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Chapter 630: 630
Chapter 630 Love Meant Withdrawing Your Hand When You Obviously Wanted to Touch Her

Su Jian'an blinked . "What else do you want except for that?"

Lu Boyan's slim arm went around Su Jian'an's back . With a little force, he pulled her slender body into his arms, bowed his head, and kissed her lips deeply . "At least something like this . "

Su Jian'an did not resist at all and looked at Lu Boyan with a slight smile .

Her lips were already red . After the "attack" by Lu Boyan just now, they were full, like blossoms that had just ripened . Even if she just pursed her lips and did not speak, it was enough to make anyone's heart beat faster .

Lu Boyan looked at her deeply and suddenly said, "Oh no . "

Su Jian'an thought that Lu Boyan had missed something, so she asked nervously, "What's wrong?"

Lu Boyan's hand, which was looped around Su Jian'an's back, slowly slid to her slender waist, and he continued to say, "It seems that this is not enough . . . "

When Su Jian'an realized what Lu Boyan was saying, he had already landed on her lips again . She didn't even have a chance to resist and could only accept his kiss full of plunder and gentleness .

Lu Boyan did not let go of Su Jian'an until he heard footsteps coming from someone walking upstairs . He looked at her calmly .

Su Jian'an wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but Lu Boyan's eyes were so calm, and her cheeks couldn't help becoming hotter and hotter .

In the end, she had to push Lu Boyan . "It's time for you to go to the company . "

It was not the weekend . If it weren't for her leaving the hospital, Lu Boyan would have gone to the company much earlier .

Lu Boyan smirked and kissed Su Jian'an's lips again . "Call me if you need anything . "

He left the children's room, leaving Su Jian'an alone in the room .

Su Jian’an’s heart was beating faster in the same way as it did when she was suddenly kissed by Lu Boyan in their early marriage days . A simple kiss on her lips was enough to disturb her thoughts and make her heartbeat run wild, leaving her with endless aftertaste all day .

"It's . . . It's too weak . "

Luo Xiaoxi walked upstairs and looked at the children's room . She couldn't help but exclaim .

Only then did Su Jian'an come to her senses from Lu Boyan's last kiss . She pursed her lips and smiled . "Do you want to give birth to a child and set up such a children's room too?"

"No," Luo Xiaoxi shook her head and did not hide her appreciation . "I want to live here as a child!"

" . . . " Su Jian'an was speechless for a moment, then she sincerely suggested, "Then you might as well consider my suggestion . "

Luo Xiaoxi thought for a moment and agreed . "Hmm . Your suggestion sounds quite reasonable . By the way, I just saw Boss Lu go downstairs with a happy face . Where is he going?"

"To the company," Su Jian'an replied, "Yuechuan couldn't make it alone . There are still a lot of things waiting for him to deal with in the company . "

Luo Xiaoxi had no interest in the business world . She replied with an "oh" and began to study the children's room . She examined from the biggest furniture to the smallest details, which were impeccable and perfect to the extreme .

She couldn't help praising . "Who is the designer? When I have a baby in the future, I will also invite this designer!"

Su Jian'an dragged out the end of her sentence . "Mm . . . " she said . "I don't think it'll be easy . . . "

"The designer is tough to appoint?" Luo Xiaoxi looked like she didn't believe it . "Tell me the name! I've already fixed your brother . I don't believe that there are people in the world who I can't conquer!"

"Well," Su Jian'an said quickly, "the designer's surname is Lu, and his name is Boyan—my husband!"

Luo Xiaoxi was stunned . A second ago, she was still in high spirits, but then she collapsed on the ground . "I was just bragging casually . Don't take it seriously . " After a pause, she couldn't help but sigh . "But your Boss Lu is too awesome . How can he even be capable of designing a children's room?"

Su Jian'an smiled . "I saw this children's room only when I came back . I'm no less surprised than you . "

However, the main reason why Lu Boyan could design this children's room was not his talent .


Because he loved the two little guys, he could put himself in their position and consider everything for them, starting from safety to coziness, and designed the most considerate children's room .

Because he loved the two little guys, every detail in the children's room that he had designed revealed his love and care for them .

In this world, love was still the most powerful force .

After a while, Tang Yulan and Su Yunjin went upstairs with the two little guys and also praised Lu Boyan's design of children's room . Su Jian'an put the two little guys on the cot and caressed their little faces . "It is personally arranged for you by Papa . You will live here from now on, do you like it?"

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The ceiling consisted of four colors, which were blue, black, yellow, and silver, outlining the bright stars and the mysterious Milky Way . The whole painting was beautiful but not complicated . The two little guys were staring at it without a blink . Xiangyi even kicked her leg on the baby's bed with excitement, as if she was very satisfied with the ceiling .

Xiyu's reaction was much calmer than his sister's . He just looked around this strange environment and did not notice any threat . When he saw Su Jian'an next to him, he yawned and closed his eyes to sleep .

After the two little guys fell asleep, Su Jian'an left Aunt Liu in the baby room to watch them, while she, Tang Yulan and Luo Xiaoxi went to unpack the stuff .

