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  "Yeah! Fortunately, the lady did not agree with that traitor Lei Tianbao!"

  "Nothing, even if were to  comply, that Lei Tianbao’s sinister plot will not prevail even if you promised before, Lei Tianbao will not succeed." Shou Dao smirked and laughed: "Mrs Ye, now is the imperative, you have to find a way to turn over the tide without any difficulty! Obviously, before Lei Tianbao did not get the [Spirit Snake Sword], he will not give up. ”

  "I know this." Wang Si gratefully nodded, and the oval face showed a gratifying smile: "Shou Dao! Thank you for running late at night to tell me all this. If you don't have to go, you can stay in Ye Residence tonight. Let me cook for you tomorrow."

  "Mrs Ye, you don't have to be so polite, Ye Tian's things are actually my business also. If there is no Ye Tian, ​​I would have died in Lava Town five years ago!" The Shou Dao had a sip of tea and said seriously: "And now, with Lei Tianbao not guarding, I want to secretly seek for more useful news."

  "This... I don't have to ask for the news, because everything is clear." Wang Si hesitated: "Shou Dao, if you are not afraid of hard work, I want you to ask for a favor."

  "Mrs Ye, please say." Shou Dao listened.

  Wang Si took out a jade card: "Go to Zhongyang County Tool Refining Sect to look for my father Wang Meng. Say the matters that Ye Family recently had, he personally will certainly come to help.”

  "Okay! Then I will do it now." Shou Dao took over the token. After receiving it, he reached out and patted Ye Tian’s shoulder, and disappeared from thin air.

  "Oh... This boy’s realm is not high, but he have real skills!" Uncle Ying looked at the way the Shou Dao had disappeared. His eyes lit up, then turned to look at Wang Si: "Mrs Ye, I don't know if he is reliable?"

  "Reliable." Wang Si said without thinking much.

  Ye Tian: "If it is unreliable, why would Shou Dao tell us the secrets of eavesdropping? I can tell you, Shou Dao trust me unconditionally and he is my best friend, between friends, it should be Unconditional trust."


  Uncle Ying laughed.

  Ye Tian’s remarks made him have nothing to say.

  Wang Si waved her hand: "Okay! Don't say anymore about Shou Dao, Uncle Ying, Big Iron Hammer! Now there are important things that you have to do."


  "Mrs Ye, please say!"

  The Big Iron Hammer and  Uncle Ying listened respectfully.

  Wang Si stood up and walked back and forth a few steps: "Now Zhou Luotian is in a stalemate with our Ye family. He refuses to sell us a medicinal pills to our Ye Family. This will not work. You have to go to [Mo Family City]. Looks for other Pill Refining Master, purchases medicine pill in the name of Ye Family. I think that they would sell at expensive price, it does not matter, but must guarantee the medicine pill supply of Ye Family clansman.”


  "We understand what we have to do!"

  Uncle Ying returned with Big Iron Hammer.

  "You go and get 50,000 gold coins from Storekeeper Wang, travel on the road careful!” Wang Si said.



  Under the leadership of the Shopkeeper Wang, Uncle Ying and Big Iron Hammer went out of the living room.

  Ye Tian gazed at the disapperaing figures of the three of them, and then turned to look at Wang Si: "Mother, do you need me to do anything?"

  "No, you can protect your sister, go back to sleep!" Wang Si waved her hand.

  Looking at the back of his mother, Ye Tian almost blurted out and said that the Chaotic Black Earth Space can be planted with medicinal herbs, but after thinking about it, at this time, he shouldn't give trouble to his mother.

  He has grown up now and should take responsibility as a part of the family.

  Seeing that sister Ye Qianqian was dozing off, Ye Tian smiled faintly, took her hand and turned and walked out of the living room.


  Because there was something in his heart, Ye Tian couldn't sleep well and he turned over and over again at night. When he saw the sky brightened, he simply dressed up, went to the training field and began the training course that he needed every day.


  Knocking out the punches, like a overbearing fierce tiger, the steps as sturdy of pine tree.

  Ye Family's "Basic Body Forging Boxing". Ye Tian felt that that his whole body had relaxed a lot. He was concentrating on Qi gathering and he had to guide the source of the heavens and the earth to quench Dantian.

  "It only early morning, what happened?" Ye Tian looked at the direction of the noise, it was coming from the position of gate of Ye Recidence.

  "Let's take a look." Ye Tian quickly ran towards the gate.


  He saw dozens of family male servant of Ye Family, and dozens of other passers-by at the gate, pointing to the two people lying on the ground.

  Ye Tian opened some gap between onlooker's to see it and his heart suddenly became tight. It turned out that the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying were seriously injured in flesh and blood, lying on the ground, suffocating.

  If it weren't for the tokens of Ye Family's two special guards around their waist, he wouldn't have recognized them.

  "Why are you standing!" Ye Tian, ​​who came back from the stupor, said to the onlookers: "Hurry up and go to the hall to find Grandma Wu to wrap the wound!"



  "My God, Big Iron Hammer is really heavy!"

  Dozens of family members have come back from their stupor, and they tened to move the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying to the direction of the hall.

  Ye Tian also followed behind.

  He did not find that among the passer-by who were at entrance, two men in black-cloths with bamboo hat, had a self-satisfied smiling face.

  In the hall.

  Wang Si has already come over with Grandma Wu.

  However, when Wu’s mother saw the injury of the big hammer and the shadow uncle, she immediately shook her head helplessly: “This person who shot was enough viciously, they perhaps can be cures, UU reading but Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying will turn into the disabled person.”

  "Do you know who’s  poisonous hand is this?" Wang Si asked with a calm face.

  Grandma Wu squatted and checked the injury to the Big Iron Hammer: "He had been hit  by the thunder attribute Domain attack method at dantian position. If there is no accident, it must be related to Zhou Family, because in the Lava Town, only Zhou have Thunder attribute Domain."

  "Damn, I understand, this is the work of Zhou Luotian!" Wang Si's face was white and she felt deeply guilty about the encounter with the Big Iron Hammer and the Uncle Ying.

  If she didn't send them to find the Medicinal Pills last night, she would never have to face such a thing.

  Ye Tian was also very enraged. He looked at Grandma Wu: “Don’t say anything, first think of ways to save the Big Iron Hammer and Uncle Ying

  "I also want to save, but the Great Revitalising Pill in the Hidden Treasure Pavilion was taken away by the Ye Family’s clansmen yesterday. I am now powerless!" Grandma Wu said with a smile.

  "Yes, since I fell out with Zhou Luotian, I don't know why, the clansmen came to ask for precious medicinal herbs such as Great Revitalising Pill yesterday and all of them were out of stock overnight." Wang Si shook her head in confusion.

  "I have two more here!" Ye Tian took out Great Revitalising Pill from the space ring which he planted in the Chaotic Black Earth Space and handed it to Grandma Wu: "I don't know if it’s enough?"

  "Where did these come from?"

  Grandma Wu was startled by receiving Great Revitalising Pill.

  For Ye Family, Great Revitalising Pills were very precious and worth a large sum. It was impossible to bring it with you. To be used, it needs to be registered with the elders of Ye Family. Especially in these few days, where can you just casually bring Great Revitalising Pill with him.

  "Yes! Where did this come from?" Wang Si was also looking at Ye Tian with doubts.

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