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  Ye Tian also felt it, but he didn't worry because he could plant it with Chaotic Black Earth Space.

  Ye Tian was looking for an excuse to tell his mother that he can grow spirit stones and medicinal pills, suddenly there was some noise in the streets not far away.

  Looking at the sound, Ye Tian saw the shopkeeper Wang who was bruised, and dozens of Ye Family's juniors were walking towards Ye Residence with knives and other weapons.

  "What is going on?" Wang Si refused to take care of her own safety and quickly walked towards Shopkeeper Wang.

  Ye Tian followed.

  And Ye Xu with his small eyes, smirking and telling people to let people to open a path.

  It seemed from his eyes, that a good play was about to start.

  When shopkeeper Wang saw Wang Si coming towards him, he immediately slammed to the ground: “Mrs Ye, I... I am guilty! The shop I managed was...”

  "Don't be like this, stand up and say!" Wang Si quickly raised shopkeeper Wang.

  "I still say a fart!" A fat-faced Ye Family junior took the knife and pointed at the shopkeeper Wang and said: "This old guy refused to give me the practice of Little Revitalising Pill and Great Recital Pill, and also closed the shop door..."

  "Ye Bai, your talents have not been opened, what would you do with Little Revitalising Pill and Great Revitalising Pill?" Ye Tian annoyed, lifted his leg and kicked towards the fat-faced Ye Family junior to look dominating: “Listen, take your people and roll away right away from my sight or don't blame me!"

  "Ye Tian, ​​you... dare to kick me?" This Ye Family junior, who is Ye Bai, climbed up from the ground and took out an envelope, angered and shouted: "See clearly, when my father was hunting a demon beast he was injured, and the old man told me to take the medicine. Do you dare to give it?"

  “Is it?” Ye Tian grabbed the envelope in Ye Bai’s hand. When he understood it, the whole face was dark: “Just broke a thumb and you are asking for five Little and two Great Revitalising Pills?"

  Little Revitalising Pill was said that after all, the price was not expensive, but Great Revitalising Pill was not simple. The price was expensive and even for Medicine Pill Masters, refining it was quite troublesome.

  Under normal circumstances, people who are not seriously injured will not use it.

  Ye Bai sees Ye Tian’s dissent, and he snorted coldly: “Hey! Ye Tian, ​​you can’t control it! Ye Family has regulations and injured people can apply for Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pill free of charge, otherwise what do you want the patriarch to do? What do our family pay so many gold coins for every year to your family? Is it for you to eat, drink and play?"

  "You!" Ye Tian

  The Qi in the fists and nails were plunged into the flesh and he couldn’t wait to punch Ye Bai in front of him.

  If his father with his older brother was here, who would dare to speak to him like this.

  However, as a person who was born again, he knows that he can't be impulsive at this time. Ye Bai, the nephew who dared to come to Ye Family to make a fuss, if no one was behind him, it was absolutely impossible.

  And this person is definitely not Zhou Luotian but Ye Xu.

  Because Ye Family in Lava Town and even Mo Family City, he only has to offend these two people.

  Wang Si at the side also understood at the moment, Ye Bai came to make troubles this morning, it must be someone behind instigating. Seeing Ye Bai will not go without medicinal pills, the current of inspiration came to her mind, she smiled at Ye Bai: "Since your father was injured, then I will give this remedy, but you have to find Great Elder to sign first. After all, the two Great Revitalising Pill are not cheap, what do you say?"

  Ye Family Great Elder Ye Baojun mysteriously appears and disappears, his strength is in Principle peak realm. He is over 300 years old, basically did not attend any Ye Family matter.

  Wang Si took out the name of Ye Bianjun, obviously, it was for delaying the time.

  However, this was also a move of helpless. If her husband was in Ye Recidence, she would not let such a thing happen.

  Who knows that Ye Bai seems to understand Wang Si’s mind and after a smile, he nodded: "Okay, I agree with madame!"

