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At this time, Ye Tian was concentrating on comprehending the Space Domain in the Martial Practice Stage. Because the Space Domain is broad and profound, it is difficult to understand and has been forgotten with time.

Ye Tian was preparing to follow the information in his mind and practice the Space Domain in his Dantian. Just then Ye Qianqian’s voice similar to a lark was heard from the other side of the training field: "Brother! Brother... Are you still practising in the Martial Practice Stage? ”

"This girl..." Ye Tian smiled and opened his eyes, the night outside the window was dark. He quickly opened the door to the cultivation space, following the direction of Ye Qianqian's voice.

Far away.

In the night.

He found that at the side of Ye Qianqian, there was a tall and sturdy figure and a thin figure.

"It’s Uncle Ying!" Ye Tian quickly accelerated the pace of his feet.

They walked in.

Uncle Ying, wearing a black night dress, smiled and gave a thumbs up to Ye Tian: "Ye Tian, you are really diligent and your time of cultivation is longer than us!"

"Yes! I really admire!"

The Big hammer followed with a thick voice.

Ye Tian shook his head: "Isn't this just awakening the field? I simply for about time while studying study. Oh right! Haven't you broken through the Domain Realm?"

Uncle Ying had the Speed Domain but hard to get hold to just barely catch a glimpse of this mysterious character in the Ye Family.

As for the Big Iron Hammer, as the name suggests, his strength is amazing and the talent is awakened by the Domain of Strength.

However, their talents were all ordinary talents and it is difficult to become the strongest in the world.

Uncle Ying heard Ye Tian’s question about cultivation and he couldn’t help but smile: “No!”

If it breaks through were that easy, it will not be cultivated so late.

The big hammer followed: "Yes! How can there be such a breakthrough in the Domain Realm? We are waiting for you to reach our current stage and you will know how difficult it is, right! I can't chat with you, your mother is calling I have to go!"

"So late, what is it?"

Ye Tian had his doubts.

Uncle Ying smiled: "Would you like to go with me, don't you want to know?"

"Alright!" Ye Tian nodded.

"Let's go!" Uncle Ying turned and walked in the direction of the living room.

"Let’s go!" Ye Tian took Ye Qianqian's hand and followed Uncle Ying.

The Big Iron Hammer also followed.

What makes Ye Tian surprised was when he, Uncle Ying, Big Iron Hammer and Ye Qianqian came to the living room, they found that the mother was chatting with Lei Tianbao.

At the side of Lei Tianbao, Lei Ruoxi stood in a white dress.

Lei Ruoxi saw Ye Tian appear in the living room, her eyes immediately looked away with a cold look in her eyes.

Lei Tianbao was laughing and greeted Ye Tian: "Virtuous nephew, it's so late, you haven’t slept yet?"

"It's not about your daughter's anger!" Ye Tian jokingly said: "Right! Lei Ruoxi came to my house so late, is it because she wants to apologise?"

"No, no!" Lei Tianbao even shook his head: "I will not participate in the matter between your children."

This is obviously a bit fake. Although advocating freedom of love on the Source Continent is okay, it is obviously impossible for Lei Tianbao not to participate.

Ye Tian naturally knows this well but she did not lift the mask of this person: "Is that Lei Ruoxi coming to my house so late, is it to chat with my mother?"

Lei Tianbao smiled and said: "Of course not, I want to talk to your mother about big business, but your mother does not seem to agree."

"Big business?"

Ye Tian turned to look at his mother Wang Si.

"Your Uncle Lei came up with a thousand spirit stones, to buy the third-order Profound Tool of our Ye family."

Wang Si said lightly but the anger within her eyes could not be covered.

"A thousand spirit stones and wants to buy a third-order Profound Tool [Spirit Snake Sword]?" Ye Tian looked at Lei Tianbao with surprise: "Uncle Lei, I remember that there was a strongman five years before, but he had five thousand spirit stones but my mother didn't sell it. Why do you want to buy it with a thousand spirit stones? Don't you know about [Spirit Snake Sword] that it brings its own speed domain?"

The Speed Domain Profound Tool brings the user increases of the attack speed by 30% to 50%, this property was already heaven-defying.

But [Spirit Snake Sword] because of this Speed Domain is only rated as a third-order Profound Tool.

"Of course I know." Lei Tianbao smiled a little crazily: "But there is an additional condition that I have not said."

"Oh?" Ye Tian frowned.

Lei Tianbao said: "This additional condition is that I can let you follow Lei Ruoxi as a companion family member to enter [Mo Family Academy] for three years, how? This condition cannot be bought with money!"

"What do you mean? My son needs to enters [Mo Family Academy] but why does he need the help of Lei Tianbao? And more so, he has to be a family companion member?"

Ye Qianqian, Uncle Ying, and Big Iron Hammer were also gloomy, and Lei Tianbao ignores the dignity of Ye Family. It is so odious to lick the fallen leaves.

However, Ye Tian was not angry but smiled calmly: " Uncle Lei, looking at the meaning of your words, the Domain that my talent has awakened, I can only take care of your shoes?"

"PT reading at, This is of course not like that but I am afraid to tell you that my family has awakened a rare Domain of Sword Art Domain, the reason why I came to your house to buy [Snake Spirit Sword] is to let her go on the road to become a powerhouse and understanding the field of Sword Art Domain." Lei Tianbao proudly raised his head: "And you Ye Tian, according to reliable news, the talent awakened is only an ordinary black soil space, haha... Entering [Mo Family Academy], I am afraid that in this life it is impossible, besides giving you to my daughter Lei Ruoxi to work as a male servant, what means do you have?”

"According to what you said... also right!" Ye Tian’s eyes blinked. At this time, he finally knew why Lei Ruoxi suddenly asked not to pester her again. It turned out that she was awakened by the Domain of Sword Art Domain and looked down on him because he awakened a Common Domain.

"What, my son has awakened by the Ordinary Black Earth Space?" Wang Si’s head went blank and she was forced to know what to say in the same place.

Ye Qianqian, Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer were dumbfounded at the same place.

For them, it was not possible to believe this fact. Ye Tian was the prototype of talent when he was one year old! ~

Lei Ruoxi saw the frightened expression of Ye Tian’s family and could not help but sneer.

She followed her father to Ye Residence tonight, just want to see this scene.

She knew that if there was no accident, Ye Tian’s mother would certainly promise to sell the [Spirit Snake Sword] to her as a condition to enter the [Mo Family Academy] and she would give it to her free of charge.

Now she was one of the two rare talents in whole lava town!

"Just Ye Tian knows that he has awakened in a Common Domain. But there is no loss or decadence and he is still very calm?"

Lei Ruoxi looked at the expression on Ye Tian's face and the smile suddenly became solidified.

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