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  Ye Tian, ​​who thought of this, came back to his senses and comforted his sister and said: "Sister, then we have a look at what is going on, but Qianqian, you don't have to worry, mother will never marry you to Zhou Ziqiang’s acne face absolutely."


  Ye Qianqian shook her head and broke into a smile.

 Ye Tian draws Ye Qianqian’s  hand and runs towards the Ye Residence.

  "Let's go!"

  But at the same time.

  In his heart, he was faintly disturbed. Zhou Luotian came to ask about marriage but just before [Mo Family Academy] didn’t even announce the field of Qianqian talent awakening. What does this mean?

  Could it be that……

  Ye Tian thought of a possibility, but then shook his head again, seeing the living room in front of him quickly put away the cranky thoughts and pulled Ye Qianqian quietly in from the back door.

  Not even approached the door, Zhou Luotian’s strong voice came: “Mrs. Ye, you don’t have to think about it anymore. My son is the sole linage of Zhou Family. Qianqian is a girl who can married be married to my son and she has been blessed in her life. Besides, the gift I gave was a precious ice grape, worth a million dollars!"

  Mrs. Ye, who was the mother of Ye Tian, was ​​a beautiful woman in her thirties.

  Wang Si listened to the conditions thrown by Zhou Luotian and couldn't help but smile: "Thank you for the good intentions of Zhou Family. A cold grape is a valuable gift as a bride price, but... there is an insider you don't know, our family Qianqian likes her big brother. God, I don’t dare to do this!”

  Qianqian likes me...

  Hiding in the dark, listening to the dialogue, Ye Tian's body turned stiff and Ye Qianqian who was looking at Ye Tian blushing. He didn't know what to say but suddenly he understood that this may be the mother's plan to deal with Zhou Luotian.

  I just want to ascertain for once.

  Zhou Luotian’s angry voice sounded: “Mrs. Ye, don’t you smother me, don’t forget, Ye Qianqian is Ye Tian’s sister. If these two people marry together, it is against ethics.”

  "I don't think this, as you said, Ye Qianqian is adopted and has no blood relationship with our Ye Family. In my mind, Qianqian is my daughter and my daughter-in-law, you. you understand what I mean?"

  "You!" Zhou Luotian, how could he have thought that Ye Tian’s mother would be so rebellious.

  "It seems that the Zhou patriarch understands what I mean! If it's okay, please come back!" Ye Tian's mother gave the order.

  Zhou Luotian sneered aloud: "Hump! Mrs. Ye is very eloquent, and it makes me have nothing to say, but my proposal hopes that you are considering it. Ye Qianqian is not the one you can hide in Ye Family."

  "What do you mean by this?"

  "It doesn't make much sense. When the teacher of [Mo Family Academy] comes to Ye Recidence, you will naturally know!"

  “My Qianqian’s talent is not ordinary?”

  "Ha ha ha... I didn't say it! Go, if you change your mind, what I said before is still valid!"

  "No way!"

  There was silence in the living room.

  Obviously, Wang Si was sitting in the chair and was thinking about Zhou Luotian's words.

  Ye Tian saw Zhou Luotian walk, quickly took Ye Qianqian to the front of Wang Si: "Mother, Zhou Luotian is really not a thing, he wants to ask my sister to marry for a grain of havenly ice grapes, it is simply delusional."

  "It's just bullying!"

  Ye Qianqian grinned and said with dissatisfaction.

  "Hey... Zhou Luotian, your father and your brother are in Ye Residence, so don’t be so arrogant." Wang Si sighed: "But you do not know the value of the ice grape now, as a gift is enough! ”

  “What is the value of a grain of iced grape?” Ye Tian almost blurted out and said that he could take out a dozen strings in one breath, but he quickly changed his mouth: “Yes! Mother, Zhou Luotian said that our family can’t keep younger sister is this what he mean?"

  "I don't know." Wang Si shook his head: "But this is no good thing. I knew that I shouldn't let Qianqian go [Mo Family Academy] to identify the field of talent awakening. It seems that Ye Family will have a big problem. ”

  "What is the mother referring to?"

  Ye Tian asked.

  He actually guessed that it was related to awakening but he was not sure.

  Wang Si waved her hand: "Children don't have to ask so much, you can play with Qianqian! Right! If you see the Uncle Ying with the big hammer, ask them to come to me."

  Uncle Ying with Big Hammer is the special guards of Ye Residence and is a top grade guard, who is very reliable.

  "Good! I am sixteen years old, not a child!" Ye Tian was a little annoyed: "Mother, tell me!"

  Wang Si closed her eyes and simply ignored Ye Tian.

  In her opinion, Ye Tian was always a child in her mind.

  Ye Tian had no choice but to turn and leave, but after a few steps, he was folded back: "Mother, I want to borrow the "Source Bracelet" of my family can I?"

  "Yes! But don't lose it, it is worth several hundred spirit stones!"

  "I know! Mother, there is one more thing to tell you. About two hours ago, Lei Ruoxi said rightly that I wanted to entangle her, after saying that we can't do it at all."

  "What?" Wang Si opened his eyes in surprise: "How did you answer her?"

  "To tell the truth, I said that she is really sentimental and I don't like Lei Ruoxi!" Ye Tian spread his hand.

  Wang Si laughed: "You are really bold, this is the child of our Ye family! Hehe... This time, the face of Lei family can be lost! Ok, well! Mother is a little tired, want to calm down, PT reading, you take Qianqian out and play!"


  Ye Tian turned away and took Ye Qianqian from the living room.


  [The Source Bracelet] was stored in the Treasure Pavilion on the east side of Ye Residence. Ye Tian was familiar with the road and Ye Qianqian quickly walked to the gate.

  With the Grandma Wu at the door, she said hello and Ye Tian walked in, but found Ye Qianqian stood frozen still .

  "What happened to you sister?"

  Ye Tian really cares about her.

  "I... my mother said that I like you, would you like this... You won’t ignore me anymore?" Ye Qianqian lowered her head and shyly said.

  Ye Tian then raised his head and laughed: "Ha ha ha... Qianqian, you are stupid, can't you see it, the reason why the mother said this, it is completely trying to make Zhou Luotian know how difficult it is to retreat?"

  "But..." Ye Qianqian looked up at Ye Tian seriously and hesitated for a long time: "I... What if I really like you?"

  "What can I do, let it go!" Ye Tianyi squatted and grasped Ye Qianqian's jade hand, softly said: "In fact, to tell the truth, I also like you, Qianqian! But this kind of like, just brothers and sisters. The feelings between the two are not the feelings between men and women. I think your love is definitely the same, but you are still young and don’t understand."

  His younger sister because she was an orphan, had a special dependence on him since she was a child.

  To put it bluntly, before they were ten years old, they slept on a bed, ate in a bowl of rice, and lived together for a long time. There was a kind of unclear sensation in the heart. It was also human nature.

  Of course, this is also related to his meticulous care.

  After all, before he was born again, he also had a loveable younger sister. He was born again and naturally he should cherish it.

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