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Chapter 101 - Unexpected Incident

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Just as Huang Clan’s patriarch was racking his brain, thinking over who it could be that had caused harm to his guards, the perpetrator, our great Young Master Xu, was leisurely lying in a beauty’s arms in Menxing Tavern, eating a dessert fed by her.

“Little Brother, why do I smell the scent of blood on you today? It’s so smelly,” Mo Ling said, looking at Xu Qi who was using her lap as a pillow.

At this moment, Xu Qi was not wearing his special mask, showing his originally handsome appearance after the strong protests of Mo Ling. He was in a great mood, chewing on the pastries fed by her. When he heard what Mo Ling asked, he replied, “I’ll pay more attention next time. I guarantee you won’t smell this scent again.”

“Ai, say, wouldn’t it be great if you just stayed in Rivulet City? Why must you go around getting involved in troubles?” Mo Ling continued asking.

“You don’t understand, Little Sister. Even if you don’t offend others, if your strength is insufficient, others will come to find trouble with you,” Xu Qi explained.

Mo Ling hesitated for a moment, then said, “Yesterday, that pretty girl, who is she? What did you follow her for?”

“Hehe, I noticed you were hiding in the corner long ago. That pretty girl saw my handsome appearance and fell for me. She insisted on marrying me. Being too handsome is a sin indeed,” Xu Qi grinned.

“Pei! With your looks, it’ll be a wonder if she took notice of you. It’s already not bad if she wasn’t scared to death, let alone marrying you,” Mo Ling rebutted.

“Hehe, then shall I go speak to her with my current appearance?” Xu Qi smirked.

“You dare! You shall wear the mask whenever you go out in the future! You can only show me your true appearance, and no one else!” Mo Ling scowled fiercely.

“Shh,” Xu Qi made a shushing gesture to Mo Ling and slowly sat up. He lightly flashed to the doors, sticking his body close to it.

Seeing his cautious movements, Mo Ling sat there obediently, unmoving.

“Master, this way please.” Outside the door, a familiar voice rang out and found its way to Xu Qi’s ears.

Huang Xiao, Xu Qi immediately confirmed the voice’s owner.

“Xiao’er, the number of people who dare to brazenly attack your Huang Clan within the Capital City can be counted with one hand. I didn’t want to show my face in public originally, but hearing what you said, this old man here is interested. Let’s go,” an aged voice said.

“Hmm. You go first, Master,” Huang Xiao said respectfully.

After Xu Qi confirmed the two had left, he slowly stood straight and fell into deep thought.

According to what he knew, the Huang Clan had the Undying School behind them. That much was true. In fact, the most important thing was that ten years ago, the Second Elder of Undying School accepted Huang Sihu’s son, Huang Xiao, as a disciple in name. Although it was only a disciple in name, the fearsome title of “Second Elder of Undying School” was enough to strike fear into the whole capital.

Especially since there was a rumor of this Second Elder having once massacred the entire Qian Clan, one of the four great clans at the time, in one night, all alone. His notoriety spread far and wide.

“What is it, Little Brother?” Mo Ling asked softly.

“Oh, nothing. Just that I came across someone familiar,” Xu Qi smiled.

Mo Ling was already used to this Little Brother of hers not telling her his matters since young. She knew that this Little Brother didn’t want her to know too much and worry for him. Thus, she was long accustomed to this side of him.

“Are you going to keep yourself holed up in here all the time?” Xu Qi chuckled, asking Mo Ling.

“Yeah, what else can I do? I don’t know anyone here in the capital,” Mo LIng said, feeling wronged.

“How about I bring you to take a walk on the streets? What do you think?” Xu Qi continued.

“Taking a walk? Sure,” Mo Ling answered excitedly.

“Okay, then wait for me by the door. Let me change my clothes. You can’t expect me to accompany such a pretty sister in this beggar get-up to take a walk. I’d be sure to be drowned by spit from the crowd,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Mo Ling nodded, pleasantly surprised. When she came out of her room, she almost jumped around in excitement. That was because this was the first time Xu Qi had agreed to take a walk with her. When they were in Rivulet City, Xu Qi had never shown himself in public for the past ten years. He spent most of his time in the Mosuo Auction House.

After some time, the door gently cracked open with a squeak. Mo Ling quickly turned to look and was immediately dazzled by what she saw; too handsome!

Xu Qi was dressed in snow-white clothes, his sharp brow that was neither too thick nor too thin. His long and narrow eyes were gentle as the autumn wind and waters. His nose was high and sharp, as straight as a mountain. His lips were thin and their color mild, the corner of his lips slightly curved upwards, showing the unrestrained charms of a man.

“Hey, Little Sister, if you continue staring, I’ll suspect you of wanting to do something to me. Quickly wipe off your saliva,” Xu Qi chuckled as he looked at the dazed Mo Ling.

Hearing Xu Qi’s teasing, Mo Ling didn’t say anything in return. She gently took off the veil covering her appearance and revealed her exquisite appearance.

She then extended her arms out cutely, hooking on Xu Qi’s arms. A look of happiness quietly appeared on her face.

Xu Qi looked at her and smiled, whispering, “I haven’t gone out on a walk with you all these years. This time, let’s do it in this unfamiliar Capital City.”

