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  In the living room.

  A dinner was going on.

  Wang Si, in a pink dress, took a transparent crystal wine glass and smiled and walked between the crowded banquets to entertain hundreds of Ye family members.

  "Ye’er!" She saw Ye Tian appear at the gate of the living room, and quickly stopped talking with a young man. She greeted her up: "Did you eat dinner? No? If you haven’t, hurry and find a place to sit down and eat."

  "I am not hungry!" Ye Tian looked puzzled at the lively scene of the living room, and lowered his voice and said: "Mother, these people have not left yet!"

  Although his family was the owner of the Ye family, but for hundreds of people to eat and drink, the cost was very large.

  "The dinner will end, they will go, Ye Bai's things are also solved, they have already apologized to me." Wang Si smiled: "You don't have to worry so much."

  "That Ye Bai, who instructed him to make trouble?" Ye Tian asked casually.

  In his view, although Ye Bai is a Ye family member, he cannot be tortured and forced to be treated in an enemy manner, but this must be clearly stated.

  "Oh... you are a little sound." Wang Si took Ye Tian and walked to a corner. She cautiously looked around: "This morning's things clearly pointed out Ye Bingtian. I just asked Ye Bai. He also said the truth, then what is the meaning, the current situation, the unity of the Ye family is the most important, you understand?"

  If it was not united, Zhou and Lei Family will definitely take advantage of it, but this is the last thing she wanted to see.

  "I don't understand!" Ye Tian was shaking his head: "In my opinion, what happened today morning was not anything normal, but also entertaining Ye Bai and his father. This simply tolerance."

  If there are no rules, it will always be like this.

  In Ye Family, Ye Tian also thought it should be like this.

  "Well, what do you want know about, little boy?" Wang Si glanced at Ye Tian: "If you don't want to eat, then go to the bath and sleep, the mother is still busy! Right! Give me another hundred Great Revitalising Pills, let me send these Ye Family people to eat!"

  "So much?" Ye Tian was a little surprised.

  Every Great Revitalising Pill’s was at least worth 10,000 gold coins. If it is one hundred, it can be one million gold coins.

  Wang Si said with some helplessness: "I have no choice. All members of Ye Family knows that you can make Pills. In order to perfuse them, I have to use them as an excuse to send them."

  "Oh... mother! If I can learn Pill Refining, can the family still monopolize the drug that have been in Lava Town for hundreds of years?" Ye Tian smiled: "I can't give you one hundred Great Revitalising Pills, if the mother believes in me, next things can be handed over to me."

  "You?" Wang Si said with some doubts.

  She has no other way, what can Ye Tian do?

  Ye Tian did not directly answered the answer, but asked: "From the opening of our shop in Ye Family, did the mother count how much we have sold in total?"

  "This... no."

  Wang Si shook her head.

  He only knows that medicinal herbs are profiteering. In less than two days, he has earned nearly three million gold coins.

  Ye Tian: "The Pill Refining medicinal herbs are limited in quantity, and the chances of the success of Pill Refining are very low. Doesn't the mother know this? So will Great Revitalising Pills be sent like a cabbage? Have you considered it? Have you considered it for my safety?"

  Wang Si’s heart trembled, and then her back was covered with cold sweat.

  To be frank.

  She only thought that she could solve the troubles of Ye Family quickly, and did not consider other things that much.

  Ye Tian was right, if he was exposed with ability of the Chaotic Black Earth Space because of her negligence, it will not be worth the loss.

  "Right, you should not directly promise to give the Ye family a hundred Great Revitalising Pills?" Ye Tian saw her mother understood the strong relationship, could not help but smile: "If not, then! Wait until you go in. Announced that I am willing to teach Ye Family members alchemy, but there is a premise."

  "What premise?"

  Wang Si was curious.

  Ye Tian: "It must be young men and women under the age of 16. I will not accept more than this age, and... the strength must be in the early stage of the field. The most important thing is that the awakening with Directions Domain attributes, and is familiar with the medicine."

  Because of the Fire Domain properties, it has a great additive effect on refining medicinal herbs, so Ye Tian said this.

  In fact, in the Source Continent, in order to become an alchemy teacher, the first condition is awakening of fire domain attributes.

  "Child, these premise you said, I am afraid that none of the Ye family can achieve it?" Wang Si said with a smile and shook his head.

  There are more than 4,700 people in Ye Family. There are only 13 of the younger generation who have opened their talents under the age of 16. And 11 of them are ordinary talents. It is impossible to reach the field level in this life.

  As for the remaining two, one is Ye Tian and the other is Ye Qianqian.

  Ye Tian blinked his eyes: “So what do you mean, you want me to relax my conditions, collect a few apprentices, and expose my talent?”

  "I understand, you kid...insidious! UU reading " Wang Si's mouth twitched: "Okay! Then follow what you said. I will go in and announce the conditions you just said, but what if they don't agree?"

  "It's easy to do, let them roll!"

  Ye Tian didn't want to go back.

  In his view, if there is no strength and want to take advantage of Ye Family. Such a person is a locust. It is not bad to kick him out.

  "What are you thinking about! I don't dare to do this." Wang Si shook her head in disapproval and walked straight into the living room.

  Ye Tian smiled and waited.

  If there is no accident, among the thousands of Ye family, there must be no one to meet his conditions.

  It just made him stunned.

  After a few minutes, Wang Si took Ye Bai, Ye Xiao and his son, and a big-eyed girl who was less than six years old.

  "Mother!" Ye Tian greeted him: "Is Ye Bai and this little girl all in line with what I said?"

  He looked at the little girl who was hiding behind Ye Bai, who had doubts in her eyes.

  Wang Si reluctantly replied: "Ye Bai does not meet the conditions you said, but he and his father mean, can you see the requirements of the Ye family to lower the requirements, he will study hard."

  "This is impossible!" Ye Tian shook his head, looking at Ye Bai with a funny look: "You don't even have the talent, Let me ask you, how to use the source power to quench the medicine?"

  "This..." Ye Bai was speechless.

  In fact, he didn't want to learn the alchemy at all, and all of this was forced.

  Beside Ye Bai, the big monkey Ye Xiao, who was digging his nostrils, said: “Ye Tian, General Pill Refining Master probably uses pill furnace for quenching the raw material for medicine? You are doing this to make me so feel embarrassed, at the worst I would disburse money to buy good pill furnace, is that not right?

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