After they tidied up the things they brought back from the hospital, Lu Boyan had also arrived at the company .

All of the Lu Enterprises knew that Su Jian'an was discharged from the hospital today, and every employee congratulated Lu Boyan when they saw him .

Lu Boyan was in a good mood and thanked them all . When he came out of the elevator, he still had a smile on his face . When the secretaries and assistants saw him, they knew that today must be a good day .

When passing by Shen Yuechuan's office, Lu Boyan knocked on the glass door and walked in .

Shen Yuechuan was processing files with his head down when he recognized that it was Lu Boyan from the sound of the footsteps . He looked up unexpectedly and said, "Oh, it's still early . I thought I wouldn't see you until lunch . "

Lu Boyan ignored Shen Yuechuan's joke and said, "Come to my home for dinner tonight . "

Shen Yuechuan was blunt . He asked directly, "Will Yunyun go too?"

"Probably . " Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, "There is one thing that you may want to know . "

Shen Yuechuan imitated Lu Boyan's handwriting and signed on the document . After signing, he raised his head with interest . "What's it? Tell me . "

Lu Boyan said, "Yesterday afternoon, I went to pick up Yunyun and chatted with her on the way . If she hadn't been acting, she might not have known that you were her brother . "

"She can't have known it . " Shen Yuechuan was not surprised at all . "Her mother hid it from her, and I didn't tell her either . How could she know?"

Lu Boyan felt speechless .

Shen Yuechuan's smile suddenly became a little bitter . "However, she seems to be fine with me and has no feeling for me . Now, even if she knows . . . there should be no big problem . "

Lu Boyan still did not speak, but just looked at Shen Yuechuan .

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Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows . "What, do you have anything else to say?"

Lu Boyan said calmly, "You have already said what I wanted to say . "

Shen Yuechuan thought about it and realized what Lu Boyan meant, and his smile became more bitter . "You've also found that the damn girl has no feeling for me now? When seriously thinking about it, this is the first failure that I've experienced after so many years of teasing girls, but . . . fortunately, she is not interested in me . "

He was interested in Xiao Yunyun, so he was tortured .

What he didn't want the most was Xiao Yunyun being tortured like that .

At this point, Shen Yuechuan had to admire Xiao Yunyun's foresight . He was not a person worthy of being liked . Xiao Yunyun ignoring him . . . was simply right .

Lu Boyan tentatively asked, "After work, will you go to the hospital to pick up Yunyun?"

"No problem . " Shen Yuechuan shrugged . "Anyway, sooner or later, I have to get used to getting along with her naturally . It's not bad to take the opportunity to contact her now . Otherwise, it will be embarrassing if she sees something strange in the future . "

Lu Boyan just said, "Yunyun is not as clever as you think in terms of love . "

"What do you mean?" Shen Yuechuan narrowed his eyes . "Do you mean that Xiao Yunyun is stupid?"

Lu Boyan smiled ambiguously . "I mean, if she was sensitive enough in terms of love, your feelings would have been discovered a long time ago . "

As soon as he finished his words, Lu Boyan walked to his office naturally as if he had not said anything .

Shen Yuechuan held a document and froze in his seat .

One second, two seconds, three seconds . After he couldn't see Lu Boyan's back, Shen Yuechuan cursed, "F*ck!"

If Lu Boyan wanted to say that he was stupid and that his affection was too obvious, then just say it!

"How could such behavior be counted as heroic!"

Although he was angry, it only took Shen Yuechuan less than half a minute to get back to work from anger . Then, he went straight to work till the afternoon .

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At five o'clock, Shen Yuechuan took some documents and left the office .

Since Xiyu and Xiangyi were born, Shen Yuechuan had been working overtime almost every day . Once, Shen Yuechuan had been spotted working in the company even in the middle of the night .

But he got off work on time today?

Not to mention the several assistants, even the secretary in the secretary office looked surprised . "Special Assistant Shen, you're leaving now?"

Shen Yuechuan answered quickly, then he took out his phone and looked through the contacts . Soon, he found Xiao Yunyun's name .

As Lu Boyan's special assistant, his contact list contained a thousand people's numbers . There were relatives and friends, but most of them belonged to partners and businessmen . If he did not directly input the name, it would usually take him a while to find someone .

But he knew exactly where Xiao Yunyun’s name was, and he could always find her contact with a slip .

"It must be true love . "

However, in the face of this love, he didn't dare to dial the number .

He looked forward to hearing Xiao Yunyun's voice and seeing her, but he flinched at the thought that his expectation was about to come true .

He had said that he wanted to learn how to get along with Xiao Yunyun naturally . But only he knew that it was very likely that he couldn't learn it naturally and would sink deeper and deeper .

Love meant withdrawing your hand when you obviously wanted to touch her .

"This sentence . . . is f*cking right . "

Shen Yuechuan closed his eyes and made up his mind . He clicked on Xiao Yunyun's number, and the caller ID popped up on the phone screen . . .

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