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Chapter 629: 629

Su Jian’an subconsciously protected Xiyu in her arms and looked at Lu Boyan without knowing what to do . “What should we do?”

“I’ll handle it . ”

Lu Boyan had already dialed Tang Yulan’s number while comforting Su Jian’an .

At this time, Tang Yulan and Su Yunjin, who had just walked to the gate of the hospital, saw Lu Boyan’s car being surrounded by people .

Tang Yulan quickly picked up the phone . “Boyan, what’s the matter?”

“Just reporters,” Lu Boyan said briefly, “Mum, contact the director of the hospital and ask him to dispatch a few security guards to guard you here . ”

Tang Yulan didn’t know why Lu Boyan asked her to get in the car, but it couldn’t be wrong to follow Lu Boyan’s words . She contacted the dean, and the security captain soon came with six or seven people .

“Old Madame,” the security captain asked, “What did Mr . Lu say?”

“He asked you guys to send me there first,” Tang Yulan said .

“Okay . ” The security captain signaled his men to protect Tang Yulan and made a “please” gesture to Tang Yulan . “Come with us . ”

Tang Yulan was also a familiar face to the media . When the reporters saw Tang Yulan coming over, they all used cameras to take several photos of her, and countless questions were thrown to her like cannonballs .

“Old Madame, Mrs . Lu has been discharged from the hospital today, right?”

“Old Madame, who do these two babies look like more?”

“Old Madam…”

Tang Yulan did not answer any of the questions . She just maintained a smiling and grateful expression . “Thank you, everyone . Thank you for caring about our two little babies so much . ”

While speaking, Tang Yulan had already arrived at the car door under the protection of the security team .

When Lu Boyan saw Tang Yulan, he pushed open the door and got out of the car . He said to Tang Yulan in a low voice, “Mom, you get in the car and hold Xiangyi . I’ll take care of this . ”

Tang Yulan knew that she was no match for the media reporters . She nodded and quickly sat in the back seat of the car .

After Lu Boyan got off the car, the focus of the media was instantly converted to him . If he was not tall, the wireless microphones with various media logos would have overwhelmed him .

“Mr . Lu, Mrs . Lu just got out of the hospital today, right? Are you going home?”

Lu Boyan nodded . “Yes . ”

A reporter was surprised . “The hospital provides the best care for new mothers in the city . Why should Mrs . Lu go home during the first month after delivering the children?”

Lu Boyan smiled . “There is no complicated reason, just that Jian’an likes to stay at home more . In addition, we want to bring the babies home as soon as possible . ”

These decisions were all related to individual choices . Since Lu Boyan said so, the media did not continue to talk about this issue . Instead, they asked, “Mr . Lu, if you don’t want to publicize the photo of the babies, can we take a picture of Mrs . Lu?”

“I’m sorry,” Lu Boyan said politely . “Jian’an doesn’t like her photos being taken . ”

Although the media was disappointed, they had no choice but to ask some more valuable questions .

Lu Boyan did not intend to be entangled with the media for too long, so he answered a few questions that were not important . He glanced at the security captain, who immediately understood what he meant and led his men to stop the reporters . Lu Boyan took the opportunity to get in the car .

The glass of the car was specially made, and people could see what happened outside from the inside, but not the other way around . Therefore, even if the journalists photographed the car with the best camera equipment, they could not capture Su Jian’an and her two children at all .

As soon as Lu Boyan got in the car, he asked the driver to hit on the accelerator .

The security guards stopped the reporters outside . The car left the hospital smoothly and freely drove all the way back to Dingya Villas .

It had been just for a week, but Su Jian’an missed it very much .

Before she turned 15 years old, when her mother was still alive, the Su family’s villa was her home .

But later, the family was turned upside down .

In the following nine years, she had lived in the Su Family, the school dormitory, and the student apartment abroad . After going around for a while, she finally stayed in the single apartment that Su Yicheng had bought for her .

For her, those places were just places to rest and accommodate .

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In her cognition, the so-called home should be the same as her home when she was a child . There were people who loved each other, warm lights, fragrant dishes, and steaming soup .

After marrying Lu Boyan, her dream was realized little by little . This place gradually looked like a home… For her, it had already been a home that could shelter her from the wind and rain, and also shelter her most beloved person .

This time she brought the two little guys back, and this home would be more complete .

Su Jian’an could not suppress the excitement in her heart . She bowed her head and kissed the little guy in her arms . “Xiyu, we’re home!”

Xiangyi had fallen asleep in her grandmother’s arms, but according to the older generation’s habits, no matter where they went, they had to tell the children that they had arrived .

Tang Yulan still maintained this habit and tapped on Xiangyi’s nose . “Sweetie, you’re home . This is the home for you and your brother . You will grow up healthily here, understand?”

Xiangyi turned her head in her dream, but she didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable as she had been when she came out of the hospital . It was as if she knew that this was her home and the place where she was going to grow up .

The driver got off first and opened the door for Su Jian’an .

Su Jian’an was about to get off the car when a figure suddenly appeared by the car .

She was so familiar with this figure that she knew it was Luo Xiaoxi without a second guess .

