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Chapter 649: 649

There was no doubt that the reporter called her to inquire about those photos .

If the reporter was more vicious, he would directly ask Su Jian’an if she knew about Lu Boyan’s affair with Xia Mili . Or, he would ask her how she was going to deal with such a big thing .

Su Jian’an did not know the so-called news rules, but she knew very well that no response was the best response .

Moreover, Lu Boyan had explained to her why he had appeared at the hotel with Xia Mili .

Back then, Xia Mili was drunk, kept pestering him, and finally puked upon his clothes, so Lu Boyan stayed in the hotel for such a long time .

Although this explanation was only Lu Boyan’s one-sided statement, Su Jian’an believed in him .

As for resolving the gossip on the Internet, she felt that she should discuss it with Lu Boyan .

Consequently, not responding to the media for the time being was the wisest choice .

Compared with the rampant “scandal”, what Su Jian’an was more interested in was another thing—

Back then, these photos were sent to her in a very secretive way .

And now, how did they fall into the hands of the media?

It couldn’t be because the photos had wings and flew to Su Jian’an and the media by themselves, could it?

Su Jian’an had quit her job as a medical examiner for nearly a year . This questionable point aroused her curiosity about the truth again .

No one would have expected her to pay attention to such a thing .

Even more, no one would have thought that at such a critical moment, she could still stay unremarkably calm .

However, Su Yicheng had lost his mind .

Everyone in Cheng An Group, from the board of directors to the cleaner, knew that even if Su Jian’an had been married, she would always be a young girl who needed to be carefully taken care of by Su Yicheng .

A few days ago, upon seeing the gossip between Lu Boyan and Xia Mili, Su Yicheng had been in a very bad mood . Today, there was more shocking information about the gossip . Maybe Su Yicheng would go to find Lu Boyan .

Unexpectedly, when Su Yicheng appeared in the company, he still wore a pretty normal look .

As a result, the staff began to wear abnormal looks .

Su Yicheng quickly noticed that something was wrong . He called his assistant and asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Chen guessed that Su Yicheng must have not seen the news yet, so he handed the tablet to Su Yicheng with trembling hands . “Boss Su, you, you can read it by yourself . ”

Su Yicheng glanced at those photos and then roughly browsed the report . With a “bang”, he slammed the tablet down and turned to go out .

It was the first time that Xiao Chen had seen Su Yicheng get so angry . He was stunned for a moment and realized that Su Yicheng was really angry .

Well, it could be regarded as a wonder .

Su Yicheng had always been good-natured . As long as others didn’t touch his bottom line, he could always be a gentleman and communicate with them .

But this time, it was estimated that something great was going to happen!

Xiao Chen quickly dialed Luo Xiaoxi’s number . “Mrs . Su, Boss Su saw the photos on the Internet . He should be going to find Mr . Lu!”

Su Yicheng was already in the car, and the high-performance car was racing toward Lu Enterprises .

Before the building of Lu Group, a large number of media, including all the domestic media and magazines, were gathered .

However, Lu Boyan did not show up for the interview, so the reporters could only wait here .

Su Yicheng’s car was so fast that the sound of the brakes was particularly sharp . The media turned to have a look, and someone sharp-eyed recognized Su Yicheng’s car at once .

“Boss Su is coming!”

As soon as the reporter finished the words, the cameras had already surrounded Su Yicheng’s car .

The driver opened the back door and signaled the crowd about to make way for him . However, the reporters did not intend to let go of this opportunity to dig out some big news .

“Mr . Su, are you here because of the news today?”

“Mr . Su, is there any inside story about the cooperation between Mr . Lu and Miss Xia?”

Compared to when he just left the company, Su Yicheng was extremely calm now .

He seemed to know nothing . “I’ve read the news on the Internet . I’m not the party involved, so it’s not convenient for me to respond . ”

“Then are you here for the news?” The reporter went on the inquire .

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Su Yicheng looked very natural and said, “I decided to hand my only sister to Boyan after careful consideration . I have confidence in Boyan . I came here today for business . ”

The reporters all responded that it is a coincidence .

Whether it was a coincidence or not, Su Yicheng no longer responded . With the help of security guards, he successfully entered Lu Enterprises .

When the receptionist saw Su Yicheng, she hurriedly stood up and said, “Mr . Su, wait a minute, I’ll give a message first…”

“No need . ”

No one knew when Su Yicheng’s expression had turned as cold and stiff as before . He wore a gloomy look as if he was about to lose his temper .

He interrupted the receptionist and walked straight into the Boss’s private elevator . The elevator door closed and automatically arrived at the top floor .

The receptionist had already called Shen Yuechuan’s office . When Shen Yuechuan saw Su Yicheng, who was coming in unstoppably, Shen Yuechuan was about to get up and rush out . He reached out and said, “Yicheng!”

“Get out of my way!” Su Yicheng stared at Lu Boyan’s office, and wore an unprecedentedly cold look . His goal was also obvious .

Shen Yuechuan gestured for Su Yicheng to calm down . “It was a misunderstanding . ”

Su Yicheng replied with a sneer . “It’s not you who is supposed to explain to me . ”

“Boyan will certainly explain it to you . ” Shen Yuechuan begged . “But can you promise me that you will patiently listen to Boyan’s explanation after going in?”