Mo Ling lightly nodded, feeling all sweet in her heart.

“Wait, something’s not right. I seem to be lacking something. Right, a fan,” Xu Qi suddenly said.

Mo Ling blanked for a moment and looked at Xu Qi. With a flip of his palm, a paper fan silently appeared in his hand.

Xu Qi fanned himself and smiled, saying, “How is it? Do I exude the air of a talented scholar?”

Mo Ling didn’t give a response. She knew that no matter if she agreed or not, Xu Qi would have something prepared to say. Thus, she might as well keep quiet.

Just like that, an ideal couple walked out under the blank gaze of the tavern’s waiter.


On the streets, Xu Qi’s childish side began to show. He would fan himself as he walked awkwardly, or put his fan on his back, imitating a sloppy feeling. 

“Little Brother, why do I feel like you’re just like a hedonistic son of rich parents?” Mo Ling covered her mouth and giggled.

“Ai, my life isn’t that great. As the old saying goes, I’m only someone who was born pretty, but has lived the life of a servant,” Xu Qi said casually.

The two walked down the streets just like this, exchanging words with one another. Due to their outstanding appearances, they attracted many burning gazes from others.

In the end, Mo Ling stopped in front of a stall that sold gemstone accessories. She picked up a dark green gemstone bracelet and asked Xu Qi, “Does it look good?”

Xu Qi smiled and didn’t reply. He directly threw  three mid-grade gemstones at the stall and took the bracelet in Mo Ling’s hands, putting it on her.

“Boss, are there more of the bracelets on this Miss’ hand?” a familiar voice suddenly rang.

Xu Qi smiled bitterly at hearing this voice. Really, this was the first time he walked the streets in his true appearance so openly, and he bumped into her again. Could this be what others call “fate?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Cai. There’s only one of it and this Young Master has already paid for it,” the stall owner smiled.

Xu Qi slowly turned around and saw Cai Xiaoxiao staring at the gemstone bracelet on Mo Ling’s wrist. Seeing this man turn around, she shifted her gaze onto him.

When she saw this white-clothed man’s appearance, Cai Xiaoxiao blanked out for a moment, then smiled back at him and left.

“Hmph, she’s already gone. What are you looking at?” Mo Ling pouted.

“Why do I want to look at her? She’s not as pretty as you,” Xu Qi said, extending his hand and grabbing Mo Ling.

Mo Ling’s slight jealousy instantly vanished and her mood turned much better the instant she was grabbed by Xu Qi, and she didn’t say anything else. 

“Be careful, something’s not right,” Xu Qi was suddenly alarmed and whispered to Mo Ling.

Hearing this, the smile on Mo Ling instantly disappeared and she looked at Xu Qi.

Xu Qi signalled to her with his gaze and pulled her along, walking away quickly.

Suddenly, about a dozen black figures jumped out and circled around this young couple.

The crowd on the streets screamed and quickly moved aside at seeing the sudden situation. The originally busy streets were instantly left with only this white-clothed couple and the dozen black-clothed men surrounding them.

Mo Ling’s face turned serious and she took out her sword. She wasn’t afraid in the least, because Xu Qi was by her side. Though, she was worried that she might be a burden to him.

Xu Qi looked at these black-clothed men, feeling shocked inwardly. This was the first time he showed himself in Capital City in his true appearance. It was impossible for anyone to recognize him. Why would anyone find trouble with him? Could it be that they were here for Mo Ling?

The black-clothed men didn’t say a word and their auras burst forth. Most of them were enveloped in yellow energy, while two of them in the middle were emitting blue energy.

One first stage Spirit Swordsman, one first stage Spirit Nightlord, and about a dozen Qi realm cultivators. Who could it be that would use such a fierce lineup against me? If they were here for Mo Ling, they wouldn’t use such strong forces. They were obviously here for me, Xu Qi smiled, thinking inwardly.

Before the group of black-clothed men made their moves, Xu Qi felt an extremely dangerous sensation approaching him from behind.

With a flip of his palm, a bronze sword immediately appeared in his hand. Xu Qi turned and slashed out, hacking down a wooden arrow enveloped in blue energy and another in yellow energy to the ground.

“Shit, there’s still a second stage Spirit Ranger! Who did I offend!?” Xu Qi looked at the two wooden arrows on the ground and cursed inwardly.

Xu Qi hurriedly scanned his surroundings, and saw that on the roofs on both sides of the street stood a person with a bow in hand, aiming at him. The Ranger on the right was emitting blue energy, enveloping the bow and arrow in his hands. This made Xu Qi worry even more. It wasn’t hard to run from these people, but Mo Ling was with him right now. It would make him feel that much more pressure.

“Don’t make any moves. Follow closely behind my back, and let me handle everything!” Xu Qi said to Mo Ling with a grave expression.

Mo Ling nodded slightly, her pretty face turning a little pale.

Su, su, The two Rangers on the roof shot an arrow at the two once more. At the same time, the black-clothed men surrounding Xu Qi and Mo Ling instantly made their moves.

The aura in Xu Qi immediately exploded. Blue energy enveloped his entire body in an instant.

Not far away, Cai Xiaoxiao, dressed in purple clothing, was observing this white-clothed youth with a few others behind her, a look of doubt and shock in her eyes.

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