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  The main thing was...

  Wearing it on the hand can increase the user's 50% of the source of strength.

  The strength of the source!

  Such collective items are named by the powerhouse's of the Source Continent, such as the Power of the Domain, The Power of The Law and so on.

  The [Source Bracelet] has the property of increasing the Strength of Source attributes by 50%, which was already going against the heaven’s will.

  Such a second-order Profound Tool, if Chaos Black Earth Space can be planted casually, then Ye Tian would really make a good fortune.

  Seeing that the saplings could not grow up in a moment, the bored Ye Tian took out the skull of the Demon Dragon Beast from the space ring, dug the pit and buried in the black soil under his feet.

  Originally, he thought it to be like [source bracelet], it would take a long time to take root.

  But the next second he was dumbfounded.

  He saw in his mind suddenly, there was incomprehensible message that came out of thin air.

  This information was about the cultivation of the Demon Dragon Beast Space Domain.

  "Is it true that my Chaos Black Earth Space cannot plant primates such as the Demon Dragon Beast but by absorbing the nutrients in the skull of the Demon Dragon Beast, you can extract all the information of the Demon Dragon Beast? Is this the space domain information of one of the top ten fields of the mainland?"

  Thinking of this Ye Tian’s ​​breathing began to rush, Chaotic Black Soil Space has such ability, he knew what it means.

  Absolutely a god-level talent!


  It is very likely that it is really the legendary Ancient Blood Talent!

  "Ha ha ha..." Ye Tian looked up and laughed: "Heaves really cannot wait to see my rising. I will not say anything about this kind of welfare. To give me such a Domain that goes against the heaven’s will. Just give me some time and dominating the entire mainland is not a dream!”

  "Just..." Suddenly, Ye Tian was puzzled: "According to the truth, Lei Ruoxi, with his brother's relationship, should have known that my talent is not simple, but why did the teacher of [Mo Family Academy] not announce the results before? Still have to choose to stay away from me?"

  "Is it true that the five elements of the [Mo Family Academy] cannot identify the areas that my talents awaken?" Ye Tian  only thought of this possibility.

  "Oh! No matter who he is, they can only blame the people of the family for their eyes. This is the end of their power!" Ye Tian shook his head: "But I am awakened by the ancient blood talent, but I can't tell anyone, that... will bring me trouble."

  In the Source Continent, there have been no geniuses of ancient blood talents for tens of thousands of years, and once they appear, they will inevitably lead to the pursuit of evil forces such as the Demon Clan and the Monster Clan hidden in the shadows.


  A genius with ancient blood talents, as long as it does not fall in the middle, is destined to dominate the entire mainland, becoming the strongest existence.

  "Hey! It seems that in this Source Continent where the gods and demons coexist, the greater the ability, the greater the danger!" Ye Tian laughed and ridiculed himself: "I am still in a hurry, I will take my time to comprehend the Space Domain! At least I can learn this ability."

  "There are some basic rules for the use of Chaotic Black Earth Space!" Looking down at the little saplings not far away, Ye Tian immediately became aware of the thoughts and went out of the Chaotic Black Earth Space and went to the training field.

  There is his special cultivation space in the training field and it is generally difficult for outsiders to disturb.

  The most important thing is.

  Ye Tian didn't want his sister to see that he was not practicing in the martial arts field.



  As one of the three major families of Lava Town, Ye Family was full of candles and it seems to be incompatible with the quiet lava town.

  In the living room.

  Sitting in the middle of the home position, Wang Si’s face wearing a red dress was full of anger. She looked at a white-haired old man standing in front of her: "Storekeeper Wang, Zhou Luotian said that he will not provide us Medicinal Pills in the future?"

  "Yes, he said..." The white-haired old man hesitated: "Zhou Luotian also said that as long as you did not agree to marry Ye Qianqian to their family’s Zhou Ziqiang, if Ye Family was in business or other troubles, he would not help in any troubles. ”

  "Zhou Luotian, this bastard! It is a blatant threat to us Ye Family!" Wang Si's palm was shot on the tea table and the tea cup on the table was shaken to the ground and fell into pieces.

  The white-haired old man shrank his neck and shook his neck: "Madam, what should we do now? The thousands of people who are in the Lava Town of Ye Family, they are practicing and taking risks without the medicinal herbs provided by Zhou Family Medicine Pill Master, I am afraid they will rebel!"

