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  Ye Tian: "Well, have a good rest for one night and consider it carefully. Now I will take people to deal with Ye Bai’s body first, but tomorrow morning, you must give me a reply and be prepared to deal with Ye Baojun, or continue to guard Yes Baojun who killed your son."

  "Follow me!" Ye Tian waved, and took out four or five guards out of Ye Residence.

  Ye Xiao was stunned and grabbed his head. He knew the current situation. He was taking wrong side and even got his own son killed. He was simply looking for trouble. After sighing helplessly, he looked at Grandma Wu: “Can you help me to see the madame?”

  "Of course that can be, but are you going to do?" Grandma Wu was somewhat curious.

  Ye Xiao: "Of course, I will tell everything that Ye Baojun wants me to do. Please ask madame to take responsibility of me."

  "If you can think like this, your life may be saved!" Grandma Wu comforted and raised Ye Xiao, walking in the direction of the living room.


  Wang Si was talking to the elders of Ye Family at this time. She saw that Grandma Wu was holding her seriously injured Ye Xiao, and she could not help but frown.

  "Grandma Wu, how happened to him?" Wang Si looked at Ye Xiao.

  "This is not a place to talk. Let's go to the office!" Grandma Wu said with a smile: "Ye Xiao wants to tell you something about Ye Baojun."

  "Oh..." Wang Si was enlightened. After looking at Ye Xiao, she took the lead to the east side of the hall.

  "Let's go!" Grandma Wu supported Ye Xiao.

  In the corner of the room, sitting near the window.

  Wang Si took the lead and sat down. After the tea was poured over on the side, she said: "Ye Xiao, what do you want to say?"

  "Good! Good! I want to report all the ugly actions that Ye Baojun has done to Ye Family, and I hope that madame will give take responsibility of me!" Ye Xiao said.

  "Yes? Then you say it!"

  Wang Si was surprised.

  About Ye Baojun inciting the that Ye Family juniors in Ye Residence during the day...

  She asked several times from the side before, and Ye Xiao avoided it, but how can he automatically say it now?

  She was confused.

  Grandma Wu whispered in her ear, and she briefly said that Ye Xiao was attacked by the Knife Point Beast at the gate of Ye Residence.

  "It turns out to be like this!" Wang Si suddenly realized that there was a faint smile on her face.


  Ye Xiao, who was alive, was a big threat to Ye Baojun. If she was replaced by him, and she would have died long ago.

  However, Ye Baojun may not have thought that Ye Xiao could survive from the sneak attack of the knife point beast.

  Ye Xiao: "Mrs Ye.... In addition to my son Ye Bai’s medicinal pills act in the morning, with dozens of Ye Family juniors to make trouble, all of them were arranged by Ye Bianjun. My son and Ye Moli wanted to learn alchemy with Ye Tian. It was also arranged by Ye Baojun."

  "What?" Wang Si was shocked: "What is the purpose of Ye Bianjun doing this?"

  Grandma Wu also did not understand, and she listened carefully.

  Ye Xiao cautiously looked around and said: "It's very simple. He wants to know who about Medicinal Pill Refining Master. In fact, this is Zhou Luotian, who most want to know this. After deliberation, they wanted to use the ability of Ye Moli to control the flames. Then Ye Moli was handed over to the two elders, just to use the lady's feelings and Ye Tian to relax their vigilance, thus revealing the secret of the Pill Refining."

  "It turns out like this!" Grandma Wu was relieved.

  Wang Si slapped her hand on the tea table: "This Ye Baojun is really too mean!"

  "Mrs. Ye don't be angry, in fact, this is not the most despicable place of Ye Baojun!" Ye Xiao took a sip of tea: "The most despicable thing is that he left the Ye Moli in Ye Residence, just looks like only five or six years old, her actually old age is 31. She is a gnome(dwarf) who has awakened the flame domain."

  "Ah..." Wang Si stood up and her back was covered with cold sweat: "Ye Xiao, you are sure that Ye Moli is a gnome."

  This was really an amazing inside story. If it wasn't for the knife point beast that killed Ye Xiao, there was going to be an accident. She was afraid that she could not dream of a childlike and lovely Ye Moli, was a piece sent by Ye Baojun.

  "Yes!" Ye Xiao said seriously.

  Grandma Wu said: "Mrs., since Ye Xiao is so sure, then give Ye Moli to me. I will control her without revealing it. But how should we deal with Ye Baojun? It’s not enough to let him go.”


  Wang Si’ rubbed her temple.

  The strength of Ye Bianjun was in the Principle Realm. The talent was the stealth domain that comes and goes without a trace. Although it was because of the age, the strength will be greatly reduced, but it should not be underestimated.

  In the Lava Town, except for the "Imprisoning Domain", who is able to suppress Ye Baojun, not one is Ye Baojun’s opponent.

  Now, his husband Ye Kong has no news for three years. In Ye Family, even in the whole Lava Town, no one can catch Ye Baojun.

  "Madam, in my opinion, we can borrow the power of the government!" Ye Xiao also knows the current difficulties of Ye Family. Now he said his opinion: "Do not forget, as long as our evidence is solid, we can turn in the certain amount of gold coin, Lei Tianbao this maintenance public security mayor, has the responsibility and also to have the duty to help us cope with Ye Baojun.”

  "Lei Tianbao?"


  Grandma Wu smiled bitterly.

  Wang Si also shook her head: "Ye Xiao, don't you know that because of the [Spirit Snake Sword] thing, UU reading has been plagued with Lei Tianbao?"

  "I know this!" Ye Xiao slowly nodded: "But Madame, in addition to the way I said, can you have a better way?"


  Wang Si was silent.

  Right now, there was really no better way to deal with Ye Baojun.

  Grandma Wu took a few steps back and forth, and suddenly she blinked: "Mrs, let's go find Lei Tianbao, not to deal with Ye Baojun, but it can be said that Ye Bai was attacked by the knife point beast to death. Ah! This Lei Tianbao is the mayor of Lava Town, can he ignore such a serious murder?"

  "Yeah! Why didn't I think of it?" Wang Si said: "As long as Lei Tianbao investigates Ye Bai's death, then Ye Baojun will definitely be unable to get rid of it."

  "The lady can take Ye Xiao to Lei Tianbao to report the case tomorrow morning. If Lei Tianbao does not care, we can sue to Mo Family City." Grandma Wu said her opinion: "In any case, you must not let Ye Baojun have a good life."

  In Mo Family City, Wang Si’s father, Wang Meng, is a master of the fifth-grade Pill Refining of the refining device, and his status is much higher than that of Lei family.

  Even Mo Family City must give Wang Meng face.

  Therefore, Grandma Wu dared to say this.

  "Yeah!" Wang Si agreed.

  Ye Xiao: "Since I have decided, then I will trouble madame to make accommodation for me. I will go to Lei Residence to report the case tomorrow. I must avenge my tragic son!"

  "Good!" Wang Si nodded and looked at Grandma Wu: "You take Ye Xiao to rest!"

  Grandma Wu nodded and helped Ye Xiao to leave.

  Wang Si was frowning, and fell into contemplation: "Is it really good to go to Lei Family?"

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