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Chapter 616: 616

Xu Youning had heard that when a person was familiar enough with another person, he could find that person in the crowd just with his feelings .

Just like one day, when you walked on the street, a feeling in your heart asked you to look in a certain direction, and you would pleasantly be surprised to see an acquaintance .

Because they were familiar with each other, there was a hidden connection between them .

Xu Youning knew that it was unrealistic, but she couldn’t help thinking that Mu Sijue could find her in time . Was it also because of this connection?

If that was the case, could it mean that Mu Sijue actually didn’t forget her?

While thinking about it, on the surface, Xu Youning covered up all her expectations perfectly . She looked at Mu Sijue with a faint mocking look, as if she was waiting to see him make a fool of himself .

When he found Xu Youning, Mu Sijue didn’t see her face . Just by looking at her figure, he was sure that it was her .

If he had to give a convincing explanation, it would probably be that he was too familiar with her .

They hadn’t been together for a long time, but everything about Xu Youning was like a brand that was deeply engraved in his mind . She had been away for half a year, but he had never forgotten about her .

Therefore, even if Xu Youning kept hiding, even if she was hiding in the dark, or even if she changed her face… he could still recognize her .

He could tell from his feelings that she was Xu Youning .

Of course, he couldn’t tell Xu Youning the truth .

Mu Sijue walked towards Xu Youning coldly and said in a meager and mocking voice, “Xu Youning, even if you have different colored skin, I can still recognize you, not to mention that you changed your face . ”

“Why?” Xu Youning deliberately teased him with a faint smile . “Is it because I’m unforgettable or because I left a deep impression on you . ”

“You’re half right . ” Surprisingly, Mu Sijue didn’t deny Xu Youning’s words . He continued ambiguously, “Your body really impressed me . ”

Xu Youning’s deliberate smile instantly cooled down, and finally turned into a thin layer of ice frozen on her face .

“I knew it . How could Mu Sijue approve my words?” Xu Youning thought .

He would only humiliate her forever .

However, when she handed herself over to Mu Sijue, she was willing . So there was no regret or shame for her now .

Xu Youning stared at Mu Sijue coldly and said, “Mu Qi, as a man, don’t you think it’s immoral to humiliate a woman with these kinds of words?”

Without waiting for Mu Sijue’s reply, Xu Youning went on to say, “But that’s just right . You’re not a man of good character . You have nothing but malevolence and cruelty!”

Mu Sijue warned her, “Xu Youning, it’s not a good choice for you to irritate me at the moment . ”

Xu Youning smiled indifferently and said, “If you let me go, I won’t provoke you . Can you change your mind?”

Mu Sijue sneered and asked, “What do you think?”

Xu Youning shook her head and said casually, “Of course not . I know you . Of course, it’s impossible . In that case, I might as well irritate you . At least, I can feel better that way!”

Mu Sijue thought it was funny, but he couldn’t laugh . He just asked, “Xu Youning, how much do you hate me?”

“To the deepest depth of my bones . ” Xu Youning emphasized word by word, “Mu Sijue, you are the enemy of my entire life! So, you’d better not let me go today . Otherwise, I won’t let you off in the future . ”

Mu Sijue coldly raised the corner of his mouth as if he was facing an arrogant opponent . “I’ll give you a chance . Let me see how you’ll never let me off . ”

Xu Youning had already said the aggressive words, so she had to continue the show to the end .

She stared at Mu Sijue with hatred, and somehow she touched the military knife . The bright knife popped out of the scabbard and reflected a bloodthirsty light in the night .

She rushed to Mu Sijue, and the military knife in her hand was infused with her momentum, turning into a small but deadly weapon .

Mu Sijue gave Xu Youning a chance in person, but when Xu Youning rushed over with a murderous look, he was still angry .

He didn’t guess wrong . Xu Youning still suspected that he was the murderer of Granny Xu, and she still wanted to kill him .

When the knife in Xu Youning’s hand was five centimeters away from him, Mu Sijue dodged to the side and grabbed Xu Youning’s wrist with incredible speed . He twisted her wrist slightly and grabbed the knife with his other hand .

It wasn’t that Xu Youning was too weak . Rather, it was because Mu Sijue’s movements were too fast and he overpowered Xu Youning with his strength . It wasn’t difficult for him to take things from Xu Youning at all .

Xu Youning was not trounced . She looked at Mu Sijue indifferently and said, “The knife is yours, so I should just give it back to you . From now on, if you have the capability, you can kill me with this knife . ”

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From her tone, it was obvious that she still had something to say . Mu Sijue gave her a chance to finish . “Otherwise?”

“Otherwise?” Xu Youning sneered, “Otherwise—I’ll kill you with this knife . ”

As soon as she finished her words, Xu Youning suddenly attacked Mu Sijue .

Mu Sijue was hit by Xu Youning’s punch, which made him feel short and heavy pain .

He looked at Xu Youning, and the last bit of tolerance in his eyes finally disappeared .

Xu Youning was so familiar with Mu Sijue’s eyes . She knew that if she didn’t run away this time, Mu Sijue would eat her alive .

She ran instantly .

“Good girls don’t fight when the odds are against them . ” If she couldn’t escape today, everything she had done before would be in vain!

