t suffer much external injury, but the one who ambushed him had poison coated on his sword. Up to now, we have no antidote to the poison he was poisoned with,” Qin Mu said, shaking his head.

“How about letting me have a try?” Xu Qi suggested, looking at Qin Mu.

To Xu Qi’s surprise, Qin Mu didn’t hesitate for a single moment and immediately nodded.

Xu Qi came to the bedside and discovered that even Qin Fengshu’s hands had turned dark, and Xu Qi’s expression turned grave.

“Patriarch Qin, please come over and help me,” Xu Qi requested without turning back.

Qin Mu quickly came over and looked at the serious Xu Qi, asking, “There’s a way?”

Xu Qi nodded as his entire body gradually emitted rainbow energy, enveloping himself.

Qin Mu’s eyes were filled with astonishment on seeing Xu Qi being enveloped in rainbow energy.

“Patriarch Qin, do not use your hands to touch his body directly. Help me control his body and maintain his posture. I will purge the poison,” Xu Qi instructed.

Qin Mu immediately released blue-colored energy, forming a hand atop his palm and slowly helped Qin Fengshu up.

Xu Qi jumped onto the bed and sat behind Qin Fengshu. He extended his hands to Qin Fengshu’s back and tore off his clothes, revealing a shallow wound. However, the blood around the wound was all black in color.

Xu Qi gently placed his hands, enveloped in rainbow energy, onto Qin Fengshu’s wound, injecting rainbow energy into his body continuously.

Xu Qi slowly sensed the condition in Qin Fengshu’s body. Beads of cold sweat formed on Xu Qi’s forehead; he didn’t expect the poison in Qin Fengshu to be even more severe than he’d thought.

The poison in Qin Fengshu was a cold, Yin type. It was slowly freezing his meridians and had already spread throughout his entire body, glued to his meridians.

After pondering for some time, Xu Qi made a bold decision.

He first retracted his rainbow energy, then took out a Green Mystique Fruit with a flip of his palm. He handed it to Qin Mu and said seriously, “Patriarch Qin, the Yin property of the poison used on Qin Fengshu is too much. I have to use pure Yang energy to neutralize it. If that’s the case, I’m afraid his cultivation level isn’t high enough to handle the energy I will inject into him. Thus, I need you to crush this fruit and have him consume it. It will increase his cultivation by a hundred years, enough for him to go through the process.”

“A hundred years of cultivation?!” Qin Mu exclaimed. He was shocked for a moment, but immediately accepted the fruit from Xu Qi and gently clasped his hand, crushing the Green Mystique Fruit. However, not a drop of its juice flowed out.

Qin Mu carefully brought the crushed Green Mystique Fruit over to Qin Fengshu’s mouth, then pried his mouth open and fed him the fruit. Qin Mu then looked toward Xu Qi.

“Continue!” Xu Qi said as a golden flame appeared in his palm.

The burning heat caused even the calm Qin Mu to feel shocked. How many secrets are there on this youngster? This was the question Qin Mu wanted to ask the most, but he still followed orders as Xu Qi instructed him, keeping Qin Fengshu in place.

After the golden flames appeared in Xu Qi’s palm, he emitted a layer of rainbow energy to envelope the flames.

Xu Qi then carefully brought the flame to Qin Fengshu’s wounds. Unexpectedly, once the All-Tempering Flame covered in a layer of rainbow energy came into contact with the black bloodstains near the wound, the bloodstains immediately let out a green smoke and the blood turned back into the normal shade of red.

It works! Xu Qi exclaimed in his heart, then quickly injected his energy into Qin Fengshu’s body.

The rainbow energy, along with the All-Tempering Flame, slowly circulated within Qin Fengshu. Wherever it passed through, the black-colored Yin substance would turn into a green smoke released from Qin Fengshu’s body.

An extremely pungent odor gradually filled this room.

Qin Mu looked at Qin Fengshu’s complexion with his brow furrowed. He suddenly discovered a hint of red returning to Qin Fengshu’s darkly poisoned complexion, and his heart went wild with joy, but he still didn’t dare to be careless.

