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  "Is it?"

  Ye Tian looked at the Big Iron Hammer with surprise.

  If, as Grandma Wu said, then things planted in the Chaotic Black Earth Space are really not that simple.

  As for the medicinal herbs that he refines, which was the cover decided by his mother. On the one hand, in addition to covering up the secrets of the Chaotic Black Earth Space, it is also possible to have a reasonable explanation for the sale of medicinal herbs in the Lava Town.

  The Big Iron Hammer climbed up from the bed and reached out and clenched his fist: "Young master, Grandma Wu is correct, my strength is really recovering quickly. If the injury were not completely recovered, I would have wanted to practice martial arts."

  "The things that can be cultivated can't be rushed!" Ye Tian smiled and said: "Yes! My mother asked me to ask you, that night you left the Lava Town with Uncle Ying, who attacked you?"

  "This..." The big hammer scratched his head and thought about it: "The three strong men who sneaked on me, I didn't saw their appearances clearly, because they all had masks. But the attribute of their Domain, one of them used means is Zhou’s unique Thunder attribute attack method. I think it should be Zhou’s people.”

  "Are you sure?" Grandma Wu asked in low voice.

  The shadow climbed up and slowly nodded.

  Ye Tian: "It seems that the sneak attack on the Uncle Ying and the Big Iron Hammer was definitely done by Zhou Luotian, because in the lava town, there are not many people in the Principle Realm."

  "Yeah!" Grandma Wu agreed.

  Ye Qianqian quickly opened the basket of cakes: "Uncle Ying  Big Iron Hammer! This is the dragon cake that my mother personally made, you taste it."

  "Good! Good! Let's put it first!" Uncle Ying said.

  The Big Iron Hammer also unceremoniously picking up a piece of cake and stuffing it into his mouth: "If you don't eat me, I will eat my stomach full. My stomach is already hungry."

  "You..." Shadow smirked and shook his head.

  Ye Tian followed with a smile, taking out two strings of crystal clear and translucent Heavenly Ice Grapes from the space ring, placed in front of the bed: "Pastry is just for you to fill your stomach. As for the two bunches of Heavenly Ice Grapes, my mother asked me to reward you both, but the ugly words first, you cannot sell, they can only be eaten. If you sell it out, it will definitely cause big trouble.”

  "This... is this too expensive!" Looking at the crystal clear ice grapes, the Big Iron Hammer was flattered and almost stunned that he could not finish the food stuck in his mouth.

  The Uncle Ying was also shocked and even waved: "Young Master! You can't play this joke, do you know the value of this bunch of ice grapes?"

  "Of course I know, but we can plant a lot in Ye Residence, you can rest assured!" Ye Tian smiled: "Just, this is confidential, you can't talk around about this with Big Iron Hammer."

  "Can you plant a lot of Heavenly Ice Grapes?" Uncle Ying's eyes widened: "Really?"

  "This is not what you should ask!" Grandma Wu smiled mysteriously: "If you are reluctant to eat ice grapes, then I will do it for you."

  Grandma Wu reached out and to get the Heavenly Ice Grapes on the bed.

   Uncle Ying was so fast that he quickly put the ice-cold grapes on the bed in his arms: "Grandma Wu, you can't do anything about the customs, these Heavenly Ice Grapes were given to me by the madame. ”

  "Oh..." Grandma Wu smiled, and the wrinkles around her eyes disappeared. “Cheapskate, the madame already rewarded me one string, you hurry to eat! The madame is giving you Heavenly Ice Grape with an intention.”

  "Intention?" Uncle Ying was puzzled.

  The Big Iron Hammer who was eating Ice Grapes, also did not understand.

  Ye Tian: "My mother's meaning is, eating ice grapes can increase the resistance to the Domain of fire properties, and there is a certain chance to be immune to fire attribute. The most important thing is that you have to break through the realm of the Domain. With this, if you can break through at this time, it can help Ye family very much."

  Don’t only look at the realm of the Domain Realm and Principle Realm, but the disparity in strength is one in the sky, one in the ground.

  The Domain Realm.

  It is the collective power of the awakening force to achieve perfection and break through the shackles.

  Under normal circumstances, the Primary Domain Realm, the Strength Domain source covers 100-500 meters, the scope of the intermediate field is 500-2000 meters, and the realm of the advanced field is 2000-5000 meters, within the coverage of the source. It can produce the power of imprisonment to suppress the strong under the awakening strength of the powerhouse.

  Of course, this is just a rough figure and cannot be generalized.

  But Principle Realm is very different.

  The Principle Realm

  It is an extension of the breakthrough of the realm of the field, and the coverage of the source will be calculated in kilometers.

  Basically, the coverage of the initial period of Principle Realm is more than five times the peak of the Domain Realm.

  It can be said that if there is no accident, the strength of the Principle Realm can basically crush the powerhouse in the Domain Realm, except for the special field and the talent above the god level.

  All of this is the case, because the biggest difference between the Principle Realm and Domain Realm is the ability to master the Domain.

  The power of the Domain is a force that is more advanced than the power of the source.

  But to achieve Principle Realm.

  One word... hard!

  Two words... too hard!

  Take a Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying, they are almost forty years old now, and they awakened their respective domains in their teens, and more than 20 years have passed, and they are stuck in the threshold of the peak of Domain Realm.

  It can be said that if there is no help from medicinal herbs or precious herbs, in this life, they may not have a break through.

  And Ye Tian took out these two bunches of ice grapes, UU reading which were the key to help the Big Iron Hammer to break through.

  Heavenly Ice grapes, the price of one grape is at the price of one hundred spirit stones.

  A string of grapes, at least a few thousand spirit stones.

  For the powerhouses in the Domain Realm, sometimes it is impossible to have so many spirit stones in their lifetime.

  After Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer understood the meaning of Ye Tian's words, he moved to the bed and moved to the front of Ye Tian.

  If he can really break through with the help of Heavenly Ice Grape, then Mrs Ye is really greatly investing them.

  "You don't need to do this!" Ye Tian was so helpless that he quickly lifted the Big Iron Hammer and the Uncle Ying: "You have almost lost your life for the Ye family. What are these two bunches of Heavenly Ice Grapes? My mother is hoping that you will break through and help Ye Family to overcome the current difficulties!"

  "Young master can rest assured, even if there is no Heavenly Ice Grape, I will swear to protect the Ye family!" Uncle Ying said: "Let alone in Demon Beast Mountain Range, the head of household had rescued my life in the past many times, I cannot stand here and just speak.”

  "Me too, I was a slave who was sold. If the owner did not give me a free body, I am afraid that I would be still mining in the dark mines!" The Big Iron Hammer followed.

  "Don't say anything, just eat the ice grapes!" Ye Tian smiled comfortably: "I will not bother you to take this opportunity to break through."

  "Well!" The Big Iron Hammer swallowed the remaining ice grapes in one bite.

  However, because he was too eager to eat, he was frozen in an instant. He cheeks suddenly turned pink.

  "Ha ha ha..." Ye Tian couldn't help but smile. He waved at Ye Qianqian and turned and went out.

  Grandma Wu smiled and turned and followed.


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