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Chapter 632: 632

In the end, Shen Yuechuan gave up the metaphor, organized his phrases, and seriously told Xiao Yunyun,

“A good man won’t have ‘I am a good man’ written on his face, and a man who has encountered countless emotional experiences won’t have it written on his face either . Idiot, when you look at a man, never look at the surface, and don’t easily believe a man’s words . ”

Xiao Yunyun thought for a moment and said, “I don’t agree with what you said in the middle . ”

Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows and said, “Glad to hear your refusal . ”

Xiao Yunyun analyzed carefully and said, “Shen Yuechuan, you’re a playboy, aren’t you? You’re full of unrestrained air . From a distance, one can tell that you’re a playboy who has a lot of money and girlfriends! So, from the surface, I can see a lot!”

Shen Yuechuan decided to give up .

Since the little girl didn’t want to believe in “men’s nature”, he would do the work for her . It was just a piece of cake for him, so she just needed to continue to be innocent .

However, he couldn’t let a little girl obtain the upper position all the time .

“It’s the first time I’ve heard that . ” Shen Yuechuan looked at Xiao Yunyun with a smile . “Did you peek at me from a distance?”

After so many confrontations with Shen Yuechuan, Xiao Yunyun had already summed up a conclusion .

“In front of shameless people, you only have a chance to win if you are more shameless than him . ”

“Sometimes, it’s good to let go of the things that should be put down!”

Thinking of this, Xiao Yunyun turned her head and stared at Shen Yuechuan . Her eyes were straightforward and undisguised .

Shen Yuechuan was born with a devil-like face, and many people liked to stare at him . But when he was stared at by Xiao Yunyun like this, his heartbeat gradually lost control .

For a long time, he was the only one who could make others lose control of their heartbeats .

“Xiao Yunyun, the wicked girl, is going to counterattack today?”

In the end, it was Shen Yuechuan who couldn’t stand this kind of weirdness . He took the lead and said, “Now you finally find that I’m good-looking?”

Xiao Yunyun pretended to be surprised . “Huh?” She said, “You know I’m looking at you . ”

Shen Yuechuan was speechless . “… I’m just handsome, not blind!”

“Oh, then I suspect that you are a fool . ” Xiao Yunyun said lightly, “Now, you found out that I can directly look at you at such a close distance . Why do I have to peek at you from a distance?”

“Tsk, tsk . That girl is really incredible today!

Shen Yuechuan stepped on the brake, and there was a sharp and urgent braking sound . The car stopped on the side of the road with the sound .

Xiao Yunyun was pulled forward by inertia, and then she was pulled back by the seat belt . It took her a lot of effort to sit still, but somehow she found that Shen Yuechuan had leaned over to her side at some point . The distance between them was estimated to be less than ten centimeters, and the sounds of their breathing could be heard clearly .

Her heart skipped a beat, and she looked at Shen Yuechuan in a daze . She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything, Shen Yuechuan had already spoken first .

“You stared at me for so long just now . Have you observed clearly?”

Xiao Yunyun nodded honestly . “You have no pores . How did you make it?”

“It’s inborn . ” Shen Yuechuan raised the corner of his mouth proudly . “What do you think? Do you think I’m particularly good-looking?”

Xiao Yunyun raised her eyes to avoid Shen Yuechuan’s eyes, looked at the top of the car, and said against her will, “It’s okay… It’s nice…”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly moved closer to Xiao Yunyun and asked in an evil tone, “Do you want to take this opportunity to take a closer look?”

The distance between them was too close . A faint masculine smell lingered at the tip of Xiao Yunyun’s nose . Xiao Yunyun’s every breath was filled with the light but pleasant smell of him .

What was even more outrageous was that Shen Yuechuan’s breath was as unreasonable as himself, wantonly invading her heart and completely disturbing her breathing…

She had won the previous rounds, so she couldn’t lose at the last moment!

Xiao Yunyun put her hand on Shen Yuechuan’s chest and pushed him hard . “There is no need . Go away!”

“Hmm?” Shen Yuechuan raised his eyebrows . “You really don’t want to?”

As he spoke, he tried to get closer to Xiao Yunyun again . Xiao Yunyun opened her eyes wide and subconsciously shrank to the corner . She shrank into a ball, and her facial features almost wrinkled together .

After an unknown period of time, a chuckle rang out .

Xiao Yunyun slowly opened one of her eyes and then the other, only to find that Shen Yuechuan had already sat back in the driver’s seat with a playful smile on his face .

“Just now… he was just playing with her, wasn’t he?”

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Xiao Yunyun glared at Shen Yuechuan . “You’re boring!”

Shen Yuechuan sighed and reached out to rub Xiao Yunyun’s hair . “You are still easy to be bullied . ”

There was one third of amusement and one third of helplessness in his tone .

Xiao Yunyun couldn’t tell what was contained in the remaining part, and she didn’t want to know about it either .

Xiao Yunyun pushed Shen Yuechuan’s hand away . “That’s enough!”

Whether she was easy to be bullied or not, Shen Yuechuan was the only one who bullied her!

Shen Yuechuan took back his hand and said, “Okay, let’s stop it and go to your cousin’s house . ”

He restarted the car and drove in the direction of Dingya Villas .

Only Shen Yuechuan himself knew that his happiness and helplessness were just reactions on the surface .

Since he could see that Xiao Yunyun was easily bulled, Qin Han and the guy surnamed Xu must be able to see it too .

