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Chapter 647: 647

In the Lu family’s villa of Dingya Villas .

After giving birth to two little babies, Su Jian’an became sleepier than before . Occasionally, she could sleep for a long time in the afternoon .

When she went downstairs today, it was already past six o’clock .

“Mrs . Lu,” Aunt Liu called Su Jian’an, “the dinner will be ready soon . It seems like Mr . Lu will come back late today . ”

Su Jian’an looked at the time . Indeed, usually by this time, Lu Boyan would have already been at home .

She stretched herself . “Maybe he has work to deal with at the company . ”

Aunt Liu said with a smile . “Mrs . Lu, should I say that you are carefree, or that you and Mr . Lu trust each other?”

Su Jian’an did not respond for a moment . She looked at Aunt Liu blankly and asked, “Aunt Liu, what are you talking about?”

Aunt Liu patiently explained . “With Mr . Lu’s status, if another woman were his wife, she would first wonder if he has been enchanted by someone young and beautiful when he comes home late . Well, you don’t think too much at all . ”

“Well, it’s not necessary . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “The youngest girl and the most beautiful girl are both in our house!”

Aunt Liu thought for a while before she realized that Su Jian’an was referring to herself and Xiangyi . She couldn’t help laughing and turned to help others in the kitchen .

The reason why Su Jian’an didn’t worry was, first, because she indeed believed in Lu Boyan .

Second, she quite understood Boyan .

If there was any trouble that delayed him, Lu Boyan would definitely call her and explain to her

Today, it was already 20 minutes later than usual, but there was no phone call from him, which meant that he only temporarily worked overtime to deal with some small things that would not take long .

Maybe he was on his way back now .

Therefore, instead of figuring out whether he was entangled by the young girls or not, it would be better to go to the kitchen to see if there were any dishes he liked .

Coincidentally, the chef not only cooked some dishes that Lu Boyan liked, but also made a few baskets of soup dumplings .

“I don’t know if Miss Xiao will come . She likes it the most . ” The chef said, “I just made it first . If Miss Xiao comes, it’s just what she wants . If she doesn’t come, it’s the night snack for you . ”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and dialed Xiao Yunyun’s number to tempt her .

“There are soup dumplings that you like the most today . Would you like to come over for dinner?”

Usually, the two words “soup dumplings” were enough to make Xiao Yunyun lose control .

But today, she didn’t make a sound for a long time, and there was only some noise on the other side of the phone .

“There’s something wrong!”

Su Jian’an asked in confusion, “Yunyun?”

“Cousin,” Xiao Yunyun’s voice was heard now, “I was in the cinema just now . It was inconvenient for me to talk . ”

“Are you watching a movie?” Su Jian’an hesitated for a moment before asking, “Are you with Qin Han?”

“Yes . The movie has its premiere today . I told Qin Han that I want to see it, and he asked someone to buy the ticket . ” Xiao Yunyun’s voice was full of sweetness . “Hey, cousin, what did you say just now?”

“Today, the chef cooked your favorite soup dumplings . I wanted to ask if you want to come over for dinner,” Su Jian’an said, “But judging from the situation, you probably won’t be able to come . ”

“Well, I will definitely come next time!” Xiao Yunyun said, “It will be 10 o’clock after the premiere . It’s too late!”

“Well, go back to the movie, and don’t miss something wonderful . ” Hesitating for a moment, Su Jian’an still said, “If you don’t eat night snack after the movie, let Qin Han send you back to the apartment early . It’s not safe outside if it’s too late . ”

Su Jian’an’s real intention was hidden in her words, but Xiao Yunyun got it .

“Cousin, don’t worry . ” Xiao Yunyun chuckled . “I know what I’m doing!”

It was inconvenient for Su Jian’an to say too much . “Hmm,” she said . “Go ahead . ”

Su Jian’an hung up the phone and saw Lu Boyan coming back .

When she walked over, Lu Boyan could tell at a glance that she had something on her mind . He stroked her slightly frowning eyebrows . “What’s wrong?”

“Yunyun is watching a movie with Qin Han…”

Su Jian’an’s words were not detailed, but Lu Boyan immediately understood what she was worried about . He said, “Yunyun is not a child, and she knows what she is doing . You don’t have to worry too much about her . ”

“I’m not worried about Yunyun . ” Su Jian’an said with some hesitation, “I always feel that something is wrong, and something is going to happen . ”

Something was indeed going to happen soon .

However, Lu Boyan could not reveal it to Su Jian’an in advance, so he could only deny her intuition . “You think too much . ”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips . “I hope you’re right . ”

“Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu . ” Aunt Liu came out of the kitchen with the soup and said, “It’s time to eat . ”

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After the two of them finished eating, Xiyu and Xiangyi woke up at the same time .

As time passed by, their features became more delicate . They looked more and more lovely each passing day, just like little angels who fell from heaven accidentally .

Over half a month after their birth, Lu Boyan had seen and hugged them countless times . But when he got off work every day and saw his lovely and cute children lying on the crib, which was not as long as his legs, he still felt surprised and unconsciously tenderhearted .

If Su Jian’an gave him the most beautiful romance he had ever had in his life, then these two little babies were the best gifts that God had given him .

Xiangyi was more prone to crying than her elder brother . When she woke up and no one picked her up, she would hum on the crib . Lu Boyan picked her up and played with her . She leaned her head into Lu Boyan’s arms and instantly became obedient .

