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  Walking under the tree-lined path of the training field.

  Ye Tian saw that Grandma Wu was still behind him and her sister: “Do you still have anything?”

  "Well, Mrs Wu has sent me to go to the martial arts to personally identify the talent of the young master!" Grandma Wu looked  around carefully and whispered.

  Ye Qianqian blinked her eyes: "Grandma Wu? My brother's talent is the most common Black Earth Space, isn't it?"

  "Yes! Even if it is not, can you bring me an Five Element stone?" Ye Tian was also confused.

  However, for Grandma Wu’s words, he did not doubt that because Grandma Wu was his father’s nurse, she lived in Ye Residence for six or seven decades. She grew up watching him grow up and was trustworthy.

  "Oh... But there is also a method to know without using five Element stone!" Wu mother took a few steps back and forth with her hands: "There is still a Earth Method, but the process is very cumbersome. After the emergence of the Five Element stone, it was gradually forgotten."

  "What kind of earth method?" Ye Tian was very curious.

  Ye Qianqian was also listening to it.

  Grandma Wu smiled mysteriously: "Go to the training field and wait! When your mother comes, I will know."

  "Okay!" Ye Tian nodded.

  Ye Qianqian took Ye Tian’s hand: “Brother! Then let’s go to the training field. I’m so anxious to know what your true talent is.”

  "Me too, let's go!"

  Ye Tian took Ye Qianqian and ran quickly to the training field.

  "The two brothers and sisters..." Grandma Wu smiled and shook her head and followed.

  After a few minutes.

  Martial Art Field...

  Under the leadership of Grandma Wu, Ye Tian walked into a small stone house.

  Ye Qianqian wanted to follow, but was stopped by Wang Si: "Child, some things you know are not good, understand?"

  "Ah... mother, let me go in!" Ye Qianqian grinned, holding Wang Si's arm.

  Wang Si oval face turned black: "No! Anything else, I can promise you, what is your brother's talent, there is no room for negotiation."

  "Okay!" Ye Qianqian saw her mother really angry, she nodded and waited.

  However, she also knows that her mother has absolutely done for a reason.

  Inside the small stone house.

  Very simple.

  There was only a stone table in the corner, and a round transparent crystal ball covered with dust was placed on it.

  Ye Tian looked at it: "Mother, the method of identifying my talents will not be this crystal ball?"

  "Well, but I don't know if I can do it!" Wang Si took out the white, blue, purple, red, and yellow bottles of different colors from the space ring: "Child, put your hand on the crystal ball, then enter the source energy into it, the next other cumbersome things will be handled by me and Grandma Wu."

  "Okay!" Ye Tian reached out and took the dust off the crystal ball, and then input the source energy according to the his mother.

  To his surprise, the crystal ball was like a magical force, producing a huge suction, constantly absorbing the power of his body.

  "Let's do it!" Wang Si and Grandma Wu nodded, then poured all the potions of the five color potions on the right hand which was on the crystal ball.


  The mixture of the five colors of the medicine was inserted into the skin of Ye Tian's hand in an instant, and then merged with the crystal ball.

  "Ah... my hand!" Ye Tian’s voice shouted out and was about to rebel. Grandma Wu crossed her hand and took control of him: “Young master, bear it! It will be fine soon.”

  "Yes! Hold on child!"

  Big sweat drops covered his forehead and dropped onto the ground: “Mother, it’s too painful to identify the talent with native method. Why did’t you tell me early?”

  "If I had told you early, won't you have slipped early?" Wang Si blinked his eyes: "Do not worry! The pain is only temporary, and there are no side effects."

  "Hope is it!" Ye Tian smiled and looked at the crystal ball that was fused with his right hand.

  But the mother did not lie to him.

  It took about ten seconds.

  The pain disappeared.

  The right hand that was blended into the crystal ball was automatically separated.

  The crystal ball, however, was no longer a transparent color, but a natural blue, then converted to purple, and then turned red.

  Wang Si, who saw this scene, held her breath and shouted excitedly: "Red represents the god-level talent! Sure enough, there is no guessing, Ye Tian has a god-level talent!"

  This words just came.


  The color on the crystal ball changed again and turned into a dazzling yellow color. Then, with a bang, the crystal ball broke into countless pieces and fell to the ground.

  "What is the situation?"

  Ye Tian turned his head and looked at his mother.

  Wang Si’s waved her hand: “I don’t know?”

  "The crystal ball is broken, there are only two possibilities!" Grandma Wu said: "One is the talent of the young master is the legendary ancient blood talent, UU reading and there is another..."

  Speaking of this, Grandma Wu did not dare to say it.

  "Don't you say..." Wang Si looked at Ye Tian, ​​like a monster: "Ye Tian, ​​what he awakened is an area that is not bound by the rules of heaven and earth?"

  “Well, very likely!” Grandma Wu walked two steps back and forth excitedly: “But the lowest is that the Ancient Blood Talent can’t run, but the crystal ball can’t be accurate to what kind of talent the young master is awakening."

  "Yeah!" Wang Si nodded. "It's a bit of a headache. It seems that answer can only be revealed when my father comes to Lava Town."

  "Yes, madame’s father should have the means to accurately identify what kind of talent the young master has!" Grandma Wu smiled and said: "Now let's go out! Don't let Qianqian wait."

  "Good! Go!"

  Wang Si held the hand of Ye Tian and walked out of the small stone house.

  Ye Qianqian, who was not far away, saw Ye Tian coming out. She hurriedly ran over: "Brother! Your talent is..."

  Halfway through the words, she dare not say it. She knew that her mother was present, and Ye Tian will not say it.

  Grandma Wu saw Ye Qianqian's thoughts, and laughed at this perfunctory: "Don't mention, what results are. But your brother’s talent is not lower that God Level."

  “Really?” Ye Qianqian jumped up happily, then hugged Ye Tian.

  "This child..." Wang Si smiled and shook her head.

  Grandma Wu suddenly looked at Ye Tian seriously: “Young Master! Although the crystal ball did not identify the answer we want, but now you have to remember not to cultivate the magical power of any Domain, it will hurt you!”

  "Well, I understand!"

  Ye Tian nodded.


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