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Chapter 631: 631
Chapter 631 Xiao Yunyun’s Special Logic

In the Eighth People’s Hospital .

Seeing that it was almost time to get off work, Xiao Yunyun couldn’t suppress the excitement in her heart .

Today, Su Jian’an was discharged from the hospital, and she had planned to go to Dingya Villas after work to visit Su Jian’an and the two little babies . She could also have dinner there…

But before she could implement her plan, Dr . Xu showed up by the door of the intern’s office .

During this period, Dr . Xu had treated Xiao Yunyun quite differently .

When other interns made mistakes, Dr . Xu just pointed out the mistakes at most and simply explained what the correct way was . Most of the time, the interns had to understand it on their own .

However, when Xiao Yunyun made a mistake, Dr . Xu looked much more serious . He would seriously ask Xiao Yunyun why she made such a mistake .

At the same time, when he was instructing Xiao Yunyun, Dr . Xu was much more patient .

He would carefully analyze it for Xiao Yunyun from the beginning to the end and try to find the reason for her mistakes . He didn’t even mind teaching Xiao Yunyun the right way personally .

In the end, he would also tell Xiao Yunyun to be careful next time and not to make such mistakes again .

On the surface, Dr . Xu was cultivating Xiao Yunyun .

It made sense . After all, Xiao Yunyun was very talented, and her basic principles were more concrete than those of other interns .

But after a long time, it was inevitable that people would suspect that Dr . Xu had other thoughts about Xiao Yunyun . After all, when a person cared about another person, his eyes would reveal some clues when he looked at her .

Some colleagues who were close to Xiao Yunyun had reminded Xiao Yunyun privately, but for Xiao Yunyun, it looked like they had been thinking too much . She complained,

“You don’t know how serious Doctor Xu was when he scolded me!”

The colleague thought for a moment and said, “It’s called ‘the more one loves you, the greater concerns he shows over you!'”

Xiao Yunyun was speechless .

In addition to treating Xiao Yunyun differently, Dr . Xu would occasionally come to the intern’s office personally to look for Xiao Yunyun .

When the interns saw Dr . Xu for the first time, they were surprised . But now, everyone was used to it . The girl closest to Xiao Yunyun poked Xiao Yunyun’s shoulder and said, “Dr . Xu is here to see you . ”

Xiao Yunyun subconsciously looked at the door of the office and was stunned . “Doctor Xu? Why are you here?” She was not narcissistic, so she didn’t dare to think that Doctor Xu was here to see her like other colleagues .

However, Dr . Xu was really here to look for her .

“Are you going to get off work soon?” Dr . Xu asked .

Xiao Yunyun nodded . “Yes . ”

“There is a patient’s medical record . I want to discuss it with you . Are you interested?” After a pause, Dr . Xu added, “It’s okay if there are other interns who want to participate . I welcome everyone to join . ”

However, everyone shook their heads and waved their hands .

“Doctor Xu, I haven’t gotten off work yet!”

“Doctor Xu, I have to go with Doctor Liang to check on the patient in room 1108!”

“Doctor Xu, I have something to do today…”

Dr . Xu was very pleased in his heart . Although these students were young and had little experience in professional areas, they were all well-informed children in society .

“It doesn’t matter . You should solve your own affairs first . I’ll tell you later what is worth studying . ” Dr . Xu looked at Xiao Yunyun and asked, “What about you?”

Xiao Yunyun said unconfidently, “Doctor Xu, I have something to do today too…”

Dr . Xu hid his strange emotions and asked, “Oh? Are you in a hurry to go back?”

Xiao Yunyun nodded . “My cousin got discharged from the hospital today . I’m going to her house to visit her . ”

“Well…” Dr . Xu said naturally, “Since none of you have the time, let’s do it next time . ”

Everyone could only nod and say, “Okay . ”

“Yunyun,” Dr . Xu suddenly called Xiao Yunyun’s name . “You can get off work now . Are you leaving now?”

Xiao Yunyun looked at the time and found that it was the exact time to get off work . She nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Then let’s go together,” Dr . Xu said, “I am leaving too . ”

There were many colleagues who could get off work, but no one mentioned leaving with them .

Xiao Yunyun only felt that there was something strange about it, but she couldn’t explain it . She could only take her bag and leave the office with Dr . Xu .

After entering the elevator that was only for medical staff, Dr . Xu pressed the button of the first floor and said, “If you want to go to your cousin’s house, it’s not convenient to take a taxi at this time . Shall I give you a ride?”

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This time, Xiao Yunyun finally realized what was strange—

Dr . Xu acted as if he was very familiar with her . It was like they were old friends who had been acquainted for a long time .

However, in fact, they were not so familiar that she could ask him to give her a lift!

While Xiao Yunyun was thinking about how to refuse, the mobile phone in her bag rang at the right time . She smiled apologetically at Dr . Xu and took out her mobile phone .

Shen Yuechuan’s name was shown on the screen .

She picked up the phone without thinking . “Shen Yuechuan?”

“It’s me . ” Shen Yuechuan’s voice was leisure . “Are you off work?”

Xiao Yunyun said honestly, “I just got off work . ”

“Perfect,” Shen Yuechuan said, “Your cousin-in-law asked me to pick you up . I’m almost at the hospital . Wait for me for a minute . ”

Between Shen Yuechuan and Dr . Xu, Xiao Yunyun chose the former without hesitation . She replied with a “hmm” and hung up the phone .