Su Yicheng looked at Shen Yuechuan coldly . “Do I seem to have lost my mind?”

“…” “‘Seem’ is not the correct word . You have lost your mind!”

Just as Shen Yuechuan was silently roaring in his heart, the door of the Boss’s office opened, and Lu Boyan’s voice came out . “Yuechuan, let Yicheng in . ”

Shen Yuechuan had to make way for Su Yicheng, and he watched the latter enter into Lu Boyan’s office .

Lu Boyan knew why Su Yicheng was here and said, “I can explain . ”

Su Yicheng’s handsome face was covered with coldness . “I just give you one chance . ”

“Xia Mili is indeed my classmate, and only classmate . ” Lu Boyan did not hesitate . With clear logic and words, he explained to Su Yicheng accurately . “As for those photos, it was because Xia Mili was drunk, kept pestering me in the hotel, and finally puked up on my clothes .

“Jian’an was pregnant at that time, unable to smell the cigarettes and alcohol . It took me more than three hours to handle it before leaving the hotel . ”

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This explanation was only Lu Boyan’s one-sided statement, but there was no loophole .

Su Yicheng would not believe in Lu Boyan so easily . He then asked, “Does Jian’an know Xia Mili?”

Lu Boyan said, “She knows . ”

“What about the photos?” Su Yicheng didn’t give Lu Boyan any time to breathe .

Lu Boyan replied, “Before Xiyu and Xiangyi were born, she already knew about it . I have explained it to her . ”

Only then did Su Yicheng slowly calm down and realized that something was wrong . “What’s going on with Xia Mili and those photos?”

Lu Boyan gestured for Su Yicheng to sit down and asked someone to bring in two cups of coffee . Then he added, “I suspect that Xia Mili asked someone to take these photos . The next day after the photos were taken, she sent the photos to Jian’an . ”

Su Yicheng grasped the key point all of a sudden . “Suspect? Can’t you be sure?”

It was a piece of cake for Lu Boyan to find out who took those photos .

However, he was doubtful whether those photos were taken by Xia Mili, which further showed that this matter was unexpectedly complicated .

Before Lu Boyan answered, Su Yicheng asked again, “Did you hide anything from me?”

In such cases, there was no need to keep those things a secret .

Lu Boyan told Su Yicheng everything about the grievances between Kang Ruicheng and him .

In the end, he added, “Because of Kang Ruicheng, in the past 14 years, I’ve never dared to show up in front of Jian’an . I was afraid that I would put her in danger . ”

This time, Su Yicheng remained silent for a long time .

Back then, when Tang Yulan and Lu Boyan had moved into the old house of his grandmother, he had curiously asked his mother why they were living in the old house .

His mother had just smiled and didn’t tell him anything . He was busy preparing to go abroad and didn’t delve into the reason .

Only now did he know that at that time, Lu Boyan and Tang Yulan had just gone through a life-and-death disaster .

Now, the people who had once brought disaster to the Lu Family came back again .

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Su Yicheng thought about it and soon connected Xia Mili with Kang Ruicheng . He asked uncertainly, “Are you suspecting…?”

“Yes,” Lu Boyan said, “Those photos are very likely to be taken by Kang Ruicheng’s people, so I can’t find any clues . Xia Mili… Should have been in touch with Kang Ruicheng, but for now, we have no evidence . ”

Things were far more troublesome than they had imagined .

Su Yicheng scrunched his eyebrows . “What are you going to do?”

“Take it one step at a time,” Lu Boyan said, “Kang Ruicheng can run rampant in the Golden Triangle area, but the Kang family’s power in City A collapsed 14 years ago . Also, he has to deal with Mu Qi . ”

Su Yicheng was not very clear about Kang Ruicheng’s current strength .

But, Lu Boyan and Mu Sijue were a real challenge for everyone .

Even if the Kang family was still in power, Kang Ruicheng had to think twice before he decided to deal with them, not to mention that Kang Ruicheng had just gained a foothold in City A .

Su Yicheng was more or less relieved . “If you need my help, just tell me . ”

Lu Boyan nodded . Just then, Luo Xiaoxi pushed open the office’s door and rushed in .

Luo Xiaoxi came here after receiving a call from Xiao Chen, who said that Su Yicheng was very angry upon seeing the news on the Internet . He was afraid that Su Yicheng would fight with Lu Boyan .

She almost flew up the car . On the way, she contacted Shen Yuechuan, avoided the media and came straight up from the basement .

On the way, she considered that it was worth seeing Su Yicheng and Lu Boyan fighting at least once in a lifetime .

But now, they all looked calm, and there was no trace of fighting in the office .

Fortunately, they could still keep rationale at the critical moment .

Finally, Luo Xiaoxi let out a long sigh of relief .

It would be a lie if she said she didn’t regret it if she couldn’t see the fight between Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng .

But in this case, she did not have to worry about a problem .

Otherwise, she really didn’t know whether she should help her husband or her best friend’s husband .

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