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"Yeah! But this noise source seems to be getting closer to our Ye Residence?" Ye Tian felt a little anxious.

  Wang Si: "Child, don't care about it so much, now that Big Iron Hammer and the Uncle Ying’s injuries are good, I think they should able to handle it well."

  "Yes!" Ye Tian smiled.

  Nowadays, with Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying’s strength of the early stage of the Principle Realm, in Lava Town, they can be counted as one of the best experts. As long as the opponent was not bound to create some trouble, they will not be able to take away a single stone from Ye Residence.

  This thought just came out and suddenly the smile on Ye Tian's face was solidified.

  He saw, from the position of the Ye Residence’s Gate, a shadow emerges out of thin air. Because Ye Residence wanted to save some spirit stone, they had not activated the God Murdering Formation, this shadow crossed Ye Residence’s walls with reached as high as five meters

  "Not good!" Wang Si also discovered this scene, and shouted out in a nervous voice: "The assassin lurked in!"

  "Mother, don't worry, I think the Big Iron hammer and Uncle Ying will deal with it soon!" Ye Tian said calmly: "Where is the sister right now? I am worried about her safety."

  "Come with me, Qianqian is eating in the dining hall right now!" Wang Si stepped up and walked toward the hall.

  Ye Tian followed.

  But before he went to the hall, a flustered fat family member ran to the front of Wang Si: "Madame! Not good, Lei Tianbao with hundreds of people is blocking the door of our Ye Residence.He is asking to hand over the thief who stabbed Bell!"

  Bell was a businessman who sold Profound Tools. His name was Zhong Kun with a rich family backing him. He was the richest man in Lava Town.

  When Wang Si heard that Zhong Kun was killed, she was shocked silly: "Is there some problem with Tianbao’s brain? Why is he asking our Ye Family to find a thief who stabbed the Bell?"

  "Yes! It’s simply mischievous!" Ye Tian is also puzzled.

  Suddenly, he felt his heart stop for a second: "Mother, according to me, this is a trap. If I didn't guess wrong, the black man who just fled into our Ye Residence is the thief that Lei Tianbao said!"

  The Fat family member nodded in agreement: "Yes, young master! According to Lei Tianbao himself, they have not seen the thief who killed Bells so they want to search our Ye Residence and they are also saying that the thief and lady are in collusion. Such a bunch of shameless...”

  "What? Lei Tianbao is so shameless!" When Wang Si heard the words, she involuntarily gnashed her teeth.

  Ye Tian: "Mother, please don’t get angry. Now that Lei Tianbao has shown in front Ye Residence, we will go meet him."

  "Good!" Wang Si nodded.

  Ye Tian, ​​who took two steps, suddenly stopped. "Mother, the more I think about this, the more I don't think it is right. What if he wants to lure us out of Ye Residence and kidnap Qianqian?"

  "Not bad!" Wang Si said: "Then you go to the hall to find your sister, I am going to deal with Lei Tianbao. Gather at the gate afterward, if you see Grandma Wu inform her too."

  "Yes!" Ye Tian jumped and ran quickly toward the hall.

  Unexpectedly, nothing happened to Ye Qianqian. She was sitting in the hall by the window, leisurely drinking millet porridge.

  Ye Tian breathed a sigh of relief and took Ye Qianqian's jade-like hand to the direction of the gate.

  "Brother! What happened? My porridge has not been finished yet?" Ye Qianqian shouted dissatisfied.

  Ye Tian stopped his steps and turned back: "Sister, Lei Tianbao has personally blocked the door of our Ye family with hundreds of people. Do you still have the heart to drink porridge? Go! Go with my mother, it is not safe in the hall."

  "Ah?" Ye Qianqian was a little surprised: "Brother! Why is Lei Tianbao blocking the door of our Ye Residence?"

  "You will know when you reach the gate?" Ye Tian shook his head helplessly: “What do you have to ask so much? "

  "Yes!" Ye Qianqian quickly stepped up and followed by Ye Tian.

  Ye Residence’s gate.

  Dozens of guards opened the way for Ye Tian and Ye Qianqian and walked straight to Wang Si.

  When they saw the crowd behind the Lei Tianbao, the two were beyond shocked.

  Among these people, there were dozens of experts in the Domain Realm and several in the Principle Realm.

  With this kind of group of elite experts, it was clear as day that if Lei Tianbao wants to confront with Ye Family, it will be very troublesome.

  "You are here!" Wang Si saw Ye Tian bringing Ye Qianqian safely to his side and could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

  "Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded.

  Ye Qianqian looked afraid as she hid behind Ye Tian.


  Grandma Wu with dozens of guards at this time also rushed to the gate.

  When she saw Lei Tianbao riding on the Maned Batted Tiger, looking down at the entire Ye Family, she couldn’t help but ask: "What the hell is going on?"

  "Don't mention... half an hour ago, a thief sneaked into the Zhong Kun family, not only stole the fourth-order Profound Tool [Silver Dragon Sword] but also killed Zhong Kun!" Uncle Ying helplessly shook his head: "And After receiving the report, Lei Tianbao chased the thief to our Ye Residence. His people said that they saw the thief fleeing into our Ye Residence. If it weren’t for me and Big Iron Hammer stopping them, I am afraid they might have already rushed in."

  "Oh... Is there such a thing?" Grandma Wu exerted a faint murderous intent in her eyes: “What if the thief fled into Ye Residence? Does this Lei Tianbao have the right to search for our Ye Residence? ”

  "Grandma Wu, saying this to me is useless." Uncle Ying was a little annoyed: "The key is that Lei Tianbao has strategically fled the thief into our Yefu and saying that the thief is a group with us. Now, Lei Tianbao as The Mayor has the right to search Ye Residence, with this evidence!"

  "He dares!" Grandma Wu whispered.

  Uncle Ying shook his head: "I don’t know if he dares or not, but I am sure he has come prepared."

  "Yeah!" Grandma Wu walked toward Wang Si's position.

  She wanted to hear her madame’s opinion.

  At this moment, Lei Tianbao, who was riding on the back of the Maned Battle Tiger, spoke. He pointed his finger at Wang Si: "Mrs. Ye, you really want to cover the thief who killed the bell, and will not let me enter and search the Ye Family?"

  "Hey! I have no enmity with the bell, why should I cover that thief?" Wang Si snorted: "Lei Tianbao, you should not use the rights of the mayor, other may be afraid of you but I am not. If you want to bring someone into the Ye Residence to search it, find another door.”

  "Yes? Since you have a clear conscience, why don't you let me search Ye Residence?" Lei Tianbao showed a sinister smile: "It's hard to be a gang with a thief, to get your hands on the fourth-order Profound Tool, you must have secretly instructed the thief..."

  "You fart!" Ye Tian couldn't help but pointed at Lei Tianbao and said: "If a thief fled into your Lei Residence, does that means you have instructed it?"

  "Yes, don’t mess with our Ye family!" Ye Qianqian clenched her fist and followed with Ye Tian's heangry rebukes.


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