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Chapter 102 - Unrestrained Killing

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Xu Qi first pulled Mo Ling up and leapt into the air, dodging the two incoming arrows, before quickly slashing out a huge blue-colored energy sword at the few black-clothed men aiming at Mo Ling with all his strength. His attack instantly sent those few flying away, ridding Mo Ling of immediate threats.

The Spirit Swordsman and Spirit Nightlord kept chasing after Xu Qi. The latter of the two especially; his bodily techniques were extremely weird, coordinating his attacks with the Spirit Swordsman, and making Xu Qi break out in a cold sweat, as he didn’t wish to expose his trumps.

At this moment, another few Qi realm cultivators used this gap which Xu Qi couldn’t cover to attack Mo Ling.

Originally, Mo Ling would struggle even in a one-on-one fight. Now that she was under the attacks of another few black-clothed men, her white clothing was instantly dyed with blood.

Xu Qi saw the injured Mo Ling, and his blood began to boil. The thought of summoning the Giantwood Python flashed in his mind, disregarding the consequences. However, at this time, another group of silhouettes suddenly flew to Mo Ling’s side and helped fend off the black-clothed men’s attacks.

Xu Qi look a clearer look and found out that it was the purple-clothed Cai Xiaoxiao. She brought a few of her men to help them out.

Xu Qi smiled at her, then abruptly quickened his attacks against the two black-clothed men before him. On his bronze sword, a hint of rainbow energy appeared atop the layer of blue energy.

“Almighty Slash!” Xu Qi executed the first technique of Everchanging Swordplay on the two black-clothed men, and the two hurriedly raised their weapons to defend against it.

Of course, Xu Qi wouldn’t let them block it so easily. After using the sword technique, he directly rushed up to the Spirit Nightlord, his bronze sword in hand.

The black-clothed Spirit Nightlord was already worried when he saw the blue energy sword coming toward him, and now Xu Qi followed up on his technique and came directly attacking him. The Spirit Nightlord immediately countered, throwing his dagger at Xu Qi.

However, the dagger was quickly broken in two by Xu Qi’s bronze sword when it entered his range. Before the Spirit Nightlord could react, the gigantic blue energy sword crashed down as he frantically tried to defend himself.

Boom! A loud explosion rang out. Dust clouds rose everywhere on the streets where the slash hit. Immediately after, Mo Ling and Cai Xiaoxiao’s group heard a few Pu pu sounds from within the clouds.

As Mo Ling fended off attacks coming her way, she looked anxiously at where the dust clouds were rolling. At last, the white-clothed silhouette dyed red in blood that was Xu Qi walked out with his sword in hand.

At this moment, Mo Ling suddenly heard a sonic boom. She felt her shoulder ache as her body fell backward.

When she landed on the ground, she looked at her shoulder. It was pierced by a wooden arrow enveloped in blue energy, the arrow lodged in her shoulder, while the arrowhead stuck out her back.

Watching this scene, Xu Qi’s eyes almost spat fire. He immediately flew at the second stage Spirit Ranger standing on the roof.

Seeing as Xu Qi was coming his way, the Spirit Ranger began retreating. As he flew himself backward, he kept shooting arrows at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi increased his speed and blocked each and every wooden arrow shot at him.

Just as Xu Qi was about to reach the Spirit realm Ranger, three energy arrows appeared on his bow. The target he was aiming at wasn’t Xu Qi, but the sky. He yelled, “Pyrus Godly Arrow!” and shot the three energy arrows to the sky.

Xu Qi’s movements became sluggish for a moment as he watched the three arrows shoot into the sky. They instantly turned into a rain of arrows, a countless amount of them falling toward where he stood.

Xu Qi’s scalp went numb when he realized the situation. This Spirit Ranger’s body techniques were pretty good, his archery skills made him the first expert Xu Qi had seen in many years. The most annoying thing was that he couldn’t get near the Ranger. What a troublesome fellow!

