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Chapter 604: 604

Chapter 604 The Man Who Shows Off His Wife So Frequently

Tang Yulan opened the door and more than a dozen people rushed into the living room . They were either her or Lu Boyan’s friends .

These people were all acquaintances and no one was formal and polite . They put down the gifts and directly went to meet the babies .

As a result and as expected, all kinds of exclamations and envious voices were heard .

“Tut, tut, Boyan, I didn’t mean to please you but your two little babies are so beautiful . ”

“Right, Yulan . You are so blessed!”

There were too many people surrounding them all of a sudden . Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng had no choice but to put the two little ones on the sofa .

In an instant, more than a dozen people surrounded the sofa and stared at the two little ones .

Xiyu was not afraid at all . He looked at the people gathering in a circle and seemed to feel bored . He yawned lazily and closed his eyes .

Perhaps it was because Little Xiangyi had never seen so many people before but she was a little curious for a moment . When she looked around, she found herself surrounded . She pouted with grievances, “Waa—” and she burst into tears .

“Woo, baby, don’t cry . Grandma’s here . Don’t cry . ” With that, Tang Yulan bent down and was just about to pick up Xiangyi .

At that moment, Xiyu suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head to look at his sister .

“Auntie, don’t hug the baby first,” one of Lu Boyan’s friends said . “I don’t know what the big baby next to her would do . ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiyu suddenly held his sister’s hand tightly .

It was strange that the crying Xiangyi stopped just like that . She grabbed her brother’s hand and kicked her legs on the sofa, laughing like a little angel .

“It’s said that there is telepathy between twins, maybe it’s true . ” The friend patted Lu Boyan’s shoulder . “You can rest assured . With your big baby, I can guarantee that no one will dare to bully your little angel in the future!”

Lu Boyan looked at Xiyu and smiled . He raised his head and glanced around the crowd . “Who took the video?”

“I did it! It’s a pity that I can’t upload it . Otherwise, it will definitely become popular once it’s uploaded onto the Internet!”

Lu Boyan pretended not to hear the latter sentence and said, “Send the video to me . Remember to delete it on your mobile phone . ”

“Why do you still want me to delete it?” His friend expressed his dissatisfaction . “Can’t I keep it for myself to watch?”

“No,” Lu Boyan said lightly with absolute certainty . “If you really want to watch babies then you can have one pair by yourself . ”

His friend’s hands were shaking . “This is not as simple as torturing a dog . It’s a blow to my heart!”

Not to mention that he didn’t even have a girlfriend . Even if he had a girlfriend, was it possible for him to give birth to a pair of twins just because he wanted to!

The noise between adults did not reach the ears of the two little ones at all . Xiyu was lying on the sofa with a bored look . From time to time, he would tilt his head to look at his sister and occasionally grin .

The little fellow was actually very beautiful when he smiled . His smile was clean and lovely . The adults beside him racked their brains to tease him, but during the whole process, he had an “I’m cool” look on his face .

Shen Yuechuan rushed over and when he opened the door, he saw a group of people who were older than Tianshan Tonglao teasing the children . He was relieved that Li’l Xiyu didn’t respond at all .

He walked over and patted the Xiyu’s shoulder . “Cool! He deserves to be Lu Boyan’s son!”

Xiyu took a look at Shen Yuechuan and his eyes stayed on him for less than two seconds . Then he yawned out of boredom and closed his eyes again .

The onlookers burst into laughter . “Yuechuan, you’ve been despised by a child who was born just two days ago!”

“You’re talking as if he’s willing to watch you . ” Shen Yuechuan proudly stretched out his devil claw to Xiangyi . “Baby, can uncle hug you?”

“Mm-hmm,” said Little Xiangyi vaguely . Shen Yuechuan looked as if he had understood . He nodded and said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry . I’ll give you a hug right away!”

“Yuechuan,” someone said disgustedly, “you will scare Boyan’s little baby . ”

Shen Yuechuan was very confident . “No, the little baby will like me very much!”

With that, Shen Yuechuan held Xiangyi in his arms .

Xiao Yi seemed to be very curious about the new face . She stared at Shen Yuechuan for a while with her black eyes . She didn’t cry but soon lost interest and looked elsewhere .

Finally, her bright eyes fell on Lu Boyan .

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She looked at Lu Boyan for a while and seemed to recognize that he was her father . She grinned and for a moment, she looked like an angel who had accidentally fallen into the human world . She was so pure and beautiful that the people couldn’t help being softhearted . They couldn’t help wanting to take care of her .

“Oh, my God! I almost want to have a daughter!”

Someone sighed, and others echoed, and jokingly asked Lu Boyan how he could give birth to such a daughter .

Lu Boyan took his daughter over and looked at the little girl tenderly for a moment . “Haven’t you found out that my daughter looks like my wife?”

The implication was that if they wanted to have such a daughter, the first condition was to marry a wife like Su Jian’an .

However, in their ears, Lu Boyan didn’t give a solution at all . Instead, he was showing off his wife!

Shen Yuechuan couldn’t help complaining, “How dare you flaunt your wife!”

Others did not dare to complain about Lu Boyan but just gave Shen Yuechuan an approving look .

Lu Boyan’s attention was all on Xiangyi . As for those people’s complaints—

Heh . As long as one lacked something, they would think that others were showing off .

