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Chapter 617: 617

Mu Sijue didn’t go back . Instead, he dialed Ah Guang’s number .

Ah Guang’s hurried voice quickly came from the mobile phone . “Seventh Brother, our people are chasing…”

“Don’t chase after her . Let her go . ” Mu Sijue’s voice was very faint, without any emotion .

It seemed that Ah Guang couldn’t believe what he had heard . He was stunned for a moment before he said with uncertainty, “Seventh Brother, you…”

“Let her go . ” Mu Sijue’s voice suddenly became heavy, and there was a hint of infuriation in his voice . “Do you need me to repeat it for the third time?”

Ah Guang became serious and said solemnly, “Seventh Brother, I know what to do!”

Mu Sijue hung up the phone . When he looked down, he accidentally saw a trace of blood on the ground that had not dried up yet .

It should be Xu Youning’s blood .

That slash of his was enough to cause her to bleed so much…

Shen Yuechuan looked at Mu Sijue calmly . He always felt that if Mu Sijue’s face appeared so stiff, his handsome face would soon crack…

In order to preserve Mu Sijue’s handsome face until he got old, Shen Yuechuan cleared his throat and asked, “Do you want to go upstairs to see Jian’an, or…”

“I’ll go back . ” Mu Sijue was expressionless . “I put something on the coffee table in the living room . It’s a gift for Xiyu and Xiangyi . You can help me to give it to Boyan . ”

Shen Yuechuan nodded and looked at Mu Sijue worriedly . “You…”

Before Shen Yuechuan could finish his words, Mu Sijue interrupted him coldly, “I’m fine . ”

As soon as he finished his words, Mu Sijue stepped out of the hospital . His back still had a kind of terrifying pressure, but the darkness of the night covered his face . So Shen Yuechuan couldn’t tell if he was in a good mood or bad mood .

But even without looking at his face, Shen Yuechuan could tell that his mood must be extremely terrible .

However, others couldn’t help him with love affairs .

In the end, Shen Yuechuan said nothing and returned to Su Jian’an’s suite .

The things that Mu Sijue mentioned were still on the tea table of the living room . Shen Yuechuan picked them up and took them to the room . He handed them to Lu Boyan and said, “These are the gifts for Xiyu and Xiangyi from Mu Qi . ”

Lu Boyan did not open them immediately, but asked, “Where is he?”

“He has gone back . ” After a pause, Shen Yuechuan added, “Xu Youning is injured . ”

Su Jian’an was stunned when she heard that . She put down the spoon filled with milk powder and walked over . “How did Youning get hurt? Is it serious?”

Shen Yuechuan raised his hand to signal Su Jian’an to rest assured . “Mu Qi accidentally stabbed Xu Youning . The injury is a little bit more serious than the skin trauma . But for people like Xu Youning, this kind of injury is insignificant . ”

For Su Jian’an, it didn’t change the fact that Xu Youning had been hurt . She frowned terribly and asked, “Did Youning get back?”

“Mu Qi asked Ah Guang to let her go . ” Shen Yuechuan spread out his hands helplessly . “As for whether she will go back or go somewhere else, I don’t know . ”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jian’an . “If she can’t make it, she will contact Kang Ruicheng . ”

“Yeah . ” Shen Yuechuan didn’t have a good impression of Xu Youning anymore . He said perfunctorily, “Xu Youning is much smarter than you think . You don’t have to worry about her at all . ”

Su Jian’an looked down and asked after a moment of silence, “Does Mu Sijue know why Youning came to the hospital?”

Shen Yuechuan shook his head . “Mu Qi should know, but he didn’t tell me . But I can guess—she was here to visit you . ”

Su Jian’an smiled curiously and said, “You had been downstairs for only less than ten minutes, and you didn’t even have time to talk to Youning . How did you know that?”

Shen Yuechuan also smiled . “A person like Xu Youning would definitely be fully armed if she had had a task to fulfill . But when I saw her just now, she was only wearing light sportswear without any defensive or offensive weapons . So I guess that she just came to see you . She probably didn’t know that she would encounter Mu Qi . ”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and sighed . “If Youning was here to see me, it’s… really a coincidence . ”

Xu Youning came to see her, but she picked the same time as Mu Sijue; hence she got caught .

It sounded like Xu Youning had come at the wrong time .

Shen Yuechuan’s thoughts were very different from Su Jian’an’s . He said with a smile, “Why do I feel like it’s a coincidence?”

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Su Jian’an was stunned and immediately understood what Shen Yuechuan meant .

Mu Sijue wasn’t in a hurry, but he just chose this time to visit her . Xu Youning had been staying in City A . She didn’t come here yesterday, nor would she come tomorrow . She also chose the same time .

Who could say it was not a coincidence?

Thinking of this, Su Jian’an couldn’t help smiling and didn’t refute Shen Yuechuan’s words .

Shen Yuechuan didn’t want to continue this topic, which was difficult to ascertain whether it was a happy or sad topic . So he pointed to the bag in Lu Boyan’s hand and said, “Look at Mu Qi’s welcome gift . Our Seventh Brother usually doesn’t make a move easily . Once he does, it will be shocking . ”

Lu Boyan took out two boxes from the light blue bag and opened the two boxes one by one .

The first box was slightly larger, and there was a diamond necklace inside . The design was very retro and elegant . Each diamond reflected a pure and dazzling light, looking particularly noble .

