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Chapter 32

"But now the thief has escaped into your Ye residence!" Zhou Luotian dressed in a black robe suddenly came out from behind Lei Tianbao . "Ye Tian, the mayor has no time to talk nonsense with you . Are you going to stop us from searching the Ye residence?"

"Of course . Zhou Luotian, your old, not an official and not a relative of Zhong Kun . Why are you here? Is it that you have become Lei Tianbao's dog?" Ye Tian's resentfully shouted .

However, his heart was sinking . The appearance of Zhou Loutian made him know that Zhong Kun's death isn't simple . Especially since it wasn't easy to break into the Ye residence .

This must've been premeditated .

Just like a few days ago, when Ye Bai was leading the trouble .

"You . . . your the dog!" Zhou Luotian, who was cut off by Ye Tain, blushes at Ye Tain and can't say anything .

Lei Tianbao smiled . "Well! Zhou Luotian, do you have the intelligence of a child, since they are stubborn and won't me search the Ye home, we will have come hard and do it ourselves!"

"Everyone listen!" Zhou Luotian waved his hands to the hundreds of hands behind him and shouted orders . "We will give the Ye family an incense of time . If they are still resisting and protecting the thief outside the bell then anyone who's blocking me is dead .


Hundreds of hands behind him waved their weapons and roared back in unison .

It sounded like thunder and rang throughout the heavens .

Obviously, Lei Tianbao was really coming .

If Wang Si, the big hammer, the shadow knife, Wu Po, Ye Tian and the others don't bring him into the residence after an incense of time, then a war will be triggered .

Despite the night, the killing intent in the air was felt by all of the Ye family at the gate .

For a moment, the inexplicable feeling of oppression appeared on all members of the family .

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However, even through their anger they felt afraid to speak .

Because the present Ye family, after the departure of Ye Kong, isn't the opponent of Lei Tianbao .

And Zhou Luotian also participated in this, clearly the situation is that both the Zhou and Lei family united to deal with the Ye family .

At this time how can they be the opponent of two major families of Lava Town .

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"Thunder Leapard, what a vicious strategy!" Looking at the aggressive scene in front of him, Wang Si Qiao's face was pale and was speechless .

In fact, it was clear .

If they compromise to let Lei Tianbao's people enter, there won't be any good ending .

Because Lei Tianbao wants to catch a thief and moved the crowd to send hundreds of people to enter as well as the dozens of hundreds of people waiting in the field . It is obvious that Lei Tianbao is prepared to take down the Ye family .

This is the second time .

I am afraid that a minor mistake can bring down the Ye family and become history in the Town of Lava 

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