She smiled at Dr . Xu and said as naturally as possible, “My cousin-in-law has sent someone to pick me up . ”

Dr . Xu pondered for half a second and asked, “Is it the man who came to pick you up last time when I went to your apartment?”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t know if there was something wrong with her ability to understand, but why did she think that the first half of Dr . Xu’s words could easily give the wrong impression to other people?

However, there was no one around . So it would at most make her misunderstand it—but it was meaningless .

Well, Dr . Xu probably didn’t mean anything else . It was just her overthinking .

Xiao Yunyun nodded . “He’s a friend of my cousin-in-law!”

“What about you two?” Dr . Xu smiled slightly, and there was no sign of offense in his tone . He asked a blunt question very naturally, “Are you also friends?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned . She didn’t have time to think why Dr . Xu asked such a question before she nodded and said, “Of course!”

Before the relationship of them being siblings was exposed, she and Shen Yuechuan could only be friends!

Dr . Xu smiled and said, “I see . ”

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Xiao Yunyun was a little confused—

What did Dr . Xu know? And what was the meaning of his smile?

Before Xiao Yunyun could come up with an answer, the familiar white Land Rover came right to them and stopped in front of her . The window of the driver’s seat slowly lowered, revealing Shen Yuechuan’s handsome face .

Shen Yuechuan saw Dr . Xu and nodded with a smile . Then he turned to Xiao Yunyun and said, “Get in the car . ”

Xiao Yunyun said goodbye to Dr . Xu, turned around, got into Shen Yuechuan’s car, and deftly fastened her seat belt . “Let’s go . ”

Shen Yuechuan rolled up the window and closed Dr . Xu’s face, which he didn’t like very much, outside the car . He asked Xiao Yunyun, “Why are you with that guy surnamed Xu?”

“Surnamed Xu?” Xiao Yunyun looked at Shen Yuechuan angrily . “He is the deputy director of our hospital, the future expert professor! Be polite!”

“No matter how powerful he will be in the future, in my eyes, he will always be only a guy surnamed Xu . ” Shen Yuechuan glanced at Xiao Yunyun . “Is he pursuing you?”

Xiao Yunyun was stunned for a moment and asked, “Why do you ask that?”

In fact, what she wanted to know more was how Shen Yuechuan would react if Dr . Xu was really pursuing her?

Shen Yuechuan hid the strangeness in his heart and said concisely, “Intuition . ”

Xiao Yunyun curled her lips and complained, “Your intuition is not accurate at all! Dr . Xu and I just got off work together and took the same elevator to get downstairs!”

Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help sighing in his heart .

“The little girl looks very smart, but why is she still so simple?”

The elevator had been running for so many times a day, but why did Dr . Xu take the same one with her so coincidentally?

If he hadn’t driven over, Dr . Xu would have proposed to offer her a lift next, wouldn’t he?

“She’s so stupid!”

Seeing Shen Yuechuan sigh without saying anything, Xiao Yunyun looked at him confusedly and said, “Why are you sighing?”

“Nothing . ” Shen Yuechuan thought for a moment and said, “Don’t trust him too much . ”

Xiao Yunyun was confused . “Why did you tell me this?”

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“Because you’re stupid . ” Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun with disdain . “You look silly . It’s easy to tell that you’re gullible . A man who has evil intentions likes to pick on people like you . ”

Xiao Yunyun snorted . “Doctor Xu is not that kind of person!”

Shen Yuechuan found it funny . “Do you think he is a good person?”

“Of course!” Xiao Yunyun didn’t hide her admiration and appreciation . “Doctor Xu’s character is as good as his medical ethics . This is not what I said, but what all the doctors, nurses, and patients in our hospital said! And I have already told you about him before!”

“Forget it . ” Shen Yuechuan sneered . “Let me tell you, there are no such good men like you think in this world . Even if there are, they are more precious than pandas . You have never seen pandas in your life, have you?”

“…” Xiao Yunyun grew up in Australia and actually had never seen a panda .

Shen Yuechuan was very satisfied with Xiao Yunyun’s reaction and continued, “So, even if there is that kind of a good man, you have to be lucky enough to meet him . Obviously, you don’t have that kind of luck for the time being . ”

Xiao Yunyun looked at Shen Yuechuan strangely and said, “There is a loophole in your logic . If I want to see the panda, I can ask for a fake ticket and fly to the place where there are pandas . It’s not that I don’t have the luck to see a panda, it’s just that I don’t want to see it, understand?”

Shen Yuechuan pinched the space between his eyebrows and felt distressed .

“Damn girl, I just said she was stupid, and just now she proved her intelligence?”

Shen Yuechuan glared at Xiao Yunyun and said, “A panda is not the same as a good man!”

“There are seven billion people on earth, and more than half of them are men . ” Xiao Yunyun shrugged her shoulders . “If they are not the same, in terms of quantity, the number of good men should be more than that of pandas . ”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t expect to hit his own foot by the stone picked up by himself . He was utterly speechless and had no way to refute .

He had guided numerous people and made countless speeches at the negotiating table, making countless people speechless, turning the unbelievable things into truths, and twisting the facts into waves .

A person like Xiao Yunyun, who had special logic, must have been sent by God to punish him!

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