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  "Snort! If there is a pill furnace, you can refine the medicinal pills. Can Zhou's Pill Refining Masters monopolize the Lava Town for hundreds of years?" Ye Tian glanced at Ye Xiao.
  "You..." Ye Xiao’s face darkened by his words. After the he calmed down his head, he said: "This is my son, Ye Bai, staying by your side to help you. You can give him a dozen Great Revitalising Pills as a living expense."

  "What do you think of Great Revitalising Pills as? A joke? Even if there are still dozens of pieces, I will give none of them." Ye Tian impatiently waved his hand: "Nothing to say, if you have not met the conditions I said, even if the king comes, I will not accept."

  If you don’t look at Ye Bai and Ye Xiao are Ye family, he has long acted crazy.

  "Good! Very good!"

  Ye Xiao’s pulled Ye Bai, turned and left in the direction of the gate of Ye Residence.

  It seems that he has been unable to stand it because of Ye Tian’s ruthless sarcasm, and he had no face to stay in Ye Residence.

  "Oh... this Ye Xiao." Wang Si looked at Ye Tian with some uneasiness: "Why are you as direct as the words?"

  "Hump!... to someone like Ye Xiao, there is no need to give him face!" Ye Tian smiled and looked down at the shy little girl: "Yes! Mother, does she meet the conditions I said?" ”

  "Not in conformity, but she is talented. She can control the flame from an early age. The opinion of the elders of Ye Family, see you willing to accept the apprentice, so I will recommend her!" Wang Si reached out and touched the head of the little girl: "It’s just that the child is suffering. When the parents ventured in the Warcraft Mountains, they were killed."

  "In this case, mother can you temporarily arrange her in Ye Residence? About the alchemy, wait for her to grow up and say!" Ye Tian sympathetically looked at the little girl and said his opinion.

  In fact, this was also a perfunctory little girl, where he knows the true method of Pill Refining.

  "I will do this!" Wang Si smiled.

  "What is your name?" Ye Tian bent down, and asked the little girl in front of his eyes.

  "Grasp... Grasp, Ye Moni!" The little girl timidly said.

  "Ye Moni?" Ye Tian looked puzzled at his mother Wang Si.

  In Ye Family, how can a girl have such a weird name?

  Wang Si smiled and corrected: "She is called Ye Moli, not called Ye Moni, her words are not clear."

  "Oh..." Ye Tian suddenly realized.

  Wang Si looked up at the Ye Tian: "Child, it's too late, you should go to rest first! I will first ask the family to arrange accommodation for the Ye Moli."

  "Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded.

  He turned around, going to the place where he lives, but suddenly at the direction of Ye Family's gate, there were two shouts.

  "What happened?" Wang Si frowned.

  Ye Tian: "Listening to the sound seems to be Ye Bai? Mother, I will take a team of guards to go out to see."

  "Okay, be careful." Wang Si agreed.

  Ye Tian waved, and dozens of guards standing around him followed behind and headed for the direction of Ye Residence Gate.

  He saw Ye Xiao panicked and ran into the Ye Residence from the outside, with scars on his arms and chest.

  Ye Tian quickly ran over and tried to help Ye Xiao.

  Who knows that Ye Xiao saw him like a ghost: "Ye Tian, ​​don't come over... don't come over! Didn't I just wanted to ask my son to learn Pill Refining? You don't have to look at Ye Family's share, but also don't kill people!"

  "What do you mean by this?"

  Ye Tianj's eyebrows wrinkled and his face was a bit gloomy.

  If he wanted to kill Ye Bai, why would he wait until these father and son pair go out? He would have solved it directly in Ye Residence.

  Ye Xiao’s miserably laughed: “Ha ha ha... play the fool! You just killed my son Ye Bai and sneak attacked me. I looked at his back, he was a Ye Residence’s Shadow Blade, but a Shadow Blade was your lackey, you dare saying that it wasn't you pulling strings?”

  "Nonsense, don't you know that Uncle Ying was severely injured the night before and he is it still unconscious!" Ye Tian said: "Moreover, if I want to kill you, you think I would't dare to kill you when you fled to Ye Residence?"

  "Of course, you don't dare, because the hundreds of people in Ye Residence are still in the living room!" Ye Xiao coughed: "You dare to kill me brazenly."

  "You..." He was about to ignore Ye Xiao, who didn’t know what to look at, and went outside to check the cause of Ye Bai’s death. Grandma Wu came over with several guards.

  Grandma Wu did not speak, but took out a Great Revitalising Pills to Ye Xiao and carefully examined Ye Xiao's wound, hesitated a moment, said: "Ye Xiao, your injury I am sure, ... is done by the Blade Point Beast of Ye Baojun. Fortunately, your strength is not low, otherwise you will not have the opportunity to stand here and in front our young master."

  "Ye Bingjun?"

  "Blade point beast?"

  Ye Xiao shrinked back: "This is impossible, impossible! Why would the elder kill me?"

  Blades point beast. UU reading indeed was a Demon Beast that Ye Baojun raises, moreover was the only one in Lava Town.

  It looks like a wolf, because the sharp claws on the limbs are as sharp as a knife.

  Although it’s strength was in early Domain Realm, can actually the use stealth and camouflage the appearance of human, but also has primary 【Sharp Point Domain】, It looks like with Speed Domain of Uncle Ying very much.

  After thinking of this, Ye Xiao was pale, and it seems that he really misunderstood Uncle Ying.

  "Since you don't understand why Ye Baojun wants to kill you, then I will tell you." Ye Tian looked at Ye Xiao and couldn't help but shook his head: "It's actually very simple, because you know too many secrets of Ye Baojun, like today. In the morning, your son took the lead to Ye Residence to make trouble. These are actually what Ye Baojun has told you to do?"

  "You... I don't know what you are talking about." Ye Xiao shook his head in confusion.

  However, although he said this in his heart, but he agreed with Ye Tian.

  Because Ye Baojun could not to get the position of the Ye family’s head in this morning, it would be very unfavorable to Ye Baojun.

  If Wang Si unites and the other elders of Ye Family to condemn Ye Baojun, there is no doubt that... the lowest punishment, Ye Baojun will not be able to stay in Ye Family.

  But in turn, as long as he and his son Ye Bai died, Wang Si has no evidence to accuse Ye Baojun, situation can be changed.

  At least……

  Ye Baojun can deny not to recognize.

  Grandma Wu saw Ye Xiao stubbornness, could not help but sigh: "Ye Xiao, this fool knows that he has colluded with Ye Baojun, helping him to do things without shame, but you still have to think clearly, what you should you do!"

  "I...I..." Ye Xiao’s frustrated sat on the ground. Ye Baojun wanted to kill him. He really didn’t know what to do!

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