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Chapter 627: 627
Chapter 627 Su Jian’an Got Out of The Hospital

After changing the drugs for Su Jian’an, Lu Boyan took the clothes and went to the bathroom .

When he came out of the bathroom, Su Jian’an was already asleep . He did not make a sound and looked at the two little guys . Then he turned off the lights and lay down beside Su Jian’an .

Having been married for so long, Su Jian’an had subconsciously developed the habit of getting close to Lu Boyan . As soon as Lu Boyan lay down, the strange feeling in her body seemed to have sensed Lu Boyan and automatically leaned over and nestled into his arms .

This was almost Su Jian’an’s habit, but the moment she buried her face in Lu Boyan’s arms, Lu Boyan still couldn’t help but… be moved .

Lu Boyan hugged Su Jian’an and kissed her forehead . “Good night . ”

He deliberately lowered his voice, which was full of male hormones, making it more attractive and deeper in the dark and more glamorous .

It was unsure whether Su Jian’an heard it or not . She answered with a “hmm” in a daze and fell into a deep sleep in Lu Boyan’s arms .

The corners of Lu Boyan’s lips curled into a smile of satisfaction . He also closed his eyes and fell asleep .

As soon as he closed his eyes, Lu Boyan slept until three o’clock in the morning . He didn’t open his eyes until his cell phone, which had a scheduled alarm at 3 in the early morning, vibrated gently at the head of the bed . He let go of Su Jian’an and went to see the two little guys .

According to the past few days, the two little guys would wake up at this time in the morning in order to drink milk .

As expected, Xiyu had already woken up . He looked at a lamp by the bed with his dark eyes and occasionally pursed his mouth with grievance, as if he would cry if nobody came .

“Xiyu . ” Lu Boyan’s voice attracted Xiyu’s attention . Xiyu turned his head and waved excitedly when he saw Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan smiled and picked up the little fellow . The little fellow’s diapers were already very heavy . He changed his diapers first, washed his hands, and then made some milk for him .

The little guy was starving, and he took several gulps as soon as he touched the pacifier . Lu Boyan sat down with him in his arms, put him on his lap, and spared a hand to pat him on the shoulder . “Don’t rush, drink slowly . ”

“Uh…” Xiyu loosened the pacifier and breathed satisfactorily, and responded to Lu Boyan at the same time .

Lu Boyan looked at the little girl, and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably .

A few years ago, before he married Su Jian’an, he thought that only success in his career could give him a sense of accomplishment .

But now, the sense of accomplishment was very simple to achieve for him .

As long as Xiyu and Xiangyi smiled at him, he would be happier than when he signed a contract worthy of hundreds of millions of yuan .

It was just like when he had married Su Jian’an . As long as Su Jian’an took the initiative to kiss him, his mood could be better for several days .

It had been a few days after the birth of Xiyu and Xiangyi, so Su Jian’an had gotten used to waking up in the middle of the night . She would regain consciousness during the night .

Thinking that the two little guys would get hungry, she didn’t sleep through the night even though she had always been addicted to sleeping . Instead, she opened her eyes very quickly .

What she didn’t expect was that when she opened her eyes, she would see Lu Boyan sitting by the bed with Xiyu in his arms .

Lu Boyan put Xiyu on his lap, protected the little fellow with one hand, and held the bottle to feed the baby with the other hand . There was a faint smile on his lips, and his eyes and eyebrows were full of tenderness . Xiyu was drinking milk in his arms, and he looked even more satisfied .

Lu Boyan in this state was a completely different person from the previous cold, merciless, and uncompromising CEO of Lu Enterprises .

Su Jian’an lifted the quilt and got up . Lu Boyan quickly noticed her movements and asked, “Did I wake you up?”

“No, I just wanted to get up and see if Xiyu and Xiangyi woke up . I was afraid that they would be hungry . ” Su Jian’an sat down on the edge of the bed, reached out her hand, and touched the face of Xiyu playfully . “When did you wake up?”

Xiyu vaguely replied with a “hmm” . At this time, in the cot, Xiangyi suddenly began to cry .

“I’ll check . ”

Su Jian’an got up and walked over . She saw that although Xiangyi’s eyes were still closed, she was humming unhappily on the bed as if she knew someone would come to hold her .

Su Jian’an couldn’t help calling her, “Baby . ”

Xiangyi had been born for less than a week . Of course, she didn’t know if Su Jian’an was calling her . When she heard Su Jian’an’s voice, she opened her eyes, stared at Su Jian’an for a while, and cried out with grievance .

Su Jian’an’s heart ached . She picked up the little girl and coaxed her gently . “Good girl, mommy’s hugging you . Don’t cry . ”

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This time, Xiangyi did not listen to her and continued crying out of grievance . Su Jian’an could do nothing with her .

At the moment, Xiyu had just finished his milk . Lu Boyan put him on the big bed . “Dad is going to make some milk for your sister . You should lie here obediently . Don’t cry, okay?”

Xiyu just looked at Lu Boyan with his black eyes . He was quiet and did not make any sound, but it seemed that he had reached an agreement with Lu Boyan .

Lu Boyan soon made a bottle of milk . Su Jian’an happened to walk over with her daughter in her arms . He fed the milk to Xiangyi . The little girl took a few gulps quickly and sighed with satisfaction . Her voice sounded very cute, and she finally stopped crying .

