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Published at 18th of October 2020 06:22:11 PM
Chapter 618: Chapter 618 - They Were Destined to Meet, But Not to Stay With Each Other (1)

Kang Ruicheng soon found that there was something wrong with Xu Youning—if there was nothing wrong, why did she cover her lower abdomen with her hands?

He frowned deeply and soon realized what had happened, “She was injured!”

Before the others in the car could react, Kang Ruicheng had opened the door and got out of the car . The driver, who was still in the driver’s seat, could only shout at him from a distance, “Brother Cheng, it’s dangerous!”

Xu Youning was injured, which meant that Mu Sijue’s men must be chasing her . They received the news that Mu Sijue also decided to come to the hospital at the last minute . They came in a hurry and didn’t bring many people with them . Kang Ruicheng got off the car so rashly . He was completely taking a risk!

Kang Ruicheng, however, acted as if he didn’t hear the driver’s words and strode towards Xu Youning .

As they got closer and closer, the lights also became brighter and brighter . Kang Ruicheng’s guess that Xu Youning was injured got confirmed once he reached close enough . Her hand on her lower abdomen had been dyed red with blood, and her clothes and shoes were stained with undried blood .

Kang Ruicheng’s expression instantly tensed up . “How did you get hurt?”

Xu Youning didn’t have time to answer . She looked at Kang Ruicheng anxiously and said, “Why did you come down! We’re surrounded by Mu Sijue’s men now!”

“…” Kang Ruicheng stared at Xu Youning’s wound . He wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Xu Youning as soon as he opened his mouth . “Don’t say anything . Get in the car first!”

Kang Ruicheng helped Xu Youning get in the car . As soon as he closed the door, he ordered the driver, “Go!”

The speed of the car was very fast . After a while, they drove out of the hospital . Kang Ruicheng took out the emergency kit from under his seat and opened it while saying, “Take your hand away . I’ll help you handle your wound . ”

Xu Youning pressed the wound and said awkwardly, “I can do it myself . ”

Kang Ruicheng took out the disinfectant and ordered, “Take your hands off!”

He looked tense and gloomy . It seemed that a storm was brewing . Even though Xu Youning was familiar enough with him, she couldn’t help trembling and let go of her hands .

The human body had an automatic blood coagulation function, but because Xu Youning kept running after being injured, it affected the wound and caused it to bleed incessantly . As soon as it was loosened, the bleeding became more intense, and Kang Ruicheng frowned deeper .

Xu Youning’s clothes had been pierced, so Kang Ruicheng simply tore her lower hem and exposed her wound .

The wound was on the lower left side of her abdomen . Although it wasn’t very deep or fatal, it was still bleeding terribly .

Kang Ruicheng glanced at Xu Youning and hesitated for a moment with a complicated look in his eyes . Then he asked, “Does it hurt?”

Xu Youning was not sure whether she had seen wrongly—she saw a trace of softness and pity in Kang Ruicheng’s eyes .

In less than half a second, Xu Youning got conscious again .

How was that possible?

For Kang Ruicheng, she was just a subordinate . If asking about the difference she had from other subordinates, it was just that she was personally taught by him, so she was a little stronger .

When she worked for him to complete the tasks, she had broken her ribs and had been seriously injured . There had been a time when she had almost failed the mission and was on the verge of death .

When she finally came back from the jaws of death, Kang Ruicheng just comforted her with a few words and asked her to have a good rest .

He would never feel painful for her, not to mention looking at her with that kind of soft gaze .

However, even if it was not her illusion, even if Kang Ruicheng really cared for her, it was meaningless to her now .

She would never forget that Kang Ruicheng was the one who killed her grandma .

Besides, she had long given up on the hope for Kang Ruicheng’s gentleness and kindness .

What she wanted was another person’s gentleness .

However, it would be a dream forever, wouldn’t it?

Kang Ruicheng didn’t hear Xu Youning’s answer for a long time . He called her, “Youning?”

“Ah?” Xu Youning came to her senses and said, “Oh . ” She shook her head and said, “It doesn’t hurt . ”

“It will hurt while disinfecting . ” Kang Ruicheng took a medical clip with a small ball of cotton between it and dipped it in the disinfectant . He told Xu Youning, “Hold on . ”

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Xu Youning smiled and looked at Kang Ruicheng in disbelief . “Have you forgotten that we are both people who have been shot? Do you think I need to endure to get through such minor injuries? But then again, when did you become so concerned?”

Kang Ruicheng looked into Xu Youning’s eyes . There was no flinch or pain in her beautiful eyes, only amusement, as if his words were really redundant .

If it was in the past, when he cared for Xu Youning like that, there would be a sweet smile on her face at least .

Xu Youning had come back, and she had indeed changed back to the Xu Youning of the past . She regarded Mu Sijue as her enemy and wished to cut him into pieces… But the fact that she had loved Mu Sijue before couldn’t be changed .

The only thing that could not be changed after she came back, was probably the admiration and love she once had for him .

Kang Ruicheng smiled . “I’m too much worried?”

Xu Youning said indifferently, “Yes . ”

Even if one day she was abandoned by the whole world, she did not need Kang Ruicheng’s concern!