Sure enough, in the next second, Luo Xiaoxi poked her head in . “Surprised? I came early in the morning to wait for you!”

“I am surprised . ” Su Jian’an smiled . “My brother didn’t come, did he?”

“He has work to do at the company . He will come back after work . ” Luo Xiaoxi reached out her hand . “Come on, let me carry the little fellow . ”

Su Jian’an was about to say no, and that she could get out of the car with Xiyu in her arms . Lu Boyan, who was behind her, said, “Let Xiaoxi hold him . You can’t get blown by the wind . It’s not convenient for you to get out of the car when holding Xiyu . ”

“All right . ”

Su Jian’an tidied up the little quilt wrapped around Xiyu and made sure that he would not be blown by the wind . Then, she handed him over to Luo Xiaoxi and got off the car with Lu Boyan .

Luo Xiaoxi wasn’t the type of person who would care about trifles, but when she picked up Xiyu, she was particularly careful . She carefully protected the little fellow in her arms and quickly walked into the house .

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Su Jian’an smiled . “I really look forward to Xiaoxi being a mother . ”

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and said, “Your brother and I are at the same age . When Xiyu and Xiangyi were not born, he wanted to be a father . So, you should be able to see Xiaoxi as a mother soon . ”

“Hm?” Su Jian’an said . “But Xiaoxi told me that she still didn’t want to be a mother . ”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an meaningfully . “Do you think it’s useful for Xiaoxi to disagree with what your brother wants to do?”

“…” Su Jian’an could not refute and became speechless .

Luo Xiaoxi’s disapproval of what Su Yicheng wanted to do, was kind of useful .

However, according to Su Yicheng’s style, even if he could not persuade Luo Xiaoxi for the time being, he would have a hundred ways to change Luo Xiaoxi’s mind until she agreed .

Therefore, as long as Su Yicheng wanted to be a father, she should be able to see Luo Xiaoxi become a mother soon…

Uncle Xu waited at the door with a few people working at home . When they saw Luo Xiaoxi and Tang Yulan, who held the two little guys, coming back, a group of people immediately rushed over to see them . They praised that the two little guys had inherited the good genes of Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an . They were so good-looking .

Uncle Xu was the most gratified one . The old man could not help but sigh . “This day has finally come . I don’t have to worry about the lack of liveliness at home in the future . ”

Since Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an got married, Uncle Xu had watched them grow closer and closer little by little, from mocking each other to relying on each other . He had been waiting for this day longer than anyone else .

Everyone agreed with Uncle Xu’s words . Occasionally, there was laughter coming out among them . In Su Jian’an’s impression, this was the liveliest moment in the family .

There were plenty of people taking care of the two little guys . Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an to the second floor and said, “Let’s have a look at the children’s room . ”

“Child’s room?” Su Jian’an was surprised . “When did you decorate it?”

Lu Boyan pushed open the door next to the main bedroom . “Just this week . ”

Su Jian’an couldn’t imagine what the children’s room would be like under Lu Boyan’s decoration . When she walked in, she was stunned as soon as she glanced at it .

The main color was almost bird-blue and milky white, looking peaceful and calm .

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The wooden baby bed with round corners, the white carpet, the light-colored warm light, the starry sky painted on the ceiling, one wall painted with a cartoon, and there was an empty space left for the two little guys to dabble later .

Apart from the two baby beds, the rest of the furniture was fixed on the wall to prevent it from hurting them when the babies climbed across when they grew up a bit .

On the wall on the left side of the door, there was a small white space left, which would be used to record the height of the two little guys every year after they entered . The rest was arranged into a photo wall, with photos and footprints of their birth hanging on the wall .

Just standing here, Su Jian’an could imagine that in the future, Xiyu’s and Xiangyi’s height line would be carved year by year on the wall, and photos of them growing up would be hung on the wall…

When they were fully grown up, this room would become a place full of their childhood memories .

Su Jian’an looked at Lu Boyan in surprise . “Was it all arranged by you?”

“Not all of them,” Lu Boyan said, “All the toys and clothes you bought have been put in . ”

Su Jian’an took a closer look and found that indeed, the plush toys and children’s toys she had bought out of boredom when she was carrying two little guys in her belly were placed on the wooden racks . Some clothes of male and female babies were also placed separately in a lovely small wardrobe .

Lu Boyan asked, “What do you think? Is there anything you’d like to adjust?”

Su Jian’an shook her head . “No . This is already the best . ”

Its beautiful appearance, utility and safety had all been considered thoroughly and had reached the highest level . He had considered everything that needed to be taken into consideration… Su Jian’an really couldn’t think of any changes to make in this children’s room .

Lu Boyan smiled . “So that’s it?”

“Mmm!” Su Jian’an tiptoed slightly and planted a kiss on Lu Boyan’s cheek . “Help me change my clothes . There may not be a reward for that . But there must be a reward for decorating a perfect children’s room!”

Lu Boyan did not seem to be very satisfied . “It took me more than two hours to just draw here, which is much more troublesome than helping you change your dressing . Your reward… is just that?”

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