  In the next second, circular ripples spread out and a black robed old man appeared in front of Wang Si out of thin air: "Wang Si, you want me to sign Ye Bai, okay! Okay, I will sign it immediately. ”

  "Great elders... you... how come you?"

  Wang Si was stunned and her face was pale white.

  Obviously, Ye Bianjun, who has always been concentrating on cultivation, suddenly appeared. This was premeditated.

  The purpose was to force her to hand over the drugs immediately. If it can't be done, things will be troublesome.

  Because in the second year of Ye Kong going to Evolution Mystic Place, Ye’s Family proposed to elect a new patriarch. If he was aided by Zhou’s and Lei’s forces, he would not be able to drag on today.

  The person who proposed this was Ye Bingjun.


  Because Qian Qian and [Spirit Snake Sword], Zhou Family and Lei Family were offended. If Ye Bianjun used the drug to let her surrender the rights of the patriarch, she would not be able to help it a bit.

  Wang Si, who thought of this, took a heavy step back. She looked at Ye Bingjun with a mask and her eyes were red: "If I say... even if you sign Ye Bai now, I will not take it out. Will you kind enough to take medicinal pills out?"

  "It won't be like that, you just have to hand over the jade seal of the Ye family." Ye Bianjun said coldly.

  Ye Jiayu Jade Seal.

  It represented the supremacy of the Ye family.

  When Ye Bingjun’s words came out, even fools could understand, what was going on. He wanted to take the position of the head of Ye Family.

  The ugly face of Ye Bai who was taking the trouble, all of a sudden bloomed.

  "Hey! If my mother handed over the jade seal, the Great Elder are not qualified enough!" Ye Tian helped the mother, looking angry at Ye Bingjun: "All this… have you all reached an agreement with Zhou Luotian?"

  "I do not know what you're talking about?"

  Ye Bianjun shook his head with a funny smile, but the tone of his speech was obviously weaker.

  And Ye Bai, who stood behind Ye Bingjun, and so on, dozens of Ye Family juniors,when Wang Si said that even if the signature was not a big deal but there were no medicinal pills, suddenly there an angry expression on the face on their face pointing to Wang Si and Ye Tian and taunting: "Hey! What a pair of mother and child, if you are incapable don't take charges of Ye Family's rights! PT reads "

  "Yes, let the Great Elder do it. I think the matter about the remedy will definitely be solved  satisfactorily!"

  "Hurry up and hand over the jade seal of Ye Family, don't take up the pit and not pull it to death."

  "Get out of Ye Family, Ye Family's right should not be in woman’s control!"

  "Roll! Don't force us to do it!"


  Listening to these ugly words, Ye Tian looked at the more and more Ye Family’s juniors making trouble. Wang Si’s only felt a sweet sensation in her throat, and a blood was spurted out.

  Since her husband Ye Kong went to [Evolution Mystic Place], in the past three years, she has been working hard for Ye Family. What good things were there, she would take it out for the family first.

  I am afraid that the Ye family will not be convinced that her woman is in charge of the Ye family.

  What can I do?

  Is it the end……

  Just because of a few pills.

  What is happening?

  "Mother!!" Ye Tian shouted out.

  When Ye Tian was trying to go help Wang Si to the hall to repair the wounds. Ye Bai reached out and stopped him. The shouted in a cold voice: "Ye Tian! Today, if you don't solve the problem of the drug, don't think about it."

  "Yes, If you want to hide in Ye Residence as a tortoise with no doors to enter!" Ye Bai shouted with arrogance.

  "Ha ha ha..."

  The other dozens of Ye Family children started laughing at the schadenfreude.

  "You... shameful!" The anger in Ye Tian’s heart was burning at this time, and he put his hand into the space ring. He was about to take out the Great Revitalising Pills which he planted. Suddenly, he found not far away, Zhou Luotian in black robe with Zhou Ziqiang with acne on his face, surrounded by dozens of guards, walking with swag.

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