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  "Don't mention Lei Ruoxi!" Ye Tian said: "But I think you are wrong. Even if she knew how my medicinal pills can be grown in the Black Earth Space, it is still an ordinary talent! It would not enter her eyes."

  "You are wrong, no matter whether it is the Black Soil Space or the Chaotic Black Earth Space, it is impossible to plant the Profound Tools and utensils. There is no doubt about this.” Wang Si reached out and patted Ye Tian's broad shoulders and said seriously: "And I am sure that your talent is definitely a talent above God level."

  "Hope!" Ye Tian said indifferently.

  Wang Si: "Yes! Your talent is so weird, have you told anyone else?"

  "You are the first one, I didn't even tell Qianqian!" Ye Tian replied.

  Wang Si gratified noddedly: "That's good, remember! Child, this Black Earth Space Domain will be the biggest secret of our Ye family, and also your biggest secret. You should not tell anyone in the future, including Qianqian. Do you understand the meaning in my words?"

  If it is known by some people with ulterior motives or the powerhouses that Wang Si knows, not only Ye Family cannot preserve Ye Tian, perhaps will be Circling Dragon Country will be unable to preserve Ye Tian, because of currently speaking, Ye Tian Talent was too abnormal.

  "Well, this, I understand!" Ye Tian looked at the dozens of Great Revitalising Pills who had matured on the vine: "Mom, look at the Great Revitalising Pills which are planted, what is the difference with Zhou Family Pills?"

  "Good!" Wang Si reached out and carefully picked one. After carefully examining it for a while, she excitedly said: "No wonder Zhou Luotian said that you gave Ye Bai the third-grade Great Revitalising pills, the original is impeccable, right"

  “Is it?” Ye Tian’s eyes blinked: “About you said that we can use this to plant the Great Revitalising Pills and Zhou Luotian a headache?”

  "What do you mean?"

  Wang Si looked at Ye Tian.

  "It's very simple. I can now plant Great Revitalising Pills and Little Revitalising Pills, and even other medicinal pills in large quantities!" Ye Tian said his thoughts: "Why don't you open a medicinal shop in the Lava Town and grab their business directly? They sold at thousand gold coins, and we will sell at 500 , directly breaking the monopoly of his situation and doing so could make their drugstores close."

  "The method is good, but it must be carefully deployed!" Wang Si's eyebrows wrinkled: "If some other hidden strong people found your secret, then it will troublesome."

  On the surface of Lava Town, there seem to be no strong people above the realm of law, but some people can't tell.

  And the medicinal herbs are the must-have for the strong people to cultivate. The Ye family suddenly took it out and sold it, which is bound to attract the attention of some strong people.

  "Not bad!" Ye Tian nodded.

  Wang Si: "Ye Tian, ​​you send me out! Mother have to find someone to deploy the plan you just said and strive to give Zhou Luotian a head-on attack."

  She discovered that this black soil space is the absolute field of Ye Tian. If you want to go out, you will not find a way out.

  "Good!" Ye Tian took the vine and picked it up and handed it to Wang Si: "Mother, you hold it, don't say anything, I can plant it at any time."

  Wang Si did not deny, but happily put all the Great Revitalising Pills into the space ring: "Child, remember the ability of your talent, never tell anyone."


  Ye Tian took his mother out of the Chaotic Black Earth Space and appeared in the hall of Ye Residence out of thin air.

  At this time, Ye Qianqian was anxious to find Ye Tian in the hall. She saw Ye Tian and her mother suddenly appear, she was shocked: "Where did you go?"

  "Don't ask, don't ask!" Wang Si did not look at Ye Qianqian, and changed the topic: "I have to get to go now, are you okay now?"

  "Mother... I slept very late last night!" Ye Qianqian grinned: "I heard something big happened, I was worried about you."

  Ye Tian smiled: "Sister, we are fine, right! Let's eat grapes, brother just bought a few strings on the street."