Su Jian’an made two bottles of milk, one for Xiangyi in Lu Boyan’s arms, and the other for Xiyu .

After drinking the milk, the two little babies calmed down, and Su Jian’an laid them down side by side on the bed .

Xiyu was obedient, just looking around with his black gem-like eyes from time to time, but soon he lost interest in it . He yawned and closed his eyes lazily .

In contrast, Xiangyi was much livelier and more active than her brother .

As soon as she lay down, she kicked her legs . But she seemed to feel unsatisfied and began to wave her little hands again . In addition, Lu Boyan was playing with her, so she became happier .

After a while, perhaps because she was tired, with a “Hmm”, Xiangyi heavily put her hand down, just right on her brother’s hand .

Xiyu opened his eyes and looked very unhappy because of being disturbed . Su Jian’an thought he would cry, but he didn’t . Instead, he took Xiangyi’s hand .

Su Jian’an was stunned for a moment . She remembered that when she was young, Su Yicheng also treated her like this .

Ever since she was a child, no matter how unreasonable her demands were, Su Yicheng would always smile and satisfy her needs . He had never been angry with her .

Before she got married, Su Yicheng hadn’t said any harsh words for her .

Su Jian’an forgot when it was, but Su Yicheng had told her, “Jian’an is a girl . So you should be spoiled, eat the best food, wear the most expensive clothes, and live in a beautiful house . Thus, when you grow up, you won’t be easily taken away by those young boys . ”

“When Xiyu grows up, he will take care of Xiangyi in this way, won’t he?”

While she was lost in thoughts, the two little babies had fallen asleep hand in hand .

Lu Boyan didn’t carry them back to the crib . He just let Aunt Liu watch them and left the baby’s room with Su Jian’an .

It was getting dark, but the lights in the garden on . Surrounded by the lights, the whole villa was especially warm and sweet .

Su Jian’an secretly looked at Lu Boyan’s handsome profile and asked, “Do you have something to tell me?”

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Since she had seen through him, Lu Boyan said frankly and directly, “We will cooperate with MR Group on a new project . The person in charge of MR Group is still Xia Mili . ”

Su Jian’an didn’t seem to understand . “Well, what happens next?”

Lu Boyan replied, “If the project continues, I will have to stay in contact with Xia Mili for two years . ”

Su Jian’an replied with an “Oh” and said, “As long as you don’t become “intimate” with each other, it’s alright!”

The implication was that she didn’t mind Lu Boyan cooperating with Xia Mili .

Lu Boyan approached Su Jian’an and asked, “Are you sure you don’t mind?”

Su Jian’an pursed her lips and said indifferently, “She’s not enough to make me feel threatened . ”

Su Jian’an was probably the only one who could be both proud and cute .

Lu Boyan smiled and was not surprised by Su Jian’an’s answer .

“But you have to promise me one thing,” Su Jian’an added suddenly .

“Okay . ” Lu Boyan agreed and signaled Su Jian’an to continue .

“No matter under what circumstances, you can’t let Xia Mili take advantage of it!” Su Jian’an emphasized it word by word .

Lu Boyan nodded . “I’ll do whatever you want me to do . ”

“That’s enough!” Su Jian’an leisurely ended the topic and asked, “How’s the preparation of the dinner for celebrating the first month of Xiyu and Xiangyi coming along?”

“Almost done . ” After a pause, Lu Boyan added, “On that day, Xia Mili might be in the hotel . ”

As the representative of Lu Enterprises’ partner, it was very normal for Xia Mili to be present at the dinner .

“Uh-huh . ” Su Jian’an acted as if she didn’t care at all . “It doesn’t matter . ”

Anyway, she would be the hostess then, so she didn’t need to be afraid of anyone!

Lu Boyan smiled and took Su Jian’an her pajamas . “Alright, go take a shower . ”

Su Jian’an looked at it and found that Lu Boyan had brought her another of two-piece pajamas .

Before she got pregnant, Lu Boyan clearly preferred her to wear a nightdress!

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After the shower, Su Jian’an did not touch the pajamas that Lu Boyan had given her . Instead, she wore a spaghetti-strap nightdress .

It was worth mentioning that the pregnancy and childbirth had little effect on her body shape . She still looked graceful and beautiful .

She walked out of the bathroom . Soon, Lu Boyan saw her, and his facial expression changed dramatically .

Lu Boyan picked up a thin cardigan and put it around her shoulders .

The plot did not develop according to Su Jian’an’s expectation—Shouldn’t Lu Boyan burn with lust and come over to ask if she did it on purpose?

Su Jian’an couldn’t help wondering if there was something wrong .

“It’s getting cold . What if you catch a cold in this kind of nightdress?” Lu Boyan said with a tone of real reproach .

Su Jian’an only felt happy .

She stood on the tiptoes and kissed Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan was confused . Before he could react, Su Jian’an kissed him again and deepened the kiss .

If he could not react now, then Lu Boyan was no longer Lu Boyan .

He wrapped his arms around Su Jian’an’s waist and put his other hand on the back of Su Jian’an’s head . He snatched the initiative, and passionately absorbed her sweetness .


Su Jian’an was more obedient than ever . She cooperated with Lu Boyan and allowed him to take whatever he wanted .

Lu Boyan was busy exploring her, but he didn’t forget to help Su Jian’an close the shirt to prevent it from falling off .

Unconsciously, Su Jian’an curled up her lips .

At this moment, she felt that Lu Boyan was worth whatever she had .

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