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Chapter 648: 648

The next day, Lu Enterprises announced the cooperation with MR Group on a new project .

There were comments from the insiders that the situation of the whole country would change if the two giants, Lu Enterprises and MR Group, joined hands .

Being shocked, the whole industry paid close attention to their cooperation .

Soon, it was exposed that it was Xia Mili who facilitated the cooperation between Lu Enterprises and MR Group .

For the domestic media, Xia Mili was a strange name .

But she was able to promote the cooperation, which showed that she had a great value for news .

The major media began to dig out Xia Mili’s background . It was said that she came from an ordinary family in a town . She was so smart and studious since childhood that she had always won first place and had been recommended for admission to elite schools . She finally went to study at Columbia University in the United States .

The news continued to be hot . Overnight, Xia Mili was described as a successful and encouraging woman who had become a model for kids born in an ordinary family .

But soon, the fact that Xia Mili and Lu Boyan were alumni was also revealed . Someone even disclosed that when they were in school, there had been gossips about Xia Mili and Lu Boyan .

An encouraging and successful woman, who was young and beautiful and also rumored to have an affair with a big shot in the business world, would undoubtedly become the focus of public opinion .

Some people said that it was very likely for Lu Boyan to have a romantic relationship with Xia Mili .

Initially, Lu Boyan was a normal man . It was impossible that after he knew Su Jian’an at the age of sixteen, there had been a big blank in his emotional life before he was 30 .

Secondly, Xia Mili seemed to be good in all aspects, and she was smart and beautiful enough . It was not surprising that Lu Boyan was tempted by such a woman .

Thirdly, if it weren’t for the previous relationship with Lu Boyan, how could it be possible for Xia Mili alone to achieve the cooperation with Lu Boyan?

This kind of seemingly reasonable speculation earned a lot of support and likes . Thus, Xia Mili had another label: Lu Boyan’s ex-girlfriend .

For a moment, gossips and rumors, like a virus spreading with the air, caused a huge wave and provoked much discussion in the whole of City A .

With such a big scene, it was difficult for Su Jian’an to miss this news .

When Luo Xiaoxi rushed to ask Su Jian’an what was going on, Su Jian’an was biting her fingers . She looked like an onlooker . “I don’t know either…”

Luo Xiaoxi wore a look of disbelief . “Didn’t you know anything when things got out of hand?”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and said, “To be exact, it happened under my permission . ”

Now, Luo Xiaoxi looked like an onlooker . “What do you mean?”

“A few days ago, Boyan asked me if I minded his cooperating with MR Group . If I did, he was ready to give up on the cooperation . ” Su Jian’an looked at the ceiling . “But I said that I didn’t mind and that Xia Mili is not enough to make me feel threatened…”

Luo Xiaoxi was speechless for a long time and then concluded . “It shows one thing…”

Su Jian’an added, “It shows that it would be better to eliminate the love rivals as soon as possible . Otherwise, they will make trouble at any time . ”

Luo Xiaoxi couldn’t help complaining . “It’s too late for you to be aware of it now!”

Su Jian’an said calmly, “By the way, I will soon meet Xia Mili . ”

“Let me go with you!” Luo Xiaoxi wore a look of generosity and justice . “It has not even been one month after your childbirth . You’re too weak now to defeat Xia Mili, but I can kick her away at once!”

Su Jian’an burst into laughter . “What are you thinking? How could I be such a violent person? Boyan told me a few days ago that Xia Mili will be present at the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi . ”

Luo Xiaoxi inspected Su Jian’an carefully from head to foot as if she was facing a formidable enemy .

Su Jian’an really couldn’t understand Luo Xiaoxi’s intention . She asked in confusion, “Is there… Any problem with me?”

“No problem at all!” Luo Xiaoxi said firmly, “On the way here, I searched for Xia Mili’s photos on the American website . She’s pretty good at first glance but worse after a close and careful look . You can definitely win her!”

Su Jian’an burst into laughter . “You mean that I have to rely on my face, don’t you?”

“Is there any problem with relying on your face?” Luo Xiaoxi said seriously, “In fact, face is our greatest talent! What a pity if we don’t make use of it!”

Seeing that Luo Xiaoxi’s words were getting more and more absurd, Su Jian’an stopped her in a hurry . “In a love relationship, there is neither a winner nor a loser . If you have to say there is, then I certainly won’t lose to Xia Mili . ”

Luo Xiaoxi thought for a moment and suddenly understood . “That’s true . Actually, you defeated Xia Mili when you were ten years old . Hey, you are the real winner at the starting line!”

Su Jian’an ignored Luo Xiaoxi’s teasing and added, “I’m just curious about what kind of person Xia Mili is . ”

“Uh-huh . ” Luo Xiaoxi asked, “What kind of person do you expect her to be?”

“…” Su Jian’an pondered for a moment . “Of course, the more outstanding, the better . ”

Luo Xiaoxi was shocked . “Young Miss, what’s the logic behind your words?”

Su Jian’an smiled and did not explain . She just said, “Are you stupid?”

Luo Xiaoxi thought about it and understood what Su Jian’an meant .

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Lu Boyan did not care about Xia Mili at all . The more outstanding Xia Mili was, the more frustrated she would be .

