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  "I...I..." Ye Tian was embarrassed and scratched his head perfunctorily saying: "When I took the [Source Bracelet] from the Treasure Pavilion yesterday, I also took away two Great Revitalising Pills, by the way."

  "There are only two Great Revitalising Pills?" Wang Si had a smile on her face and there was no expression to blame.

  Although this son of her was sometimes naughty but he would never act unreasonably.She was very clear about this.

  "This... these are two Little Revitalising Pills..." Ye Tian laughed.

  Even if you can't say no, he knows that these medicinal herbs are registered in Ye Family.

  Just blame yourself, not returning it for the first time.

  "What are you doing with so many medicinal pills?" Grandma Wu was very curious. At the same time, she placed two big dandans in the mouth of the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying.

  Ye Tian: "Nothing, just thinking about being injured and using it for yourself."

  "Oh... finally, saved the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying's life!" Grandma Wu smiled: "Well, no one blames you, but this thing can not be said to other people of Ye family."

  "I know!" Ye Tian breathed a sigh of relief.

  Only fools would say it, but it was related to Ye Family’s reputation and the rules.

  “Right!” Grandma Wu looked at Wang Si: “Madam, what should we do next? The Zhou family have serious injured Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying to let us not find a new source of medicinal pills. And once we can't find it for a long time, I am afraid that our Ye family’s clansmen will probably rebel!"

  "I know, but I will not compromise with Zhou Luotian, and will not marry Qianqian to  Zhou Ziqiang!" Wang Si thought for a moment and suddenly made a decision: "So, Grandma Wu! You help me take care of Ye Tian and Qianqian. I personally make a trip to Mo Family City. I don't believe that his Zhou family would attack a weak woman."


  Grandma Wu did not know what to say.

  Now, to leave Ye Residence in these conditions, it is dangerous.

  Ye Tian didn't think and quickly said: "Mother, I don't agree. Zhou's people dared to attack Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying, you definitely cannot go, it is that Zhou Luotian's trap."

  "Child, then how do we solve medicine pill’s problem?"

  Wang Si loved to look at Ye Tian.

  Suddenly... she felt that Ye Tian has really grew up.

  "This is why..." Ye Tian grabbed his head and hesitated if he should not say the secret of the Chaotic Black Earth Space.

  He knows, just say it.

  The remedy for medicinal herbs will surely be solved.

  At this moment, a fat male servant ran into the hall flustered: "Reporting the lady, the seventh elder outside the gate said to he wants to see you."

  "Seventh elder?" Wang Si frowned: "But Ye Xu was expelled from Ye Family five years ago because of gambling in Mo Family City by head of the family?"

  "It is him!" Fat male servant  replied.

  Grandma Wu wondered: "What did Ye Xu come here for? I seem to remember that he was driven out of Ye Family five years ago?"

  "I don't know about this!" The fat male servant said: "Mrs Ye, I still have to go see him! He is now blocking the door with nearly a hundred people."

  "Good! You go first, I will come later!" Wang Si waved her hand.

  "Yes!" Fat family turned and left.

  Ye Tian: "Mother, I will go with you. ”

  "Good!" Wang Si nodded and turned to look at Grandma Wu: "Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying will be under your care."

  "Do not worry! I will do my best."

  Grandma Wu bows.

  "Let's go!"

  Wang Si took the lead and walked out of the hall.

  Ye Tian followed.


  Ye Residence entrancr.

  A middle-aged man with a knife scar on his face, with nearly a hundred people blocking the entrance at this time, looking at their faces, one by one, they were up to nothing good.

  And this middle-aged man with a knife scar was exactly Ye Xu!

  If you don't know that there is a strong array made by Ye Rulong in Ye Residence, it is estimated that he has already taken the lead on it.

  Seeing Wang Si with Ye Tian appearing at the gate, Ye Xu screamed loudly: "Wang Si! This father rushed from the Mo Family City to Ye Residence, you dare to shut me out, won’t you even ask me for a tea?"

  "You are no longer a member of Ye family, why should you enter Ye Residence?" Wang Si’s voice was low: "Ye Xu, if there is nothing else, please come back!"

  Not waiting for Ye Xu to return, Wang Si’s two talent-level guards guarding the door waved: “Close the door! Whoever enters Ye Residence, kills him!”


  The door was slowly closed.

  At the same time, another guard pressed a dragon head shape switch on the wall next to him.

  Hey! Hey!

  The sacred gods opened, and a blue light instantly enveloped the entire Ye Residence.

  "Wait a minute!" Ye Xu took out a animal skin: "Wang Si! Before you drive me away, you have to pay me sprit stones and medicinal pills that your husband borrowed."

  "When did my husband owe you spirit stones and medicinal pills?" Wang Si body trembled and reached out to stop the closure of the door and asked with a stern voice: "Are you sure you are not talking nonsense?"

  "You will know after looking at the contents of this animal skin?"

  Ye Xu threw the animal hide at the gate.

  Wang Si wanted to close God Murdering Formation to pick up animal skin but Ye Tian said: "Mother, be careful and don’t believe this swindler, my father has been in the [Evolution Mystic Place] for more than three years without any news, how can he owe Ye Xu's spirit stones and medicinal pills?"

  "It is because there is no message, I will not let go of any information." Wang Si lovingly looked at Ye Tian, ​​"Children, I have been missing your father all the time in the past three years, and your big brother! What if Ye Xu is really saying truth? PT reading at , what would we do if we missed this opportunity to know where your father is now."


  He didn't know why but Ye Tian's nose was sour and now he personally reached out and pressed the dragon head shaped switch that closes the God Murdering Formation, and walked out of the gate and picked up the animal skin on the ground.

  At first glance, his eyes suddenly widened.

  It turned out to be the father's handwriting.

  Wang Si saw something wrong with the situation and she quickly followed to the animal skin.

  The above content was written by Ye Kong before entering the [Evolution Mystic Place].

  Because Ye Rulong was suddenly injured when he was practicing, he was in desperate need of spirit stones and medicinal pills. There was no way for Ye Kong, so he borrowed from from a man named Zhengyang Taoist a thousand spirit stones at that time with Ten Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pills.

  And said that it will be returned after coming out of [Evolution Mystic Place].

  Seeing Wang Si, Ye Xu asked in a cold voice: "This above writes that my husband owes Daoist Zhengyang spirit stone with medicine pill, it has nothing to do with you!”

  "Ha ha ha... Is there any difference?" Ye Xu grinned, making the knife on his face seem even more fierce: "To tell you the truth, Zhengyang Taoist lost money in my gambling hall, he gave me this memorandum receipt mortgage, for him now can I not ask to account or not?

  "You!" Wang Si’s face darkened, but she was a person who knows the overall situation. After collecting the animal skin, she said: "Well! You wait, I will take out thousand spirit stones to you."

  "Okay, yes, don't forget, there are ten Great Revitalising Pills and Little Revitalising Pills!" Ye Xu smirked.

  Little Revitalising Pills and Great Revitalising Pills...

  Wang Si’s heart was shocked. At this time, there was still Great Revitalising Pill and Little Revitalising Pills in Ye Recidence. It was not a coincidence for Ye Xu to take out animal skin to discuss it.

  This must be instructed by Zhou Luotian!

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