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Chapter 605: 605

After Lu Boyan went out, only Su Jian’an, Luo Xiaoxi, and Mrs . Pang were left in the room .

Mrs . Pang called her son who was lying at the bedside of the baby . “Tongtong?”

“Hush—” Tongtong turned around and whispered to her mother, “Little brother and sister are asleep . Don’t disturb them . ”

Mrs . Pang smiled and tried to scare her son . “You lying there is the only move that would disturb your little brother and sister . ”

“No, no . ” The little boy shook his head and waved his hand . He promised to Su Jian’an with a serious face, “Auntie Jian’an, I will be very careful . I won’t disturb little brother and sister! Can you let me watch them?”

“Okay . ” Su Jian’an smiled gently . “You can tell me when they wake up . ”

Tongtong nodded solemnly as if he had accepted an important mission . “Uncle Boyan told me about it!”

Hearing Tongtong call Lu Boyan so intimately, Mrs . Pang was a little curious . “Tongtong, weren’t you afraid of Uncle Boyan before?”

“Oh . ” Tongtong shook his head . “Mom, I am not scared of him anymore!”

Mrs . Pang sighed from the bottom of her heart . “After being a father, Boyan is really different…”

Su Jian’an was even more curious than Mrs . Pang . “Why would Tongtong be afraid of Boyan?”

Mrs . Pang smiled and said, “During the time you taught Tongtong English, Tongtong met Boyan many times . At that time, Boyan, you also knew—was as cold as a thousand-year-old iceberg . Even I was a little afraid of him, let alone a child . After Yuechuan scared Tongtong several times, he wouldn’t dare to see Boyan . ”

After a pause, Mrs . Pang continued, “But when I came in just now, I happened to see Boyan holding Xiyu in his arms . If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I definitely wouldn’t have imagined that he would be so gentle and careful . Look, even Tongtong isn’t afraid of him anymore . ”

Su Jian’an thought for a moment and said, “He didn’t have any contact with children before, so he doesn’t know how to get along with children . Now that he has become a father himself, he knows that he should be gentle with children . ”

Mrs . Pang nodded in agreement and said, “When you taught Tongtong English, Tongtong’s father told me that Boyan seemed to like you . So after you got married, when Tongtong’s father and I met you at a party, it didn’t surprise me at all . ”

When she recalled the time in college, Su Jian’an couldn’t help laughing . “My brother had just started his career at that time, and I really needed that part-time job . Sister Yang, I am grateful to you and Mr . Pang for taking care of me . ”

Mrs . Pang waved her hand . “On the surface, we were the ones taking care of you . In fact, Boyan arranged those things for you . So, Tongtong’s father and I have never believed the gossip between Boyan and Han Ruoxi!”

“…” Su Jian’an did not know what to say when Han Ruoxi was mentioned .

Mrs . Pang seemed to suddenly think of something . “By the way, Jian’an, that thing… has no effect on you, right?”

Su Jian’an was a little confused . “What is it?”

“That Han Ruoxi was released from prison!” After saying that, Mrs . Pang suddenly realized that something was wrong . She said apologetically, “Don’t you know about it? Oh, I’m really…”

Su Jian’an really didn’t know that Han Ruoxi had been released from prison .

However, Lu Boyan must know about it, but he didn’t tell her, which probably meant that he didn’t want her to know .

Su Jian’an smiled as if nothing had happened . “Sister Yang, I know about it . ”

Mrs . Pang patted her chest with relief and said, “I thought I was wrong to tell you about it . ”

“It’s nothing . I didn’t react when you suddenly mentioned it,” Su Jian’an said flatly, “Han Ruoxi and I actually don’t even know each other . For me, she is just a stranger whose name I barely know . Whether she is in prison or not, it has no effect on me . ”

“I knew that because of your character, you would definitely say that!” Mrs . Pang changed the topic . “However, you are too low-key . ”

This time, Su Jian’an was completely confused . “Mrs . Pang, I really don’t know what you are talking about this time…”

“It’s about your donation!” Mrs . Pang said with a smile, “You actually kept a low profile after donating such a huge sum of money! If it weren’t for the media, were you going to keep it a secret for the rest of your life?”

The donation was dug up by the media?

Su Jian’an asked Luo Xiaoxi to help her get the iPad . She tapped on the front page of a news website and saw the news mentioned by Mrs . Pang .

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In the report, the reporter described that when she was five or six months pregnant, she donated a large sum of money to the remote region to support the local basic education .

Because of this news, the news that Han Ruoxi had been released from prison had caused much less attention, and the public opinion was also biased towards her . In addition, she gave birth to a pair of twins, so the remarks were full of blessings for her and her babies .

In contrast, Han Ruoxi was not only spurned, but even caused the anti-drugs netizens to start a topic called “Han Ruoxi was not worthy of forgiveness” .

After this farce, Han Ruoxi’s already messy public image suddenly became worse .

Su Jian’an put down the iPad and looked at Luo Xiaoxi doubtfully . “Not many people know about my donation . If no one hints, it is impossible for the media to find out . So—who revealed it to the media?”

Luo Xiaoxi spread her hands . “Who else could it be except for Shen Yuechuan?”

Shen Yuechuan appeared careless on the surface, but he never did things that didn’t have practical significance .

But Su Jian’an couldn’t figure out—what was the practical significance of revealing her donation to the media?

