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Lei Tianbao saw Ye Tian understand the truth and he was too lazy to say. After taking a sip of tea, he slowly said: "After seven days, the teacher of [Mo Family Academy] will come to Lava Town. According to the five elements, the talents identified by the stone are high and low. At that same time, I have prepared a thousand spirit stones for Ye Family to take the [Spirit Snake Sword] and hope that Ye Tian is ready to go to [Mo Family Academy].”

"Uncle Lei, I think you got the  situation wrong!" Ye Tian smiled and shook his head: "To tell you the truth, we won't sell [Spirit Snake Sword] and I won't ask you to enter the [Mo Family Academy] over my family’s face."

The level of Chaotic Black Earth Space in his natural awakening was ordinary. However, if he uses it well, he is diligent and hardworking, in time the position as the strongest powerhouse, there is definitely a place for him.

Moreover, whether his talent is now a Chaotic Black Earth Space is hard to say.

"Yes! If Ye Tian's talent is not good, he can only blame himself, I will definitely not agree to go with Lei Ruoxi to be her male servant to the school [Mo Family Academy]." Wang Si said: "Lei Tianbao, Lei Ruoxi! If there is nothing else, please come back, Ye Family have no night snacks at night."

"You..." Lei Tianbao, who was drinking tea, squirted out and said: "You are simply unreasonable. If I don't look at Ye Kong, I will let Ye Tian and Ruo Ruo enter [Mo Family Academy]. Others would even ask for it."

"Yeah! Don't know how to appreciate." Lei Ruoxi said.

When she thought that Ye Tian would dare to refuse to be her male servant, she would not be able to fight it out.

"Yes? If my husband was in the Lava Town today, do you dare to speak like this?" Wang Si snorted: "There is no speculation for more than three sentences, Lei Tianbao, Lei Ruoxi! Please come back!"

"Good! Good! I will go! You will regret it." Lei Tianbao stretched his finger and pointed to Wang Si, and pointed to Ye Tian, turned around and took Lei Ruoxi to walk out of the living room.

Everything was quiet.

Also, the atmosphere was somewhat inexplicable.

Ye Tian, Wang Si, Ye Qianqian, Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer were all silent after seeing the disappearance of Lei Tianbao and Lei Ruoxi’s figure.

Previously, because Ye Qianqian had offended Zhou Jia, now they offended the Lei family because of the third-order mystery [Spirit Snake Sword]. If they unite to suppress Ye Family, then Ye Family is in trouble.

In particular, Lei Family’s Lei Tianbao was not only as simple as the Lei family leader, but he was also the mayor of Lava Town, the spokesperson of the government.

Although in the Source Continent, it is a world dominated by the strong, the government has no rights at all and has no ability to manage these families, but it is still bound by the government.

And in the government, there are also many strong experts in the Peak Domain Realm Expert and a large number.

Lei Tianbao relied on the favourable conditions of a mayor to recruit more than a dozen experts in the Peak Domain Realm and was able to sit in Lava Town with Ye Family and Zhou Family.

Naturally, the Principle Realm expert, Lei Tianbao could not recruit, because of Lava Town and [Mo Family Academy], altogether adds few Principle Realm powerhouses.


The Principle Realm powerhouse generally does not succumb to a small place like Lava Town but go to Zhongyang County where the martial art there was gathering to pursue a higher realm of comprehension.

But then, returning to the original topic.

Present Lei Family is relying on several Domain Realm powerhouses who he recruited at ease, have also created a very big deterrent force to Ye Family.

Because Ye Family’s first master, Ye Kong, is not in Ye Residence and Ye Rulong is a mid-level Domain expert.

Ye Tian refused to accept the unreasonable request of Lei Tianbao to purchase the "Spirit Snake Sword" at a low price. Undoubtedly, in the next few days, there will definitely be retaliation by Lei Tianbao.

There is also Zhou Family who was eyeing Ye Qianqian.

Stars in the night sky, the moon was hiding in the dark clouds, the time was already more than two in the morning.

Wang Si saw it very late. She waved her hand to Ye Tian and Ye Qianqian: "You all go back to sleep! Next is the matter of adults. Don't worry about it, children."

"I said that I am 16 years old, not a child!" Ye Tian helpless grin: "Yes! Mother has one thing I have been very curious, according to the results of the identification of the talent, Lei Tianbao is relying on the relationship that I know, I don’t dare to tell us before the arrival of the teacher of [Mo Family Academy]! Because this is a taboo for [Mo Family Academy ].”

The result of talent identification was directly related to the genius's life and death. It was also related to the air transport of the Source Continent. If the awakened domain was known by the Demon Clan and Monster Clan, they will definitely send a killer to kill on the road of becoming a strong expert.

Therefore, this is not only the taboo of [Mo Family Academy] but also the taboo of all the strong people on the Source Continent. Once they know that who dare to reveal the Talent appraisal result, they would definitely be forced out.

Lei Tianbao had done this, and Ye Tian’s heart still had some doubts.

"I don't know!" Wang Si shook her head but she was still thinking about it.

Uncle Ying said: "I think this is a good explanation because Lei Tianbao did not violate the rules of [Mo Family Academy]. PT reading at "

"Oh..." Wang Si was puzzled.

Ye Tian was also very curious to listen.

Uncle Ying said: "It is very simple. Ye Tian has awakened an ordinary Chaotic Black Earth Domain. It is not within the scope of the rules of the [Mo Family Academy] and Lei Ruoxi's has a rare Sword Art Domain. Knowing to show off in advance, there is no problem at all! It is also impossible to make any rules."

"It makes sense!" Wang Si nodded.

Ye Tian still doesn't understand: "Who told Lei Tianbao that Lei Ruoxi's Domain is Sword Art Domain? The Domain of Sword Art is a rare Domain, and you don't have to think about it to be protected by [Mo Family Academy]."

"I will answer you on this question!" On the wooden beam on the roof of the living room, suddenly a black shadow flew down and landed on Ye Tian's side.

"Who?" Uncle Ying wanted to take down this black shadow but was already near Ye Tian.

"Shou Dao... are you?" Ye Tian was surprised and happy looking at the thin young man in front of him: "When did you lurk in Ye Residence?"

Shou Dao was one of the few friends of Ye Tian who were born on the Source Continent. His character was very weird. He liked to hide in the dark to eavesdrop on the privacy of others and to steal gold and silver treasures from large families.

The reason why he was able to lurk in Ye Residence without realizing ambushes, that was because he had an extraordinary skill.

This ability is to control any animal who had lower strength than his own strength and can share the capabilities of these animals.

Latent was just the ability of a red blood bat. Seeing Ye Tian asked him when he was lurking in Ye Residence, Shao Duo smirked and smiled: "I followed Lei Tianbao all the way to the Ye Residence. There is a very important thing to tell you about Lei Tianbao"

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