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Chapter 628: 628
Chapter 628 Baby, Let’s Go Home

Su Jian’an nodded . “Okay . ”

As soon as she finished her words, Xiyu cried on the bed . She didn’t know whether he was aroused by nature or the adults’ voices .

Tang Yulan made a sound of “aye” and hurried over . She picked up Xiyu, and her actions were full of affection and care .

After arriving In his grandmother’s arms, Xiyu gradually stopped crying . He turned his head and looked around . It seemed that he felt bored . He opened his mouth and yawned . His lazy appearance made him look very cute .

Tang Yulan smiled and stroked the little face of Xiyu . “Baby, you haven’t slept well yet, have you?”

Xiyu licked his lips and kicked his feet . “Hmm . ”

Tang Yulan took it as a reply from Xiyu to her . She felt the same amount of happiness and satisfaction as she had felt when she had held Lu Boyan in her arms when Lu Boyan was still a child . She was reluctant to move her eyes away from the little guy and asked him, “Are you hungry?”

Xiyu looked at Tang Yulan with his black eyes and vaguely uttered two syllables . “Uh-um…”

“Are you hungry?” Tang Yulan patted the little fellow on the shoulder . “Our little baby is hungry . Wait a minute, grandma will take you to your mommy . ”

Su Jian’an held Xiyu in her arms . Almost at the same time, Xiangyi’s cry resounded in the room .

Lu Boyan was going to help Su Jian’an with the discharge formalities . When he heard his daughter crying again, he wanted to go back . Tang Yulan stopped him and said, “Don’t worry . Yunjin and I are here . We can take care of Jian’an and the babies . ”

Su Jian’an also signaled Lu Boyan to rest assured . Lu Boyan finally did not say anything and left the suite .

Tang Yulan walked to the baby’s bedsides with heartache . She saw that although Xiangyi’s eyes were still closed, she was crying bitterly as if she had been abandoned by someone .

She smiled, picked up the little fellow, and coaxed softly, “Grandma is holding you . My dearest baby, don’t cry . Don’t cry . ”

Xiangyi opened her beautiful eyes and looked at Tang Yulan for a while . It seemed that she had recognized Tang Yulan as her grandmother . She grinned at Tang Yulan, and her pure smile warmed Tang Yulan’s heart . Tang Yulan was overjoyed and wanted to share this joy with others .

Su Yunjin was right there next to Tang Yulan, so she was caught by Tang Yulan reasonably—

Tang Yulan held Xiangyi in her arms and faced Su Yunjin while saying, “Look at her . How cute her smile is!”

Su Yunjin smiled and looked at her tenderly . “Yes, just like a little angel . ”

After a while, Su Yunjin looked at Tang Yulan’s face .

Tang Yulan had been taking good care of her face . Although there were traces of age on her face, her temperament had also aged, making her look noble and peaceful . At first glance, one could tell that she was an old lady who loved life and was very particular about everything but was also tolerant of the world .

At this moment, the old lady seemed to have received a huge surprise . She held her little granddaughter with enormous love as if she was holding all the beauty of the whole world .

After all, at Tang Yulan’s age, being a grandmother was indeed a very happy thing .

Being a grandma not only meant that there were descendants in the Lu family but more importantly, it represented Lu Boyan’s happiness and fulfillment .

Su Yunjin didn’t know if Shen Yuechuan would ever have such a chance .

Tang Yulan was so happy that she didn’t notice the change of Su Yunjin’s mood . She said to herself, “After giving birth to Boyan, I wanted to have a daughter, but in the end, Boyan became the only son . Now, it’s nice to have a little granddaughter . ”

Su Yunjin put her bag aside and reached out . “Let me hold the little girl . ”

When she met new faces, Xiangyi was always a little curious . She looked at Su Yunjin with her beautiful and clear eyes for a while . Suddenly, she refused and protested . Su Yunjin couldn’t comfort her no matter how hard she tried .

Su Yunjin’s face was full of disappointment . “Can it be that Xiangyi doesn’t like her aunt-in-law?”

Su Jian’an just finished feeding breast milk to Xi Yu . Hearing that, she smiled and said, “Aunt, Xiangyi may just be hungry . Bring her to me . ”

Su Yunjin handed Xiangyi to Su Jian’an . The little girl rubbed her chest against Su Jian’an’s chest as if she knew that she was in her mother’s arms . She cried in a sweet voice and didn’t stop until she had breast milk .

Su Yunjin breathed a sigh of relief . “I’m relieved now that she’s really hungry . ”

Shen Yuechuan didn’t want to call her “mom” . When she would tell Xiao Yunyun the truth in the future, Xiao Yunyun would definitely hate her .

She was destined not to be liked by the grown-up kids . If even Xiangyi, who was less than a month old, didn’t like her, she would be too frustrated .

Su Jian’an didn’t notice the deep meaning of Su Yunjin’s words, and she only focused on feeding the baby . When the two little guys were full, Lu Boyan came back .

She handed Xiangyi to Tang Yulan and got out of bed . “Did you finish the discharge formalities?”

“It’s done,” Lu Boyan said, “Once the breakfast is over, you can go home after packing things up . ”

Su Jian’an stretched herself a bit and looked relieved . “We can finally go home!”

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No matter how well-decorated and comfortable this place was, it was still a hospital .

Only the house in Dingya Villas could give her a sense of belonging .

