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  Ye Tian did not answer, but took his mother's hand with the injured shopkeeper Wang, turned and walked into Ye Residence.

  At the same time, the gate of Ye Residence slowly closed, and the blue light curtain enveloped the entire Ye Residence.

  "Father, what should we do now?" Zhou Ziqiang looked at Zhou Luotian.

  "What can I do, go home!" Zhou Luotian said:”I really can't think of it, Ye Tian was acting so dominating, I really doubt that Ye Family is hiding a Pill Refining Master. ”

  "Ah... is that possible?" Zhou Ziqiang shouted out.

  Ye Tian was awakened by the Black Earth Space. Zhou Luotian knew this, but he can’t say for alchemy!

  Zhou Luotian sighed: "I also hope that it is not Ye Tian. If it is really Ye Tian, the three family forces in Lava Town may be shuffled. Don't forget, Ye Tian's grandfather is Wang Meng, not only a Tool Refining Master, but also a Pill Refining Master!"

  "Yes!" Zhou Ziqiang was surprised: "And alchemy has nothing to do with talent, as long as you control the properties of the drug and the refinement of the fire, ac­cord­ing to this logic, this Ye Tian is re­ally a Pill Re­fin­ing Ex­pert, my God, if that Lei Ruoxi knows this truth, it is es­ti­mated that will cry dead!”

  "Don't say anything, and there is no more mention of Qianqian. Ye's heritage seems to be much stronger than our Zhou family!" Zhou Luotian shook his head in a depressed mood: "Let's go! Don't wait, it’s a shame to stand at the doors of Ye’ Family.”

  "Yes, father." Zhou Ziqiang continued to follow Zhou Luotian. Suddenly he lowered his voice and asked: "Then we called someone to attack the Big Iron Hammer and the Uncle Ying last night. What if this mat­ter is dis­cov­ered by Ye Fam­ily! If there is dis­cov­ery, what to do if Ye Tian does re­tal­i­ate us?”

  "Hey! Ye Kong is not in Lava Town, just relying on the early strength, this Ye Tian, still don't dare to do anything to our Zhou family!" Zhou Luotian sneered: "You don't forget, now Ye Family has also offended Lei Tian. If he can be protect himself, even that would a good thing."

  "Yeah, why didn't I think about it!" Zhou Ziqiang let out a sigh of relief, and now he no longer spoke. He was behind Zhou Luotian, and he squeezed the acne from his face from time to time.


  Ye Recidence...

  In the living room.

  Wang Si came in with Ye Tian.

  Seeing that there were 45 male and female servants  cleaning up, Wang Si waved her hand: "You all go out, no one is allowed to come in without my instructions."


  The servants bowed their body, then turned and went out.

  Wang Si shut all the doors and windows, only to look at Ye Tian: "Child, let's talk! Where did your Great Revitalising Pills and Little Revitalising Pills come from? If you say, you have refined them, I don't believe it."

  "I know that my mother doesn't believe it, but if I said it was planted. Do you believe it?"

  Ye Tian smiled bitterly and said truthfully.

  He knew that the Great Revitalising Pills, he had planted in the Chaotic Black Earth Space, he would have to answer when questioned by the mother some day, but fortunately... all the crisis has been lifted.

  “Great Revitalising Pill is planted?”

  Wang Si rolled her eyes: "Then I would rather believe that you have refined it, don't lie, and hurry, explain it honestly."


  Ye Tian grabbed her hand. He knew that it would not be possible to witness the miracle without the mother to go to the Chaotic Black Earth Space. Seeing no one around him, he held his mother’s hand and his body flashed and he entered the Chaotic Black Earth Space.



  Ye Tian and Wang Si's figure appeared in the Chaotic Black Earth Space.

  Just standing firm, Wang Si shouted out: "Ye Tian, ​​is this?"

  "Mother, don't panic. The place where we are now is the Chaotic Black Earth Space, which is the Chaotic Black Soil Domain that my talent has awakend." Ye Tian took out a Revitalising Pill: "I have told you about the medicine pills. They were planted, you don't believe it, then I will plant it for you!"

  After saying this, Ye Tian squatted and buried Great Revitalising Pill in the black soil at his feet.

  Wang Si, then smiled: "Ye Tian, ​​are you sick?"

  "Oh... If I am sick, my mother will know it naturally!" Ye Tian smiled mysteriously and turned to look at a small tree two meters high not far away, seeing it in the green leaves. There were dozens of flower buds, and he was suddenly excited.

  He knew that if there is no accident, [SourceBracelet] will soon be produced.

  And it was at this time.

  Wang Si shouted out.

  Ye Tian looked back and couldn't help laughing.

  It turned out to be a place where the Great Revitalising Pill was buried. A black vine was emerging, and it quickly rooted, sprouted, smoked, and scattered.

  In less than two minutes, there were buds on the vines with Great Revitalising Pills, and the fragrant smells drifted across the Chaotic Black Earth Space.

  "My God!" Wang Si turned stiff and couldn't speak.

  At this time, she believed in Ye Tian’s words. Pt reading

  It turns out that Ye Tian’s Great Revitalising Pills...

  They were really planted! ! !

  "Wait a minute, I am definitely dreaming!" Wang Si, who had come back to senses stretched out his hand and tried hard to punch herself.

  "Oh..." Her tears flowed out.

  "Mother, what are you doing?" Ye Tian looked and shook his head and said: "Even if you don't believe me, just don't punch yourself!"

  "I am not really punching myself, but this surprise is really too big!" Wang Si was so excited that she cried: "Child, talk to your mother quickly, do you have any restrictions on planting this big Dandan?"

  Ye Tian grabbed his head: "I don't think there is any limit? I also planted Great Revitalising Pills with Little Revitalising Pills before! Why do you ask this?"

  "If there is no limit, then we Ye Family, no! We will never have to be suffocated by Zhou Family from now on!" Wang Si excitedly said: "The meaning of this, child, don't you know?"

  "I know!" Ye Tian smiled mysteriously: "But mother... there is even Big surprise! You see that little tree, in fact... that is the result of planting [Source Bracelet] ."

  “Hey?” Wang Si was stunned: “Even... even the second-order Profound Tool can be planted?”

  "Yeah!" Ye Tian nodded. "Mother, your son's talent awakening Domain is amazing! Not only can you plant any medicinal herbs, but you can also plant any utensils, but... animals can't be planted."

  Wang Si smiled happily: "Stupid child, you have to be content with yourself. If you can really plant anything, you will be shackled by the gods. It is ready against the heavens. Lei Ruoxi would regret, she did not choose my son, that is the biggest mistake she has made in her life."

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