An outstanding person, especially such a woman as Xia Mili, who had made a name for herself in the business world, must be a smart person . She would be able to discover in time that Lu Boyan only treated her as his friend .

Su Jian’an hoped that Xia Mili could cut her losses in time . It was still unknown whether Xia Mili could hurt her after making a great mess . But she could guarantee that it would not do any good to Xia Mili .

Luo Xiaoxi looked at Su Jian’an and said with a sigh, “On the way here, I was quite worried about you . But now, I am completely relieved . ”

It turned out that her worry was simply unnecessary .

Seeing Su Jian’an’s current state, there was no need to worry about her at all!

“Don’t worry . ” Su Jian’an smiled lightly . “I can handle it . ”

Luo Xiaoxi nodded and clapped with Su Jian’an . “I believe you!”

Outside, the sun had begun to set now .

Luo Xiaoxi looked at the time . “Your Boss Lu should be back soon . I’m leaving now . ”

As soon as she saw Luo Xiaoxi off, Su Jian’an saw Lu Boyan’s car . So she simply stood at the door and waited for him .

A black car quickly stopped in front of her . Lu Boyan got out of the car and walked to Su Jian’an with a frown . “Why are you standing outside?”

Su Jian’an pointed at the sports car that was driving farther and farther away . “Xiaoxi just left . ”

Lu Boyan didn’t have to guess why Luo Xiaoxi had been here . He took Su Jian’an’s hand and said, “Let’s go in . ”

After entering into the living room, Lu Boyan asked, “Have you seen the news?”

“The news is so hot . I have to know it . ” Su Jian’an looked helpless .

Lu Boyan’s beautiful and thin lips moved slightly as if he wanted to explain to Su Jian’an . The latter shook her head with a smile, indicating that he did not need to say anything .

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Jian’an in confusion .

Su Jian’an said, “You have told me what you should say . Even if you want to say it again, I don’t want to hear it . ”

Lu Boyan had told her long ago that he and Xia Mili were just classmates . The rumors in school were purely groundless .

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These sentences were enough to smash all the rumors on the Internet, and she didn’t need to listen to his explanation .

With a smile spreading in Lu Boyan’s deep eyes, he looked at Su Jian’an gently and said, “How about asking someone to eliminate the reports on the Internet?”

“No . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “The one who would delete the reports will seem very guilty . Leave them alone . I really want to see how the matter will end . ”

Lu Boyan asked, “How do you expect it to end?”

It seemed that he could satisfy all of Su Jian’an’s demands no matter what she wanted .

However, Su Jian’an wanted peace and love . She said, “I certainly hope Xia Mili can clarify the rumors so that you don’t have to be embarrassed when you meet each other in the future . Also, the cooperation will be natural, which would be great!”

Lu Boyan held Su Jian’an’s hand and said, “I will temporarily hand over the cooperation with MG Group to Yuechuan . ”

“Hmm?” Su Jian’an asked, “Wouldn’t this be too deliberate?”

Lu Boyan replied, “This is to avoid arousing suspicion . ” He didn’t want the employees of the company to have any suspicions .

“… Okay . ”

Su Jian’an didn’t know much about the business . In her opinion, Lu Boyan is always right . She just needed to agree with his decision and without expressing any opinions .

Now, the only thing she needed to care about was whether Xia Mili would clarify the rumors or not .

The fact proved to Su Jian’an that Xia Mili’s ambition was much bigger than she had imagined .

The next day, there were only three days left before the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi .

A group of photos suddenly appeared on the Internet .

Those were the typical photos which were taken secretly . The photos were somewhat fuzzy, but it could still be noticed at a glance that the persons in the photos were Lu Boyan and Xia Mili .

Xia Mili seemed to be drunk, leaning her whole body in Lu Boyan’s arms . Although their expressions couldn’t be seen clearly, from the perspective in the photos, their posture showed that they were very intimate .

If someone explained that Lu Boyan, as a gentleman, was taking care of a drunk woman, the time when they entered and left the hotel made the rumors unable to be clarified at all .

According to the time displayed in the lower right corner of the photos, Lu Boyan helped Xia Mili into the hotel and came out nearly three hours later .

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Staying there for such a long time proved the ambiguous relationship .

The photos were not new . According to the date shown, Su Jian’an was pregnant then .

Since the pieces of information were linked closely, it was hard for people not to imagine too much .

Naturally, the topic got extremely hot on the Internet .

Someone posted about this topic on a certain gossip website, causing heated discussions and boiling responses .

“Who is the one speculating that Lu Boyan has an affair with Xia Mili? I want to worship you!”

“When Su Jian’an was pregnant, Lu Boyan actually cheated on her! I will never believe in love anymore…”

“Do you think that Su Jian’an is crying now, or crying, or crying?”

But, the answer was disappointing—

Su Jian’an was very calm, much calmer than those onlookers who saw the photos .

She could fully understand why these netizens were so excited . After all, it was the first time they had seen these photos .

However, she was not .

She had already seen the photos as soon as they were taken . She also knew what was going on with these photos .

While thinking, Su Jian’an’s phone rang . Habitually, she answered it, and an excited voice was heard .

“Is this Mrs . Lu? I’m a reporter from XX Weekly!”

“…Mrs . Lu is busy . If you need to talk to her, call her later . ”

After that, Su Jian’an hurriedly hung up the phone .

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