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Chapter 100 - Key

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“Oh, a business deal? I wonder what a beggar like me could offer in a business deal with Patriarch Cai?” Xu Qi questioned doubtfully.

“Haha, a beggar? If there were a few more beggars like Mister in the capital, I’m afraid there would be no place for this one surnamed Cai in the capital. Please, don’t be so modest, Mister,” Cai Wubo chuckled.

“So Patriarch Cai means to have me show some sincerity on my part before you’ll talk about the business. However, I don’t intend on going through with it,” Xu Qi said casually.

Cai Wubo smiled. He flipped his palm, retrieving a luxuriously decorated longsword and said, “Mister, this is a sword treasure passed down in our Cai Clan. I shall gift this to Mister, for saving my daughter’s life and as an expression of this one surnamed Cai’s sincerity.”

Xu Qi only took a glance at it and no longer paid any more attention to it, smiling, “This doesn’t seem to be a sword treasure, just that it’s decorations are slightly attractive.”

“Haha, Mister is such a tease. This sword is named Autumn Cry, one of the eight famed swords passed down through the generations in Mirrorlink. This sword is able to break through anything…” Cai Wubo praised, his face full of pride.

However, Xu Qi only smiled and picked up the Autumn Cry Cai Wubo was bragging about, unsheathing it. A cold light flashed in his other hand and quickly sheathing the sword treasure again, he took a leisurely sip of tea, as if he had done nothing.

Cai Wubo and his daughter Cai Xiaoxiao watched in confusion, not knowing what just happened.

“Patriarch Cai, the Autumn Cry doesn’t seem to be as great as you say. Draw it out and see for yourself, whether it’s as amazing as you claim,” Xu Qi said in jest.

Cai Wubo blanked for a moment. He held the sword’s hilt and slowly pulled it out. He was stupefied when the sword was half drawn.

The sword treasure in his hand that was originally in a perfect state was now left with half its blade. Cai Wubo hurriedly flipped the scabbard vertically, and the remaining half of the blade fell out.

“Wh-wha-what is going on?” Cai Wubo said, staring in shock at the two halves of the sword treasure on the table.

Right now, Cai Wubo felt as if his mind was being crashed by endless raging waves. He was a third stage Spirit Healer, but he couldn’t see clearly what Xu Qi had done when he drew the sword. Xu Qi managed to break the sword in half in just a split-second, before putting it back into the sheathe. What kind of strength did this man possess?

On the other hand, Cai Xiaoxiao had discovered the trick within. She said to Xu Qi, “Uncle, looks like our Cai Clan’s precious sword Autumn Cry is no different from firewood in your eyes. The one in your hands earlier is the real treasure it seems.” 

Xu Qi smiled and said, “It can’t be compared to a sword treasure, but it’s definitely better than your so-called treasure Autumn Cry. Therefore, the business you spoke of isn’t tempting to me in the least.”

“However, I do wish to hear what kind of business Patriarch Cai has to offer,” Xu Qi continued.

“Fine. Mister is truly a steadfast man. Actually, it can’t really be said as a business proposition. I only wish for Mister to protect my girl when you enter Mt Fengwen,” Cai Wubo said as he casually tossed the sword aside on the table.

“Patriarch Cai, you sound very confident I will be able to obtain the qualifications to enter Mt Fengwen,” Xu Qi pointed out.

“That’s right, Uncle, I believe in you,” Cai Xiaoxiao interjected.

Cai Wubo’s opened mouth slowly closed. He looked at his daughter and smiled helplessly.

“Hmm. Since you believe in me, and Miss Cai had helped me before as well, I’ll give you my word. If we both enter Mt Fengwen, I can guarantee that she won’t be hurt in any way,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“Also, Miss Cai, can you not address me as ‘Uncle’ in the future, and call me Brother Qi instead?” Xu Qi requested.

“Brother Qi? Okay. I’ll call you that in the future,” Cai Xiaoxiao agreed happily.

Black lines emerged from Xu Qi’s forehead as he heard this. This Cai Xiaoxiao is interesting indeed. She actually misheard Brother Qi as Brother Qi.1 Whatever, she can call me anything, as long as it’s not uncle.

“Patriarch Cai, the examination for entering Mt Fengwen, I wonder what they will be testing on?” Xu Qi asked curiously. He really didn’t know for sure what this examination would be about.

“Hmm. Mister, regarding the examination, it’s a little different. The rules set by the past rulers of Mirrorlink favored the pen more than might. Every time the examinations to enter Mt Fengwen are held, the subject is set by the Sire at the time personally. They would usually be related to literature, along the lines of poetry, music, instruments, or calligraphy,” Cai Wubo explained, looking at Xu Qi.

“Hmm. If it’s like this, I’m pretty confident,” Xu Qi nodded.

“Brother Qi, will you be fine in the field of academia?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked casually by the side.

Hearing this, Cai Wubo hurriedly shot a gaze at Cai Xiaoxiao, indicating that she was acting improper.

“Haha, you don’t have to act like this, Patriarch Cai. It was right of her to ask me that. As long as the examination is related to academia, I truly am very confident,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Cai Wubo returned a smile and nodded. He then said, “Fine. If Mister and my girl both obtain the right to enter Mt Fengwen, please do make a trip to my residence. I will naturally gift Mister a treasure that will be bound to interest you!”

“Could it be half the key to entering where the Saint realm expert is buried in Mt Fengwen?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Ah! Mister, how did you know of this? This information isn’t known to many,” Cai Wubo exclaimed.

“I don’t only know this. I also know that the Qian Clan from years ago ended up in ruins, their whole clan was massacred, all because of the other half of the key, was it not?” Xu Qi continued.

“Mister, who exactly are you? You actually knew of these things,” Cai Wubo asked.