Lu Boyan took the opportunity to hug Su Jian’an and kissed her forehead . “Thank you for everything . ”

Su Jian’an smiled . “You’ve been very busy too, and I’m also grateful to you . ”

“Go wash your face . ” Lu Boyan pushed open the door of the bathroom and motioned for Su Jian’an to go in . “Let’s go home after breakfast . ”

Su Jian’an nodded and went into the bathroom to wash up . When she was about to get changed, Lu Boyan suddenly pushed the door open and walked in .

She was embarrassed . “Why don’t you knock on the door?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “Isn’t it weirder if I knock on the door?”

“…” What he said sounded reasonable, so Su Jian’an was speechless for a while .

Lu Boyan raised his hand and signaled Su Jian’an to look at the things in his hand . “Besides, I just came in to change the medicine on your wound . ”

He was so natural, and Su Jian’an would feel guilty if she continued to be coy .

In order not to make herself look guilty, Su Jian’an lifted the hem of her clothes and said, “Go ahead . ”

Lu Boyan seemed to have no complicated thoughts . He took off the gauze from Su Jian’an’s wound and sprayed it with the new medicine . A few drops of medicine dripped down from her lower abdomen, and he wiped it with a mass of cotton .

The last step was to cover Su Jian’an’s wound with new gauze . Since he wanted to finish this series of movements, Lu Boyan inevitably touched Su Jian’an’s body .

His fingertips, with a vague temperature, ironed Su Jian’an’s skin from time to time . Su Jian’an felt as if she had returned to the state when she had just got married .

At that time, it was only one vague touch . But Lu Boyan could still disturb her breathing and thoughts . All she could think about was Lu Boyan and the warmth from his hands…

After two years of marriage, she had thought that she had gotten used to Lu Boyan’s touch, but now she realized that she had not made much progress .

After changing the gauze, Lu Boyan noticed that Jian’an was lost in her thoughts . He pulled down the hem of her clothes . “What are you thinking about?”

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“Nothing . ” Su Jian’an came to her senses and quickly kissed Lu Boyan’s cheek . “Thank you . ”

Lu Boyan touched the place where Su Jian’an had just kissed . “What does it count?”

Su Jian’an said, “The reward for changing the medicine for me!”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows . “If I help you change your clothes too, will I get more rewards?”

Su Jian’an was embarrassed . “Rogue!” she said and pushed Lu Boyan out .

Lu Boyan did not intend to really take advantage of Su Jian’an, so he followed her push and left the bathroom .

Not long after, Su Jian’an changed her clothes and came out . Aunt Liu had already packed up her things and asked, “Old Madam, Mrs . Lu, when are we going home?”

Su Jian’an smiled . “Now!”

Lu Boyan and Tang Yulan were holding two little guys . Aunt Liu, Uncle Qian, and nurses in the hospital were helping to carry things . Su Yunjin was taking care of Su Jian’an, and soon they left the hospital .

The sunshine outside was bright and dazzling . Xiyu and Xiangyi were not used to it . They narrowed their eyes in the arms of their father and grandmother .

Tang Yulan wrapped a towel around Xiyu to prevent him from being blown by the wind . Then, she used one of her hands to protect him from the sun . Even though she knew that he could not understand, she still told him happily, “Xiyu, we are going home . ”

Xiyu lay quietly in Tang Yulan’s arms and stayed silent .

In contrast, the adaptability of Xiangyi was much weaker than that of her brother . Although Lu Boyan also blocked the sun for her with his hands, the sunshine was still somewhat dazzling . Soon, she started crying softly .

Su Jian’an walked over and asked, “What’s wrong with Xiangyi?”

“Nothing . ” Lu Boyan said, “It’s just that she can’t adapt to the environment outside in a short period . ”

“Jian’an, let Boyan take care of Xiangyi . ” Su Yunjin followed Su Jian’an and tidied her clothes . “Take care of yourself . You can’t get blown by the wind or catch a cold at this time . ”

Lu Boyan thought for a moment and asked the driver to drive the car straight into the hospital .

The driver took action very fast, and the black car quickly arrived in front of them . Uncle Qian went up to open the door and said, “Mrs . and the two babies can get in first . ”

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Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an got on the car first with the two little guys in their arms . Tang Yulan and Su Yunjin went to the gate of the hospital to get in the car driven here by Uncle Qian .

The car started quickly and slowly drove out of the hospital . Occasionally, sunlight shone through the window and passed by the seat . It appeared bright, warm, and beautiful .

Su Jian’an held Xiyu in her arms and said to him, “We are going home . ”

It was uncertain whether Xiyu had understood it or not . He just waved his hand in Su Jian’an’s arms .

Without the stimulus of the sun, Xiangyi finally stopped crying and lay quietly in Lu Boyan’s arms . After a few yawns, she slowly closed her eyes .

Lu Boyan gently patted her delicate shoulder . “Sleep, we will be home when you wake up . ”

Su Jian’an suddenly remembered something and said, “Ask Xiaoxi and Yuechuan to come to our home for dinner tonight . ”

Lu Boyan said, “Okay, I’ll contact them later . ”

Needless to say, Su Jian’an knew that tonight’s dinner would definitely be very lively .

But what she didn’t expect was that there was a prelude before the dinner .

As soon as their car drove out of the hospital, it was forced to slow down and stopped eventually .

As soon as it stopped, the car was surrounded by media reporters with cameras on their backs .

Judging from the media’s behavior, Lu Boyan and Su Jian’an would not be able to return home easily if the media failed to dig out any news from them .

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