Being held by her father, Xiangyi’s reaction was completely different . She kicked her legs excitedly in Lu Boyan’s arms and made two syllables from time to time . She smiled and the people next to her couldn’t help smiling too .

When the atmosphere was harmonious, the doorbell rang again .

Xiyu, who had closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and put his little hands on his chest to protect himself . Obviously, he was frightened .

Tang Yulan thought that the little fellow would cry, so she was about to hug him . However, he just maintained that posture and did not react much .

“Did I see it wrong?” Someone asked, “Is this little guy on alert?”

Xiyu opened his eyes wide and protected himself with his hands . He didn’t look around easily… It seemed that Li’l Xiyu was really vigilant .

Lu Boyan handed Little Xiangyi to Tang Yulan and turned to pick up Xiyu . The little fellow glanced at him and leaned his head in his arms, trying to hold back his tears . But finally, he couldn’t hold it back . “Wuu—” He burst into tears .

From the time of his birth, Xiyu had always cried less than his sister . This time, he was crying so fiercely . He must have been really frightened .

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Lu Boyan patted the little guy’s shoulder gently, trying to comfort him, but the little guy seemed to be finding dependence on him . He cried louder and more aggrievedly as if he would cry for a long time before he would even think about stopping .

The people around all thought that the little fellow was funny .

But only Lu Boyan felt distressed .

He frowned slightly but his tone was very gentle and patient . He coaxed Xiyu, who was in his arms, “Good boy, don’t cry . Daddy is here . ”

Li’l Xiyu seemed to feel Lu Boyan’s power . He slowly stopped crying and lay in Lu Boyan’s arms with his head tilted . After a while, he closed his eyes .

“It’s amazing,” Shen Yuechuan said . “This guy seems to know that you are his father and that you will definitely protect him . ”

In other people’s eyes, Lu Boyan at that moment was even more amazing .

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they absolutely wouldn’t believe that Lu Boyan would be so gentle . They didn’t dare to imagine Lu Boyan pleasing a child—this kind of thing was too inharmonious with his cold temperament .

However, when Lu Boyan really did all of this, it seemed so natural .

While holding Li’l Xiyu in his arms, like a powerful father, was different from the powerful Lu Boyan of the business world .

At this moment, the power in his body was the power of love and protection .

Someone sighed and said, “It is said that a man will change after he becomes a father . Now it seems that it is true . ”

At this time, Mr . Pang and his wife came in with a little boy in his early teens .

When Su Jian’an was a freshman, it was the most difficult time for Su Yicheng in the business field . In order to lighten Su Yicheng’s burden, she had looked for a part-time job outside .

It was not difficult for her to find a part-time job and her salary was also not bad, but Lu Boyan had analyzed that no part-time job was absolutely safe and there was a certain degree of danger .

Due to his worries, Lu Boyan had secretly led Su Jian’an to be an English tutor of the Pang’s family . It was not convenient for him to do it personally . At that time, a lot of things were handed over to Shen Yuechuan to deal with .

Therefore, Shen Yuechuan was very familiar with the little boy of the Pang family . It was Shen Yuechuan who taught the little boy the sentence: “one would be an idiot to let go of the advantages” .

“Uncle Yuechuan!” The little kid jumped into Shen Yuechuan’s arms as soon as he arrived . “I want to see little brother and sister!”

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Shen Yuechuan touched the little fellow’s head . “Your little brother and sister just fell asleep . You can go in with Uncle Boyan to have a look but you can’t disturb them, understand?”

The imp shrank into Shen Yuechuan’s arms and said weakly, “I’m scared of Uncle Boyan . ”

Lu Boyan didn’t see the little kid of the Pang family often . He always felt that the little guy was a little afraid of him, but he didn’t take it seriously . Today, he couldn’t help asking, “Why are you afraid of me?”

The little boy held onto Shen Yuechuan’s neck and looked at Lu Boyan . He was confused and asked Shen Yuechuan, “Uncle Yuechuan, Uncle Boyan… why isn’t he as fierce as before?”

Shen Yuechuan thought about it and decided not to scare this little guy . He rubbed his hair and said, “You may have misunderstood him before . If you don’t believe me then you can ask Uncle Boyan if he would let you see his little boy and girl . ”

The imp nodded and slid down from Shen Yuechuan’s arms . He walked over and pulled the hem of Lu Boyan’s shirt . “Uncle Boyan, can I see little brother?”

“Of course . ” Lu Boyan held the sleeping Li’l Xiyu with one hand and reached out to the boy with the other . “Come with me . ”

The little guy looked at Lu Boyan, pursed his lips, and smiled . Then he held Lu Boyan’s hand leisurely .

Little Xiangyi had also fallen asleep in Tang Yulan’s arms . Tang Yulan held her and went back to the room with Lu Boyan, followed by Mrs . Pang .

After settling Xiangyi down, Tang Yulan went out to greet the guests . Lu Boyan also let go of the youngest son of the Pang family and put Xiyu in the cradle .

The little boy was very sensible . When he saw that little brother and little sister had fallen asleep, he just quietly leaned against the cradle and promised Lu Boyan with a serious face, “Uncle Boyan, I won’t disturb them . ”

“Good kid . ” Lu Boyan touched the kid’s head . “I’ll go out first . If you find that your brother and sister are awake, then help me tell auntie Jian’an . ”

The little guy nodded hard and made a pinky promise to Lu Boyan .

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