Luo Xiaoxi, after all, was a member of the entertainment industry . With a little analysis, she understood Shen Yuechuan’s intention and said, “Yuechuan wanted the media to help you guide the public opinion . ”

Su Jian’an was even more confused . “Why does he want to guide the public opinion?”

Luo Xiaoxi laughed with schadenfreude . “You still don’t know, do you? Han Ruoxi was released from prison yesterday, on the same day as Xiyu and Xiangyi’s birthday . Many people thought that this was an irony for Han Ruoxi .

“This kind of coincidence comes once in a thousand years . So the media gets excited because they can write all kinds of stories . They can compare the fate of you and Han Ruoxi, analyze why Boss Lu chose you in the end… It’s even possible that some media will mention Han Ruoxi’s achievements in acting, and feel pity for her .

“In this way, public opinion won’t do you much good . And Han Ruoxi still has some fans, and they may reprimand you in a group . At that time, there will be two voices on the Internet, which will be more troublesome to deal with .

“But the exposure of your donation has caused such a one-sided situation—not only is it not troublesome, but it doesn’t need to be dealt with at all . I’ll give full marks for Shen Yuechuan’s move!”

Su Jian’an wanted to laugh . “In fact, the money I donated… is mostly won…”

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Luo Xiaoxi was stunned . “You won? I’ve known you for more than ten years . How come I didn’t know that you would gamble!”

“I didn’t gamble with money . ” Su Jian’an recalled . “It should have been last summer . You, Yuechuan, Mu Qi, and my brother watched the football game at my house, and also gambled at the same time . Finally, Boyan won and Mu Qi gave me a check . I had nothing to do in the study some time ago and found that the check was still in the book . I thought it was useless, so I donated the money . ”

Luo Xiaoxi felt as if she had swallowed a salted duck egg . “… So?”

“So strictly speaking, the honor of fundraising should belong to Mu Qi . ” Su Jian’an looked as if it had nothing to do with her .

The more Luo Xiaoxi thought about it, the more troublesome she felt . She waved her hand and said, “In short, now the public opinion is beneficial to you, and there is no hope for Han Ruoxi—I am very satisfied with this result!”

Before Su Jian’an could say anything, Aunt Liu came in with a thermal lunch box . She opened it with a smile and said, “The chef personally went to the farm to pick up the chicken yesterday . He got up early in the morning to cook the soup . When I came out, the room was filled with the smell of chicken soup . Madam, please drink the soup while it’s still hot . ”

Mrs . Pang saw this and got up while saying, “Jian’an, you should eat first . I’ll go out and talk to Boyan and the others . ”

Su Jian’an nodded . “Okay . ”

Aunt Liu poured out the chicken soup, and the fragrance filled the whole room in an instant . Luo Xiaoxi took a deep breath and said, “My God, I want to have some too…”

Aunt Liu smiled . “Ms . Luo, I’ve prepared for your too!”

Luo Xiaoxi’s eyes lit up . “Really?”

“Old Madam specifically told me that you and Mr . Su are going to have a baby, and she thinks that you should get more nutrition too!” As she said this, Aunt Liu had already filled a bowl of chicken soup for Luo Xiaoxi . “You must finish it . This is a token of Old Madam’s love!”

“…” Luo Xiaoxi’s mood was very complicated, but the taste of the chicken soup was really delicious . She couldn’t resist this temptation even if she wanted to . So she decided not to think about anything else for the time being, but to finish this bowl of chicken soup first!

After having breakfast yesterday, Su Jian’an had only smelled the aroma of food until now . She had a big appetite and drank two bowls of soup in one breath .

As soon as she put down the bowl, Tongtong ran over excitedly . “Aunt Jian’an, little brother, ah, no, maybe it was the little sister, anyway, one of them woke up!”

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There was a cut on Su Jian’an’s lower abdomen, which made it inconvenient for her to move, so she could only let Luo Xiaoxi have a look .

Luo Xiaoxi went to the babies’ bedside and found that it was Xiyu who was awake . She told Tongtong that the little boy was awake . Then she picked up Xiyu and teased, “Little guy, did you smell the chicken soup?”

Lil Xi pursed his lips and looked like he was about to cry . Luo Xiaoxi quickly coaxed him . “Don’t cry, don’t cry . Be good . I’ll take you to your mother!”

Su Jian’an looked at the time and thought that the little fellow should be hungry . So she asked Luo Xiaoxi to place him on the bed beside her and fed him breast milk .

Tongtong leaned over and leaned against the bed . “Auntie Jian’an, can I play with my little brother?”

“Can you wait for the little brother to grow up a little bit?” Su Jian’an smiled and gestured with her hand . “When the little brother grows up to be so tall, you can play with him . Now the little brother still doesn’t understand what you said to him . ”

“Okay!” Tongtong nodded obediently and imitated Su Jian’an’s gesture . “When the little brother grows up, I will protect him and the little sister!”

“Good boy . ” Su Jian’an gently touched the little Tongtong’s head .

After feeding the breast milk to Xiyu, Su Jian’an found that the little fellow needed to change paper diapers . Luo Xiaoxi noticed her movements and knew that it was definitely inconvenient for her . She was about to call the nurse when she heard Su Jian’an say,

“Xiaoxi, help me call Boyan back . ”

“Ah?” Luo Xiaoxi was stunned . “Didn’t you want to change the diapers for the little guy? Ask your Boss Lu?”

Su Jian’an was used to it and said, “I called him because I need him to change the diapers . ”

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