  Ye Qianqian smiled and extended a jade hand to Ye Tian.

  Ye Tian took out a bunch of Heavenly Ice Grapes from the space ring: "Let's go and wash them to eat."

  "Yeah!" Ye Qianqian nodded, and immediately followed Ye Tian, ​​and walked out of the hall.

  Wang Si looked at this scene but stayed in the same place until Ye Tian and Ye Qianqian disappeared. An angry expression appeared on her face: "Ye Tian, ​​you really defeated the family! There are more than 30 pieces of Heavenly Ice Grapes. More than three thousand spirit stones! You just eating them like snacks with Qianqian?"

  However, after saying this, she smiled: "Eat, eat, anyway, now Ye Family’s luck is not bad now! These Heavenly Ice Grapes, this child’s luck is really good!"

  Maybe the ice grapes were a luxury for them, but not anymore, because Ye Tian can grow them.

  But she didn't know why, at this time, she suddenly remembered Zhou Luotian holding a ice grape as a dowry yesterday, and wanted Zhou Ziqiang to Ye Qianqian.

  In a flash...

  The smile on the face of Wang Si was solidified. Instead, it was endlessly cold: "Oh! Fortunately, I have a foresight, I did not compromise and let Qian Qian marry Zhou Ziqiang... Zhou Luotian!!! You have used medicinal pills to create problems for me, then your good days in Lava Town should be over, and then see how I deal with you!"


  One day later.

  In the lava town, the sound of firecrackers came from the front door of the shop, and Wang Si personally announced that Ye Family officially began to sell the medicines.

  Whether it is Great Revitalising Pills, Little Revitalising Pills, Knife Wound Pill, or Hundred Poison Pills, Qi Refining Pills, Body Refining Pills, all are available in Ye Family Shop.

  As for the price.

  It is always one-fifth cheaper than Zhou Family.

  This move made the strong cultivators of Lava Town happy, and they came from all directions to grab the medicinal pills of Ye Family Store:

  "My God, a big sum of  eight thousand gold coins and third-grade medicinal pills, it is dirt cheap!"

  "Don't say it, let's buy it first! Don't you see the fat man in front, he bought ten Great Revitalising Pills and twenty small ones?"

  "Yes! Right! Such good pills, UU reading and cheap too, you buy a handfull too!"

  "Yes! Ye Family is amazing!"

  "Not bad! I am afraid what will Zhou Family would do!"


  For a while...

  The gate of Ye Family Store were full of people, in arranged  long queue.

  But there was not even a ghost in front of Zhou family's medicine pill shop.

  However, when Zhou Luotian learned bout this situation, he knew there was nothing to worry. From his point of view, the Pill Refining of medicinal herbs every day has a limit.

  Even if Ye Family’s Ye Tian can concoct Pills, the amount of medicinal pills he could sell would be limited, and he will never be able to grab much business from his family.


  An hour has passed...

  The supply of medicinal pills in Ye Family Shop had no intention of decreasing.

  Two hours have passed...

  Wang Si saw the powerhouse who bought the drug had been waiting for a long time, but he also increased the amount of the medicinal pills.

  Half a day passed...

  The strong people who were lined up to buy medicinal pills were almost gone, and the supply of medicinal herbs in Ye Family shops was still very good.

  This time, Zhou Luotian was worried.

  Ye Family shop's supply of medicinal pills, in the Lava Town, it has to stop. In a few days, his family's pharmacy shop would be forced to close.

  In order to find out the truth, Zhou Luotian ate a second-grade appearance changing pill, put on make-up of a beggar begging for food, leaned on the walking stick to arrive at the entrance of Ye Family store.

  He would like to see how many stocks of medicinal herbs are in the family.

  And who is this alchemy master?

  It is impossible to refine so many medicinal drugs at once.

  However, the scene that Zhou Luotian saw at the door of the Ye Family’s shop, which was crowded with people, left him dumbfounded..

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