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  Of course, all this can't be said to Ye Qianqian.

  Can only be buried in my heart.

  But Ye Qianqian listening to Ye Tian’s words was confused and blinked her eyes: “Brother! Are there differences between these two feelings?”

  Ye Tian: "Of course there is a difference. When you really grow up, you will naturally understand that by that time you will never say that you like brother."

  "What if I still like you?"

  Ye Qianqian bites her thin lips and embarrassing opens her mouth.

  Ye Tian smiled perfunctorily saying: "Let's talk about it later! If you nobody want your brother, you will be my wife."

  "You said, you can't go back on your words!" Ye Qianqian's beautiful eyes were suddenly filled with joy and some loss.

  "I said when the time comes."

  Ye Tian shook his head helplessly and turned around to enter the Hidden Treasure Pavilion.

  For a reborn person knowing the definition of the word, can not easily make a commitment.


  It will only hurt Ye Qianqian's heart.

  "Brother, wait for me!"

  Ye Qianqian saw Ye Tian's figure disappeared in the Treasure Pavilion, and quickly followed.

  At the gate, Grandma Wu heard the conversation between the two brothers and sisters. Suddenly, the turbid eyes flashed with a trace of brilliance: “I really can’t think of it, Ye Tian’s child is only a sixteen years old child and he can already understand the human emotions so throughly… not what children of his age can say!"

  "No, I have to talk about this with Mrs.Ye about it!" Grandma Wu turned around and walked to the east meeting room.

  Ye Tian certainly does not know that according to the thinking on the earth, when he was comforting Ye Qianqian with his words, will attract the attention of Grandma Wu. However, Grandma Wu’s departure made it convenient for him to take things from the Hidden Treasure Pavilion. .

  In fact, Ye Family's Hidden Treasure House only stores some rare medicinal materials and raw materials for refining and some expensive medicinal pills and cultivation books.

  In addition to taking away [The Source Bracelet], Ye Tian also took a few precious medicinal herbs such as Little Revitalising Pill, Great Revitalising Pills, Disintoxicating Pill etc., taking each in space ring secretly...

  Anyway, if the planting is successful, he can return it at any time.

  Just when leaving with Ye Qianqian Hidden Treasure Pavilion, a skeleton skull placed in the corner of the gate attracted his attention.

  This skeleton was the head of the third-order dragon beast. It was the thing left by the father three years ago before going to the adventure of [Evolution Mystic Place].

  The demon dragon beast.

  Its own strength is not formidable.

  But it is possible to use the power of space domian to quickly sneak attack opponent.

  It is said that adult Demon Dragon Beast have a Space Domain and they are not usually seen in the mainland.

  This skull was also discovered by chance on the black market and the seller did not know that he was selling the skull of the dragon.

  "I just don't know much about my chaotic black earth space. Can I use the skull of this Magic Dragon Beast to plant a fierce dragon beast?" Ye Tian, ​​who thought of this, took care of Ye Qianqian and secretly received it inside the space ring.

  Seeing what he needed was all right, Ye Tian went to Ye Qianqian who was studying the Luo River Scripture: "Sister, I want to find something, do you want to practice together in the battlefield?"

  "I am upset today, I don't want to cultivate!" Ye Qianqian raised the "Luo River Scripture" in her hand: "If you don't want to go brother, I am going to the battlefield, can I find you later? ”

  "That's good!" Ye Tian smiled, turned and went out of the Hidden Treasure Pavilion after shuting the door.

  Seeing that there was no make servant to pay attention to him, he quickly went to a remote place.

  He was already anxious to know if chaotic black soil space can be planted with such a mystery as the medicinal pills and the [The Source Bracelet].


  In the Chaos Black Earth Space.

  Ye Tian first took out Little Vitalising Pill and Great Revitalising Pill to plant. After burying the pills in the black soil, he stood quietly waiting.

  After a while.

  The place where Little Revitalising Pill and Great Revitalising Pill were buried, the black soil quickly bulged and then a dark, ink-colored vine was drilled out.


  This vine was growing at the speed visible to the naked eye. After about ten minutes, it opened a white flower and the scent of the flower flowed into his nose  in the chaotic black earth space.

  Looking at the whole process, Ye Tian’s breath began to rush.

  He knows that if there is no accident, this type of medicinal item in chaotic black soil space can definitely be planted.

  Only one vine appeared. Can it be said that when the flowers are withered, Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pills will appear on the vines in the same way as fruits?

  The efficacy of both drugs can be different!

  He was confused.

  One of the flower buds began to appear in the shape of the fruit. Looking closely, it was the appearance of Great Revitalising Pill.

  The other flower buds, after dying also appeared with similar appearance of Great Revitalising Pill, which also has the appearance of Little Revitalising Pill.

  However, in detail, the number of Great Revitalising Pill on the entire vine is not the same as that of Little Revitalising Pill.


  What surprised Ye Tian was on a humble flower bud on the vine, a golden pill was formed.

  This golden medicinal pill was invisible, revealing a strong sense of life.

  "This...what is going on?" Ye Tian began to get confused. The vines had a Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pill, but somehow the two combined and the emerged with a new remedy? Is this legendary mutation?

  Seeing that the medicinal pill on the vines were all mature, Ye Tian quickly picked them all and put them into his space ring.

  He knows that the price of these grown medicinal herbs is absolutely high.

  Especially the golden unknown medicine, he would have find an Pill Refining Master to ask.

  What surprised him was that the medicinal pills on the vines that have just been harvested,UU reading on , quickly disappeared into black soil.

  “Does this chaotic black earth space convert the vines into a cost source?” In order to prove what he thought, Ye Tian picked up more than a dozen bunches of ice grapes on the vines.

  Next moment.

  The ice vines are also retuned into black soil and disappear.

  Ye Tian reached out and grabbed a black soil: "It seems that it can grow medicinal herbs and artifacts is directly related to this mysterious black soil!"

  "Whether it is black soil, let's look at what kind of harvest will be when planted [The Source Bracelet]!" Ye Tian reached out and made a big pit under his feet and buried the [source bracelet].

  But this time, it really surprised him.

  After waiting for more than half an hour, there was no movement at all.

  Ye Tian was a bit dumbfounded and scratched his head: "Is it true that the Profound Tools can't be planted?"

  Just to resist the temper to dig out the buried [source bracelet], the black soil under the feet began to slowly rise and then a green sapling appeared in front of the eyes.

  Although this small sapling was growing but if one does not pay attention to it, it was not noticeable at all and the growth rate of the vine is much slower than before.

  "It seems that the Profound Tools can be planted, but the speed is relatively slow!" Looking at the leaf sapling, Ye Tian quickly summed up rules of chaotic black earth space.

  This law were:

  The previous weeds, porcelain pots, black peony, Havenly ice grapes, Great Recital pill, and Little Revitalising Pill are all common items. They should be planted, which is very simple for chaotic black soil space.

  But [The Source Bracelet] is not an ordinary item.

  It belongs to the second-order mystery, which the materials it is produced from is rare blue jade, the complete one is worth more than a thousand spirit stones in the Source Continent.

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