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  He saw Ye Tian holding a bunch of Heavenly Ice Grapes but there was no one eating them. From time to time he would give his mother, Wang Si to eat one or two.

  On the other side, Ye Qianqian was lying on the chair in a leisurely manner, letting a maid hold a bunch of ice grapes to feed her.

  "This... Is this real?" Zhou Luo blinked his eyes: “Ye Tian and Ye Qianqian are actually eating the Heavenly Ice Grapes? ”

  "No! It is definitely not an Heavenly Ice Grape, I am looking from too far away!" Zhou Luotian was short of breath. He really could not understand the extravagant scene.

  However, just a few steps away, Ye Qianqian in the store stopped him: "This uncle, look at your appearance, you haven't eaten for several days! Have this half bunch of grapes as a snack."

  Ye Tian listened to the conversation, but did not say anything. This kindness was very rare. Besides, his sister doesn't know that the grapes she was eating were precious Havenly Ice Grapes.

  Zhou Luotian’s body was frozen, and he was afraid that Ye Qianqian would discover his true identity.

  "What's going on, this old man is weird!" Ye Qianqian thought that Zhou Luotian was shy, so she ordered a maid to send half a bunch of grapes.

  After Zhou Luotian reached out and took it, he thanked and turned away. He walked to a secluded corner and began to seriously look at the Heavenly Ice Grapes on his hands.

  When he saw the ice grapes that were worth thousands of spirit stones, Zhou Luotian’s old face blushed.

  At first, he was brazen and wanted to use an Havenly Ice Grape to marry Ye Qianqian to his home, who had Life Domain.

  Now it seems that he was so embarrassed in front of Wang Si and the people Ye Residence, that he couldn't pick up the Havenly Ice Grapes, but they were eating Heavenly Ice Grapes as a fruit.

  "Oh my God! Why is this happening?" Zhou Luotian punched his chest and threw away Heavenly Ice Grapes in his hand: "No! I can't let this happen. If Wang Si retaliates, I am afraid she can use this Heavenly Ice Grape to give a big defeat to Zhou Family!

  "It seems that I can only unite with Lei family, to defeat this Ye family!" Zhou Luotian thought of this, hurriedly rushed to Lei Residence.


  Lei Residence .

  Located at the crossroads leading to Mo Family City in the east of Lava Town, it was a five-story rock building with a magnificent height of ten meters. Two tall and strong Domain Realm Experts at the doorway, holding two bristles and warriors guarding the side, making the crossing pedestrians scared, and they simply did not dare to step closer.

  Zhou Luotian, standing on the stone steps, turned a blind eye to the Maned Battle Tiger. He shook hands at the two guards at the door and said softly: "Notify Lei Tianbao and say that the Zhou family head is asking for interview!"

  "You wait!" One of the taller guards looked at Zhou Luotian impatiently, then turned and walked into Lei Residence.

  "Good!" Zhou Luotian sneered, waiting.

  After a while.

  Lei Tianbao wearing a purple robe, appeared in front of Zhou Luotian under the leadership of the guard.

  "You are not going to deal with Ye Jia. How can you have time to come to me today?" When Zhou Luotian met Lei Tianbao, Lei Tianbao did not have a good complexion.

  Obviously, Ye Tian was able to sell the medicinal pills in Lava Town, which made his heart very uncomfortable.

  Zhou Luotian was not a fool, how can he not hear the meaning of Lei Tianbao's words, after a sneer he said: "Mayor, I have personally come here, you will not ask me to sit in?"

  "Isn't this necessary?" Lei Tianbao snorted: "At the moment, I am having important guests in Lei Residence, you still have to come back."

  "You!" Zhou Luotian at pointed to Lei Tianbao: "Well, I am leaving! But don't expect to let me tell the big secret of Ye Family."


  Zhou Luotian waved his sleeves and turned around.


  "Wait a minute!" Lei Tianbao have Zhou Luotian a glance: "There are indeed VIPs in the house, and you must know who you are. You and I are now the common enemy of the Ye family. Do you have anything to say!"

  "Come here, I want say it in person!" Zhou Luotian glanced at Lei Tianbao: "I want to tell you..."

  Lei Tianbao listened carefully.

  When he heard that Ye Tian was actually using the Heavenly Ice Grape as a snack, his face turned scarlet red.

  When he heard that Ye Family’s Pill Refining Expert was very likely to be Ye Tian, ​​the angry face was red for a while.

  "Well, I should finish talking about it!" Zhou Luotian looked at Lei Tianbao's ugly face and smiled: "What to do next, I don't have to teach you!"

  "I know, what you mean is that you want to join forces with us!" Lei Tianbao walked anxiously back and forth a few steps: "I feel like the Pill Refining Master is not Ye Tian, ​​because looking at the whole Source Continent, a 16-year-old Pill Refining Master is simply not there! As for Heavenly Ice Grapes, how can you eat this fruit as a snack, are you not mistaken?"

  "Oh... Even I don't believe it but what I saw is true, but do you think that with my age I will make joke with you?" Zhou Luotian laughed: "You and I want to know the truth, I am afraid it is the only way to deal with Ye Family."

  "PT reading is good!" Lei Tianbao slowly nodded: "Then come in with me, let's discuss it."

  Lei Tianbao, who said this, turned and walked into Lei Residence.

  Zhou Luotian glanced cautiously around, seeing no one staring at him, and quickly followed behind Lei Tianbao.


  Ye Residence.

  A quiet little courtyard in the west.

  Ye Qianqian, dressed in a green dress, carrying a basket of pastries, followed Ye Tian and walked in with a smile.

  Inside the hunchback Grandma Wu was checking the wounds, seeing Ye Qianqian and Ye Tian came, and quickly reached out and made a action to not make sounds: "Young master, the Shadow just took the Knife Wound Pill to sleep, you guys don't be too noisy, don't let him rest and recover."

  Shadow is a nickname of Uncle Ying. Under normal circumstances, only Grandma Wu and the Big Iron Hammer dare to call him like this.

  "Oh..." Ye Tian laughed.

  Ye Qianqian spit out her tongue.

  "Oh..." The big hammer smirked and said: "Nothing, the shadow is not a little girl, his body is not delicate, but Ye Tian, ​​my thanks for refining the Great Revitalising Pill, really a magical medicine, making me live from Gate of Death with your Uncle Ying."

  "Not all is my credit, your own body repair ability is also against the heavens!" Ye Tian modestly shook his head.

  The Big Iron Hammer and the Uncle Ying were the Peak Domain Realm powerhouse. As long as they are not dead, the body's self-healing ability was dozens of times better that of ordinary people. This was... he was very clear.

  "You are wrong! Young master!" Grandma Wu said: "The re-construction of the Great Revitalising Pill is really special. I thought that the Big Iron Hammer was no good this time and was also a waste person, but what I didn't think was that he is now. The physical injuries have not only quick recovered, but strength has also recovered."

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