“Don’t need to ask so many questions. What I know is definitely not any less than what you know. Furthermore, I already know that the half of the key in your hands is now like a scalding hot yam, and you no longer dare to keep it, right? Also, Patriarch Cai’s great plan was to hand me the key and with Miss Cai bringing me to where the Saint realm expert is buried, who knows? Perhaps she might chance upon a fortuitous encounter or something, isn’t that right?” Xu Qi chuckled.

“Please don’t say anymore, Mister. This one surnamed Cai is ashamed,” Cai Wubo stopped Xu Qi from continuing on.

Xu Qi smiled and kept silent, looking to Cai Xiaoxiao by the side.

“Brother Qi, this is the key. I’m handing it to you,” Cai Xiaoxiao said. When she heard what Xu Qi said earlier, she already made her mind to give the half key she kept with her all along to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi watched as Cai Xiaoxiao took out an exquisite little wooden sword, handing it to him. Although this sword was small, its body was engraved with a vivid monster.

Xu Qi extended his hand and slowly accepted the little wooden sword. With a flip of his hand, the tiny wooden sword disappeared. There wasn’t the slightest bit of modesty in him as he took the key.

“Patriarch Cai, I like your character very much. Actually, I do hope that we can have a long-term cooperation in the future,” Xu Qi smiled.

“If it’s like this, this one surnamed Cai couldn’t ask for anything better,” Cai Wubo smiled bitterly. This mysterious beggar in front of him was truly too mysterious.

“Patriarch Cai, do you know who was behind Miss Cai’s ambush the other day?” Xu Qi asked.

“Hmm? This, I do not have a clue. However, it should be Huang Xiao who instigated it,” Cai Wubo said doubtfully.

“Alright. If there’s nothing else, I’ll bid my farewell here. I will naturally show myself when it is time for the examination. Patriarch Cai, please be careful of the Fan Clan,” Xu Qi said, smiling. He then stood up and stretched himself.

After which, he turned into a blur and flew out of the courtyard.

“This movement technique is truly strange,” Cai Wubo said blankly as he watched Xu Qi disappear.

“Father, why do you think he will be able to enter the examinations for Mt Fengwen? What if his age is over the allowed limit?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked, puzzled.

“Xiaoxiao, I couldn’t confirm it before I saw him, but after I did, I believe that he will definitely fight for the right to enter Mt Fengwen. You may be smart, but your observation still lacked a little. Didn’t you see his hands? They were too clean, and his skin is too young. I guess his true age should be around yours,” Cai Wubo smiled.

“Then why did he look so old?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked.

“He probably did something to his face to turn his appearance into such. But you don’t need to be anxious; we will see his true appearance very soon. Though, why did he tell us to be wary of Fan Clan at the end?” Cai Wubo said as a trace of confusion rose in his heart.

“Father, do you not blame me for giving him our half of the key?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked in doubt.

“Haha. Xiaoxiao, I wished for you to toss that half of the key to him quickly. With that thing in our hands, it meant trouble. However, I’m very curious about his true identity. This guy is an interesting fellow,” Cai Wubo said.

After Xu Qi left Cai Wubo and his daughter, he returned to the ruined courtyard he stayed at ever since he arrived at the Capital City. He took out the tiny wooden sword and began studying it.

Xu Qi heard Qian Yin talked about matters regarding this tiny wooden sword before, but the half the Qian Clan had probably ended up in Bu Wangli’s hands. He didn’t know whether the half in his hands would be useful. Xu Qi didn’t discover anything from studying that tiny little sword for a long time and kept it, pondering over the next steps he should take.


That night, a ghostly silhouette travelled back and forth in the Huang Clan’s courtyard. Everywhere this silhouette went pass, one of the Huang Clan’s guards would fall silently to the ground. A bloody smell slowly grew heavier in the Huang Clan courtyard.

The next day, the Huang Clan’s patriarch, Huang Sihu stood in the courtyard with his face deathly pale. He looked at the eighty-four corpses laid in the courtyard without a word.

These eighty-four dead guards laid on the floor were all Huang Clan’s elite guardsmen. Most of them were Qi realm cultivators, yet in just one night, they were all killed off silently, and each of them were slain by a cut to the neck. The method was incredibly crisp and well-trained. No one could discover anything from it.

Huang Sihu looked at the group of people standing by the side with their heads lowered. He could no longer keep the rage in him controlled and yelled, “You useless trash! Others already killed their way to our house, and none of you know what’s happening. Now they’re the ones lying dead here. Who knows, we might be the ones lying dead tomorrow! Hurry up and get the hell out of here, go investigate what the hell was going on!”

Cold sweat poured out from everyone at hearing Huang Sihu’s words and they hurriedly left.

“Xiao’er, what are your thoughts on this matter?” Huang Sihu asked Huang Xiao, who was standing behind him.

“Father, from the murderer’s methods, it could never be done so cleanly even if that person was a normal Spirit realm expert. Also, they didn’t seem intent on killing our Huang Clan off entirely. Otherwise, I believe the ones dead last night would not only be these eighty-four people. This person should be warning us,” Huang Xiao said, cold sweat pouring out from his back. He too, was feeling terrified from this incident.

“Hmm. Not bad. I think so too, but this is the first time we’re being bullied to this extent, even for me. Just to be safe, Xiao’er, go to Menxing Tavern and invite your master over. We can only be free of worry with him around,” Huang Sihu said.

Hearing this, Huang Xiao nodded and headed for the door.

Huang Sihu turned his attention back to these corpses and furrowed his brow, mumbling, “Who exactly could it be?”

TL Note:1: Xu Qi is asking her to call him as Brother Qi as in the Qi in Xu Qi, but she misheard it as the Qi for seven. She will be using the Qi for Seven whenever she calls him in the future.

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