After Mo Ling fell to the ground injured, Cai Xiaoxiao hurriedly helped her up and took the opportunity to take a glance at where the dust clouds were gradually settling.

She saw that the Spirit Nightlord and Spirit Swordsman fighting against Xu Qi earlier were both kneeling on the ground, their heads drooped and their arms lowered naturally. On the ground near them, there were a few broken pieces of weapons, and their chests where their hearts were located were dyed red with blood. They were both obviously dead.

Seeing this, Cai Xiaoxiao revealed a look of astonishment. This white-clothed youth’s strength was too much! At this moment, an thundering roar suddenly rang.

The youth on the roof was enveloped in dazzling rainbow light, charging right toward the rain of arrows descending from the skies.

The group of men fighting on the streets immediately stopped once they heard the roar, as if they made a pact and looked toward the roof.

As they observed the situation up there, when the dazzling rainbow light was about to come into contact with the countless arrows, a streak of rainbow light suddenly shot toward the Spirit Ranger.

The Spirit Ranger saw the streak of light that was approaching him, but he couldn’t react in time. He subconsciously raised his bow to block.

Kacha, Psh! A crisp sound was heard, followed by the sound of a body being penetrated.

At the same time, the rainbow light slowly descended from the sky.

Everyone couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air when the rainbow light disappeared. Mo Ling, who was showing a pained expression from her pierced shoulder, couldn’t hold it in and began tearing when she realized the situation.

The white-clothed Xu Qi’s shoulders were pierced with many wooden arrows enveloped in blue light. Blood was trickling down his white sleeves, flowing down to his fingers and dripping onto the roof.

As for that Spirit realm Ranger, his arm was holding onto a bow split in half, pointing at Xu Qi in disbelief.

Looking closely, that Spirit Ranger’s chest was pierced with a green-colored sword. He fell dead on the roof immediately after.

Xu Qi’s entire body shook, and the arrows pierced in his shoulders all fell away. He flew to the Spirit Ranger and retrieved his bronze sword, pulling it out from the chest of the corpse, then looked down at the crowd on the street.

There were only a few black-clothed men left standing on the streets, and the Qi realm Ranger on the opposite roof. When they saw Xu Qi’s murderous gaze, all of them panicked and ran in all directions to make an escape.

Xu Qi didn’t bother to give chase. Instead, he flew down to where Cai Xiaoxiao and Mo Ling stood, landing there.

Before them, the murderous intent on Xu Qi’s face immediately went away and smiled at Cai Xiaoxiao who had lent them a helping hand.

After that, Xu Qi extended his hand, enveloped in rainbow energy and placed it on Mo Ling’s injured shoulder. He suddenly exerted strength, causing Mo Ling to scream out in pain. The wooden arrow flew out from her shoulder and dropped to the ground.

A faint layer of rainbow energy was covering Mo Ling’s wound, not a single drop of blood seeped out.

Mo Ling looked at Xu Qi’s crimson red shoulders, her beautiful face stained with tears and asked, crying, “Are you alright?”

Xu Qi endured the pain and smiled. He raised his arms with difficulty and replied, “It’s only superficial injuries. It’s fine. I’m in a much better shape than you.”

Hearing this, Mo Ling cried even harder.

Watching this couple, a feeling of bitterness rose up in Cai Xiaoxiao’s heart.

“Don’t be like this, there are others around,” Xu Qi smiled.

Then, he turned around and said to Cai Xiaoxiao, “Many thanks to Miss for upholding justice and giving us a hand. We’ve caused you to lose a couple men.”

In the battle earlier, due to the insufficient strength of Cai Xiaoxiao’s subordinates, two of them were killed by the black-clothed men.

Cai Xiaoxiao smiled and said, “It’s fine. I didn’t provide much help either; it was your own strength that neutralized the danger.”

Xu Qi smiled and asked, “May I know this Miss’s surname?”

