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  "It's true, it's absolutely true." Zhou Luotian smiled and returned Great Revitalising Pills to Ye Tian: "Not only is it true, but the grade has reached the highest third-grade of Great Revitalising Pills. It seems that you Ye Family is really a Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger! Keeping such an Pill Refining Master so deep."

  "Who is this Pill Refining Master?" Ye Bingjun looked at Ye Tian with a short breath.

  Ye Tian sneered: "Are you qualified to know? Why should I tell you?"

  "You... there is no way I don't know, I don't believe that I can't investigate it!" The blue veins on Ye Bingjun's forehead were all revealed. There were so many people around, he really hate this arrogant Ye Tian.

  This is the face of the Ye Family Elder turned red.

  Seeing that he could not use the medicinal herbs to threaten Ye Tian or get the Jade Seal of Ye Family, and Ye Bianjun turned around and disappeared into nothingness.

  "Great elders, big elders!" Ye Bai chased and shouted. He knew that he was in a miserable situation. He just wanted to bring dozens of Ye Family's juniors to earn some extra money but now Ye Tian was standing imposingly in front of him.

  "Where are you going?" Ye Tian reached out and grabbed Ye Bai's collar.

  "Oh... I got the remedy I needed, naturally I have to go home!" Ye Bai replied with a cold sweat.

  "Oh... but Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pills are still in my hands! You have not taken it!" Ye Tian blinked.

  "Og shit, I forgot! Forgot..." Ye Bai quickly reached for the medicinal herbs in Ye Tian's hand and turned to leave.

  But the next second, he found out that Ye Tian’s hand had grabbed his collar, and was punched on his face.


  The blood spurted out, and a few teeth flew out. Ye Bai was bombarded on the spot and flew out for more than ten meters. He fell on the ground and could not stand up again.

  "Ye Tian... You... Why are you hitting me?" Ye Bai, who was kneeling on the ground, screamed, with his right face swollen like a pig's head.

  In his opinion, only Ye Kong, who dared to beat him, and his father.

  "Why are you hitting?" Ye Tian said: "You don't understand this? Hey! Then I will tell you, you wanted to take the medicine pills, why did you bring so many Ye Family's juniors to Ye Residence. What are you doing? Wanted to rebel?"

  "You can't talk nonsense!"

  Ye Bai waved his hand and almost scared shit his pants.

  "Nonsense? You will know when in a minute!" Ye Tian reached out and pointed at the dozens of guards standing behind his mother: "Come on, and give this Ye Bai a beating who wants you rebel, if he resist, kill him!"

  Now that he has solved the problem of the Medicinal pills, it is natural to liquidate the old account.

  "Yes!" The dozens of guards took neat steps and surrounded Ye Bai with no effort.

  The other dozens of Ye Jiazi's juniors, one of them took the lead and wanted to run away. On the spot, he was surrounded and punched unconscious.

  In fact, the guards of Yefu saw that Mrs Ye was bullied by these dozens of Ye Family's juniors because of medicinal pills.

  The matter of medicinal pills was solved by Ye Tian, ​​and the reason was to stand on the side of Ye Family. Naturally, it was necessary to kill these hundred traitors who were unconcerned with Ye Family.

  "Oh my God!"

  "Mom! They are really killing!"

  The other juniors of Ye’s family saw this horrible scene, and they were scared to scream, they dared to run away. Under the leadership of dozens of guards, they followed behind Ye Bai, and they ran after them.

  Ye Xu, who was standing in the distance and watching the scene. He quickly walked up to Ye Tian’s side: "Since you have Great Revitalising pills and Little Revitalising Pills you will owe to me. Let me go back after I take it."

  "I will pay for my account!" Ye Tian looked at Ye Xu coldly: "But it is not for you, it can only be returned to Zhengyang Taoist, because who knows whether the loan on the animal skin is true, I must see him. It’s the same for Zhengyang Taoist.”

  Although the words on the bright side are like this, the real purpose of Ye Tian was actually to know from the mouth of the Zhengyang Taoist, how his father and the brother were still doing.

  For spirit stones and medical pills, he didn't care about this!

  "You..." Ye Xuyi, then angrily said: "Ye Tian, ​​you really won't give?"

  "I won't give it, unless Zhengyang Taoist is here, confirming that I owe him spiritual stones and medicinal pills." Ye Tian's eyes were screaming with a strong murderous intent: "Ye Xu, my mother was bullied, but cannot bully me. If you want something, you can come here. I am always ready."

  "Okay, very good!" Ye Xu's face was gloomy and pointed his finger: "You just wait, I will call the Zhengyang Taoist, and I then, if you don't dare to pay then I see you."

  At the same time, Ye Xu took a look at Zhou Luotian, seeing that Zhou Luotian was indifferent and did not speak out. He suddenly knew that the play could not go on. Now he had to wave his hand to the hundred people behind him, and he turned around disappeared. In front of the gate of Ye Residence.

  Wang Si, who looked at this scene, is still in the middle of it. PT reading

  She couldn't understand when her 16-year-old son suddenly stood up and turned the tide, and also took out the Medicinal pills.

  After returning to her senses, she couldn’t stop her tears. She quickly hugged Ye Tian: "Child, tell your mother, where did you get these Great Revitalising Pills and Little Revitalising Pills? And... our Ye Jia is it is not true that there is a Pill Refining Master."

  Not far away, Zhou Luotian and Zhou Ziqiang, who were going, listened to Wang Si’s question and hurriedly raised their ears.

  Ye Tian was not a fool. After reaching out to wipe the tears on his mother's face, he turns his head and looks at Zhou Ziqiang and Zhou Luotian. "What are you doing here? Go away? You still want to use the threat of medicinal pills. We can make them ourselves."

  "You...there are misunderstandings before, Ye Tian, ​​don't worry about it!" Zhou Luotian cheeked and smiled: "Actually, my son really likes Qianqian, but the method of pursuing is a bit too radical."

  "Yes! I really like Qianqian!" Zhou Ziqiang touched the acne on his face and said with embarrassment.

  “Is it?” Ye Tian’s blinked his eyes: “Is it not for Qianqian’s talent?”

  "Of course not, Ye Tian, ​​you know more! We don't know what Qianqian's talent is?" Zhou Luotian hurriedly explained, but panic in the eye still could not be concealed.

  "Not just fine!" Ye Tian didn't want to say anything more to despicable people like Zhou Luotian. He wanted his hand and said: "Please come back!" By the way, to remind you, today, what your Zhou Family has done to my family, I will pay double back."

  "What do you mean by this?" Zhou Luotian felt awkward in his heart and seemed to notice what Ye Tian was going to do next.

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