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  "Oh, isn't this the Great Elder of Ye Family?" Zhou Luotian went in front of Ye Bingjun, and there was doubt in his eyes: "Why are you so unreasonable to Mrs Ye?"

  "Yeah, the Great Elder treat Mrs Ye like this, they are extremely disrespectful! Don't forget, she is now the owner of Ye Family." Zhou Ziqiang joined the road.

The acne face is a hypocritical smile.
  "Hey! She is not fair, the family of our Ye family is injured, and they refused to take out the remedy to save people! I am an elder, naturally I want to shoot." Ye Bingjun snorted: "But Zhou Luotian, it seems No matter what you are?"

  "Oh... It’s not my business to say that, but it is what I caused." Zhou Luotian smirked two times: "Do you want to hear the reasons for the elders?"

  "Please say!" Ye Bianjun deliberately made a curious look.

  "This is the case..." Zhou Luotian looked at Wang Si meaningfully: "I want Zhou Ziqiang..."

  When the words have not been finished, Ye Tian, ​​who has been unable to see it, is interrupted by anger: "Zhou Luotian! You are not acting with Ye Bingjun. Let’s go, I invited so many people to Dan in the early morning today. Medicine is an excuse to make trouble, don’t you just want my sister to marry Zhou Ziqiang?"

  "Haha...what is it? Is this wrong?" Zhou Luotian had a hand on his face. There was a smugness on his thin face: "Your sister is just an abandoned baby. My son Ken Ming is already watching." She! Tell you Ye Tian, ​​as long as your mother does not agree to let Ye Qianqian marry my son, then I will never want to get a medicinal medicine in Zhou, I just want to go to other places to buy at a high price, it is impossible!"

  "You! Shameless!" This threatened the hair of the leaves and the hair was erected.

  At the same time, it was confirmed that the shadow uncle and the big hammer were definitely injured by Zhou’s people.

  And Ye Bingjun listened to Zhou Luotian’s words, and did not care a little about Ye’s face. Instead, he made an angry anger and pointed his finger at Wang Si and Ye Tian: “Well! I said why Ye Jia could not take the remedy to give Ye Bai The father’s cure was originally because of Ye Qianqian’s abandoning baby!”

  Ye Bai followed up and said: "I really have this reason. Isn’t our family of the Ye family not as good as an abandoned baby?"

  The other dozens of Ye Family's children are also the beginning of 'indignation':

  "It's really shameless, it's a girl who doesn't have any blood relationship with Ye Family, and the safety of the family of the Ye Family is ignored. Can you not ask Mrs. Ye?"

  "Yes! How can you manage our Ye Family in such a way that you are selfish and greedy?"

  "Please hand over the leaves of Ye Family and get out of Yefu!"

  "Yes, get out of Yefu!"

  "I agree!"

  "me too!"

  "And I!"


  There are more and more Ye family members who have condemned Wang Si for surrendering Ye Jiayu. The smiles of Ye Bingjun and Zhou Luotian are more and more splendid.

  Seeing this way, he will make a big move. Ye Bianjun quickly waved his hand and gestured to all the children of Ye’s troubles in the gesture of the winner: "

Mrs. Ye, do you choose to hand over the jade seal of Ye Family and let Ye Qianqian marry Zhou Ziqiang? Otherwise, what will happen next is not what you and I can stop! ”
  "Ye!!" Wang Si’s head was blank, and the sly slammed almost fell. After taking a deep breath and trying to calm himself down, he said: "I admit that you won this time, but you I am not afraid that my husband will return to the air, will you unload eight pieces?"

  Obviously, she only chooses to hand over the jade seal, and she will awaken Ye Qianqian in the field of life to marry Zhou Ziqiang. This is impossible.

  Because she will not watch Ye Qianqian fall into the fire pit of Zhou family!


  When Ye Bingjun heard the name, he couldn’t help but numb, but on the surface, he was hard-pressed: "Mrs. Ye, I’m not afraid to take the air, I’m not scared, you just say, it’s a jade. Yin or Ye Qianqian will do."

  "I am jade!" Wang Si helplessly took out a crystal clear square jade seal, and tears ... at this time finally could not stop flowing out.

  "It's really pedantic!" Zhou Luotian saw Wang Si at this point and refused to marry Ye Qianqian to his son. He suddenly gnawed his teeth. He knew that all these days had been exhausted and I was afraid of ruining.

  "Ha ha ha..." Ye Bingjun was proud of his head and laughed. He reached out and grabbed the jade seal on Wang Si’s hand.

  He waited for a day, but waited for a long time!

  "Mother, jade print can't give!"

  Suddenly, Ye Tiangao’s figure was in front of Wang Si’s. His sharp eyes glanced at Ye Bingjun: “You give me away, your dirty hands don’t deserve the jade seal of Ye Family! ”

  "Children... don't use anything!" Wang Si wiped the tears in his eyes: "The situation has been fixed, we can't save it."

  "Yes, unless you can take the remedy, let the Ye Jiazi behind me be convinced!"

  Ye Bianjun sneered.

  Zhou Luotian said: "There is still a way for Ye Qianqian to marry my son. I will immediately provide the family with the required medicine. Isn't everything solved?"

  "You dreamed of going!" Ye Tian glanced at Zhou Luotian, and his face was sullen and he took out five small dandans and two big dans from the space ring. UU reading went straight to the leaves. White.

  "What do you want to do?" Looking at the imposing Ye Tian, ​​Ye Bai could not help but be scared back two steps.

  Ye Tianyang raised his hand to Da Dan and Xiao Dandan: "Does your father not want to cure the remedy? Take it! How far it is to give me how far."

  "Where are you coming?"

  Ye Bai shouted out of his voice and widened his eyes and looked at the medicinal herbs in Ye Tian’s hands.

  Zhou Luotian, who looked at this scene, was also dumbfounded. He quickly went to Ye Tian’s front and back in three or two steps: “Your medicinal medicine is for me to see, it’s absolutely fake! It’s fake!”

  "Yeah! Ye Tian, ​​you don't want to take fake medicinal herbs to make leaf white!" Ye Bianjun followed.

  In his opinion, if Ye Tian has an medicinal herb, it will not be taken until now, and it is definitely a fake!

  “Is it?” Ye Tian threw a big Dandan to Zhou Luotian, and said coldly: “Look at your dog’s eyes and have a good look. Don’t think that only you can refine the medicine in the town of Lava. We can still be home!"

  "This is impossible……"

  "This is impossible..."

  Zhou Luotian, who had taken over Da Dan, looked at his eyes and looked at it carefully. He did not let a trace of detail, but as he watched for a longer time, the shock on his face became bigger and bigger.

  Needless to say.

  Ye Tian gave him the great Dan, not only true, but also the refining technique and the order, not much better than his Zhou Jia’s Da Dan.

  "Is it real?"

  Ye Bianjun asked Zhou Luotian, there was a trace of anxiety in his eyes.

  If it is true, then he wants to take the jade seal of Ye Family in the name of the drug, but he will lose money, and he will be jokes by everyone present, but if it is fake... he does not mind to use Ye Tian, ​​the king of the eight lambs. The law of the earth.

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