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  Early in the next morning.

  After eating breakfast.

  Wang Si prepared ten Great Revitalising Pills, as well as a bunch of Heavenly Ice Grapes and 500,000 gold coins. She walked to the gate of Lei Residence with Ye Tian, ​​Ye Xiao and Grandma Wu.

  "Halt!" A burly guard at the door said in a low voice and waved the long sword in his hand to stop Wang Si, who was walking in front.

  Wang Si’s eyebrows wrinkled: ”I have to trouble this Big Brother to notify Mayor Lei. Say that Ye Family’s Wang Si has a important matter to seek an interview.”

  "Wait!" The burly guard looked at Wang Si and turned and walked into Lei Residence.

  Ye Xiao, who looked at this scene, lowered his voice and said: "This Lei Tianbao really has some swagger. He has to report only when madame asks?"

  "Hey! Don't say so much, who told us to refused to sell third-order [Sprit Snake Sword] to Lei Tianbao!" Grandma Wu looked cautiously around, and she was afraid that Ye Xiao’s words were accidentally heard by Lei family’s member.

  Because this time they came to Lei Residence looking for something.

  Ye Tian: "There is nothing to be afraid of."

  "Yes!" Wang Si attached.

  And just when they were talking, a hearty laughter came from Lei Residence: "Ha ha ha... It turns out our esteemed guest is Mrs. Ye!"

  When the sound disappeared, Lei Tianbao appeared at the gate with the former burly guard.

  Wang Si sneered: "Lei Tianbao, since you know that I am a guest, will you leave me standing at the gate? ”

  "Oh... I almost forgot out of happiness!" Lei Tianbao slapped his forehead: "Please come Mrs. Ye."

  Wang Si took Ye Tian’s hand and walked in.

  Grandma Wu and Ye Xiao followed.

  Under the leadership of Lei Xiaotian, the group of five people walked through a stone step that was paved with Xuan Huangshi and came to the elegant living room in the east of Lei Residence.

  After sitting down.

  Lei Tianbao poured tea and said: "Mrs. Ye, I don't know why you came to my Lei Residence today. Have you finally made your mind to sell the sword?"

  "No!" Wang Si shook his head: "I am here to report the case. I want to ask the mayor Lei to help us catch the Blade Point Beast of Ye Bianjun."

  "Catch the blade point beast of Ye Bianjun?" Lei Tianbao, who was drinking tea, was almost stunned. He even asked the question again: "What happened to the Blade Point Beast of your elders Ye Baojun?"

  "Sir, you have to take responsibility to capture that beast!" Ye Xiao, in the direction of Wang Si's eyes, quickly squatted in front of Lei Tianbao: "Yesterday, my son was killed by the Blade Point Beast that Ye Bianjun raised. Please take a look at Ye Baojun and his Blade Point Beast to avenge my son."

  "Is there something?" Lei Tianbao's small eyeballs looked around a little, after a moment of indulgence: "Even if the Blade Point Beast killed the Ye Bai, then I as the mayor, why should I catch Blade Point Beast! Shouldn’t I catch Ye Baojun?”

  With this said he was obviously protecting Ye Baojun.

  Wang Si’s face sank, she knew that Lei Tianbao would say this, but she did not get angry: “Mayor Lai Tianbao, since you said this, please take care of this matter!”

  In fact, there is no difference between catching a Blade Point Beast and Ye Baojun.

  Because as long as they know whereabouts of the Blade Point Beast, the fall of Ye Bingjun will naturally come.

  If Lei Tianbao really promised to catch the Blade Point Beast, how can Ye Bingjun not appear.

  As long as he show up, Ye family naturally has the means to win against Ye Baojun.

  Grandma Wu saw Lei Tianbao silent, and quickly handed a space ring on the tea table.

  Inside the space ring, there was a bunch of Heavenly Ice Grapes, 500,000 gold coins and ten Great Revitalising Pills.

  Lei Tianbao took a look at the space ring and shook his head: "Mrs. Ye, I want to help me to catch the Blade Point Beast and Ye Bingjun, but your gift... Is too cheap."

  "How much do you want?"

  Wang Si asked with a low voice.

  Lei Tianbao got up and walked back and forth in the same place with his hands. "As long as you are willing to sell me the [Spirit Snake Sword], then it is all good to say, let alone catch the Ye Baojun, there is no problem killing him."

  "You!” Wang Si quickly controlled herself.

  Although it was known that the result will be like this, it was still somewhat unacceptable.

  Ye Tian, ​​who is standing next to Wang Si, also had an unsightly expression: "Lei Tianbao, don't you want to rob the [Spirit Snake Sword]. It's our Ye family's treasure, even if my mother promised, can Ye Family's people agree?"

  "Oh... that's what you are talking about!" Lei Tianbao sneered, suddenly he squinted and said: "If you don't, please come back! I don't have time to talk nonsense with you."

  "Lei Tianbao, you as the mayor of Lava Town, really do not care about our affair of Ye Family's Ye Bai?" Wang Si put away the space ring on the coffee table, got up and stood up, and there was anger in his eyes.

  "How...I am the mayor of this town obligated to control Ye Bai’s murder?" Lei Tianbao waved his hand impatiently: "Wang Si, I am calling you Mrs. Ye, that is to respect you, don’t toast, don’t eat and punish Wine, get out."

  "Well, let’s go!" Wang Si glanced at Lei Tianbao, and went out with Ye Tian and Grandma Wu, and Ye Xiao.

  Lei Tianbao watched Wang Si and Ye Tian walked away. Suddenly turned to look at the corner of the window: "Ye Bingjun, people are gone, you still can't get out?"

  Woosh~~~! UU reading

  There was a woosh in the living room, followed by black robes of Ye Baojun appearing out of thin air. He respectfully walked to the side of Lei Tianbao, and smiled and said: "Lei Tianbao, thank you for helping."

  "If you say nothing about flattering, I will wonder. With your ability, how you can fail to kill Ye Bai and Ye Xiao?" Lei Tianbao said.

  "This... can only say that I underestimated the strength of Ye Xiao!" Ye Bingjun said: "But the mayor, I have a brilliant idea now."

  "Oh... talk about it!" Lei Tianbao sat down and took a leisurely drink of tea.

  "This is the case. Since Wang Si wants to kill me, why can't I kill her on her way home?" Ye Bingjun’s eyes showed a strong murderousness: "Mayor Lei Tianbao, what do you say?"


  Lei Tianbao almost sprayed the tea out of his mouth.

  Lei Tianbao did not object, but cautiously looked around and lowered the voice and asked: "You are sure... Can you kill Wang Si, Ye Tian and Grandma Wu on the way back to Ye Residence?"

  "Of course, I am sure!" Ye Bianjun sneered aloud: "Mayor Lei has forgotten it. My strength is the Peak Principle Realm. Although I am old now, do you still think it is difficult?"

  "If this is the case..." Lei Tianbao waved his hand: "It is not too late, you must catch up with Wang Si and Ye Tian, ​​and you must do it to remove the roots, do you know?"

  "Rest assured!" Ye Baojun's body flashed into the void and disappeared.

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