“Let me do it . ” Su Jian’an took the bottle and fed it to Xiangyi . “She’s really hungry . ”

Lu Boyan was afraid that Xiyu might cry, so he handed Xiangyi to Su Jian’an . When he went back to check on Xiyu, the little fellow had already fallen asleep . He raised his small hand and put it on his shoulder . His head was tilted and he breathed shallowly . He looked peaceful and satisfied, which made anyone want to protect him for the rest of their lives .

Su Jian’an lowered her voice and said, “Take Xiyu to the small bed, or he will catch a cold . ”

After Lu Boyan settled Xiyu there, Xiangyi also drank up the milk, but she was not sleepy . She kept twisting herself and turning around in Su Jian’an’s arms, turning her big cute eyes to look around .

Su Jian’an tried to put her on the baby bed . She wanted to wait for her to sleep, but Xiangyi started groaning the minute she left Su Jian’an’s arms and was about to cry .

Su Jian’an was afraid that Xiyu would be woken up by the sound, so she hurriedly picked up Xiangyi and coaxed her in her arms . However, no matter how she comforted the little girl, she showed no sign of sleeping .

Su Jian’an yawned several times in a row and looked helplessly at the little girl in her arms . “Baby, I’m very sleepy . Why do you not want to sleep?”

Lu Boyan said, “Put her on the bed . ”

“Let her sleep with us?” Su Jian’an shook her head . “No, once we don’t pay attention and the quilt covers her head, there will be an accident . ”

“I’ll keep an eye on her,” Lu Boyan said, “You can sleep first . ”

Su Jian’an was extremely sleepy . Hearing Lu Boyan’s words, she nodded and put the Xiangyi in the middle of the big bed and took the opportunity to lie down beside her .

Lu Boyan lay down on the other side, pulled the quilt over Su Jian’an’s body, and tidied her hair that was scattered on her cheek . “You can sleep now . When Xiangyi falls asleep, I’ll take her to the baby bed . ”

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Su Jian’an almost couldn’t keep her eyes open . She replied with a “hmm” in a daze, closed her eyes, and fell asleep in seconds .

Xiangyi seemed to be curious . She stared at Su Jian’an for a few seconds and then turned to look at Lu Boyan . She looked quiet but full of energy .

Lu Boyan caressed her tiny face . “Mommy is already asleep,” he said . “Why aren’t you sleeping yet, huh?”

Xiangyi grinned at Lu Boyan as if she knew that her father was talking to her . Lu Boyan could do nothing to her in an instant . He gently patted her slender shoulder and comforted her to sleep in a soft voice .

Children needed more sleep than adults . With Lu Boyan’s patience and comfort, it didn’t take long before Xiangyi closed her eyes and fell asleep . Her sleeping posture was precisely the same as that of Xiyu .

After more than an hour, the two little guys finally settled down . Lu Boyan also breathed a sigh of relief . He picked up Xiangyi, put her on the baby bed, covered her with the quilt, and kissed her forehead before returning to bed .

“Good night, my little girl . ”

The next day .

The two little fellows didn’t wake up in the early morning, probably because they knew they had interrupted their parents the night before . Lu Boyan was the one who woke up first .

Su Jian’an was still sleeping soundly . Lu Boyan tucked her in the quilt and quietly got out of bed to see the two little babies .

Both the brother and sister were sleeping soundly . They had raised their hands and placed them next to their shoulders . Their sleeping postures were exactly the same, and even their heads were tilted to the left as if they had secretly made an appointment .

The faint morning light shone in and sprinkled on the window, which not far from their beds . It was quiet and pleasing to the eye, full of vitality and hope .

It was like the two little guys on the baby bed .

Lu Boyan took Su Jian’an’s camera and captured the second photo of the two little guys since their birth .

The shutter sound was not loud, but Su Jian’an still heard it .

Lu Boyan connected the wireless Internet and sent the photos to the mobile phone for Su Jian’an to see .

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Seeing the tacit understanding between the two little guys, Su Jian’an couldn’t help smiling and said, “When they grow up, I’ll show them the photos . It will be fun!”

Right at this moment, the sound of the shutter rang again .

Su Jian’an was stunned and looked in the direction of the sound . It was Tang Yulan and Aunt Liu coming . And Su Yunjin was in the front .

The person who pressed the shutter was Su Yunjin . She walked in with a camera in her hand while saying, “Xiyu and Xiangyi will be very happy to see you guys leaning against each other and looking at their photos . ”

“Aunt,” Su Jian’an was surprised, “have you finished your work?”

“Yunyun said that you asked about me yesterday . I happened to have nothing to do today, so I came to pick you up from the hospital . ” Su Yunjin handed the camera to Su Jian’an . “Have a look at this?”

Su Jian’an took the camera and saw the pictures taken by Su Yunjin on the small screen .

In the photo, Lu Boyan was sitting on the edge of the bed with a camera in his hand, while she was leaning against the bed and resting her head on Lu Boyan’s shoulder . Both of them were staring at the DSLR screen .

It was undeniable that from the photo which was taken just now, she and Lu Boyan’s posture… was intimate indeed .

Therefore, the beautiful thing was more than just the arrival of new lives .

It also included the feelings between her and Lu Boyan, which might never disappear .

“Aunt,” Su Jian’an looked up at Su Yunjin and said, “Send me this photo . ”

Su Yunjin smiled and said, “I came here with a camera today to take photos for you . I’ll send you all the photos when we get home . ”

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