  Medicine pill, in the Source Continent are hot commodities. Under normal circumstances, ordinary people cannot buy it even if they have money.

  That is why, Medicine Pill Master are noble existence in the source continent.

  Because after taking the drug, it can greatly improve the combat effectiveness in a short period of time and some can restore the wounded's injury in a short time. This is for the family but at home, travel, adventure. They are must-have.

  The reason why Ye Family continues to receive Zhou Family's  Medicinal Pills, in addition to taking some precious utensils for exchange, is more or less because of Ye Kong, the first strongman in the lava town.

  Now Zhou family is not offering medicinal herbs because of Ye Qianqian. Looking at the whole lava town, you cannot find a second Alchemy Master easily. You can't find a second shop selling medicinal herbs. To go to other place to buy medicinal herbs for the time being is the only posiblity. Possibly, this is a disaster for Ye Family, for Wang Si, who is in charge of Ye Family’s rights.

  Because the strongest of Ye Family is practicing, or when taking risks, once there is no medicinal supply, it will inevitably cause unnecessary casualties. This is what any family's strong people do not want to see and Wang Si is extremely reluctant to see.

  In summary of the above points, the Ye Family’s clansmen, who was said by Shopkeeper Wang, would rebel in the absence of medicinal herbs. In fact, she was not willing to see this.

  Wang Si naturally understands the truth, but she was not scared. She said in a low voice: "Since this Zhuo Luotian is playing with fire, then I will accompany him to play, listen well, shopkeeper Wang, In the future, if Zhou family people go to Ye Family's refiner shops to buy things, they will all go out and we will not do their business."

  "Ah... to do this, the drug is still not solved!! And our Ye Family refiner shop, if you do not do the business of Zhou, I am afraid we will make less money!"

  The white-haired old man said with a sad face.

  "What do you say?" Wang Si said with annoyance: "In any case, I will not marry Qianqian to Zhou Ziqiang's defeated family."


  The white-haired old man turned around and did not dare to speak.

  When the matter comes to this, where does he know what to do?

  Wang Si lightly sighed: "Shopkeeper Wang, don't mind the tone of my speech, if my husband was in the Lava Town, give this Zhou Luotian ten times courage, he would not dare to do this!"

  "Yes! The owner and the young master have already slaped in the face of Zhou Luotian, but there is no news of Master Ye for three years. Are they still okay? PT reading at"

  The white-haired old man shook his head with emotion.

  Ye Family's head of the household, Ye Kong.

  Although the level of the realm is almost in the realm of law with Zhou Luotian, but the strength is the explosion of Zhou Luotian, it can be said that no one in the town of Lava is the opponent of Ye Kong.

  Wang Sinnn: "Reassure, they are not dead! The life jade is still intact in the family place!"

  "That's good!" The white-haired old man was very pleased: "What about that lady… the drug, do you really have to come with Zhou Family?"

  "You let me think about that!"

  Wang Si closed her eyes, and the oval face showed a hint and pale look.

  The white-haired old man waited quietly.

  Suddenly, Wang Si opened her eyes: "Zhou Luotian tried to force my family Qianqian to marry his son Zhou Ziqiang. There must be an ulterior motive in this. Otherwise, he would not play on Qianqian’s idea. Waiting until today, shopkeeper Wang, you often walk around [Mo Family Academy], have you heard some gossip about Qianqian?"

  "No!" Shopkeeper Wang shook his head: "But I know that Zhou Family ’s is decorated witg lanterns from past few days. It seems that there is a big happy event, that is, the Lei family is also the same, I heard..."

  Speaking of this, the Shopkeeper Wang  carefully looked around and said: "I heard that Zhou Ziqiang's talent is a high-level flame field, and Lei Ruoxi that girl has the Awakening Domain that is even more powerful than Zhou Ziqiang, specifically what, It’s not clear, but these are rumors.”

  "Oh... Is there such a rumor?" Wang Si seems to think of something: "When the shopkeeper wang goes on, by the way, call Uncle Ying with the big hammer into the living room."


  The king shopkeeper turned and left.

  He knows that Uncle Ying with Big Hammer have been madly practicing in the martial arts field in order to break through the realm of the Domain.

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