While Xu Qi was simultaneously operating the All-Tempering Flame and rainbow energy, he very soon felt a sense of weakness in his body, sweat continuously breaking out from his forehead.

However, Xu Qi didn’t dare to stop. If he didn’t neutralize all the poison in Qin Fengshu’s body in one go and retract his rainbow energy, the areas where he had successfully removed the poison from would be immediately invaded by the Yin substance once again, wasting his efforts.

Qin Mu watched as beads of sweat rolled down this unfamiliar youngster’s handsome face. He felt endless gratitude toward Xu Qi in his heart, but he wasn’t good with words. He too, knew that it wasn’t the time for emotions, only quietly waiting.

After some time, Qin Fengshu’s complexion returned to normal. Xu Qi’s hand on Qin Fengshu’s back was trembling. When he finally removed the last bit of poison in Qin Fengshu’s body, Xu Qi couldn’t take the wave of weakness rising inside himself, and fell backward unconscious.

At the same time, a powerful aura suddenly burst forth from Qin Fengshu’s body, blue-colored energy radiating out of him.

“Spirit realm cultivator!” Qin Mu said blankly when he witnessed this scene.

“Patriarch, is there something wrong in there?” an urgent voice suddenly rang from outside the room.

“Nothing. Without my orders, no one is allowed to come in!” Qin Mu shouted, and the outside immediately quieted down.

Qin Mu understood that this mysterious youngster had purged all the poison in Qin Fengshu’s body when he saw the healthy red color on his son’s face. Qin Fengshu had yet to awaken, probably stabilizing the energy he newly acquired advancing into Spirit realm.

Qin Mu turned and looked at Xu Qi, whose body was leaning on the headboard. Qin Mu extended his arms to help him up, placing his hands on Xu Qi’s chest and injected a sliver of energy into him.

Xu Qi slowly reopened his eyes. He saw Qin Mu before him and smiled, “Qin Fengshu is fine now.”

Qin Mu’s stern expression turned into a smile when he heard this and he slowly nodded.

Xu Qi sat up straight with some difficulty and closed his eyes. He cycled his cultivation art and began to slowly recover from his state of weakness.

As for Qin Mu, he just stood aside, looking at the two youngsters sitting on the bed, nodding continuously with a smile.


Dawn broke after a long time. Xu Qi slowly opened his eyes and saw Qin Mu and Qin Fengshu, who had awakened before him, sitting by the bed, smiling at him.

“What are you looking at? You haven’t seen a handsome guy before?” Xu Qi quipped at the father-son duo.

Hearing this, the two were stupefied for a moment, before bursting out in laughter.

“Father has told me everything. Many thanks to Young Master for saving my life! If there’s anything I, Qin Fengshu can do for you in the future, please instruct as you wish!” Qin Fengshu thanked respectfully.

“You don’t have to thank me. It was Miss Cai and Patriarch Cai who asked me to come,” Xu Qi said casually.

“You’re wrong, young man. You used all your strength to neutralize the poison in Shu’er and saved his life. Not only that, you helped him advance into Spirit realm. You mustn’t speak lightly of this great kindness!” Qin Mu said seriously from the side.

Xu Qi smiled. He slowly stood up and loosened himself, then said to Qin Fengshu, “I’m probably a little older than you. If you don’t mind the formality, then follow Miss Cai and address me as Brother Qi in the future. Don’t call me Young Master or whatever; I’m not used to hearing that.”

Hearing this, Qin Fengshu lit up with a smile, and he respectfully greeted “Brother Qi.”

Xu Qi thought of inquiring whether Qin Mu knew who it was that poisoned Qin Fengshu.

Dong dong dong… Loud drumming sounds suddenly rang, finding their way into the three’s ears.

Qin Mu turned and opened the window. He sighed and said, “The ruler of Mirrorlink is about to announce the Fengwen Examination’s topic and time.”

Qin Fengshu and Xu Qi exchanged a look and smiled, extending their hand to shake the other’s.

Qin Mu watched these two youngsters who had hit it off well, revealing a gratified smile which hadn’t been seen for a long time.

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