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Seeing that there were still many things in the living room to handle in person, Wang Si got up and walked out of the hall.

On the way, she met Ye Tian who was coming back from the outside.

Seeing Ye Tian’s gloomy face, Wang Si asked: “Child, did anything happen?”

"Don't mention it!" Ye Tian waved his hand: "When the guard was handling the body of Ye Bai, Blade Point beast that was raised by the Ye Baojun sneak attacked."

"What?" Wang Si's heart was tightened, and she looked up and down Ye Tian: "Are you hurt?"

Ye Tian shook his head: "This is not enough. After all, Blade Point beast raised by Ye Baojun is only in early Domain Realm, but two guards were sneak attacked, but I also seized the opportunity to cut off a claw of this Blade Point Beast.”

"Look, this is the claw of the Blade Point beast!" Ye Tian raised a strip of sharp objects like a knife about ten centimetres long.

Wang Si looked disgusted and even waved her hand: “Throw it away! What are you doing with it in your hand, what if there is poison?"

"It won't be poisonous!" Ye Tian smiled mysteriously: "And this claw is useful to me."

"What use?"

Wang Si was puzzled.

Ye Tian perfunctorily changed the topic: "I can't say, but the mother will understand it naturally, right! You have time now? I want to take you to the Chaotic Black Earth Space to appraise the bracelet that was planted."

His mother grew up in the refining sect since childhood and has a set of identification artefacts, Profound Tool, Spiritual Tool and Divine Tool, therefore Ye Tian said this.

"I don’t have time right now? There are so many Ye family members in the living room waiting for me to arrange their accommodation!" Wang Si shook his head helplessly: "Wait for tomorrow! Wait until I go to Lei Residence to deal with Ye Baojun."

"Is the matter of Ye Baojun going to solve by going to Lei Residence?" Ye Tian puzzled and scratched his head: "This... is it wrong?"

In his view, his family has gotten into a deadlock with Lei Tianbao, and going to Lei Residence is tantamount to asking for insults.

"Is such that……"

Wang Si will briefly explain the results of Grandma Wu and Ye Xiao’s discussion.

Ye Tian listened carefully. After understanding, he slowly nodded: "It turns out that! The strength of Ye Bianjun is really difficult to deal with, but because of the [Spirit Snake Snake] thing, Lei Tianbao will promise to help us?"

"I don't know." Wang Si shook his head: "But we must give it a try."

Ye Tian thought for a moment: "Mother, I will accompany you tomorrow."

"Alright!" Wang Si nodded. "There is nothing else. I will go to the living room first."

"Well! Mother don't work too hard!" Ye Tian reached out and hugged Wang Si, and turned to walk to his room.


Although it was night, Ye Tian did not sleep.

Instead, after closing the door, his body flashed into the Chaos Black Earth Space.

He didn't dare to tell his mother about the use of the claw of the Blade Point beast. In fact, he just wanted to bury this claw in the black soil of the Chaos Black Earth Space to see if he could get the useful information on the blade beast like the Demon Dragon Beast.

If it can, then the danger he had encountered at the gate of Ye Residence was nothing at all.

In fact, he has probably figured out some of the uses of the Chaos Black Earth Space. For example, planting things can only grow Medicinal Pills, Utensils and Plants, and other things should not be planted.

If it can be planted, it will be too abnormal.

Like the previous Demon Dragon Beast, it was a complex primate that cannot be planted at all.

However, it seems that after the skull was buried, it was directly swallowed up by the chaotic black soil space, and shared some useful information of the Demon Dragon Beast.

This time he buried the claw of the Knife Point Beast and it was swallowed in the Chaos Black Earth Space. He didn’t want to plant the blade point beast. He just wanted useful information on the blade point beast, and he also thought of a possibility. The possibility was that the Chaos Black Earth Space needs to grow up. It was afraid to devour the animal's corpse or other useful things, and the things that are planted in the Chaos Black Earth Space, are the bodies that are consumed.

It’s just that it’s not confirmed yet.

When he saw it, it was not early. After Ye Tian dug out a small pit, he buried the claws of the Blade point beast in the black soil. After he stepped on the foot, he waited for a moment and saw no movement. He wanted to check it out the small tree that bears the [Source Bracelet], new information about the blade point beast suddenly appeared.

These two messages were…

One was about the Stealth Domain.

The other was the Sharp Point Domain.

"Hahaha... I knew that my Chaos Black Earth Space, like the bones of demon dragon beast that swallowed before, it can swallow the claws of the knife-beast, so that I can get the information in the field of the Blade point beast!" Ye Tian, who had the new information in the sea of consciousness, couldn't help but smile happily.

But then he saw a glimpse, and the smile solidified on his face.

It turns out that the Stealth Domain of the Blade Point Beast belonged to the Wind Domain attributes. If he wants to learn now, it was impossible.

The same was true in the field of sharpness, which belongs to the Metal Domain.

Ye Tian, who had come back to his senses, shook his head helplessly: "This kind of practical field can't be learned. It's really mad of me, but... it's not good to bite more than I can chew. In this Stealth Domain, after I spy on the cultivation methods, it will be much easier to deal with Ye Baojun who has stealth, and there is no need for further cultivating it."

Stealth Domain.

In fact, it was the use of the Source Power, hiding in the independent space, although it has the same function as the space field, the power was not as much as one of the true Space Domain.

Because the Space Domain belongs to the god-level domain, and the Stealth Domain was only the advanced level domain.

That was to say if the strong person who cultivates the Stealth Domain encounters a strong person who has cultivated the Space Domain, there is nowhere he can hide.


Therefore, there was nothing in the Stealth Domain that he does cannot learn, because when the Space Field was cultivated to the highest level, a user can hide at any time and anywhere.

After thinking about it, Ye Tian smiled and walked toward the small tree with nine [Source Bracelet].

He asked my mother to appraise the [Source Bracelet] on this tree. It was because he found that the attributes of these nine [Source Bracelet] have completely changed. It is not the original one, except for the one increasing the wearer’s source power by 50%.

Some also have Speed Domain, some have Strength Domain, some have Clone Domain, and others have Stealth Domain.

With this result, Ye Tian was so shocked that for a time he couldn't help but think of an old saying on the earth, that was, the dragon has nine sons, each with its own differences.

"It seems that these [Source Bracelet] are mature now!" Ye Tian took off the [Source Bracelet] with the Clone Domain and put it on his hand. After seeing the Clone Domain’s effect was not good for him, he put the other eight [Source Bracelet] and placed in the space ring.

"Since the mother did not have time to identify them in the Chaos Black Earth Space, then I can take them to my mother personally." After watching the small tree turned into black soil, Ye Tian sat on the ground and practised the Space Domain.

He unknowingly practised until 2:00 am.

He was shocked when he came back to his senses. He quickly thought about it, and his body flashed out of the Chaos Black Earth Space and sneaked back to his room to go to sleep.


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