Therefore, she should just run away first!

When Mu Sijue came to City A for the first time, he didn’t expect that he would Xu Youning . But since he had already met her, there was no reason for him to let her run away easily .

He caught up with her . Almost at the same time, Shen Yuechuan rushed over from Su Jian’an’s suite .

More than ten minutes ago, Mu Sijue’s expression had suddenly changed, and he had left in a hurry . Su Jian’an quickly realized a possibility and asked Lu Boyan, “Could it be that Youning came to the hospital?”

Lu Boyan obviously thought of the same possibility and said, “It should be . ”

Su Jian’an asked uneasily, “What will happen to them?”

Lu Boyan did not speak, but the answer was actually well known to everyone present .

“Xu Youning has stubbornly believed that Mu Sijue was the murderer who had killed her grandmother and has been waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on him . ” As for Mu Sijue, he let Xu Youning escape last time . This time, once Xu Youning provoked him, she would not be so lucky again .

Therefore, one of them had to be injured .

Lu Boyan called Shen Yuechuan, “Go and find Mu Qi . ”

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Shen Yuechuan knew why Lu Boyan asked him to go to Mu Qi, so he said with little confidence, “What if I can’t stop Mu Qi?”

Mu Sijue and Xu Youning were confronting each other . If one of them had to be injured, it was obvious that Xu Youning was more likely to be injured because she was no match to Mu Sijue at all .

Therefore, Lu Boyan asked Shen Yuechuan to go down and stop Mu Sijue .

However, once Mu Sijue lost his temper, even ten Shen Yuechuan wouldn’t be able to stop him .

Shen Yuechuan felt that he was under too much pressure…

Lu Boyan said, “Just tell him not to fight in the hospital because Xiyu and Xiangyi were just born . ”

As long as Xu Youning could hold on until she left the hospital, Kang Ruicheng’s men would receive the news and pick her up . Then she would be out of danger .

“Good idea!” Shen Yuechuan nodded and turned to leave the suite .

It had been five minutes before he found Mu Sijue and Xu Youning . The two confronted each other aggressively near the hospital gate . Xu Youning was obviously in a weak position but stubbornly refused to admit defeat .

“Mu Sijue, you’d better send me to my grandma!” Xu Youning looked at Mu Sijue with hatred . “Otherwise, the next time I see you, I will personally send you to the other world to apologize to my grandma!”

Mu Sijue dangerously narrowed his eyes and stabbed towards Xu Youning with the knife in his hand .

Xu Youning was quick to react . She quickly grabbed Mu Sijue’s wrist and tried to block the knife .

Right at the time, Shen Yuechuan called Mu Sijue, “Mu Qi!”

Xu Youning seemed to have a conditioned reflex and looked in Shen Yuechuan’s direction . At the same time, she loosened her grip without warning .

Mu Sijue used too much strength while Xu Youning let go of him suddenly . He didn’t have time to withdraw his hands, and the sharp tip of the knife suddenly moved forward under the inertia, stabbing Xu Youning’s lower abdomen .

Xu Youning groaned in pain and closed her eyes . After the pain subsided, she looked up at Mu Sijue .

For a second, Mu Sijue was in a panic .

He didn’t really want to hurt Xu Youning .

But at the moment, the bright fresh blood was flowing from Xu Youning’s body .

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Taking advantage of the interval during which Mu Sijue was shocked, Xu Youning kicked him hard . He took a few steps back and pulled the knife out of Xu Youning’s lower abdomen at the same time .

Xu Youning covered her wound with her hand, then turned around and ran out with a straight face .

Mu Sijue subconsciously wanted to catch up with her, but he was stopped by Shen Yuechuan . “Sijue, forget it . Let her go . ”

Mu Sijue didn’t say anything but signaled Shen Yuechuan to look at the knife in his hand .

The tip of the military knife was stained with fresh blood .

Shen Yuechuan widened his eyes . “You’re hurt?” He quickly glanced at Mu Sijue’s body but found no wound . Only then did he realize what had happened . “Oh, you hurt Xu Youning, didn’t you?”

Mu Sijue didn’t say anything, but Shen Yuechuan knew him too well . The more silent he was at this time, the more it meant a tacit admission .

Shen Yuechuan sighed and asked, “Was Xu Youning hurt badly?”

The moment Xu Youning let go of him, Mu Sijue slightly withdrew his hand . Although he still stabbed Xu Youning, the wound was definitely not deep, and it was not on a fatal spot .

For Xu Youning, who had been wandering on the edge of danger all the time, this kind of injury could only be regarded as a skin trauma .

Mu Sijue felt irritated as if his knife had deeply stabbed Xu Youning’s heart, which could be very severe…

Seeing that Mu Sijue didn’t speak, Shen Yuechuan took the knife from his hand and looked at it . Only the tip of the knife was stained with blood . He guessed that even if Mu Sijue injured Xu Youning’s fatal part, the wound was not deep .

He patted Mu Sijue on the shoulder and said, “She has been working for Kang Ruicheng for so many years, and she has been seriously injured many times . Your knife is like an itch to her . Don’t think too much about it . Let’s go back . ”

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