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Chapter 33

"why are we still waiting, isn't it dangerous to keep waiting?" Complained Zhou Luotian .

Lei Tianbao looked at Zhou Luotian and lowered his voice . "Stupid! If you want to pull down the leaf family, you must be famous . I gave an incense of time for Wang Si to surrender the thief . In fact, this is for the other people in Lava Town . If I, the mayor rush into the Ye residence and indiscriminately kill, what is the difference between me and the thief? Ye Tain isn't an ordinary person after all . "

In fact, Lei Tianbao still had some fears . These fears are from Ye Kong returning as well as Wang Si's father . Wang Meng . But for the fame gained from destroying the Ye family, they can wait .

"Alright!" Zhou Luotian admired Lei Tianbao .

Lei Tianbao smiled proudly "Yes, in order to prevent the Ye family from running away with Ye Qianqain and the [Spirit Snake Sword] during this time, you must take your people to the block the escape route at the back of the Ye residence . Once your their inform me immediately . "

"Good! Good!" Zhou Luotian recruited people, taking his five awakening realm cultivators in Lava Town to find the location of the escape route .

And because Lei Tianbao took hundreds of people around the gate of the Ye house, the road north and south of Lava Town was blocked .

Soon, hundreds of villagers in Lava Town were standing around .

They saw Lei Tianbao with so many people around the Ye residence, and couldn't help but talk .

"What happened? The mayor is going to fight Young master Ye?"

"Yes! This battle is going to be exiting!"

"You know nothing . It's that the evil Ye family refuses to sell the third-order treasure [Spirit Snake Sword] to the mayor! From what I know, the current Ye family leaves aren't here, and their strength is long gone . They've declined a lot!"

"Yeah! Mrs . Ye is a women after all, and she has to fight against the mayor . If she doesn't die now, she'll die soon!"

"Yeah, it seems that Young master Ye is in trouble this time!"

"There are also the strong people of the Lei family here!"

"Ah . . . isn't that Ye Fuzhen not going to suffer a catastrophe?"

"Oh . . . small, this is something even a fool can see!"

"Then I will stay away from it, save me from waiting for bad luck!"

"Yes, hide away! Don't let it go bad just fro some Ye family!"

"Speaking reasonably, go!"

"Wait for me!"

Ye residence, in the hall .

Wang Si, Wu Popo, Shadow Knife, Big Hammer, Ye Qianqian and the other near-hundred Leaf family members, as well as hundreds of servants are surrounding Ye Tian .

Among them, the big hammer took the lead . "Young master! what can you say now?"

"Yeah! Young master, do you have a way to deal with Lei Tianbao?" Wu agreed

The others held their breath .

Ye Tian spread his hands . "There is no way Lei Tianbao specifically, but if we play it right, we Ye Hao, have a chance to win . "

"Oh . . . talk about it!!"

Wang Si's eyes lit up

Ye Tian thought for a moment and said . "I just observed the lineup behind Lei Tianbao, not including himself and Zhou Luotian . There are thirty-one strong cultivators in the domain realm, and there are three to five cultivators in the law realm . Ye Jia, in addition to Big hammer with Shadow Knife and Wu, which one of you have reached mid-law realm? If I don't pull you back, I'm afraid you'll be buried by Lei Toanbao's knife . "

"What do you mean?"

The puzzled Shadow asked .

Grandma Wu is also puzzled with the other Ye members .

Ye Tian said . "It's very simple . Apart from the strong cultivators above the domain realm, what can the other ordinary people do, and they won't be able to help in the battle with Lei Tianbao . "

"This . . . " Wu Po sighed

The Big hammer and shadow knife are also silent .

Wang Si does a slow nod,

Ye Tian's word are justifies!

The Ye family below the domain realm are useless in the face of the more than 30 strong cultivators . The strength of cultivators is more important than the number as they will only be crushed and killed if they lack strength . Especially since, in the mainland, a strong cultivator could wave to kill millions of people in a country .

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They may have many people but it doesn't mean they have strength .

"But we can't help at this moment, and because the Ye house have eight cultivators at the domain realm still doesn't mean we can beat Lei Tianbao!" A tall guard, in a low voice, said out his thoughts .

All the guards felt ashamed of their low strength .

Young master Ye was very good to them, but at the critical moment they were unable to even help .

Ye Tian didn't agree with him . "This isn't something you should be worried about . All family members under the domain realm listen . "


Hundreds of eyes looked at Ye Tian .

At this moment, they realised that in addition to Ye Kong, the Ye family had another enchanting leader .

Wang Si felt gratified . If she was in this situation she wouldn't be able to remain calm . Fortunately, Ye Tian stopped the impulsive Ye family in time, otherwise the consequences would be really unimaginable .

Ye Tian "Below the domain realm, go back to your posts . It's time to cook for cooks and the guards will stand guard . At this moment, you absolutely can't mess up your positions, especially after running . If there is a problem with the divine nine arrays, I will find you first . "

As long as the gods are in line then the Ye home will be there .

Because the scorpion array is in the state of being activated, they can resist the an enemy of any law .

Of course there are shortcomings of this sacred array .

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This shortcoming is that the consumption of mana is astronomically large . according to the mana storage of the treasure pavilion, it can only be maintained for a maximum of half a day .




Hundreds of below domain realm cultivators left the hall in an orderly manner towards their own posts .

In fact, they all knew that Ye Tian was right, that is, to go to the gate to deal with Lei Tianbao is the same as death .

In the hall .

All the people left the building .

Suddenly there was only a large hammer, a shadow knife, Wu Po, Ye Qianqian, Wang Si and the other powerhouse cultivators in the higher realms .

Wang Si reached out and grabbed Ye Tian's hand . She said softly . "Child, what do we next, we'll all listen to you . "

"Yes! Listen to you!"

Grandma Wu smiled .

"Mother! Uncle Shadow! Big Hammer Wu Po and the Ye family guards!" Ye Tian closed the door of the hall . "In fact, Lei Tianbao surrounded us with a large number of cultivators . However, above the law realm there is only seven including Zhou Loutian and Lei Tianbao himself . As for the domain realm, it is simply not worth mentioning,"

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