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"The patriarch...the patriarch! What should I do next?" The Big faced black man saw Lei Tianbao motionless and whisper cautiously.

Lei Tianbao came back to his senses and said: "Who knows the story of Ye Baojun being killed?"

"Besides me, there should be no other people, even if I know, I am afraid they are already dead." The big faced black man said honestly. (TL: Nothing dead, just showing his overflowing loyalty, being ready to kill anyone!)

Lei Tianbao breathed out a sigh of relief: "That's good, then according to your close observation, is the strength of that Ye Tian kid already above the Domain Realm?"

"This is impossible. If Ye Tian's strength is that of a Principle Realm Expert, then I won't be standing live to see the patriarch. In fact, Ye Baojun's death is all because of his own carelessness. He thought that he had already killed Ye Tian, which ultimately gave Ye Tian an opportunity. Ye Tian only took advantage of this fact!" The big face black man said his own opinion.

"Well, it's possible!" Lei Tianbao began to panic, and after irritatingly rubbing his temples, he waved his hand to the big faced black masked man: "You go to rest and recover! Remember! Whatever happened today? Don't say any of it."

"Yes!" The big black masked man nodded and turned into a black mist disappearing.

Lei Tianbao lying in the chair and closed his eyes.

Until then, he did not believe that Ye Baotian was killed by Ye Tian, but the expert of the Peak Principle Realm was killed by a teenager who was only in the early stage of the Domain Realm.

However, the man in front of him, the big black masked man was his most trusted man, and he had to believe it when he said it.

In fact, in the mainland.

The only thing mattered was just killing another expert not how many attacks were dealt, only a successful kill!

However, most of these situations only occur in the cases of some peerless geniuses, because most of these geniuses had awakened the talents of God level or above.

It was not surprising that Ye Tian killed an expert with some moves, radically.

However, Ye Tian, having awakened the most ordinary Chaotic Black Soil Space that cannot be any more ordinary, how did Ye Tian manage to kill Ye Baojun?

Lei Tianbao really couldn't figure it out.


Lei Tianbao opened his eyes: "Yes! There is still a possibility. The only reason why this happened is that Ye Tian has some different treasures. Otherwise, how can he kill Ye Baotian?"

"It must be like this. Ye Tian’s mother Wang Si is from a Tool Refining Sect. When she was married to Ye Family, it was said that she brought several mysterious profound tools, which are treasures even in the Lava Town. This Ye Tian must have used another mysterious profound tool!"

Think of this.

Lei Tianbao smiled: "It seems that the plan that I deployed before Zhou Luotian has to be implemented ahead of time. Hey! Ye Tian, let’s see now how many mysterious profound tools you have? There is no corresponding realm, and you can’t play with the percentage. Only ones strength is all that matters! These Profound Tools, hahaha... will be our thunder!" (TL: Just think of a devious villain saying, “...they will be mine”.)


The night was approaching.

Ye Residence, small open-air plaza to the east of the Martial Arts Field.



Ye Tian, wearing a green robe earnestly cultivated the Ye Family’s Foundation Fist Arts. Every time he punched, there was a harsh blast in the air.

Obviously, Ye Tian had cultivated the Ye Family’s Foundation Fist Arts to the Great accomplishment.

Although the Ye Family’s Foundation Fist Arts were nothing but an ordinary boxing method that does not enter in the ranks, most people want to cultivate it to the realm of Great Accomplishment. But it was basically impossible without decades of hard work.
It was Ye Tian, who also cultivated the Ye Family’s Foundation Fist Arts from the age of three, and it took 13 years to reach the realm of today.

Standing on the side of the square, wearing a pink dress, beautiful Wang Si, was pleased to see this scene.

Although Ye Tian has never suffered from childhood, he is a very self-disciplined child, especially in cultivation. He has never been lazy.

She originally wanted to call Ye Tian to eat, but she saw Ye Tian’s sleepless nights in cultivation. She couldn't bear to bother for a moment and stood quietly waiting.

Ye Tian, who did not notice his mother on the side, until the whole set of Ye Family’s Foundation Fist Arts was finished, and a sense of hunger came from the belly only to find out that it had arrived at night and found his mother waiting at the side.

"Child, aren’t you hungry!" Wang Si smiled and took out a white handkerchief and handed it to Ye Tian: "Hurry and wipe the sweat from your face, then let’s go eat together."

"Yeah!" Ye Tian took the handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his face.

Wang Si: "Yes, you asked me about the Origin Bracelet’s source last night. What is going on?"

"Oh... Mother, this is the case, the Origin Bracelet that I planted is exhibiting very strange variations!" Ye Tian cautiously glanced around, seeing no one around he voiced: "Before I gave Grandma Wu Origin Bracelet, you must have seen that there are even more avatars."

"Well, I know this! I want to ask you!" Wang Si slowly nodded: "What other bracelets did you plant? Take it out and show them to me."

"Yes" Ye Tian took the space ring on his hand: "The other eight original bracelets are inside."

Wang Si took over and randomly took out a source bracelet from the space ring to check it out.

"My God!" Wang Si took a breath: "This bracelet actually has its own Stealth Domain, which is not much worse than the one you gave to Grandma Wu."

"More than that! Mothers look at other original bracelets inside! They have their own Speed Domain, some have their own Strength Domain, what is going on here?" Ye Tian doubts only increased and increased.

Wang Si quickly checked out several other Origin Bracelets. Seeing that, as Ye Tian said, she couldn’t help but start breathing rapidly.

That was when an impossible thought came over her, Ye Tian's Chaotic Black Soil Space can not only plant the Origin Bracelets but can also attach the properties to upgrade it.

In other words, in the current Ye Family, suddenly there are nine more third-order Profound Tools equivalent to the value of [Spirit Snake Sword].

The mysterious plant that Ye Tian planted was more perfect. If you want to talk about the order, she was afraid that there were worth more than third-grade.

"Just, the original bracelet will mutate, the reason for this..." Wang Si thought for a long time, but also helplessly shook his head: "I don't know."

"No! Mother doesn't know?" Ye Tian was surprised. (TL: Ye Tian don’t look like a protagonist from any angle if you agree, comment down and let me know what you think.)

In his view, his mother grew up in the Tool Refining Sect and should be aware of the reasons for the variation of the Origin Bracelet.

Wang Si smiled: "Your mother is not a ninth-order tool refining master. How can I know everything, okay! Don't entangle me with the problem of the Origin Bracelet. Anyway, having a lot of different domain bracelets is not a bad thing.”

"Yes!" Ye Tian agreed.

"Then let's go!" Wang Si took Ye Tian's hand and walked in the direction of the hall: "But the child, planting the original bracelet has changed things, you must not say to anyone except me, as long as my grandfather is coming, I think there should be a reasonable explanation." (TL: How many times is she gonna repeat it? “Don’t Tell anyone…”)

"Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded, but suddenly he stopped and looked at the direction of the right side of Ye Residence.

Wang Si followed with her eyebrows slightly wrinkled: "It’s all night, how is it so noisy on the streets of Lava Town all of a sudden?"


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