He was actually very worried . He was worried that she would fall into someone else’s trap so easily that she would be completely loyal to the person from then on .

Therefore, he still had to keep an eye on her .

For the rest of the journey, the two of them had their own thoughts and coexisted in peace .

Forty minutes later, the car drove into Dingya Villas and stopped in front of the Lu Family Villas .

Shen Yuechuan unfastened his seat belt and gave Xiao Yunyun a look . “You go in first . I’ll make a call . ”

Xiao Yunyun didn’t ask too much and said, “Oh . ” Then she got out of the car and ran into the house .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t make a phone call until he couldn’t see Xiao Yunyun’s figure .

The person who answered the phone was very surprised . “Special Assistant Shen, why do I feel that I have become your favorite concubine? To be honest, are you…”

“Cut the crap . ” Shen Yuechuan interrupted the person coldly . “Help me keep an eye on Xiao Yunyun from now on . ”

“Why do you want me to watch her for you?” The man at the other end smiled meaningfully . “Maybe you…”

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“Don’t make such a joke . She is my younger sister . ” Shen Yuechuan knew that he would not hear any good words, so he took the lead to warn first . “From tomorrow on, you must inform me of any contact between her and any male outside the hospital . As for in the hospital, pay attention to the doctor surnamed Xu . ”

“Doctor Xu? Didn’t you ask me to investigate him?” The person on the other side was very surprised . “Is he interested in your ‘sister’?”

“Yes, he has good taste . ” After a pause, Shen Yuechuan emphasized, “Xiao Yunyun is really my sister . ”

“Hahahaha…” There was a burst of unscrupulous laughter on the phone . “Okay, okay, she is your sister, your sister…”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t bother to explain and reminded, “Keep an eye on her . If anything happens, contact me at any time . ”

“Okay, okay…”

The person’s voice was a little trembling, obviously due to laughter . Shen Yuechuan felt bored, hung up the phone, got out of the car, and walked into the house .

“I shouldn’t have made so many jokes . ”

He was serious when he said that Xiao Yunyun was his sister, but it sounded like a joke in other people’s ears .

However, he couldn’t blame others for not believing him .

When he first heard it, he didn’t believe it either!

After entering the room, Shen Yuechuan found that it was very lively in the room .

Among the older generation, there were Tang Yulan and Su Yunjin, and almost everyone from the later generation was present . A group of adults surrounded the two little guys and chatted happily . The atmosphere was lively, and the whole villa was full of laughter .

For the first time, Shen Yuechuan felt that it was great for a family to be together .

He just didn’t know how long he would be able to enjoy such an atmosphere .

Su Yunjin noticed Shen Yuechuan first and greeted him . Shen Yuechuan just nodded and looked at Xiao Yunyun quietly .

Fortunately, Xiao Yunyun was playing with Xiyu and Xiangyi, so she didn’t notice him, let alone notice the strange atmosphere between him and Su Yunjin .

Xiao Yunyun didn’t deliberately ignore Shen Yuechuan, but the two little guys were too attractive .

After being born for so many days, their skin gradually showed the milk-white color that a baby should have, which was delicate and tender . In addition, they had an angel-like soft and beautiful face, which made people want to get close to them, touch them, and take care of them as they grew up .

Needless to say, when they grew up, they would be the same as Su Jian’an and Lu Boyan, who would easily garner everyone’s attention!

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There were too many people around, and Xiyu gradually got unhappy . He pursed his lips and looked like he was about to cry .

How could Xiao Yunyun bear to see such a cute and handsome little guy cry? She clapped her hands to attract his attention and said, “Good boy, let auntie hold you…” Then she suddenly realized that something was wrong . “Hey, I’m an aunt now?”

When she was still studying, no matter how big a child was, she would always be called a sister . Since she started the internship, young patients in the department also liked to call her sister doctor .

But before she knew it, she was about to be called auntie very soon!

Shen Yuechuan walked over and knocked on Xiao Yunyun’s head . “You’re about to become thirty . Are you still surprised that you’re going to be an aunt now?”

“Go away!” Xiao Yunyun pretended to kick Shen Yuechuan . “You’re going to be the thirty!” In her mind, she was still in her early twenties!

Shen Yuechuan didn’t mind . He touched Xiyu’s nose and said, “Thirty is the most glamorous phase for men . ”

Xiao Yunyun opened her mouth to complain, but Shen Yuechuan reminded her in time, “Your cousin and cousin-in-law are in the most charming age group now . ”

Even if Xiao Yunyun had a thousand words to express, she didn’t dare to say it .

Su Jian’an quietly paid attention to Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun . Although there was no previous intimacy between them, they were still a pair of happy rivals .

If they really didn’t have feelings for each other, it wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to complain about each other and take care of each other .

Luo Xiaoxi also paid attention to Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun . She observed them for quite a while and got a conclusion . “In fact, they didn’t change much . ”

“Yes . ” Su Jian’an said, “On the surface, they still seem to be friends who like to jest on each other . ”

“But, I always think it’s impossible . ” Luo Xiaoxi said, “According to my rich experience, there are few pure friendships between men and women, and they can’t always kid on each other . If they like to kid on each other, there must be someone acting . ”

Su Jian’an helplessly spread out her hands . “Now, it looks like neither of them is acting . ”

It took Su Jian’an a long time to find out that the reason why Shen Yuechuan and Xiao Yunyun didn’t seem to be acting was that they were too good at it .

What’s more, there was more than one of them were acting .

Above all, both of them were putting on a performance which was like that of a king and queen of Oscar .

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