“Brother Qi, did you forget that I had told you before, I can recognize the scent on you?” Cai Xiaoxiao teased.

Xu Qi instantly went into a daze. This girl, is she that clever? No wonder she would help me.

When Mo Ling heard Cai Xiaoxiao calling out “Brother Qi,” she no longer felt any pain in her shoulder. She looked angrily at Xu Qi, as if wanting him to give an explanation for her addressing him as “Brother Qi.”

“This... this…” the awkward Xu Qi didn’t know what to say.

“That day, the thing that cleaved our clan’s Autumn Cry sword in half, was it this sword in your hand?” Cai Xiaoxiao looked at the sword Xu Qi was wielding and smiled, ignoring his awkwardness.

Xu Qi smiled awkwardly and nodded slightly.

“Alright, Brother Qi, it’s not a good idea to keep standing around here on the streets. Why not come to my place first? I believe these black-clothed men won’t dare to come without having second thoughts. You two need to heal yourselves, too,” Cai Xiaoxiao said and extended her arms to support Mo Ling, not giving Xu Qi a chance to consider her suggestion.

Xu Qi watched as Mo Ling was being “abducted” and sighed. He put his sword away and followed.

After they left, no one dared to get close to this area which just experienced a fierce battle.

It was only after a long time, that a black-clothed youth arrived here along with two others. He revealed a look of disbelief when he saw the two black-clothed men kneeling on the ground, dead and their broken weapons cloven in two.


In a secluded room of the Cai Clan’s institution, Xu Qi had changed into a new set of clothes and sat by the bedside. He looked at Mo Ling sleeping on the bed, feeling some aching in his heart.

Suddenly, the doors were gently pushed open, revealing a small head. Looking closer, it was Cai Xiaoxiao.

Xu Qi smiled and walked over, waving his hand. Cai Xiaoxiao reciprocated with a mischievous smile and exited.

Xu Qi turned to look at Mo Ling once more, before exiting the room.

When he arrived at a pavilion following Cai Xiaoxiao’s lead, she asked, “Is that your childhood sweetheart?”

“Hmm, I guess so. I lived in her place for ten years,” Xu Qi answered ambiguously.

“She is, then. Brother Qi, there are only the two of us here. Can you tell me what brought you to the capital? I’ll say this in advance: don’t speak nonsense to deceive me,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, staring at Xu Qi.

“Miss Cai, is there any meaning in asking this? I’ll do what I promised you and your father when the time comes,” Xu Qi smiled.

“Brother Qi, me asking this is for your own good. I know that your identity is definitely not simple, but in the Capital City, ears and eyes are everywhere. I’m afraid the matter of you killing on the streets and being in my Cai Clan is already known to everyone, and some people already began investigating your identity. I’m only worried that you will continue to get into such troubles,” Cai Xiaoxiao said, her face full of worry.

Xu Qi extended his hand and brushed her head. He then smiled and said, “Thank you. Since I made my moves, I’m not afraid of others finding out. If you’re worried that I will bring troubles to your Cai Clan, I can leave right now.”

“Aiya, I don’t mean that. Nobody is going to drive you away,” Cai Xiaoxiao explained anxiously.

Xu Qi watched as Cai Xiaoxiao explained herself, her face flushing bright red, and asked, “Then what are you trying to convey?”

“Alright, I won’t go in circles. Look, what is this?” Cai Xiaoxiao said, extending her hand and handed Xu Qi a damaged jade pendant.

Xu Qi saw the jade pendant and asked, puzzled, “What are you giving me this broken jade pendant for?”

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes back and said, “Stupid Brother Qi, I discovered this on the ground next to the black-clothed men you killed earlier on the streets.”

“Oh? What does that signify?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Although this jade pendant was tampered with, I still recognize it. This jade pendant belongs to disciples from Earthdream’s Imperial Void Valley!” Cai Xiaoxiao said, smiling.

Xu Qi felt as if he was struck by lightning at hearing such and went into a stupefied daze.

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