Kang Ruicheng just thought that Xu Youning was complaining about him . He smiled and continued bandaging her wound .

They were both people who had been injured innumerous times, and Kang Ruicheng was very skilled at bandaging the wound . Xu Youning recalled that after she had prevented a car accident for Mu Sijue, he had also taken care of her roughly .

At that time, Mu Sijue had appeared reluctant to do anything for her, but he actually had done everything for her .

In a trance, she had a wonderful illusion: “Is it possible that Mu Sijue at least likes me a little? Does he like me or not?”

Later, she had seen a sentence on the Internet—

“If you are wondering whether someone likes you or not, you don’t have to think about it . He probably doesn’t like you . ”

At that time, she had silently objected to this sentence in her heart . “How can it be determined so casually? Maybe it’s because the person is not good at expressing his or her feelings . That’s why he or she makes you feel confused?”

It wasn’t until Mu Sijue personally gave the order to kill her that she realized that the sentence was quite reasonable .

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“If a person likes you, even if he doesn’t say it, his eyes won’t be able to hide this secret . ”

“At least, he will look at you . ”

“When a group of people are laughing, he will look at you subconsciously . When he stretches, he will pretend to look at you inadvertently, or directly stare at you boldly with his eyes .


Thinking of this, Xu Youning smiled, and there was a hint of imperceptible bitterness in her laughter .

Kang Ruicheng bandaged the wound and handed a clean woman’s blouse to Xu Youning . “What’s so funny?”

Xu Youning lied with a straight face . “It’s nothing . I’m just surprised that you’re so good at bandaging . ”

Kang Ruicheng seemed to have fallen into the whirlpool of memories . After a moment of silence, he said, “The mother of Yang Yang used to be injured all the time, either hurt here or there . I often helped her apply the medicine and change the medicine . After a long time, I’ve learned it . ”

Yang Yang was Kang Ruicheng’s son and had been secretly fostered in the United States . His mother, Kang Ruicheng’s nominal wife, was kidnapped and killed by Kang Ruicheng’s enemy not long after she gave birth to Yang Yang .

Kang Ruicheng took Xu Youning in because Yang Yang’s mother was also from City G . When Xu Youning spoke Mandarin, she had the same accent as Yang Yang’s mother, which made him feel familiar and friendly .

“It’s been so many years, and you still haven’t forgotten his mother?” Xu Youning asked .

Kang Ruicheng looked at Xu Youning . He wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Xu Youning—

Xu Youning patted Kang Ruicheng on the shoulder and said, “Forget it . Let’s not talk about those sad things . By the way, how old is Yang Yang?”

Kang Ruicheng said, “Five years old . ”

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“Oh, he is at the age when he needs his father most . ” Xu Youning tilted her head and looked at Kang Ruicheng seriously . “Have you ever thought about taking him back to the country and bringing him up with you? I haven’t seen him for a long time, and I miss him very much . ”

“In the current situation, it’s impossible for me to bring him back . ” Kang Ruicheng’s voice sounded emotionless . “Besides, he is the descendant of the Kang family . It’s not bad for him to adapt to this kind of life since he is a child . ”

“I didn’t mishear, did I?” Xu Youning looked at Kang Ruicheng in disbelief . “Are you going to make Yang Yang live such a life as you after he grows up?”

“We’re all living this kind of life,” Kang Ruicheng said relaxedly . “Since we can live this way, why can’t Yang Yang?”

Xu Youning shook her head repeatedly . “You know better than me that this kind of life can kill us at any time . You… should at least give Yang Yang the right to choose . ”

Kang Ruicheng stared at Xu Youning . “What do you mean?”

“I mean, Yang Yang may not like this kind of life . ” Xu Youning was silent for a while, then slowly said, “You lost his mother, and I also lost my grandmother . So, you see, in this kind of life, we not only lose our freedom but also might lose our loved ones . Do you want Yang Yang to experience the same pain as you?”

Kang Ruicheng frowned and asked an unimaginable question, “What do you want me to do?”

“I hope you can bring Yang Yang back . At least you should let him know what kind of life you have arranged for him . When he grows up, you can let him choose on his own,” Xu Youning said, “Besides, at Yang Yang’s age, he should be accompanied by his father at least now that his mother is not present . ”

Kang Ruicheng fell into silence and eventually expressed no attitude to Xu Youning’s words . He just changed the subject . “Change your clothes . ”

Xu Youning’s clothes were not only stained with blood, but also torn . She really needed to get changed .

She said yes, raised her chin and gave Kang Ruicheng an eye .

Kang Ruicheng knew her habit . He turned around and turned his back to her . At the same time, he called the driver, and the driver immediately understood . “I know, Brother Cheng . ”

As soon as his voice fell, the driver also buckled the rearview mirror of the car .

The window glass was specially made and couldn’t be seen from the outside . In addition, Xu Youning was wearing a sports underwear inside . So she didn’t hesitate and quickly changed into a clean shirt .

Just when she was about to say “all right”, Kang Ruicheng suddenly asked, “Youning, who hurt you?”

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