Shen Yuechuan recognized the background of the necklace at a glance . With a “tsk,” he said, “The concubine of the royal family in Country X wore the necklace . It was made with the best quality diamonds, which were cut from a diamond worth more than 70 billion yuan—Brother Mu’s gift is really shocking . ”

The necklace was obviously a gift for Xiangyi, and the pen for Xiyu was also valuable .

It was a limited-edition steel pen released by a luxury brand . There were only 58 of them in the world, and only one was issued in the country .

The designer of the pen was very famous, and it was the most incredible as well as the last work of his career . Therefore, the design of the pen was very charming and had a profound meaning . What was rarer was that this pen had reached the first-class level in terms of use .

There was a magazine comment, which said it was the most valuable steel pen in history .

It was not difficult for Mu Sijue to get such a pen .

To Shen Yuechuan’s admiration, there were three English letters engraved on the pen, LXY, which were the initials of Lu Xiyu’s name .

If he was not mistaken, it was the handwriting of the pen designer!

“Tut-tut!” Shen Yuechuan shook his head repeatedly . “The gifts of others combined are no match for Mu Sijue’s . Jian’an, you’re in a great dilemma . ”

“Mm?” Su Jian’an asked in confusion . “What kind of dilemma?”

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“The taste of the gifts he gave to Xiyu and Xiangyi is too high . If he gives birth to a child in the future, you probably wouldn’t know what to send to his child . What do you think…?”

Shen Yuechuan suddenly fell into silence .

According to Mu Sijue’s condition, it would be hard for him to find a normal person to be with, let alone giving birth to a child .

Therefore, he was too farsighted .

Shen Yuechuan smiled bitterly and stopped talking . “I’m leaving . ”

Not long after Shen Yuechuan left, Xiyu and Xiangyi fell asleep . Su Jian’an changed her clothes and lay in the bed, but she didn’t feel sleepy .

After taking a shower, Lu Boyan came out of the bathroom and saw that Su Jian’an had something in her mind at a glance . He came over and held her, asking, “What are you thinking about?”

Su Jian’an leaned over and slipped into Lu Boyan’s arms . “I wonder how Youning is doing…”

Lu Boyan frowned and said, “You don’t have to worry about her . She is Kang Ruicheng’s most helpful assistant . In such a situation, Kang Ruicheng will definitely send someone to pick her up . Besides, even if Kang Ruicheng doesn’t know what happened to her here, Mu Sijue won’t really kill her . ”

But, wasn’t Mu Sijue going to kill Xu Youning half a year ago?

Su Jian’an felt that Lu Boyan’s last sentence contained some hidden meaning . She stared at him and asked, “Is there anything else you haven’t told me?”

Lu Boyan was not sure whether his guess was right or wrong, but he decided not to tell Su Jian’an first . He touched her head and ordered in a soft tone, “Sleep . ”

Su Jian’an was not so obedient . She tilted her head to avoid Lu Boyan’s hand and looked at him stubbornly . “Tell me first… hmm…”

Before she could finish her words, Lu Boyan suddenly lowered his head and kissed her lips .

Su Jian’an’s eyes widened, and she protested . “Oh!”

Lu Boyan acted as if he had not heard Su Jian’an’s protest . He deepened the kiss and did not even give her a chance to speak .

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His hands clung to Su Jian’an’s body as if they had some incredible magic, and the kiss was overbearing and sweet . Su Jian’an was unable to resist him at all . After a while, she was immersed in his kiss and completely forgot what she was going to say…

While someone was feeling sweet, there must be others who were in pain .

At that moment, it was Xu Youning who was in pain .

When she escaped with her hand covering her wound, she saw Ah Guang .

They hadn’t seen each other for half a year, but Ah Guang still looked the same as before . He was still in the same shape with a buzz cut, simple and light clothes, and his eyes were shining with vigilance .

If she hadn’t known that he was working for Mu Sijue, Xu Youning would have thought that he was a good young man .

Ah Guang also saw her, and he called her like he used to do instantly . “Youning…”

Seeing that the word “sister” was about to blurt out from his mouth, Xu Youning shook her head at him from a distance .

She was no longer a subordinate of Mu Sijue . Instead, she had returned to Kang Ruicheng . Mu Sijue and Kang Ruicheng were sworn enemies . How could Ah Guang call Kang Ruicheng’s subordinate “sister”?

Ah Guang realized that something was wrong . He stopped talking and looked at Xu Youning with a complicated expression . It seemed that he was hesitating if he should catch her .

At the moment, Ah Guang’s phone rang . Xu Youning took advantage of his distraction to turn around and run .

She knew that Ah Guang was in a dilemma, but no matter what answer Ah Guang came up with, she couldn’t be caught by him .

Ah Guang had let her go half a year ago . Now Xu Youning expected that Ah Guang would let her go again .

However, Ah Guang was not the only one who was chasing after her . Even if Ah Guang would let her go, it didn’t mean that Mu Sijue’s other men would hesitate . Besides, she was injured . The bottom line was that she couldn’t stay any longer to recall the old days with Ah Guang .

Xu Youning continued running without looking back or stopping .

Not long after running out of the hospital, Xu Youning heard the sound of sudden brakes . She looked over and saw Kang Ruicheng in the car .

She breathed a sigh of relief, revealed a happy smile, and ran toward the car…

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